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Review #1, by spreaddapoo93 

1st December 2013:
After... er... I'm not quite sure how long, but the point is, I'M BACK to HPFF, and boy is it a beauty to be welcomed back to Capers with its COMPLETION! (My golly, I can hardly believe it).

Needless to say, I've missed Bea (with her "my eyes were malfunctioning" tsk tsk!), Scorpius (give that gorgeous man a hug, a cookie, a loving father, whatever he wants! Oh, he wants Bea... okay, then, let him have her!), Fred, Anjali and DARLING ALBUS! But *cough cough* moving onto the review of the actual chapter...

Boy, have I missed your way of describing! Like everything's a phenomenon, but something that's never before been recorded before (does that make sense?)... I think that's my twisted way of saying, kudos! Your figures of speech are original and standy-outy~! Like how you describe Bea's ickle feelings for Scorp (prop! makes me want to squeeze her, so adorable!), or when she falls on her face and "simply ended up befriending the floor"... Mrrrwww, all I want to do is give her a well-deserved hug before I sit her down and tell her I'm ready to take her as seriously as she wants me to.

On another note, it has finally happened! Bea has been turned into an unwilling Asian factory worker with a million dextrous hands and a mind too capable for her own good. (Actually, your chapter later proves this last bit false, as her stunning brilliance shines through TIME AND TIME AGAIN and I'm biting my nails, fawning over Your Excellency... Your use of the invention that landed them into trouble, to get them out of trouble, is ingenious.)

AH! Your action/chase sequences are always so adrenaline pumping. I feel like I've been running, murderers at my heels. Ge, GINA! GYAH! This is too much for my teensy heart to take (but don't we all love you all the more for it). Boy, when they say coming back with a bang, by golly did you quite (almost) literally really come back with one.

And your bleeding cliffhangers (except, Scorpy and Bea aren't hanging off it, now are they?! MORE UNCERTAIN FATES?! GYAH!)

Hopefully, instead of being completely incomprehensible, this half-nonsensical review should be cue enough to tell you how excited I am to finally be back, and to see how everything unfolds! You really have an Author's touch! The Mastery! The Excellence! The Wowow!

Much love and (always) admiration!

Author's Response: Welp, time to start responding! I'M GLAD YOU'RE BACK :3 especially for the ending, the ending that I've wanted to write for two years.

I remember thinking for this chapter that I had to combine "adorable" and "doom and death", so this is the result. Bea throwing herself at Scorpius and befriending the floor, Draco dying and Scorpius angsting it up with honey all over his bruises.

OMG UNWILLING SWEATSHOP WORKER BAHAHAHA, yes that is exactly what she's become, with a few less million hands.

It's actually a pretty short action sequence too! There are so many chase/fleeing sequences in Capers already, but they all have a bit of significance to them. Like the first time Scorpius saves her, then when they escape the lockers together, Fred's entire action hero sequence in Knockturn... this one is Bea's big hurrah. She started as someone with a lot of determination and not so much substance behind it, but the proof is here after 20-something chapters--never underestimate her, ever.


♥ teeeheee your adjectives! I love them all. I am imagining them all around the doge

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Review #2, by AlexFan 

30th November 2013:
This chapter was literally like a movie. Except I wasn't watching it, I was reading it. But still, I had a soundtrack and sound effects happening in my head so it was just as good.

But wow, things went from light, fluffy, funny and happy inventing to death, death everywhere. When I started reading this story I had not planned on it taking this route at all.

I am still trying to deal with the idea that Draco is dead, my mind is in denial right now because how can Draco Malfoy be dead. That's not how he works! I'll eventually get over my denial however so it's okay.

Author's Response: Ooh I had a soundtrack to the whole Knockturn adventure. I wish I could be like Fred and store it mentally.

I had no idea it was going to have a body count, but I rolled with it, and it turned out all right. I wish I had time to expand more on Draco beforehand, but alas! :c He'll just have to be mourned.

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Review #3, by Cappuccino 

28th April 2013:
I really enjoyed reading your story. Bea is wonderful and absolutely crazy charecter. I'm looking forward to the next few updates...hopefully sometime soon !

Author's Response: Aah, thank you! c: It's in progress right now! Admittedly tough going but in progress!

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Review #4, by quitebyaccident 

11th February 2013:
First review ever.

The entire plotline of them being kidnapped and the invention being repurposed kind of threw me off. I guess I wasn't expecting it, but I'm not against it.

Your writing is fantastic, really, some of the best I've read on HPFF, which I think is why you can pull off just about any plot you choose to write. I'm fairly addicted to this story... to be honest.

I love the main characters of your stories, they're always so quirky, but not without flaws keeping them down-to-earth; however, what I admire most about your stories is... the main character always has something unique that they're good at/focused on - oh, I realize it's a huge part of the plot and not something you threw in for giggles, but I just have to say that it's so refreshing to read about a girl who has another focus besides whichever character they want to be with.


Keep up the fantastic writing.

Author's Response: Aaah, I know it was the best planned storyline. There was one that fit better, but the ending just wasn't what I wanted. I've sort of come to accept it for what it is, though I always tinker with the idea of going back and repurposing a few chapters to make it lead up to it better.

Thank you very much! c: I do love the crazy plots (to me, they don't start sounding crazy until I start describing them other people and then I realize), so that's very good to hear. I love romance in stories, but it gets so tiring if it's all there is! A little mystery, adventure, social commentary goes a long way, and it's darned fun to write too c:

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Review #5, by Snapdragons 

5th February 2013:

I had written up a review and it was nice and long and lovely and I was just about to hit submit and then Firefox crashed on me because it hates me and it's gone -wails-

I'm much too annoyed at the computer/internet/life to try to both and retype it all, so instead I will give you a more or less concise summary of what it contained:

-SCORBEAUS SCORBEAUS SCORBEAUS ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ so much love Bea is wonderful and fantastic
-insert some of my favorite quotes here (hint: basically the whole chapter)
-sad face over Draco being dead because I feel sorry for Scorpius because he never got any closure and no one deserves to have their dad die
-clearly Emeric and Cato are uneducated because if they had ever picked up a book in their lives they would know the underestimating people is always a villain's downfall

Right, that's about it. I am so so glad that I'm caught up again (I'll probably be dumping reviews on etc. etc. at some point in the near future, too) because these are probably the best four chapters ever. I've always loved your writing (I had a terrible time trying to find things that I hadn't already reviewed for Secret Santa this year) because you've got such an excellent grasp on all aspects of writing: characterization, plot, action, imagery. No matter what it is, it's always interesting, well-done, and completely engaging and I am always in love with it so. ♥ I'll be quite sad when Capers is over because it's been quite the adventure following it - and I do hope to stay on top of reviewing this time.

so much love for this story ♥

Author's Response: D: Sometimes I wonder about all the review casualties caused by the back button. Oh, it'd be an ugly graveyard indeed.

- HEHEHEHEHE. I love that everyone who was sort of shifty eyed at whether it would happen (I really did not think I was being subtle about it) was finally like YEEES.
-I like Draco :c he's a favorite woobie, especially because I don't think he would really turn as good as most people write him like, but I can see him trying /really/ hard, and that makes it sadder D:
-CLEARLY IT'S VILLANY 101, but I guess they didn't take that class.

♥ c: c: c: sorry for the lateness of these responses I JUST LOVED THEM SITTING THERE IN MY UNANSWERED FOR SO LONG (it's my bookmark to hpff yaknow) and now I'm going back on the Capers adventure all over again AND I LOVE THAT THERE ARE SO MANY PEOPLE HERE ALONG WITH ME C: I'M JUST REALLY HAPPY.


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Review #6, by harrietm 

2nd February 2013:
I could write loads of really nice stuff about your fabulous writing but there really isn't enough space so I'll keep it simple.

Author's Response: CONCISENESS WORKS!

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Review #7, by rbrammer 

30th January 2013:
First of all, I love you dearly and everything, but ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME?
Oh, the feels. First, Bea is a crazy Chinese grandma, then Scorpius is dead. Then Bea gets kidnapped along with him, and THEN SCORPIUS ISN'T DEAD? And if that wasn't enough feels to give me a heart attack of happiness, THEN BEA AND SCORPIUS START MAKING OUT IN A CLOSET DURING IMPRISONMENT. I don't know how you come up with this stuff, but please continue to do so, because I would love to read Capers for the rest of my life. seriously. I want to know what Bea and Scorpius and Fred, Anjali, Potterpuff, etc., do until their dying days. You could do that for me, right? (:
I could not speak after this chapter. I was too shocked to articulate my feelings, and I always have words. You, ma'am, are a wizard with words. (if I have not called you this before now, I apologize, because you have always been).
Draco is dead? Poor Scorpius. I didn't like him much anyway, but that is mostly just past grievances against the golden trio that I can't get over. But his son is adorable and it's a terrible blow to be told that your father was murdered, whether he was a good one or not. The feels during that particular scene were almost too much to bear, and then you added in cutesy, comforting Bea and the salve. AND HE ASKS IF SHE IS GOING TO LICK IT OFF OF HIS FACE. Which, if the circumstances were less dire, I could totally see her doing.
And their escape? AH. So much good and bad feelings that come with that. For Bea to break her invention, it just proves how much she loves him. Scorbeaus will always be my otp. I love how you added a little love into what seems to be primarily an action fic. It's the perfect blend of adorable, a little terrifying, and the best things ever.
I can't wait for the next chapters, but yet I can, because I don't want Capers to end.
You're amazing.

Author's Response: :'D Capers is a rollercoaster flying down the hills and off the cliffs.

I actually will write a short story collection of lots of miscellaneous Capers stories, and I actually do have stories about them for about 10 years after they leave Hogwarts (it's just a matter of writing them out), so stay tuned! c:

Aaah a wizard with words. If that is the only wizard I'll get to be... well, I'll still be sad because being a wizard with magic is pretty darned cool, but I supposed I'll be all right.

Leave it to Scorpius to wrench our hearts out ;-; it was all him, not me, because I never planned to have such a sad scene but the circumstances insisted, and he stole the show.

♥ I love how every one of the characters' priorities changes. Fred struggles with his identity and finally becomes comfortable with being a protector, and then Albus proves he can be assertive in his own way, and for Bea, it's discovering selflessness - which I think is influenced mostly by Fred - and trying to figure out the balance between herself and others.

♥ thank you! c: With all the stories I have, I think Capers won't end for a very long time in their miscellaneous exploits!

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Review #8, by harrygulped 

30th January 2013:
OMG. OMG. This story has gone from fun frolicking inventing capers to life or death capers. Love love love the use of the invention to escape it was so perfect. Your writing is SO ridiculously clear and powerful in these chapters. For both the awesome emotional scenes (They finally got it together!!! KISSES!) to these last action drama scenes were you can literally see everything happening. I've only started really appreciating how amazing your writing is since I started trying to write myself and yeah, you're amazing. So amazing. And this story is just rising and rising in its amazingness. - Tanya

Author's Response: Aaah thank you so much c: I floundered quite a lot trying to describe the action AND SO MUCH RUNNING OMG, it's hard but it's definitely worthwhile. ♥ You got an account finally! Always nice to see more people writing!

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Review #9, by shadowcat2 

28th January 2013:
"Scorpius' shirt had gone totally rumpled and slightly unbuttoned. It was an accident, she'd swear. "

This is the cutest line ever. I totally loved their moment. It was simple and perfect.

The action. The drama. Everything was amazing. You can take all the time you need to update. The more time you need, the better because I really don't want Capers end. I will really miss this story.
I loved every moment of Capers.

Thank you!

Author's Response: c: there's something about writing romance in a non-romance fic that I love, because it's like an extra treat -- the sprinkles on top~

♥ I am quite busy these few months so I will unfortunately have to take quite a bit of time, but Capers will definitely live on for a while even after it ends c: I've got lots of short little stories backed up.

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Review #10, by peppersweet 

28th January 2013:
1. Scorpius and Bea are trapped
2. Emeric and Cato exist
3. Draco is dead
4. Scorpius has been roughed up
5. Bea's invention has been repurposed with malicious intent
6. Will Franjali ever don mackintoshes?!?
7. It has been TOO DAMN LONG since we saw potterpuff
8. this entire chapter basically

1. Scorbeaus

In a nutshell because I've already poured my heart out to you about this on skype: warghblarghargharaghrghahahhh

Excuse me while I sail this Scorbeaus ship into the sun.

♥ ♥ ♥

Author's Response: But you see Scorpius counts for 9 things SO THE OKAY SIDE WINS OUT.

Also appreciation that you appreciate beat-up Scorpius because that is egregious emotional manipulation that I have wanted to dish out for like forever ♥

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Review #11, by naughtforreal 

28th January 2013:

But anyways, how can Scorbea get all lovey-dovey in that situation?! I guess we-are-going-to-die-situations brings out all the sudden lurrrve bahaha.

And thank goodness Scorpius is alive (although Draco's dead no) cause seriously we need more cupcakes and glittery blazers in the world.

(I kinda hoped Capers Scorp should do a Blunderland Scorp and get all electrifying hahaha. Imagine if he swallowed the core of the prototype and became a human magic converter heh. But of course, I'd rather have him bake cupcakes.)

Also, I love the CI and you and this story and all the cookies in the world.

Update soon (or not. so And Capers Ensue won't end because seriously I have nothing left to read and wait for~)

Much luff!

Author's Response: HOW CAN THEY NOOOT~ Bahaha I was debating on whether they would kiss then, because I had lined up a few moments where they could, but I was like NOPE BEA IS TOO HAPPY TO NOT JUST KISS HIM WHEN SHE FINDS OUT HE'S ALIVE. And so I let her do that and she nearly accidentally strips him.

Yes Scorpius' sleeves still need to open a bakery. I cannot deprive the world of that.

HA. Julia's zombie-Scorpius is the best. When she told me about how he became a microwave I cackled. He transcended levels of downtrodden.

♥ luff!

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Review #12, by Aiedail 

27th January 2013:

-click click click of my knitting needles-


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Review #13, by heartjily4ever 

26th January 2013:
hey, I completely love your story. It's really good, and really exciting. I always find it hard to think of action scenes, but you have done it really well.
Just want to mention, i felt like an utter fool when reading one of your earlier chapters, because I thought it was actually Statue of Secrecy, haha :D

Author's Response: c: thank you! Baaahaha, i'm sure Bea is glad that she isn't alone! I like imagining the Statute as a bunch of words written under a statue of a super bearded wizard in an action pose. It spices it up.

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Review #14, by Aderyn 

26th January 2013:

Look at me, reviewing just a day (or two) after you've updated!

First, i love the chapter image! It's definitely different from your other ones, but really cool and interesting. I love the image of Bea swinging her hair around, very surprised/action-y.

Sooo--I'm thinking this is going to be a running review. I love the description of the Portkey-- it's poetic and conveys travelling but yet feels instantaneous.

And all the feels! Scorpius is all "did you cry for me?" and tries to wipe her tears away and so does she and she is all "i thought you were dead." And then Bea is a gerbil. Because that is how anyone would react to all of that.

But then Bea kisses him and go her for taking that initiative. And it's funny to see Mr. Cool flounder. (though, I guess he just died or something. Speaking of that, he's surprising cool about being/seeming dead).

Oh and then there are the hormones. Bea and Scorpius might be able to fight off the baddies but they're no match for the mighty teenage hormones.

And the style that that scene is told in is really funny. Like it's not really the narrative voice of either one of them (well, maybe a few thoughts from Bea) but it's more like the narrator who makes comments about things selectively and maybe a bit randomly. Like the "conversations that need not repeating out of context" and Bea befriending the floor.

And the foreshadowing. Green carpet! So very Slytherin.

And all the flirting. "Don't call me darling." "what instead? Cupcake?" ...a surprisingly appropriate nickname. "Are we going to be like this now?" Scorpius when purposely flirting is trying to be all suggestive and flirty but just comes off as cute.

Ahh and so many more sad feels. I am all "I am sorry babies!" Like they act like they are old and capable (and they are mostly) but then there's this where Draco is dead and Scorpius gets beat up and Bea is crying.

Again with the lovely, funny narration. "But it was misleading, like calling the Head Auror a man with a head injury and no fashion sense. There were a few important details missing."

And then the escape which is quite the caper. The Malfoys are rich! I mean who has an underground river in their catacombs?

Bea's all grown up! I feel like her ability now to recognize the stakes and destroy her invention show that. It's a nice contrast, even though the two times that she has to destroy it aren't so very far apart.

Ooh, more magical transport cliff hangers. IN this case, perhaps somewhat more literally. So Scorpius apparates them (illegally) to somewhere off the ground. And they fall into water. And he is sort of unconscious. Well, at least I don't have to worry too much. I very much doubt that you would kill him and/or Bea after they just escaped :P

Well, this was a pretty fantastic chapter so well worth the wait. And I can't believe it's almost over! Also. Coming up with the Draco twist last minute makes it all the better I think. It's totally utterly shocking because you hadn't foreshadowed it at all. And, the "he's d-d" line works perfectly for Draco, it's also a bit shocking in retrospect because at this point no one's really thinking about Draco.

Anyhows. This review is really excessively long and full late night randomness. Hopefully it doesn't take you too long to sort out everything that I wrote here xD I always feel like I have to apologize because, really, I should edit my reviews. But I don't.

♥ Haley

Author's Response: AAaa Haley c:

I just lazied up a CI from my tumblr gifset xD I knew I wouldn't have time. Weird thing I noticed is that it's like twice as fast on Chrome than Firefox.

RUNNING REVIEWS are the best. The only kind I leave. Like running review responses.

IT'S CUTE AND LOVEY DOVEY WHILE BEA IS A GERBIL AND SCORPIUS FLOUNDERS. This is how I write fluff while people are dying and kidnapped. Ofc it would be at the end and in a pantry where they start making out.

Bahaha, that is mostly Bea's random thoughts making commentary. It was indeed stony.

THEY ARE REALLY JUST CUTE. I remember you thinking that I didn't intend Capers to be romancy and stuff, but the truth is I've been shipping everyone like crazy and I've been holding it all in until the very end :'D IT WAS VERY DIFFICULT.

Malfoys have /everything/. I was so happy when Julia gave me the snippets about them from Pottermore because they are actually really ridiculously rich and had a history of business WITH MUGGLES no less. Semi-canon is working for me!

Babies are all grown up ;-; time to kill them. kidding, kidding. probably. I've almost killed/actually killed enough people eh? I wish I had time to develop Draco a bit more. I would've "in the future" had I not well, killed him 8D Alas.

♥ Heee I feel like I reread the chapter by reading this review. Much much love.

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Review #15, by Nadia 

25th January 2013:
The real review, I always forget about this weird punctuation "shift + ,".

He's alive - I knew you wouldn't kill him!

"on a sack of sugar a la Potterpuff" oh, my favourite word :D.

Oh, wow (2) ^^.

Waiting for the next chapter. I hope I'll be in better shape than today :D.

Author's Response: Darned punctuation, I always do the other heart just in case ♥ though I think the less-than-three has its own charm.

c: quite alive! ...for now. And Albus has his wee shoutout~

G'luck with school!

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Review #16, by NadiaX 

25th January 2013:
He's alive - I knew you wouldn't kill him

Author's Response: (huzzah! :3)

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Review #17, by Lumos_Nox 

25th January 2013:
Oh. My gosh.

I've been silent-reading for a long time and I get so excited when I see you've updated this and this chapter was nothing short of perfection. It was so suspenseful, beautifully-written, heart-breaking . . . wow. I can't even begin to imagine how to leave a review for this story but wow. Five out of five stars. I love your characters and how they've evolved so realistically and I will cry when this story is over probably

Author's Response: c: I was worried I couldn't have all of those things in one chapter. Funny bits and heartbreaking and action all at once. It was an uphill battle, but worth it! ♥ thank you so much!

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Review #18, by zipzin 

24th January 2013:
I'm just happy you updated. There is nothing more frustrating than an author who has a couple of chapters left and never finished. Trust me. I never thought this whole kidnapping thing was going to happen and well I must say that you are a bloody amazing writer who just needs to keep writing. Anything really. I expect for Scorbeaus stories when this story is done with because they are just too cute of a pairing. Please keep writing and update soon!

Author's Response: Oh no, I know that feeling D: Pretty much what keeps me updating (and I'll even get to Play one day!). I don't want to do that to anyone. c: Oh, I'm glad someone's looking out for Scorbeaus because I am a weee chock full of that stuff secretly. Cough, like a vault of docs.

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Review #19, by Crescent Moon  

24th January 2013:
I loved this chapter!
You are the master of cliffhangers. They will seriously kill me one day! It's so unfair! Can't you for one end it all on a nice happy note, where they're all safe and live happily ever after?! (I know that that would make the next three chapter's pointless though... so I don't really want it... it would just be nice...)
Anyway, I really, really can't wait to see what's going to happen next!

Author's Response: It's cool I've only got 3 chapter to go how many cliffhangers can I have left? 8D

Well, three.

I will say two things: 1) I've always entertained the ending of Capers being bittersweet 2) but I like super happy endings. So, you'll see! c:

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Review #20, by Hedwig_Pie 

24th January 2013:
MY JAW WAS LITERALLY HANGING OPEN ONCE I READ IT. 'TWAS THAT AMAZING. Scorbeaus was perfect, despite the whole life and death situation. i just loved it. it was amazing. please, you have to update soon :D

Author's Response: C: WOOO SUCCESS! I am so exhausted after posting this, but I definitely am trying to post the whole story by April. That was my goal over two years ago, and I'm almost there!

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Review #21, by sour_grapes_snape 

23rd January 2013:
Ahem. Please excuse me for one moment while I fangirl like crazy.


So much love right now. For this story, for those characters, and - most of all - for you. Also, can I get a WHOOP WHOOP for Bea for being all awesome and non-compliant hostage and stuff? Because she was kick-butt in this chapter. GIRL POWER.

Side note: this chapter is extra awesome when being read while listening to Hopeless Wanderer by Mumford and Sons. Just something I noticed.

Brilliant work. Now I'm just counting down the days until Bea skips off into the sunset while holding hands with a purple argyle blazer clad Scorpius. I still haven't forgotten that.

Again, much love!


Author's Response: *excused*

SFhdjgdsjf!! It only took 24 chapters for the blatant romance right? And then I proceed to smash everyone's hearts to pieces.

If the characters in Capers were ever compliant and did what was safe, there would no story. It would be a cooking show about cupcakes, and even then, Bea would probably end up blowing up the castle anyway.

Ohhh yes this chapter is very much a melancholy/hopeful song chapter. I have oodles of cheesy lyrics to go with it.

♥ I have not forgotten it either! c:

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Review #22, by Rumbleroar goes roar 

23rd January 2013:
Ee this chapter was SO GOOD! Absolutely loved all the action and romance!! I love Bea/Scorpius! SO EXCITED FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER :D Keep up the awesome work!

Author's Response: Thank youuu c: I always said I'd jam in all the action and romance at the end AND SO IT IS HERE!

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