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Review #1, by onestop_hpfan18 

2nd August 2016:
James sure has grown up and owned up to the coincidences of his actions these past couple chapters. The only thing I'm hoping for is another appearance from Carlotta because I want them to get back together, and this time I want their relationship to be serious. But I have a suspicion that Carlotta may be ill and that's why she hadn't wanted anything serious, which would be a bummer. But seriously, I still want her and James to be together.

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Review #2, by gigi 

15th February 2015:
Just a small nitpick in an otherwise flawless story: Sinead had to have been at least 8 years older than Ginny since Harry never played Quidditch with or against her at Hogwarts and considering how good she was she would have been mentioned in his 1st 2 years, besides she was already winning a world cup before Harry's 4th year, which she couldn't have done if she'd been out of school only 1 year.

Author's Response: ... I usually spend AGES poring over births and dates and whatnot to make sure they all add up, how the hell did I miss this one?! Thanks for pointing that out, I'll make a note to fix it! :)

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Review #3, by Slide 

28th January 2013:
I don't have much to say on the Sinead backstory other than "I like it". But I do like it, I like how it's something that's been an influence on James. I guess I like how you bring the backstory of James and the others out very effectively through this story; at no point have you had to sit and Infodump at us, nor have I been left going "but I don't understand". The gaps have been questions which I've looked forward to getting answered. Or, like with this, they were things I didn't know I didn't know (if you follow) and it's a pleasure to see them come out as elaborations on James' life. And the elaborations on why James works well as a Chaser rather than a Seeker also make perfect sense.

And Sinead plays hardball. Well, she has to. James has to prove himself, even if just verbally. And she has a good point, this did happen and he has to make sure it won't again. And he's not addressed the roots of it. Stopping drinking is a sensible first step. Sensible woman, doing what's right for James AND for the team. And sensible James putting England out of his mind.

Yay Audrey's here! And yes, James, you do have anger issues. Audrey, of course, speaks sense. About that, and about James and attention. And while he's right that he will always be linked to Harry I guess it ties in that he will never be able to tell how much of his media attention is for himself. Which has got to make it all the more galling. But he's going to have to live with it, and at least it looks like he might succeed now!

Author's Response: And I like that you like the Sinead backstory! It's not necessarily essential to the fic, but I wanted to put it in, to show why James thinks so highly of her. I have so much backstory, and there's always the danger of throwing too much backstory into a fic where it really adds nothing to it, so I'm glad you liked this bit. And James' reflections on Chaser v Seeker came out of nowhere - every time I write about the dynamics of Quidditch I discover something new, it seems!

This was one of those really difficult situations where - even if I didn't need James back on the team for plot purposes - the strong likelihood was that he was going to get his spot back. But I didn't want it to be too easy for him, and certainly Sinead isn't the type of character to make it easy for someone like James. But at the same time, she realises his worth, and so her main aim here was to try to make him see exactly where he went wrong, and how not to do it again - and also how much his place on the team means to him. Not drinking is, indeed, a wise move. Glad you liked that whole passage :)

I knew you'd like Audrey showing up! Can't keep her away for that long! And that's the crux of the matter with James - he doesn't like the attention but he exacerbates the problem through his career choice. Silly boy. But, as you say, he needs to learn to live with it! He's a bit wiser to it now though, so yes, he has more chance of coping with it now he's had his little breakdown. Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #4, by imacullenpottergirl 

25th January 2013:
I just want to give James a gigantic, squashy, great big hug. Merlin knows he needs it. Gosh. That boy is irresistible. Yes, he has faults, but gosh. I love him to pieces. And because James is feeling a bit better, so am I. Well, another great chapter ;)

- Abhi

Author's Response: He IS adorable, isn't he? I think I love him a little bit too much. Thanks again :)

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Review #5, by Potterblotter 

21st January 2013:
Yet again another awesome chapter. Well done keep them coming! :D

Author's Response: The next chapter's already in the queue :) glad you're enjoying, thanks for reviewing!

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Review #6, by Kc 

20th January 2013:
Liked it a lot, would like tsee how it ends! Carlotta's tremor concerns me, also speech. Sounds like MS (multiple sclerosis) does Carlotta have a family history of a squib? Loved Lily being a squib

Author's Response: Carlotta's story comes out in full in a few chapters :) glad you like Lily being a Squib, it was definitely a risky move to make! Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #7, by ashley 

20th January 2013:
I love love love this chapter! I really like how James is really fighting for what he wants now... and I hope he gets back on England but I can see how that would be hard! I love the fact they're such a close knit family at the Falcons and I loved the description of that!

Author's Response: James has definitely realised just how much he loves playing for the Falcons, and is prepared to fight as hard as it takes to keep his spot. His England prospects really aren't looking good though, unfortunately. I'm glad you liked the description of the team camaraderie because that's something I really wanted to get across, to emphasise just how much James wants to stay. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #8, by Corleone 

20th January 2013:
Love the tough love that Sinead gives James and that she's holding him accountable...another great chapter! please update soon!

Author's Response: Tough love is what Sinead does best! James needs to understand that he was an idiot, and he can't think that he can just say sorry and make things okay. But at the same time he IS remorseful, he DOES understand what he's done wrong, and Sinead needs him back :) thanks for reviewing!

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Review #9, by missclaire17 

20th January 2013:
I love that part with Sinead.
She is the perfect balance between professional and caring. I love the bits of this chapter that had James just going on and on about how much he loved Quidditch because it just really goes to show that even if you think you love something, you realize that you love it even more than before when you're on the verge of losing it or if you've already lost it.

I loved that part about how James said that he'll never leave the Falcons and that he doesnt even care about England because of how much he just wants to be back playing Quidditch for the Falcons. That to me is what I love about a certain sports club. I love it when a sports club have players that are SO dedicated to the club, and I can see that the Falcons and Sinead are clearly one of those.

AUDREY! I was wondering when Audrey and James were going to have a nice chat again hehe
I love that last bit, about why someone who hated being famous choose a profession that would make them even ore so because it really says something about James and his love for Quidditch. He could have it SO much easier but instead he chooses to make it harder on himself because he just LOVES Quidditch so much. He can't do anything else because it's his life passion, and I just love that.

Author's Response: I always knew that James would get his Falcons spot back, but I didn't want it to be too easy for him. Sinead wouldn't take him back straight away - but at the same time she values his talent and wants him in her squad! Glad that her tough love is convincing and realistic.

This is the point at which James truly realises how much he loves playing Quidditch - and not just that, but playing for the Falcons. I'm also a massive lover of sports players who feel such strong loyalty to a club, and so that's partly why James is the way he is here.

Yeah, Audrey makes an appearance! She has a lot to say to him that can help him, at the end of the day. And that's why James has had so many issues with the media - because he picked a career that attracted the fame. But he never realised that before, which is partly where the problem lay. But now he knows where he went wrong, and how to stop it happening again. Glad you liked the chapter, thanks for reviewing!

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Review #10, by nott theodore 

19th January 2013:
Yay! I was so excited to see this chapter had gone up, thank you for updating so quickly!
I really enjoyed this chapter. I'm glad that James is finally facing up to his fears and his problems and that the meeting with Sinead made him realise why he wants to play quidditch and what he loves about it. I think he's finally realising that not everyone is against him and there are so many people there who are willing to help. I'm glad that James has such a loving family and such good friends to help him get his life back on track again! Sinead's one sensible woman - James and drink is not a good combination when he gets angry!
I also really love your portrayal of Audrey, because she's a completely different character in this story to in the majority of others. She seems pretty cool!
Anyway I think this was a great chapter and I'm glad that it wasn't too easy for James to get back on the team. I hope you update soon like usual!

Author's Response: Haha, you clearly had your timing right, and started reading when this chapter was near the top of the queue!

James has now realised how much his career means to him - and more to the point, how much he wants to play for the Falcons. Even his England career isn't a concern to him right now. He's very lucky that his family have forgiven him so quickly, and that Sinead is so understanding as well.

I wanted James to be close to one of his aunts, and I seriously doubted that Hermione or Fleur could be that aunt! And I didn't want it to be Angelina either. I think people have a habit of portraying Audrey like Percy - but she doesn't need to be like that at all! She's ambitious like Percy, but she's more light-hearted, which I think he needs in a wife. The next chapter's in the queue and should be up in the next couple of days! Really glad you're enjoying, thanks for reviewing :)

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