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Review #1, by CambAngst 

25th March 2013:
OK, time to finally finish the review that I started writing on Saturday afternoon.

First off, a small bit of commentary:

What do you think of Reaching New Heights: The Viktor Krum Story? Itís got a certain ring to it, donít you think? - Come on, Rose! That's so cliche!

It was nice to see Viktor actually get serious about something. You didn't drop it on me right away, but as the chapter progressed, it became really obvious that this was huge for Viktor. He finally puts the childish "ice man" posturing aside and lets Rose see that the hearing, and maintaining his freedom, was important to him. That the possibility of losing his case bothered him, frightened him, even. It helped to humanize him quite a bit.

The man in the suit was... I think unnerving is really the best way to put it. I didn't really feel like Rose was threatened. He didn't seem creepy in the stalker sense of the term. The game he's playing seems to be a lot more personal and a bit more cerebral. All of Rose's head games with Viktor seem to be paying off, because she seems to know exactly how to put this guy in his place. Naturally, I'm really curious what was inside the envelope, but the way you ended their encounter really built up a sense of mystery. And I loved this line:

The man was making a good show of looking nervous, as if he really was offering her something he ought not to have been sharing. But Rose wasn't buying it. There was a hint of something akin to glee in his eyes, as if this was all some sort of game for which he would soon be declared the winner.

I thought that did a brilliant job of making it clear what this guy was really all about. There's something really off about him, and he's convinced that he can manipulate her if he dangles the right bait in front of her. To Rose's credit, she just pushes him away.

Rose was so consumed with this one terrible possibility that she almost missed the sound of the front door swinging open. Before she even had the chance to ask what happened, Viktor crossed over to her, scooping her up in his arms, burying his face in her hair. - I really love the visual here. So much vulnerability on his part.

And then... he starts to talk about the future and Rose freaks out. This was a really awesome gender role reversal. And you couldn't have sprung it on two more unlikely characters, which made it even better for me. Rose: the archetypal female character who's been alternating between a girlish infatuation with the man and mothering him through all of his troubles. Viktor: the stone-faced alpha male who mostly shows her flashes of emotion when he wants to reel her in and seduce her. And in an instant, it's all flipped on its head. She'd the one panicking at the idea of commitment and he's sitting there confused about where the train came off the rails. Very nicely done!

Heart is just plain creepy in this chapter. Funny to think that he came off as sort of a twisted father figure way back at the beginning of the story. Not even the most twisted father imaginable wants his daughter to drum up business like this. What a weirdo!

Then she gets the family one-two punch in the form of Hugo and Al. Hugo sets the pins up and Al knocks them down, I thought. Hugo starts off by reminding Rose that this situation really is all about her. What she wants and the trade-offs that she's willing to make. And everybody else will either deal with it or they won't.

Al was the master stroke. And you did it in a really unconventional way. He comes along and shows her everything about her relationship with Krum that's wrong and right, all at the same time, if that makes a lick of sense. The infatuation, the lost weeks and the fact that she's basically forgotten Al's wedding are all symptomatic of just how much of an effect this relationship have had on her. This line really hit home for me:

She'd hardly given his upcoming nuptials or the fact that he was only months away from becoming a father more than a passing thought for weeks. Al was right. When had she become so self-involved?

And yet Al isn't there to yell at her or be angry or offended. He gets it. And eventually Rose gets it, too.

The final revelations that hit Rose as she's lying in bed were the icing on the cake for this thoroughly brilliant chapter. I said earlier that this chapter was huge for Viktor, but even that pales, I think, compared to how huge it was for Rose. It finally dawns on her why she's gone through so much for him. Why she's put her career and her relationship with her family at risk. Why she wants to help him so much. And it coincidentally happens to be the same thing that terrifies her so much that she had to run away from him. I loved this paragraph like few other things you've written in this story:

So there was her sad little truth. Viktor might be the addict, the one who couldn't get his act together. The one with a string of failed relationships and more demons than he seemed able to handle. But she was the pathetic one. The one who was scared of commitment, of jumping in with both feet. Of ending up with a stupid grin on her face. Scared of falling in love.

Her whole speech to half-awake Viktor was awesome. You can feel her convincing herself, item by item, reason by reason, that the things that should keep her and Viktor apart just aren't enough to overcome what she feels for him. It was like watching something roll downhill. And this line made me laugh out loud:

The very thought of you and I together makes my father want to kill himself - or kill you. - Truer words have rarely been spoken...

One typo only: ďI hate to break it to you, but you love life isn't really my top concern at the moment. - your love life.

I think I'm about out of characters, so I'll end with a single word: amazing!

Author's Response: I'm so glad this chapter humanized Krum for you a bit. I tried really hard to keep him a grey-area character, but if the reader doesn't like him enough to at least vacillate on the idea of him being a good match for Rose, the story doesn't really hold up well.

Looking back, I don't think I developed TMitS plotline as well as I should have, but I'm happy he gave off a creepy vibe here. He isn't a physical threat to Rose, but he's unhinged enough to still be a danger. I'm glad that line stood out. Now that you know the ending, you know his hatred has been eating at him for a long time. He's enjoying the idea of causing Viktor and anyone who cares for him pain.

Swapping the roles here was fun, but hopefully didn't seem too OOC for either of them...? I always pictured Rose as falling for Krum a bit because a part of her really didn't believe the relationship could go anywhere, and I see Krum as someone who actually likes being in a relationship, despite being unable to maintain them -- hence all the marriages. But only now does a real long-term relationship seem feasible to either of them so those true underlying feelings come out.

Haha! I didn't mean for Heart to come off that creepy here. My bad!!

I tried really, really hard to teach Rose a lesson here without feeling like I was lecturing to the reader. Al really didn't go there to teach her anything. He wants to make sure she's okay and maybe nudge her along, but just by being himself, he holds a mirror up for her, letting her draw her own conclusions.

Awww, I'm so glad you liked that paragraph. Internal monologues scare me like nothing else I write, so that it was one of your favorites of the story makes me happy to no end.

The end scene was meant to be Rose's belated freak-out to all the crap life has thrown her way the past few months. If Rose were real, she'd be an idiot if she hadn't thought all these things at one point or another. I thought this might be a fun way to acknowledge to the reader she had, in fact, considered all these things. Plus I wanted to make sure it was clear Rose was willingly making the choice to say to hell with it all. She wasn't being tricked or lulled or dragged into it by Krum.

lol, I love Ron as a dad. I couldn't resist.

Thank you for such an awesome review! Seriously, it was such an amazing treat to read and respond to.

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Review #2, by Dark Whisper 

14th February 2013:
Ah, a sharp dressed man... Mmmhmm. Yep. I can picture it. He looks perfect, I'm sure. Ready to face whatever may fall upon him.

And Rose... there's just something about, "I'll be waiting..." that must have given given Krum something to look forward to, some hope perhaps.

I do not like weird suit-man. He is creepy and I am shocked that she didn't take the envelope. Apparently her will to not want to know overpowers her curiosity. I would've taken it and asked questions later. LOL!

It is so good to see him change as this weight lifted. Yeah!

I love your line..."it was easy to forget sometimes that he had any feelings at all." That line is so powerful, really. It's that quiet character of his, supressing feelings like manly men tend to do.

And now we see his insecurities surface and finally come out. "seeing me like that, how I might disgust you." Awe... ;(

And now she is turning down his offer for a romantic trip and is asking for space? Oh my... how devastating for him. What a rollercoaster ride of a day... low, high, low again. Poor Krum.

It is interesting that she finally realizes that she has gotten a bit lost while being with him... her life is a bit off track. But I must say that I loved the end of this chapter. Finally she was able to pinpoint things that were wrong and finally tell him that she was mad at him for what he'd done. I love that she mentioned her father in there. And of course... "You're too old for me." LOL!

And then his reaction... "Is that everything?" And then not apologizing for any of it and just giving her the choice of what she wanted..."So now what?" LOVE, love his reaction... or lack thereof.

I love it that it is so late when she finally says it... kinda like a crazy woman. :) Adorable... And finally that last question? Weddings? He has 2 ex-wives.

You truly do not have enough reviews!

Dark Whisper

Author's Response: Hehehe, a well-fitting suit is a lovely sight to behold. And I'm with you; I'd have taken the letter, but I think Rose has had enough surprises for one month.

I'm so glad you liked that line. Up until this point, Krum hasn't shown much emotion, (other than anger and jealousy), but even he can't NOT be worried about going to jail.

Yay! I'm so happy you liked the ending! I thought it was time to force Rose to evaluate her position and make it clear she was with him because she wanted to be, not because she HAD to be. And I was hoping it would be more interesting for her to acknowledge all of the problems out loud than stew over them in her head for days and weeks on end. And I'm super extra happy you liked Krum's non-response. What can he say, really? She's right about all of it. The only question is do they break up or plunge forward?

Gah! I've been having way too much fun replying to these reviews. Thank you for leaving them!!

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Review #3, by Ardeith 

20th January 2013:
Wow! This story and your writing just get better and better! :-) You've made Rose and her feelings so believable and real, with each reaction seeming natural and organic. From her waiting for the results of the hearing to her reaction to the man in the suit to her pulling back from Krum to her outburst at the end...all was just so well done. :-)

I really like Rose and Krum together. I liked when he first came home from the hearing. This:

"We did it, Ginger," he whispered in her ear. "We actually..."

was cool and sexy and absolutely Krum.

I felt bad for him when she freaked out and left. Hope he likes weddings! ;-)

This is true of so many men: "It was just that he so rarely shared his feelings with her, it was easy to forget sometimes that he had any feelings at all." And makes you wonder why relationships work at all. But like Rose and Krum, we all seem drawn back to each other, right? Can you tell this story still resonates with me?? :D

Author's Response: I can't tell you happy this review made me. I feel like getting the emotions "right" is something I really struggle with, so the fact that you think they feel natural just makes me so excited. And I'm so glad it resonates with you; I totally want people to be able to see a bit of themselves in Rose, or at least understand where she's coming from.

Thanks for the continued R&R!!

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Review #4, by TearsIMustConceal 

15th January 2013:
This story is absolutely amazing! Why i have never read it before now, i don't know but now i have and i don't want to stop! Usually i'm not the biggest fan of Rose and most Rose stories annoy the hell out of me but this is a different story! I would never have even imagined Viktor Krum and Rose together but they work so well! And i love the fact she is naive but can still hold her own in the world! And as for Krum, well i would happily be in Rose's position. I'm so glad he is flawed and not perfect, it's the flaws that completely draw me to him. Anyway, enough of my rambling, i love this story (if you hadn't already guessed) and i can't wait to read more!

PS. You're writing is amazing! :)

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much, tears! I'm so glad you're enjoying the story. I think they are both pretty flawed characters, but in a way, I think that makes them well-suited for one another. I'm glad you're enjoying them as a pair.

Thanks for taking the time to leave such a nice review!

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Review #5, by Jchrissy 

15th January 2013:
YES! Yes yes yes this was the exact kind of breakdown that I was looking for. And now I understand why you didn't have it happen in the last chapter... she had to do it her own way.

After he 'overdosed' she had something to do. She needed to strengthen him, keep him whole and safe until he had court. She had something to focus on. Then he came back and he wasn't going to jail and suddenly the reason that Rose had let herself spend every second there was gone. He didn't need to be babysat, her logical reason for remaining in that house disappeared and everything felt like it started coming back up. What she went through, what he was doing to her.. and she had no problem to fix that kind of let her ignore those feelings for the time being and she just broke and ughhh THANK YOU. I just have known you'd do it at just the perfect time.

And know these realizations about how detached she'd been from her family lately does show us that maybe Krum isn't completely healthy for her. But that realization sends her on this little exploration of herself and gets her to the bottom of it all... and now she's letting all her feelings out, and he's just standing there taking it like such a sweet wonderful man and bah you give me so many feels.

That ending was so perfect. I didn't think you'd relieve my 'NO ROSE YOU IDIOT' feels at the end of this chapter, but you did ♥ not that I think it's the end of their issues, but maybe it's a start in the right direction.

Except for the man in suit. How does he relate to all this? What part is he playing in, first, showing up and clearly putting Krum into a state, then showing up right after the passing of a very large mistake of Krum's? Why did he want Rose to take that, why did he want her to see it, and does he tie into what actually happened with Krum that night? Because I'm still sticking to my delusional little world where Krum wouldn't do that again.

But it's gone. So he did do it. Maybe not on his own will? Is the Suit man an ex lovers jealous husband? Why would he force Krum to overdosing to the point of killing himself? What kind of grudge could he have?

Okay okay. I'm done speculating. But your little note about their only being four more chapters sort of made me want to cry :(.

Author's Response: I would probably be remiss if I didn't give you at least part of the credit for how this chapter turned out. I always planned for Rose to confront the feelings she was obviously avoiding, but I was going to postpone it until the end of the next chapter. The first draft actually had Krum coming to her place to sort of talk her into coming back to him. But I think you must have been in my head or something, and well this, I think, works a whole lot better for both characters. I much prefer the idea of Krum giving her space, allowing her to get it all off her chest in her own good time. It is, in so many ways, the least he could do.

I'm so glad your speculating on the man in the suit. He has a major role yet to play. And I won't give too much away (since it will all be revealed in a couple of chapters anyway), but you aren't wrong about the grudge...

I'm torn about this story ending too. On one hand, I'm super excited to finally finish a story -- something I've yet to do EVER. But starting all over again is scary. And I think my next go-around may be with *gasp* OF!

Thank you again for being your lovely self and leaving me another wonderful review. You should see the stupid grin I get on my face every time I read one :)

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