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Review #1, by Roisin 

16th March 2015:
! HAHAHAHA! The opening to this chapter was amazing. Like, what a sneaky trick to be able to do two things at once. How is Scorpius so hilarious?!?!?!

Oh man, I forgot about his guitar! And gosh, the interrupted kiss. I liked the simplicity of the line 'And an awful lot of things began to make an awful lot of sense.' And then, how Lockett comments that Rose looks flustered and Scorpius looks smug, so 'business as usual'--it just really reinforces that.

'"boa constricter skin" / they ignored him'--hahahahahaha. You're super good at comic timing!

The little conflict with Lockett and Hermione and all that Lockett backstory stuff was also really well placed within the story. And again, both sides are really convincing. Like, I'd have to agree with Hermione about holding up a principle about statistically insignificant data, but of /course/ everyone at Hogwarts would have a slightly more personal relationship with what is deemed significant.

Haha--'Dad did it.' Again with his sort of complex about his parents' accomplishments. That it's an Acromantula thing is also especially perfect in context, because Hermione wasn't there for that and she's the one they're talking to. Also, her asking Scorp to help keep Albus and Rose out of trouble is interesting, because it sort of inspires in /him/ the desire to do it.

Speaking of toggles, it's interesting that Lockett is branded with BOTH 'breaches of ethics' AND 'disloyalty to her team'--considering those two things are in DIRECT conflict with one another.

Man... I'm getting really tragic vibes of Tim Warwick... like, I know Scorpius sort of adores him, but also we don't know him very well... I'm just worried he won't make it. A big aura of doom around that one.

Author's Response: There's just a tiny box in my brain marked 'Scorpius', and when I need to write his stuff I let him come out and throw a strop. He's the easiest to let exposit, he means I don't have to fuss over tiny little details.

Hogwarts is WAY more interested in the statistically insignificant data, though this IS also a demonstration of Hermione's ego. Lockett's comment about her NEWTs is well-founded, but Hermione is also entirely disinclined to listen to Lockett. I do enjoy their little conflicts as a side-piece in the story. I hadn't intentionally made the charges landed at Lockett's door opposed, but yeah, they do make it all fishier.

Though, poor Hermione. Imagine trying to get your kids to NOT do something risky when they can say lines like, "Dad did it"? Over and over again she will be undermined by that, "You broke into Gringotts and broke OUT riding a dragon," story. What do you SAY to that? Hermione was trying to use Scorpius' loyalty to get him to make Albus behave, but she's also underestimating his courage.

At present, young Tim provides for Scorpius a sense of responsibility to the students of Hogwarts - on a personal level, which he's lacking, being without family. And it would feel a bit appropriative of his friends' pain if he was agonising like this over Lily or Hugo, and while this is an ensemble piece he IS certainly the protagonist, sooo... he needs a puppy for his pat the dog moment. Tim gets to be the puppy.

A puppy of doom, perhaps.


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Review #2, by EmmaGM 

9th February 2015:
I was surprised to see that Hermione decided to ask Scorpius to keep Rose and Albus out of trouble. It's not like her previous experiences with Malfoys were that good. Of course she would know through Albus that Scorpius isn't a bad guy, despite animosity between him and Rose before this year.

This was another great chapter. I'm loving this story and I'm glad there's more to come!

Author's Response: Hermione has no trust that Rose and Albus will stay out of trouble, and no trust that Lockett can keep them out of it. Scorpius is kind of her last hope, but she knows he's Al's friend, and does presume the animosity between him and Rose is just teenagers bickering (and NORMALLY Rose has better things to do than complain about Scorpius, especially at home).

Shedloads more to come! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #3, by Siriuslover177 

19th June 2014:
Oh no... I really hope they are not getting worse... Just as we get news that there might be a cure all the it gets worse! Just, no.

And the teacher... i dunno kinda agree her with going behind peoples backs to save peoples lives, but to do it for money, and the rat her friends. That is just wrong. I dunno how I feel about her.

And Hermione asking Scorp to make sure they dont go into the forest. Like, it is great she trusts him to do this, but I dunno if he really can. I mean, stopping a determined Rose and Al... really hard to do.

And Scorp and Rose!! AHH! Yess! I loved that. And then the teacher had to come in, and just ruin everything! I wanted them to kiss so bad -_-

Great job. Really.


Author's Response: You'll find most characters in this have had their reasons for doing what they do. Whether these are GOOD reasons is much more up for debate. The key question is if Lockett did do it for the money.

Scorose are starting to get more heated and taunting.

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Review #4, by LightLeviosa5443 

21st November 2013:
I really liked this chapter, as sad as it was.

I love how Scorpius cares so much for Albus and even Rose. I wish they had kissed! That would've made it perfect!

Scorpius certainly doesn't get enough credit and I hate how everyone casts his family name upon him. He definitely is NOT his father. I initially thought he was going to sneak into the forbidden forest himself to figure out what's going on. I'm still not convinced he won't.

Poor Tim Warwick. It's cute how much Scorp cares about him. Great chapter.

xoxo LL

Author's Response: Scorpius doesn't get enough credit, no. Poor lad, he doesn't have any super-obvious talents to contribute, and so even if people think well of him, he often tends to get sidelined. And can't even kiss the girl successfully!

Glad you enjoyed the chapter. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #5, by Lucinda 

19th June 2013:
This is such a great story!! Have read up to here all in one go without reviewing because I want to read on, but I noticed a small thing you might not have noticed. Open strings on your average guitar are E, A, D, G, B, and E not C :) Love everything so far, keep it up! :D

Author's Response: ...magic guitar. *looks about suspiciously* I did actually know that, I'm not sure why I got that so completely wrong! Thanks for reviewing, anyway!

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Review #6, by TheSortingHat 

21st January 2013:

I really like their relationship, they're so very different. It's refreshing. Rose is even more uptight than Hermione was, but then, Scorpius is not at all his father. It's wonderful. I was so excited that they were finally going to kiss- but no, Lockett interrupted.
Which brings me to Lockett. I actually really like the character. I mean, if she were a real person I'd despise her, but as a fictional character she's fascinating. It's been interesting as more of her past is revealed to realize that she's sort of a gray character. I can't wait to see how she continues to develop.
In future chapters, I wouldn't mind a little more Albus- so far he's been pretty quiet, but I'd be interested to know how he's dealing with the stress of the situation. It must be affecting him more than he's been showing.
Overall, a brilliant chapter, and I found the conversation between Hermione and Scorp very well done. I'm glad to see Scorpius taking a stand, and finally revealing some emotion to Hermione. That way when his (future) relationship with Rose is revealed, she won't be quite as prejudiced against him.
Finally, the cliffhanger should be interesting- I can't wait to see why Lockett can't know about Scorpius's presence, and what he plans to do in the Library- talk to Methusalah, perhaps?

Author's Response: YES THEY DID. Ha, I love doing that to people. Rose is less uptight when she's NOT dealing with Scorpius, but then, we'll see that develop. I'm glad you like Lockett; she's a useful foil and I wanted to really subvert the Mentor archetypes. The kids needed a responsible adult, for just sense and also so they could realistically work on a cure, but she couldn't be too much of a safety net. So I wanted a really -flawed- mentor figure and she provides. I'm glad people are enjoying her.

Albus has been rather neglected lately, and in this mini-arc. We will see more of him in times to come, but you're right, more from him is really preferable. It shall come!

Glad you enjoyed the chapter; it's one really full of STUFF so I'm glad it's gone down well. Scorpius' plans and schemes will be revealed soon! Cheers!

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Review #7, by go hannah abbott 

21st January 2013:
realy good keep it up! does Scorpius and Rose ever get together?

Author's Response: You'll just have to wait and see! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #8, by MadiMalfoy 

16th January 2013:
Ooh this is getting SO GOOD.! :D The fact that Hermione is going against anything she would have done in her school years is so frustrating for me as a reader too!! You write so well, it's refreshing :) I was so excited I nearly gasped out loud when Scorpius almost kissed Rose! But anywho, loving how they are slowly becoming more and more confused about each other! Update this again soon, I'll be waiting! :) xx

Author's Response: Hermione's hypocrisy is a little bit of just being the PARENT this time around, and a little bit Being Hermione and reckoning she can get things done without anyone else getting entangled in the situation. That, and "Harry did it" really can't count as an excuse for Al or he could justify bank robbery! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #9, by AriesGirl40 

15th January 2013:
I suppose there would be no progress if there weren't trouble. Scorpius is in for a lot of it soon, my guess. Good chapter, see you soon!

Author's Response: There'll be trouble for sure. And updates will come soon! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #10, by water_lily43175 

14th January 2013:
I was SO prepared to hate you for sticking this chapter up, because I'm chomping at the bit for more BTP, I NEED to know what happens next, although I wouldn't put it past you to throw in an ENTIRE chapter of Cal/Tobias chat which has NOTHING to do with the Lackardy case just because you CAN ... but I digress. Point is, I fully anticipated hating this chapter JUST BECAUSE it's not BTP.

But holy HELL. Chapter has everything in it. EVERYTHING. Except Artemis. But then she'd have ruined the Scorose moment so THAT'S OKAY.

Ahem. From the top.

I like how it's a bad thing that the six have become so USED to such a horrible situation. It seems like the natural reaction; because it's such an UNnatural thing to be doing, so of course it's going to be alarming to realise that it's become the norm for them. Four weeks in. It's making me wonder how long this will go on for. Intriguing thought, because like I've said before, I literally have NO idea what's to come; this could be wrapped up within five chapters, or we could have another fifty to come. I'm rather leaning towards the latter (perhaps not FIFTY chapters, but you get my drift) and it excites me because there is LOADS yet to find out.

Scorpius is getting used to his job, but still doesn't see it as a job in the same sense as the others'. Sigh. It is, Scorp, it really IS; in fact, it's the most important of them all. At least Nat realises that. And I like that Scorpius notices that Nat is approving. Despite what he may think of her it's obvious that that approval makes him feel better about his worth.

I get the funny feeling that the guitar theory will work. Because this is Scorpius, and he's the type of person whose mad ideas WOULD work. And I love that idea, too; I love the theory of sound affecting magic. BROWNIE POINTS.

Also love the politics thrown in; that France and Spain will help IF they get something in return. Not that I can imagine their help would be useful; I can't see what they'd be able to provide that Britain doesn't already HAVE that would suddenly produce a breakthrough. Hmm. And an interesting theory on WHY Thane has done this. I like it. It may not be right, but it's plausible. We shall see.

OM NOM THE SCOROSE. LOVE how she recognises his worth, YES YES YES. And then SO MUCH UST and Nat walks in and ruins it all. UNGH. But still, better payback in the end if they're kept apart for longer. Plus less chance of them refusing to come to terms with their feelings. Yes, I like. Even if the wait will prove to be an agonising one.

Ho hum, a BREAKTHROUGH. Possibly. Hermione's been involved with regulation whatnot and NATHALIE BACKSTORY, this makes me far too excited. At the moment, I'm leaning towards Nat here; clearly the regulations that Hermione had brought in, whether necessary or not, have completely put a stranglehold on potion research and have made things very difficult for the likes of Nat to do their jobs. It's easy to see why she's angry right now, especially because Hermione questions her research here at every turn.

And I love their shared refusal to let anyone near the Acromantula in the Forest. Amazing Al reaction. "Dad did it." Which pretty much applies to everything in the wizarding world these days. But they're right, NOT a good move at all; they weren't friendly even when Aragog was alive, and Harry and Ron only got out thanks to a magical car, and once Aragog died even Hagrid couldn't get anywhere with them. BAD MOVE. Though I don't get why they can't just send experts into the Forest - oh wait, quarantine. Yeah, fair enough. EASTERN EUROPE it is.

Haha oh Selena. I love her.

Hmm, Hermione wants to talk to Scorp. Wants him to look after Rose and Al. Well, he'll do that ANYWAY of course, he doesn't need to be ASKED. Oh, I love that he let slip about his family, it's about time that Hermione realised he was his own person, and NOT his father. Bless.

YES, questions about Nat, I like this. Hmm, started off with healing solutions, moved on to more lucrative research. Very interesting. And selling out her colleagues; that's cold, really cold. And doesn't seem like the Nat we knew in Anguisverse. Why did you do it, Nat? The scars of being in Azkaban for nearly a year driving her to avoid prison at any costs, perhaps? It's intriguing, VERY intriguing. And explains some of the resentment between her and Hermione; of COURSE they're not going to be on the same page. Explains Hermione's reluctance to believe Nat, and suddenly I'm on her side a little bit more here.

Understanding, that Scorpius would have that reaction to Hermione bringing his father into the conversation. But she REALISES, she realises that he's nothing like Draco. And I like this, very much. I must say, I LOVE your characterisation of Hermione. Hardly surprising, given that I loved her in Ren, but you have it JUST right; that slight arrogance and sense of superiority that is never going to go away, along with a COMPLETE sense of righteousness ... and then she's loving and caring towards her family and you can't help but love her for it. No matter how infuriating she can be, she is so HUMAN underneath it all. Beautiful.

Running out of characters so can't comment as much as I'd like on the ending, but I like Harley here, he's more likeable than before. Even HE senses that Scorp has family issues! It seems to be the underlying trend in this chapter - but then, it's the underlying trend in this whole fic, isn't it? So much characterisation love.

Mammoth review. Apologies if I've been rambly. But a SUPERB chapter, thank you for posting it! Now, NOW, I will go back to waiting (im)patiently for BTP. MAN I love your fics.

Author's Response: You know now I wasn't so mean as to just put a chapter of inconsequential chatter up. HILARIOUS as it would be. But noo, you can't hate Ignite. This isn't me being hurt, this is me being smug 'cos I know we're getting to the REALLY good bits right now. Except for no Artemis. I should have put Artemis in this chapter.

Hard to guess how long Ignite will be. 30 chapters? Less than 40, I'll wager. Though I'm still on my buffer, I've not written a word since November. *slaps wrist* Got a lot of buffer at least. But yeah, these guys are getting used to an incredibly unhealthy and mental situation, and it's NOT good for them. Especially Scorpius; everyone else feels productive in their own way but Scorp will always find something to be all lamenting about. Nat is sharper than even she gives herself credit for.

No comment on how successful or otherwise the guitar plan might be! And of course there's politics, it's one of my stories! Plot point or not, there would be international consequences of something like this. And I dangle Scorose, ha ha ha, mine is an evil laugh.

YES Nat Backstory. And this isn't even all of it, there's more beyond this chapter. But this is the source of their conflict and discontent; a mistrust of one another's reactions. And yet, unity on "don't do bloody stupid things your father did, Albus". Because if that argument worked, Al could get away with anything. So, Forbidden Forest is a BAD IDEA.

Hermione might be biased, but she's still smart and she's still Hermione. With a touch of manipulation in there for telling Scorp her side of what happened to Nat. The situation is STILL more complicated than this, but this is why Hermione isn't thrilled that Nat Lockett is the Responsible Adult on sight. Hermione was never meant to be a major character in Ignite, though - but once the Patronus idea came up she's begun elbowing her way in left, right, and centre. I do love writing Hermione.

This chapter DOES have it all, so review length makes sense but THANK YOU for Mammoth Review and all the good will! :D

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Review #11, by Hannah 

14th January 2013:
I love Scorpius!I also love this story.Keep up the good work:)

Author's Response: Thank you! More updates are forthcoming. Cheers for reviewing!

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