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Review #1, by Marshal 

4th April 2017:
Hey lookie it's the chapter title! So this is the turning point of the fic I suppose? I know it is only about half way in as there are 60+ chapters and there is a load of tension and problems that happen even later in the story but James got kicked off the team, drew his wand on his dad, cost his mum her job, and pretty much lost his girlfriend at this point and is now trying to fix it all! Also I now see where the drinking issue came up and it must be before now that James decked the photographer.

ALso it is very clear in this chapter that James cares deeply for Carlotta. If I get to read the chapters it will be interesting to see what brings them back together, not to mention what caused James to snap because clearly he was under a lot of pressure.

Also you've painted a nice picture of the tension that generally exists between James and Harry. I think most people feel like Albus tries to get out of Harry's shadow rather than James so it is an interesting and unique take Jame having to try and get out from the shadow of his dad and prove that he isn't him. Also Harry didn't get an O on his DADA? I thought he had? DADA was his best subject after all! Anyway my memory may be shotty so who knows.

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Review #2, by adluvshp 

4th April 2017:
Here for Slytherin.

Aw, poor James. He is so wasted, but glad Carla stopped by to take care of him. It shows how much she cares. The way you showed his confusion and relief at seeing her was really nice, and also the hope. They are at their stage in the relationship where neither knows for sure how they feel and where it is going but can't help but care for each other so it's really sweet. I am sad they fought though - but i guess some things needed to be said and James needed to realise his mistakes, especially since he had hut her.

It was good that he went and saw his father though. James and Harry definitely needed to have that talk and the way things played out was interesting. Yay for Harry telling his son not to give up on her. Of course they were happy, she is his one true love after all xD

It's awesome that everyone got on board with James and Carla - that he has met his match in Lily's words. Again the dialogue in this chapter seemed a little hard to follow though, too much back and forth, so it would be nice if it could be spaced out with some thoughts and/or descriptions. Besides that, it flowed well and the way the plot is turning out to be is good. You have your characters pretty set. Good going.


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Review #3, by onestop_hpfan18 

2nd August 2016:
This chapter was so emotional, but in the best possible way. Harry and James's reconciliation had me tearing up. It just kept pulling at my heartstrings. Well done. Loved this chapter so much.

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Review #4, by Hannah 

25th April 2014:
I love your story. It's just so uh lord there's no appropriate adjectives to describe. I've seen it floating around for a while but the whole muggle thing put me off I remember thinking "well that can't end well" and scrolling on. But I am so glad I took a chance because I love this. Love all of it. But I love this chapter the most (so far) it's just brilliantly written and oh god these feels it's perf. Well done! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! This chapter in particular was lovely to write, I hated it when James and Harry didn't get on! And it was nice to finally be able to pull James out of his lull. :) Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #5, by Penelope Inkwell 

1st October 2013:
SO glad that James and Harry have finally begun to work things out. How lovely of Carla, to do that for James, and smart of Lily to think of sending her. And of course I'm happy for Ginny as well. It was awful, what they wanted her to do for The Prophet. Completely insane! But I'm glad that she and James have made up as well. A much cheerier chapter. The hard stuff is character-building and all (pun only sort of intended), but it's a relief to have things looking a bit better now. Once you begin to care about characters, it's hard to see them like that. I'm so happy that James is doing better!

Excellent work, as always!


Author's Response: There's more to Carlotta's actions than first appears. ;) Yup, James is on the mend! I love being able to write scenes where him and Harry actually get on, because my post-war Harry is ridiculously laid-back and domesticated. Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #6, by Genia 

29th March 2013:
Thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I just LOVE Lily!... And the rest of the family, of course.
I wonder what's up with Carla, though... there seems to be more to it...
Well, I'll see, right?
Anyway: You're an amazing writer! Seriously!

Author's Response: James is indeed very lucky to have the family he has! Glad you're enjoying, thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #7, by imacullenpottergirl 

25th January 2013:
James, I'm so proud of you. And I know that coming from an actual stranger, that may mean nothing, but I'm so proud of you.

And to you, genius behind the white screen, I can't thank you enough for the absolute joy that this story is bringing me. Through out our lives, we come across hurdles, and well, instead of facing those hurdles, I sit here and read your story, and honestly, I am so happy. The happiest I've ever been. You've helped me escape, at least for a few hours. Sure, I need to combat those hurdles, and figure out how to solve them, but I just wanted to say thank you. For everything that you've done for me. You are truly amazing. Such a amazing person. And I know that you have a beautiful soul. A kind soul. And I just want you to know that I will always be here. If you ever need me. To talk, to laugh, to escape. Your readers will be here. To support you, if you ever need it.

Im imacullenpottergirl on the forums too, so PM me anytime dear. You are truly amazing, and I am so glad that I've been so fortunate to meet such amazing people here. Truly.

- Abhi

Author's Response: Things aren't all lost for James. He has a loving family who will always be there for him; he just needed to take that plunge, and make the first moves. He'll be okay in the end. :)

It means so so much to me that you love this story so much! This is my baby, I've spent so much time on it and have so much more planned, and so it's lovely to know that people get so much out of it. Thank you so much for your support and lovely reviews! It really means a lot :)

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Review #8, by nott theodore 

18th January 2013:
Things are finally getting a bit better for James! Clever Lily, getting Carla to go and see him because she knew it would give him the kickstart he needed to get his life sorted out again! I'm a bit worried about Carla though - if she's ill I think I'll end up crying.
But James has made it up with his family and things are starting to look up for him.
I really love all your characters and this story!

Author's Response: Lily was clever. Possibly. More on that later ;) Carla...will tell all soon. I'm really glad you like all the characters! Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #9, by Potterblotter 

11th January 2013:
this whole story rocks my socks!! cant wait for the next chapters. please dont tarry! honestly though, great characters, plot, dialogue, and all that jazz. i cant find anything wrong with this story so far and iv been completely absorbed in it for the past 3 days.

Author's Response: I'm really glad you're enjoying so far! I've certainly endeavoured to flesh out as many characters as possible so it's good to know you like them. The next chapter's sitting in the queue! Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #10, by ForeverStrength 

9th January 2013:
Ok so I have to say I am totally in love with this story! Its brilliant, you have the characters exactly how I imagined. I have spent the last couple of day reading all 35 chapters, and now Im sitting here like where is the next, come on! I just want to know what is going to happen! Haha, it killed me when James got off the England team, I was like come on James! But I know you have a plan for all of it, so I am waiting!!

Love it!

Author's Response: I hated having to axe James from the England team! But it had to be done. The poor guy, he's really messed things up for himself recently. But things are looking up a bit for him now! The next chapter should be up in the next couple of days. Glad you're enjoying so far! Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #11, by Evelynn Rose 

8th January 2013:
I just wanted to say your story is amazing. I originally wasn't so keen on the idea of Lily being a Squib, but it has worked out marvelously. Your story had me crying and I am so excited to see your next update!!

Author's Response: I knew that making Lily a Squib would be a risky business, because it's such a huge thing to do! But it was done for a reason, and I'm glad that you like it now. :) The next chapter is in the queue so should be up soon. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #12, by Something 

8th January 2013:
I loved the chapter, and i thought it was a worthy makeup between the two oldest male Potters.

But Carlotta is totally dying or something equally as bad. Ever watched the movie "Love and Other Drugs", where the girl had Parkinsons disease? It sort of reminds me of this chapter, because of how Carlotta is behaving, not saying she got Parkinsons, but something is wrong)

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed the Harry/James scene, it was a pretty big one so it had to be good! As for Carlotta, that's an interesting theory... And yes, I've seen that film :) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #13, by Corleone 

8th January 2013:
Great chapter! Loved the healing between James & the family especially Harry, that was a long time coming!

Author's Response: Yeah, the Harry/James conversation was long-overdue. Glad you enjoyed, thanks for reviewing!

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Review #14, by Slide 

8th January 2013:
All right, James. You've had your kick up the rear. I've got my coffee. Let's see what you're going to do. This better be good, kiddo.

Ooh. Carla. This is GONNA be good. James' self-reflection on his attitude to women is quite sweet and does help remind us of why he is quite as messed up as he is. Fame would do that to anyone. And I really like the Resolution to do Something but not knowing what it is; it's very Real!

Now, how and why does Carla know to be here, hmm? Or has she just reached her own conclusions and quickly picked up that everything went wrong? Hm. Clearly something is up. Oh, OOOH. 'You don't need me, you just think you do'. That's INTERESTING. And cold but not necessarily untrue. How much has he attached to her the qualities he looks for - her not fawning over him for his fame because she's from a different world - whether or not they're there? There's chemistry, for sure, but... oh, well, this is just interesting. OR she's trying to hold him at arms' length; she's seeming awfully defensive for someone who seems to have gone out of her way to help him.

She's totally dying! *clings to tin-foil hat*

Now it's time for the Daddy talk I've been looking for and this time am not terrified of! And James is right (I hope) to bank on some unconditional parental love. Except Harry's playing it a bit cool. I hope this is just an initial tension, if he keeps this up he'll be losing his moral high ground. Oh, phew. Good Harry, sensible Harry. He's right; in some ways being a Squib is a great thing to happen to Lily, even if she wouldn't choose it herself nor should one wish it upon her. But it means that no matter what she'll never be Just Harry Potter's Kid. And I am beginning to seriously love Harry in this conversation. AND NOW GINNY. I think Ginny is my favourite of your canon characters, she is the most AMAZING mother. She rocks, seriously.

And now I'm back to being so emotional about Harry going to the Falcons games. Then I'll be weird and be happy that you're invoking smell in this scene, because, yes, it's important and connected with MEMORY and... yes. All good. Hurr, legwork.

YAY LILY. YAY HAPPY. OKAY it's time for me to have an incoherent chapter review. BECAUSE LILY AND JAMES ARE HAPPY and this makes me happy. I SUSPECTED it might have been her who went to Carla. LOVE LILY. LOVE ALL OF THE THINGS. LOVE POTTER FAMILY.

I'm going to give up here because I'm becoming incoherent with Squee.

Author's Response: Yeah, James needed to learn that trying to avoid being used and hurt by women wasn't going to work in the long run - aside from becoming a little bit dysfunctional in that respect himself he also hurt a lot of women by acting how he did! But he's making progress, even if he doesn't have a clue what to do next. I'm glad you find him realistic; that's been the hardest challenge in this arc, keeping his actions realistic so that people don't stop empathising with him. At the end of the day, he's just a good egg who's become a little over-paranoid about people's motives and has made a couple of mistakes along the way.

Carlotta ... yeah, that's a tricky one, because obviously the logical thought is that he only likes her BECAUSE she doesn't care about his surname, which is something she herself addressed when things blew up between them. It's going to take a lot for him to convince her that that's not the case - indeed, he needs to settle in his own mind that he's not just interested because of that, although he's obviously gone a long way towards admitting to himself just how he feels about her, so that one shouldn't be too hard. Convincing HER of that will be more of a challenge - and not the only one. I will treat your continuing theory the way you treat mine. KARMA.

This is definitely the Daddy talk you wanted; the one before was just a face-to-face admission of everything that had gone wrong between them, this one attempts to rectify it all. And it pretty much does the job. Harry's a bit quiet at first because while he cares about James, he wants to make sure that James recognises where he's gone wrong. Which, of course, he does. And then Harry realises that he contributed to James' state of mind and the guilt overwhelms him, bless. Lily's situation isn't ideal but Harry HAS prioritised her over his sons, and it's backfired on James.

Ginny is the bee's knees, which is interesting given that it took me a long time to warm to her in the books; I really wasn't a fan of H/G for a long time! But yes, she's one of my own favourites if I do say so myself. And IT'S OKAY I've left you that many incoherent reviews that I'm probably owed one in return, haha. Glad you liked, thanks for reviewing!

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Review #15, by Leela 

8th January 2013:
Yay! Finally things are looking up. Family love, Lily's sneakiness and Carlotta. Working things out with his dad. Love it.

Author's Response: Yup, James has reached his trough and is now on his way back up. He definitely benefits from having such a loving family! Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #16, by missclaire17 

8th January 2013:
So it was LILY!
When Carlotta showed up, I knew that someone must have went to talk to her. At first, I thought it might have been Ingrid, but then when Carlotta told James to talk to his parents, I thought maybe Ginny or Harry went to go talk to Carlotta. But it was LILY! It looks like Lily still understands James so well.

My heart just SWELLED at this chapter. Quidditch and Carlotta and fixing problems with the extended family and friends are one thing, but fixing things first and foremost within the Potters, specifically with Harry and Ginny was what I thought was most important, and I just LOVED that James and Harry had that heart to heart talk.

And just reading how Harry and Ginny welcome James back with open arms and forgive him and make him feel better just made me want to cry because it was so beautiful. I love that the Potters are one happy family again, because now, at least James knows that whatever he does, he'll have his family behind him.

I think that James is going to talk to Brie, and Freddie, and the rest of his family next, get his career back on track, and still not be able to figure out what is up with Carlotta aside from the fact that James wants to be with her properly now.

Something is definitely up with her because of the way she just sort of lashed out at James for not really needing her and only thinking that he does. Either Carlotta has some ghost in her past that visited her and affected her or something else is going on. But one or the other, something is up with her and it makes me SO confused!

It's like, throughout this entire thing when we finally start to see Carlotta having issues, I haven't been able to figure out what it is because she hides her secrets so well from James.

*SIGH* Either way, I'm so glad that the Potters are back together again. (:

Author's Response: Lily did indeed have her fingers in this pie ... but stay tuned, there's a little bit more to come on that note ;)

James of course wants to mend his career, and needs to resolve things with Freddie, Rose and Brigid at the very least, but he's not going to get anywhere without apologising to his parents first, and most importantly sorting out this long-standing problem with Harry. At the end of the day, despite what he's done, they were always going to forgive him the moment he apologised purely out of relief that he's okay again. He's definitely lucky that he's part of such a tight-knit, loving family!

You've summed up James' next moves quite succinctly there! He needs to see Brigid before he can get anywhere with his career, and she and Freddie are his closest friends so they will obviously be the next people he sees. Carlotta is becoming quite an enigma to him though! He may have a bit of head-scratching to do there. My lips remain sealed on that note ;) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #17, by violet skies 

7th January 2013:
oh my gawd i was crying during this it was ridiculous but i just got super emotional and AH JAMES AND HARRY BONDING JUST ADJSFLKFJDSKLXJ I COULDN'T HANDLE IT

i am so glad james figured things out :)

Author's Response: Yes, the long-overdue Harry/James bonding has happened! Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #18, by hpgrl 

7th January 2013:
Another great chapter! I'm glad everything isn't fixed with Carlotta just yet- James will have to fight for her. The moments with Harry were so touching! Although it felt too rushed- like everything between them was resolved too fast, I still felt that James was at fault even though Harry was denying it. I guess I can see that Harry was really worried so he was trying to make the most out of a sensitive situation. I loved that lily was secretly behind the visit. I'm looking forward to James reconciling with the rest of his friends and family :)

Author's Response: James will definitely have to fight for Carlotta, and that certainly won't be easy. The Harry/James scene wasn't easy to write, and if I'm honest I'm still not 100% happy with it, but it took a few rewrites and I'm happy enough with this version. It's worth bearing in mind that these guys are family who have been worried sick about James and unaware of his whereabouts for the past few weeks, so right now their overriding feeling is relief that he's okay. Their approach here is to forgive James now, and ask questions later. James knows he was at fault, and apologised for it, and so Harry's not going to start berating him straight away, especially bearing in mind his reaction last time that happened. But I'm glad you liked the chapter regardless. Thanks for reviewing!

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