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Review #1, by Snapdragons 

4th February 2013:

I was far too concerned to review as I read this time but HA see Scorpius ISN'T dead HALLELUJAH -throws confetti- (but Draco is? pity, but preferable to the alternative)

Seriously though, I had to race through this chapter because the suspense! anticipation! action! This is not healthy. Too many emotions at once. (I am feeling very Ron-like right now in how many emotions I can handle.)

Bea :( Anjali :( Fred :(

Scorpius :)

When Cato and Emeric grabbed Fred I accidentally made this really weird noise that sounded a bit like a dying whale only quieter because everyone else is sleeping and I probably should sleep soon too but the point is that it caught me by surprise

RUN FRED RUN he is spectacular but no poor baby Bea no no no :( Although actually, in retrospect, it's probably better that she got caught because then she saves Scorpius etc. etc. (and life goes on) (ha ha I made a joke) (definitely time for bed)

But that was a nice and clever way to tie that particular plot end up and I am actually quite relieved. I didn't think he would actually be dead but... well. There's always the possibility, isn't it? And now Bea saves the day yay

and Scorpius loves her cue the trumpets and more confetti


Everything has gotten really exciting all of the sudden and I can't keep up and I very much appreciated Schrodinger Scorpius (I appreciate all jokes related to Schrodinger's cat because physics jokes are the best jokes) and now I only have one more chapter left which sort of upsets me and once again, I am suffering from an emotional overload right now which has a direct correlation to my production of run on sentences oops?

Author's Response: fact: Scorpius' cure was actually the 3400 words of anticipation for that one line at the end, not the potion.

emoticon sandwich :( :( :( :) but at least it ends on happy!

Cato is like something from a horror flick just HAND BAM GRABS YOUR FOOT.

oh no you did-n't with that joke, that is nearly as bad as my 'a bannister always pays her debts'.

(it's ok it's like 1am here and I'm weepingly tired)

i love your run on sentences c: they are my favorite sentences and when people use them in reviews it also puts the pressure off me to be grammatically correct. I grammar enough in my writing, harrumph. I don't want to grammar all the time. also obv, Schrodinger Scorpius is too alliterative to not happen.

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Review #2, by Aiedail 

27th January 2013:

i don't even know what to say. bea is a genius and when scorpius wakes up i am expecting good thigns. ok?


omg i was right about the cat how did that happen

cat cat cat


cat cat cat
cat cat

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Review #3, by MaraudingPrincess 

20th January 2013:
Hey remember me? I remembered you said that you had posted more chapters on this site and beig the impatient weirdo I am I decided to check it out :) Now I am begging you to update this soon because you cant just leave it at a cliffhanger like that! So please, please, PLEASE update soon
Much Love
MaraudingPrincess xoxo

Author's Response: Eee thank you! I'm a bit backed up in er, everything, because I've had a lot of schoolwork, but I will be posting today or tomorrow most likely. The chapter is largely done (actually largely done), sans a few hundred words.

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Review #4, by spreaddapoo93 

14th January 2013:
Ah! Such a fantastic comeback! Your return to Capers is widely celebrated throughout HPFF, without a doubt :D

By golly, this chapter was phenomenal - of coirse! Of course this was bound to happen, and yet i jumped up in suspense and surprise - you have a clever gal like me dangling around your ingenious little finger like a wonderful fool!

Gyah! this really came out beautifully! A wonderful intermediary chapter (still filled with wonderfully gooey-centred action!) and i am filled with fanatic fascination for whats coming next! :D

Anyway, I can't wait for the next chapter! (much love)

Author's Response: Heee, I would be pleasantly surprised if many people believed he were dead, but I did at least want to keep the characters in a bit of mystery for most of the chapter.

Transitionary action chapter, but the next one, oh the next one! c:

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Review #5, by forsakenphoenix 

13th January 2013:
adjfkalgnagnagla. I don't even have words for this chapter. I honestly just sped through reading this because it was so good. I KNEW HE WASN'T DEAD. I was actually thinking of The Draught of the Living Dead but that seemed like a long shot with those goonies. :P

Okay, so I guess I feel sort of bad for Anjali. I mean, I was pretty sure she was involved with at least them stealing the prototype but I couldn't tell if she knew about Scorpius or not until now.

Ugh, and Scorpius loves Bea! Ee. I knew it. I'm also glad Fred was okay! I got worried with the title of the chapter, at first. This is a bit more serious and angsty than most Capers so I was kind of glad by the small doses of humor, like Fred wondering about clean socks when he thought about his impending death, and all that.

I wonder where they're going! But I'm glad Bea was right about Scorpius and he's alive and awake now. Yay. And the plot thickens with Draco's death? Very interesting. We shall see what happens! I know you're planning on updating soon so let me know and I'll try to get to it this week and not like...months later.

Again, sorry for the short-ish reviews. I never know what to say besides what I already have, you know? I love this story and everything about it. You've done such a fabulous job and I know when it's completed, it will be one that I would love to reread again. :)

Author's Response: This chapter was a paaain. Transitionary and action, oh lordy did I dread it. But I think those are actually the ones where the end product's a little better, because I like moving things along, and this chapter is all about moving things along.

Anjali gets her semi-redemption! Most of the time, the sexy anti-hero goes to male roles, so I've been very very happy to write her character as it is, a controversial figure to the end c:

I had to jam in humor at the last moment. There is not a lot of happy, but Bea tried to be adorable while kidnapped too.

AND I SAID I WOULD UPDATE SOON AND that didn't happen. But now i have! And I laaav you ♥ DON'T DIE FROM SCHOOL!

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Review #6, by rbrammer 

12th January 2013:
BUT SCORPIUS IS DEAD AND NOW HE ISN'T AND DRACO IS OH MY GOD I'M FANGIRLING SO HARD AND THIS IS REALLY BAD YOU SORCERESS OF WORDS, YOU. When Anjali says, 'of course he would do that, he loves her' (bit of paraphrasing being done here), she BETTER MEAN BEA. Because Bea and Scorpius are going to live happily ever after with the quirky Albus living next door, trying to keep Fred from continuing his chase of Anjali. Or something of the sort; you could come up with something much better. Which I'm counting on :D but first, IS DRACO DEAD and no way are they using Bea's machine for evil purposes! BAD BAD MEN. And where do they get off, kidnapping our favorite biscuit-loving heroine? Not to mention Scorpius. Grr, woman, you sure know how to do a cliffhanger.
LOVING IT. as always.

Author's Response: !!!

I do a lot of vague things with pronouns eh? :'D I actually did one before that was super subtle that I'll probably mention when I post the next chapter.

A few others have demanded that Bea and Scorpius run off and have lots of Beabies with Albus as their manservant/footstool so I suppose we'll see what'll become of this ragtag group.

I hope my readers know by now to pack the climbing gear because there's still cliffs to come 8D!

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Review #7, by Aderyn 

9th January 2013:
Hehe it's so funny that you posted this like a second after I left my review on the previous chapter. (So you know, extra double bonus points for "updating soon" :P ) And then I read this and promptly forgot to write a review for this. But here I am. *tada*

Poor Bea, in that first scene, I really feel terrible for her. I feel like you managed to make Fred's reaction work well--he can't believe it, for one. And he can barely bring himself to tell Bea the truth.

But here's the big reveal--it all makes sense now why people would want the invention. And that makes it all the more realistic--cause aren't there a lot of things we use now that were developed by someone trying to make something totally different (maybe tape and velcro?). Anyways, that really ups the stakes--no way the people stealing it just want to get rich...

And then they woke up! That's the problem with spells, isn't it--you have no idea if the person could just fake the reaction cause you don't see the same physical signs as say, punching someone.

And this really shouldn't be funny, but Cato not understanding an eye for an eye makes me almost laugh. Like that's so subtle, but it really illustrates how stupid he is--he doesn't go for Fred's finger, but tries to take "eye for an eye" in a completely literal way.

Eeee and then that ending--so much action in like three sentences. But actually, I had to go back and reread this scene because who actually goes along with the Portkey felt a little clear--you mentioned before (when Cato grabs Bea and Scorpius both) but between Draco being dead(what?!) and the Aurors arriving and Scorpius waking up, I had forgotten that part.

And of course I should say that it's a good thing Scorpius isn't dead. (And reading your artblog/tumblr notes on this chapter I see that my theory about the now-defunct chapter image didn't matter after all :P ). But anyhow, Draco dead--that I could see as real. Honestly that would make things easier--the "bad guys" are clearer, and there's not the same angst-of-betrayal for Scorpius (instead he gets the my-dad-was-killed-by-people-who-betrayed-him-and-then-almost-killed-me-too-angst).

And the sobbing to practice dialogue story is actually kind of perfect. Like, i would never have thought to do that, but it probably helps a lot in making it realistic. Cause you do talk differently when you're crying. Hee, whenever I try to write anything sad, I put on the depressing classical music playlist and preferably write at night, so that it's all crazy and full of ridiculous over dramatization ("oh the humanity"). And then the next day I sort of gag at it all and edit it.

Anyways, I don't even know what I'm saying anymore...(seriously what is it when I review yours stuff...such rambling).

The next installment should be fun, it'll be interesting to see how Scorpius takes being almost-dead. And also maybe to find out why they tried to make him look dead...(did they think that Narcissa would ransom him if Draco was dead? or some other devious thing).

♥ Haley

Author's Response: Minutes apart! xD Maybe your review was actually magical and triggered the update.

The beginning was definitely the hardest part by far. Not just balancing everyone's reactions and the angst and all, but knowing that in the end, Scorpius is alive. And I didn't want to dwell on the effects of his death too much, because that all gets reversed 2000 words later.

it all makes sense now why people would want the invention
Indeed! Plus, a lot of modern items (development of radio, appliances, etc) came about because of research that was heavily funded due to war. Basically the byproduct of making weapons.

lololol I hadn't intended much with Cato's line. For some reason it felt natural that he would say that and then go for the eye, it being the more vital organ. Unconscious funny!

I've wanted to write that wham bam kablam ending for two months, everything happening at once 8D Draco's death was actually more of a choice to allow Scorpius a proper storyline that could be set in the timeline of this fic. I had other ideas, but they didn't fit well with the rest of the story. Also I was telling my friend, 'I can't actually kill Scorpius. This is /his/ arc.'

OH THE HU-MANATEE. sorry. This is also why when I edit my stories I adopt a British accent :'D

♥ the next installment IS fun, well for a while at least (I sound so ominous). There is still much deviousness a foot! I'm sure that passed through their mind; what isn't as apparent yet is, how much of this did they even plan?

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Review #8, by harrietm 

6th January 2013:

Author's Response: YES TO ALL OF THOSE THINGS! I was in fact feeling bloodthirsty at the time, but Draco's death opens up a lot more possibilities for Scorpius' future c: t'was a much better idea than the one I had before, so I had to off the poor ferret.

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Review #9, by Flicketyxd 

4th January 2013:
Ah this was worth the wait! And I'm so glad you didn't kill draco! But please uPdate faster next time - I was beginning to think you'd abandoned it!

Author's Response: Thank you! c: I think you mean Scorpius, so I'll assume you meant that. I'm going to try to update this week!

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Review #10, by Owls are awesome 

3rd January 2013:
Omg love this story! You are the master of cleverness and wit in writing and should get an award or a t-shirt or a platter of cupcakes for it. Please update soon; I love cliffhangers to try and figure things out but I would also really like to know what's next. Draco is dead?! No!

Author's Response: Eee, thank you c: I get a lot of free t-shirts from volunteer events so maybe I'll get a sharpie and put 'master of cleverness' on it or something, but people would probably look at me funny.

I hope to update soon!

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Review #11, by Jessica_GinnyizGr8 

2nd January 2013:
And I thought the cliffie in the last chapter was bad.
So.. was Scorpius given the Draught of Living death or was it some sort of venom? But it was a thrilling chapter. The fleeing Fred and the groggy Bea... Very well written. :)

Author's Response: Indeed, it was the Draught of Living Death! That was always my intention.

Thank you! :D

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Review #12, by Meghna 

2nd January 2013:
Wait a second. You can't just kill people, then un-kill them. Then kill off someone else in their place.
Or can you?

This chapter was a downright whammer in the face. What is even going on? Freds not here, but Anjali is. The aurors are here but the captors are gone. Gone where? Is Anjali to blame? Or was it Draco? or Cato and Emeric? ARGH. SO MANY QUESTIONS! SO MANY. :D

And Scorpius lurrves Bea! That sentence just made my day! Or possibly my year! (and it's only the 2nd of Jan)
Do update in a week. PLEZ. PLEZ. PLEZ.

Author's Response: Can I? Well, I did anyway :'D

I've been waiting to see what people think of Anjali, because she's a bit of a hero and villain this chapter -- being partly responsible for the mess in the first place and having selfish intentions, but also coming back to save Scorpius (AND Bea when she realizes Bea is here) and somewhat own up to her responsibility.


I'm hoping to update next week!

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Review #13, by Hermiohninny 

1st January 2013:
I think my heart stopped beating for a good two minutes after I re-read that last paragraph. The amount of questions running through my mind should be enough to frazzle ones brain completely. WHY HAVE YOU DONE THIS TO ME?!

Author's Response: I've been itching to write the last bit :'D I saw it in my head so clearly: the triple whammy of Draco being possibly dead, Aurors flooding in, and Scorpius waking up -- only to be taken away by a portkey.

The questions will be answered soon!

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Review #14, by Icouldn'tcomeupwithanawesomename 

1st January 2013:
Happy new year; new chapter of my life, new chapter of Scorpius' life (he's alive!!), NEW CHAPTER OF CAPERS OH MY, WAY TO START THE YEAR!!
Love it.
Whew, I'm whizzing like a bottle of firewhiskey after this chapter. All the action; BAM, in your face, Cato. And Anjali, you sneaky little witch. But Draco's dead (maybe), so look who's not cackling and plotting evil plans now, eh, Anjali?
AND SCORP LOVES BEA! I knew it! Hope that portkey whisks them off to a tropical island where they'll proclaim their undying love to each other! Tie them to a palm tree for effect, we don't want Cato and Emeric to think we forgot about them. Oh well, you could always lighten the mood with candy.

How can there be only four/five chapters left?! So much to be solved still! And poor Freddo does need a girl. And Anjali needs to get a life. Then there's the whole invention-thing, but if Beables and Scorp finally get together I'm a happy shipper.

Oh, chapter was AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!! This story is not good for my blood pressure; I'm pretty sure all of my blood just changed into adrenalin, I'm BOUNCING on my couch.

And po po Bea never gets old.

Author's Response: In contrast to last chapter's 'HE'S DEAD???' I now get a bunch of lovely, 'HE'S ALIVE!!!' :'D

I was not aware firewhiskey whizzed, but I wouldn't be surprised. But yes ALL THE ACTION AND TWISTS!

Whisking them off to a desert island would give me a chance to write that desert island AU I've always wanted to write for /something/. Scorpius and Bea leave a trail of candy a la Hansel and Gretel. Cupcakes solve the day eh? I'm pretty sure there are sweets next chapter actually :'D

THERE ACTUALLY AREN'T A LOT OF THINGS TO BE SOLVED! That's why I cut it so short. But it's also a consequence of the ending I decided to write, which is a wee bit open-ended. But not in one of those unsatisfyingly ambiguous ways. Hopeful! That's a good word.

Hee, thank you! ♥

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Review #15, by Gobsmacked 

31st December 2012:
How could you do that to me!?! Fdggcghjhvjgccffgchhn. Dude, you killed him. Then, revealed that he loved or loves(?) Bea. Then, you reveal he's not exactly dead!!!?!!?!!! Wha. Just no, okay. That's not right! Omg, they better end up together.ah! Okay. Done with freaking, lol.

But omg. You throw yourself into the roll, likhfhfhfdfdt. Dude. You are so dedicated and talented. I'm just saying but if you have a midlife crisis you could take up writing full time...OR you can do that now! ;)

Author's Response: I killed him then unkilled him then killed his father -- this is not a good day for the Malfoy family :'D

Bahahaha, I'm a bit too young for a midlife crisis, but I like to think that I have midweek crisis just about, oh every Wednesday. But d'aww thank you so much ♥ I shall continue er, sobbing into showers for writing~!

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Review #16, by sour_grapes_snape 

30th December 2012:
Giinaaa. Giinaaa! You're killing me here. Killing me. I can't take it. Gah.

You're brilliant. This story is brilliant. It's all just brilliant.

Words. They escape me.

You mad genius, you.

Author's Response: I'm on a killing spree! 8D

♥ I am most definitely mad.

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Review #17, by PhoenixPulse 

30th December 2012:
4-5 Chapters more?!?! Wow, so much must be going down in the next few last chapters, huh? I'm honestly gonna cry when this ends. It's one of my FAVORITE fanfics.

And thank you, thank you for not making Scorpius dead. The thought of him dead made my heart stop and go cold.

And I read your author's note, when you said you had no experience in writing the grieving, dead bodies, and kidnapping- - -I thought you did a magnificent job! Everything was written so nicely, and litterally, had me gripping the blankets of my bed.

Everything was just so...good. Just so good, like...I can't even think of how to compare this to something equally good, it's that great!

I need an update! Just...period! I want to know what happens next! I want to know where Emeric takes them! I want to know if Draco's really dead or if it was all bluff. To be honest, you have some of the best cliffies. Your cliffhangers leave me yanking my hair in frustration 'cause I just need more! GAH! MOAR! :)

Sorry, I'm just spazzing out here. Don't mind me.

And I hope that your holidays were grand, and I wish you a happy New Years! :D

Author's Response: 3-4 chapters left actually :'D But there's lots of silly side stories that I'll post too, so it's not /over/ over.

I'm glad you liked it c: I was worrying so much. Now that I think about it, the action actually wasn't that hard to write. It was all that grieving. It's a comedy and I put dead people in it, what was I thinking? D: Well 'Four Weddings and A Funeral' did it.

The next chapter is all in Bea's point of view so hopefully I can write that quick c: her PoVs tend to be easier to write.

You know me, I love shoving everyone off cliffs :'D

♥ thank you!

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Review #18, by peppersweet 

29th December 2012:

I think it's kind of phenomenal that you've written this chapter. I do expect greatness from you (I've got a prophecy you have to fulfill y'see) but like...this is a death. In what's a pretty light and merpy herpy derpy cupcakes and Potterpuff story. But you handled it so well, so whilst it's a total shock it doesn't seem out of place. As you well know I'm struggling with a similar scenario in my own writing and man, it's hard. So give yourself a pat on the back, feed yourself a cake, smoosh your face into a fluffy kitten and don a top hat to celebrate.

Also omg this just makes me want to fall dramatically to my knees and beat my fists upon the ground and weep aloud.

Sorry that was the sound of my heart breaking. (and now I've got to the point where the extract you sent me last night stops, so I'm going to shut up and stop taking notes for a bit so I can absorb this chapter...and sob a bit more)

(Mr. Welly. The dinner menu. Did he have clean socks left? - AND THIS, FRED, IS WHY I LOVE YOU.)

(and because fred is the pointman...this, in my head, is all taking place in a rotating corridor. brrrm.)

oh my god Anjali I thought I liked you. Do I like you? Is this a bluff? I DON'T KNOW HOW TO FEEL ABOUT THIS.



I could kill you for that.

oh. my. god.


You and me Julia WHY DO WE DO THIS TO OURSELVES/OUR READERS/OUR SCORPII. And I'm still a bit leeery at it because it's, well, /a death/ and it's the biggest ball you can drop. Like a Y2K new year's ball. But knowing you like it, well, ye are the only validation I need.

Oop, you said smoosh my face into a kitten lololol I thought you said cake. Well, you should still remember to blow out the candles on your kitten.

you mean the part saying HE LOOOVES HER~~~ ~ ~

BUT DOES HE HAVE CLEAN SOCKS LEFT? /DOES HE?/ Omg it really is such an Inception!Arthur thing to think too.


♥ ♥ ♥

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Review #19, by Rumbleroar goes roar 

29th December 2012:
Brilliant chapter! I really enjoyed it :) Eeek can't believe it's almost finished! I really have enjoyed reading this story so much. Thank you ♥

P.S - I love Anjali. She's always been one of my favourite characters in this story. :)

Can't wait to see what happens next!

Author's Response: Waah thank you :3 Anjali fan, wooop! It's tough being the story's anti-heroine~

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Review #20, by SKP CH 

29th December 2012:
Love how they all managed to stay in character throughout this chapter. Good job!

Author's Response: Thank you! :D

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