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Review #1, by AlexFan 

28th October 2013:
Ladies and gents, Sirius is back! I haven't seen Sirius his happy or excited since the Art of Breathing. It's nice to have him back. And I'm glad that he and Lily have decided that its time to move on. You can't mourn someone forever but you can remember them all of your life.

The ending to James' speech though was brilliant. At first I thought he was going to get stunned or something and I was thinking something like "Dear God, you're asking for it."

I would've loved to have seen Sirius yell out Down with Voldemort. I can imagine that wouldn't have ended well but still, it would've been pretty awesome to see.

And I'm noticing that there's loads less angst and more fluff and cute moments and I don't know which I like more, the angst or the cute moments. And that's a big thing for me to debate over since I'm not the biggest fan of angst in the world.

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Review #2, by M 

1st July 2013:
Awesome! I loved it!!!

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Review #3, by peterpan 

15th February 2013:
omg I was just rereading this and I realized something that blew my mind, this is practically 1L of tears in Harry potter form xD slow death of young girl, breaks up with boyfriend with hardly any time to live, get back together and she dies, and SANGATSU KOKONOKA please tell me you know what that means and that this isn't coincidental, no flames I swear.

Author's Response: I actually don't! I'm really sorry, but I don't understand the reference at all. Forgive me, Peterpan? :)

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Review #4, by Paige_Black 

1st February 2013:
c'mon AC!! I can't wait for another chappptterrr!! **Been waiting for monthhsss :(

Author's Response: ITS COMING I PROMISE :)

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Review #5, by Julie 

27th January 2013:
Please write more i really cried. Siriusly.

Author's Response: More coming my dear! I'm working on it :)

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Review #6, by sour_grapes_snape 

28th December 2012:
When did this story update and how the heck did I miss it?

Late review is late. Again. I do this a lot. So sorry.

Apologies for not sounding very eloquent, but I'm well chuffed right now (I can't tell you how long I've wanted to use that term). This chapter was lovely and perfect in every way possible. Normally, I would expound upon how wonderful it was, but it was just so beautiful that I don't have words. I loved every bit of it. Flawless, my dear. Flawless.


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Review #7, by Shay_Gryff 

26th December 2012:
Hello!! Great job, once again you have brought me to tears from both sadness and laughter, thou I'm not quite sure how they go together.

I really like Sirius. This has nothing to do with the fact that he is my favourite anyways, I just think he has a really good point.

Just because you miss someone doesn't mean you have to be consumed with grief forever; just because you aren't consumed with grief doesn't mean you don't miss them. It's okay to just miss them, because that's what they would want. They would want to be remembered, but not only the sadness of their passing. Mary especially wouldn't want to be remembered as "that dead girl", but as "that girl who had purple hair and was always being sarcastic"

wow... that got deep. OOPS ;) The point is, I really liked this chapter. (and the rest of them, of course)


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Review #8, by Mutt N Feathers 

25th December 2012:
Excellent chapter, hon! Hope you have an awesome Holiday season, and I can't wait for more.

Author's Response: Thank you very much dear! You're lovely as always :)

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Review #9, by rbrammer 

17th December 2012:
No. NO. I don't want them to be done with Mary. I want Mary to spectacularly come back to life and her, Sirius, Lily, James, and Remus will have a wonderful life and live happily ever after. I DO NOT LIKE SAD THINGS AND I WANT SIRIUS TO LOVE MARY FOREVER.
But this chapter was UNBELIEVABLY cute, and I did love it, other than the moving on from Mary bit. Ah, I've been waiting for Lily to realize she is hopelessly in love with James and run away on Sirius's bike. I really love that bit, you know - about how the bike was originally for Mary, and he kept it for so long, which of course means he loved her for all of his life. (I have to think this, because they were my otp of the fanfiction world.) Funniest part?
“No,” Sirius said, “but I’m not going to fall off.”

“And I am?” I asked.

“Well,” James said, “given how you two bicker, I’m not entirely sure I trust him not to push you off.”

“No promises,” Sirius grinned, “well, Evans, are you coming?”
OH MY GOD THIS IS GREAT. I'm not sure how I feel about James turning Mary's speech political, but I like Sirius's 'To Mary McDonald and power to the muggles.'
all in all, wonderful story, wonderful chapter, still mad at you because you just had to kill Mary, even if that was in the last story, but still. Loving this. (:

Author's Response: There's a part of me that wanted them to hold onto to Mary forever, but the sad part about life is that it just doesn't always work like that. People have to keep on living and, towards the end, Mary realised that and that's sort of what she wanted.

BUT YES I've been waiting for Lily to fall hopelessly in love and then hop on Sirius's bike too, and I've had this chapter planned for such a long time it was nice to actually write it xD

Thanks for reviewing :)


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Review #10, by MissMdsty 

16th December 2012:
Oh Mary would've loved that! James' portrail of her as nothing more than who she was. Lovely! I feel like I've been waiting to find out what happens at the feast for ages.

And I have to say, I miss Mary too. She and Sirius were lovely in an "impending doom" kind of way and I miss that Sirius and that relationship. But you've done a lovely job of writting their grief and their mourning and their moving on!

Merry Christmas!

Author's Response: Thank you very much MissMdsty! That was sort of what i wanted to create by this - they'll both miss Mary for a really long time, but this story can't be about that forever because it's just not realistic. Merry christmas to you and Thanks for reviewing :)


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Review #11, by Manga_girl 

16th December 2012:
Helen! Another great chapter! I really do love this story. It feels weird hearing about Mary again as sometimes I forget that this is a sequel to TAOB but this was really good to read. Can't wait for the next chapter,

Emma xx

Author's Response: Yeah, I sometimes forget about that too. But I think there'll be less about Mary in the future. Thanks for reviewing :)


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Review #12, by patronus_charm 

16th December 2012:
Yay another chapter :D I've missed this story and this chapter made me remember exactly why I loved it in the first place. This chapter was so sweet and nearly made me cry again about Mary's death she was such a wonderful character. I especially loved James's speech and thought it was really fitting and brave of him. Update again soon :D

Author's Response: Yup! Another chapter indeed! I'm so glad you liked this chapter as its one of my favourites so far. More coming straight after christmas holiday closure I should think. Thanks for reviewing! :)


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Review #13, by classicblack 

16th December 2012:
Oh goodness you've got me started again. Laughing and partially crying and then laughing again because this chapter was absolutely bitterweet. Because Mary's been gone a year and I do miss her, but I feel like it's nice that Sirius and Lily have finally moved on and are happy, which is actually something that I think Mary would have wanted.

There were some paragraphs (for the sake of character conservation I won't copy and paste them into the review, haha) that were just so beautifully written. They were those paragraphs that could be found in any story, no matter the plot, only because they were wonderful and they make you think about things. About life.

And I thought of something while reading, something that I probably should have gotten a while ago, but didn't. All these characters are going to die. They're going to die fighting a noble war, but Mary didn't. Mary just died all by herself and I thought it was an interesting contrast that she really exemplifies the normalness of life and not the "glamor" of dying in battle. In the end, Mary was average and that's what makes her special.

Oh and James and Lily were adorable as always.

And I'm really excited for the very near-future "I love you" scene between them.

And finally, the Sirius and Lily scenes are spectacular and wonderful and Lily and Sirius really are siblings in pain.

Spectacular chapter, Helen. Merry Christmas!
Happy writing,

Author's Response: Hello classicblack!

As always, thanks for reviewing and being your wonderful lovely stuff. Really, you don't know how much these reviews always make me smile :D

Mary, for all faults, began to realise the scope of life before she died and definitely would have wanted them to move on and be happy anyway they could. That's life, really, and it's sad but this is the way things work.

I am acutely aware of impending deaths at the moment and... well, I'm not sure I have another death within me in terms of writing but I guess we'll see really shortly. To me, this whole story seems to close to the end that it's unreal but... there are still quite a few chapters to go.

Thanks for the lovely review and a merry christmas to you too!


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Review #14, by rez 

15th December 2012:
oh I've missed this! what a nice early christmas present, merry christmas to you too! Shall be looking out for another chapter in the new year ;D

Author's Response: Thank you very much! Glad you liked your christmas present :D

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Review #15, by You Have No Idea Who 

15th December 2012:
Best chapter ever! I loved this chapter. It was absolutely perfect. Your characters are so awesome!!

Author's Response: Thannnkkk yoou! So glad you liked it :D

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