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Review #1, by onestop_hpfan18 

14th August 2016:
The fact that Oliver stays to ensure Edie is going to be okay just solidifies what a decent human being he is... and it makes me fall for him. No wonder Edie is already falling for him, literally, because he's quite a catch. Also, I have a feeling Wood read that article... wonder what he'll say to Edie in their next interaction. Great chapter!

Author's Response: Hey again there! I am back from my long trip (and have been for a while and I'm a jerk for just now responding) but I'm here now! And thank you again, so much, I can't believe I get to respond to a new review for every single chapter of this fic. You're the best :)

Yeah, this chapter really needed to happen so that Edie could see that Oliver *isn't* the kind of person he was pretending to be, to impress his teammates. Unfortunately she already got that idea in her head when she started writing, and one of her Major Character Problems™ is not letting go of grudges or opinions if she's already convinced herself of them, regardless of who it hurts.


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Review #2, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

8th February 2015:
Rose Zeller is standing some paces behind, at the mouth of a small alleyway. Shes wearing sunglasses despite it being dusk, and the red hood of her coat is drawn tightly around her head. She stands stiffly, I suppose trying very hard to blend in, but her expression is more constipated than anything.

^ She's really taking this much too seriously. I hope she gets fired. It's not fair that Edie can't take credit for this article but do you think if they knew she was writing it up front say if Rose would have attributed her or something for a small portion of it they would have still liked it as much?

Now I can't decide if I'm team Dean or team Oliver.


Oliver may be delicious but Dean is Dean. Poor Dean.

I know who I don't like, Rose! I feel like Edie will eventually punch her in the face. Probably would be unwarranted (I suppose) but she deserves it. She's THAT girl. You know those girls. I don't like those girls.

And she can't even write.


Author's Response: Hahaha I'm so glad you mentioned that first scene with Rose! I totally imagined it to be exactly like Mean Girls, when Damian says "She doesn't even go here!" in his disguise. Ohhh. Classic, classic film. You go Glen Coco.

As for whether or not they would still like Edie's writing knowing it was hers, another thing I was trying to explore here (and something that I've seen in life, particularly with art museums) is the disparity between staff and intern. I've actually heard the head curator/director of an art museum at my school say something about how "We don't talk to them." In this case, they were talking about the "other side," ie. guards, docents, visitor services people--not the curators, directors, etc. etc. That's something that's really stuck with me over the years, and it really horrified me, because it's just an example of how being an intern doesn't actually mean you'll get anywhere. In fact it can be damning, in the case of that particular museum. So anyway, Edie is one of "those interns," and has been pushed off to the side as the kind of person who will only be there to get your coffee, sort your mail, etc., and now Witch Weekly doesn't want to take a second glance at her or realize her potential.

Have you noticed this story is just me venting about my personal history???

Dean is Dean. I hate what I'm doing to him in this story because he was always so wonderful to Harry throughout Hogwarts. Even when Seamus didn't believe in him, Dean did, and he was on the run from the Death Eaters and he's just SUCH AN AMAZING CHARACTER and now I go and do this. Sorry buddy.

Ohhh no no! That's another thing that's important. Rose is actually really good at her job! I didn't want it to be so black-and-white as "This girl is horrible at writing and I'm excellent but SHE GOT THE JOB" *cry* Rose is a very hard worker, and talented, and gets ahead (she shoulda' been a Slytherin, JKR.) Maybe I need to convey that a little better in the story--Edie is totally jealous of her, but Rose is still a good fit for the job. Aside from the whole under-the-table deal bit ;)

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Review #3, by TheGirlOnFire 

17th July 2013:
Yeah I'm really liking Rose less and less. Someone needs to take he down from her high horse. Gear job.


Author's Response: Don't you worry, she'll get hers. ;3

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Review #4, by marauderfan 

14th June 2013:
I love Seamus, haha. Loved the scene when he was unintentionally sort of flashing Oliver.

And ooo Rose is a... something I can't say in this review in order to keep it family friendly! Ugh. She's so manipulative. I want to step into the story and give Rose a slap myself, because it would be unprofessional for Edie to do so.

The only (very minor) issue I saw was that when Edie is commenting on Justin's man-purse, she says almost the exact same thing as in the first chapter (or second... whenever it was first mentioned):

After Justin had managed to get in a few more jokes about my supreme gracefulness, I had made a jab at his man-purse. Justin is very sensitive about his leather shoulder-bag. He only got one because all the other lawyers at the Ministry use them, and I don't think I've stopped taking the mickey out of him since day one.

It feels a little like you copied/pasted it from the first chapter. But maybe that's just me. Regardless, this was an excellent chapter as always! :D

Author's Response: Seamus ♥ ♥ ♥ I feel so arrogant saying that I find my own stories so hilarious, but sometimes when I imagine Seamus doing things (like accidentally flashing Oliver) I can't help but laugh.

Manipulative! Good word indeed.

Yeah, the man-purse thing! Gah! Okay, I am going to fix that THIS WEEK. I re-wrote this chapter ages and ages and AGES ago, removing that bit and putting it into the first chapter, but I never re-updated this chapter... so it looks like I just said the same thing twice. I appreciate you pointing it out though, I need more pressure to stop being such a lazy editor ;3

Thanks again!

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Review #5, by _relative 

14th June 2013:
And what, four paragraphs in, I'm already starting this review. I love "I imagine it to be on a repeating loop, like the paparazzi photographs in Witch Weekly." More depth! Similes and metaphors and all that which take details from the actual story and apply them all... good..ly? Wow. Sorry. Anyway.

"Because her life isn't quite picturesque enough." I love the comparisons to Lisa. I feel like some people overdo the character complements, but you handle them well. Lisa seems very idealised of course, but I imagine she would appear that way to Edie, who has pretty much nothing right going on in her life. I like how you make Edie sound sort of but not too terribly whiny, and I think her dry humour balances what could otherwise be an annoying character trait.

It seems like you might have used that exact same thing about the man-purse earlier? I remember the same wording, I think. Meeeh somewhere.

I love this whole chapter. It's probably my favourite so far, actually. Possibly because I'm realising just how much I love this story.

Well I have things and stuff that need doing so I'll probably come review some more awhile later (as long as I manage to remember) and read and all of that. But I ain't quitting you, love ;)

/ borderline creepiness

Author's Response: Hallooo, again!

Yeah, Lisa is quite idealized! But you're also right; it's from Edie's perspective. Kind of like how people forgot that Draco and Snape were told from Harry's perspective--while he could only ever see them as horrible (at least until DH), Edie can only see Lisa as having everything. But it's only because of where she's standing ;3

I totally did repeat that! I have some newly-edited versions of these earlier chapters that I really need to upload; in the newest version of this chapter, that isn't here. I really need to get around to that...

Man, this was one of my favorite chapters too! I was sad that it had a comparatively low review count, hehe. I love anything involving Rose, and this chapter is even NAMED after her, so what do you expect?

Never creepy. Never. ♥

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Review #6, by peppersweet 

29th May 2013:
Lisa has done absolutely nothing to make me hate her but her life is just so perfect and pretty that I'm starting to hate her too. Count of characters I like in this story: 3. Edie, Dean, and Seamus. Everyone else: either too perfect (Lisa), a git (Oliver), or just plain unloveable (Rose). I think I'm possibly just a bitter old miser. And I'm rooting for Edie more than anything, so I'm predisposed to hate anyone who seemingly has a better life than her.

It seems that she's been reading too many of those Gwendolyn Phire: Witch Detective mystery paperbacks that I've noticed on her desk. (As far as I can tell, every installment in the thirty-book series is just another excuse for gratuitous smut followed by, "Oh, wait, right. We're supposed to be looking for that fellow's wallet.") - this line made me laugh so loud and so heartily that for a few terrifying moments I was in danger of bathing myself in scalding tea. But you'll be no doubt pleased to find out that I managed to salvage both mug and myself, and am ready to read on.

Rose. roSE. ROOOSE. YOU ARE NOW THE BANE OF MY EXISTENCE. She's not even wholly hateable! She's just...I don't like her!!! (Sorry for all the exclamation marks, but I feel quite passionately about this)

Cheerleading for Edie's success in journalism over here! ♥

Author's Response: Heeheee! No harm in hating Lisa. I happen to love her but I can see exactly why somebody would find it difficult to be around her for long. Her life really is too perfect--but my friend who I based her on was nice enough to make up for it ;D I'm glad that you like the Golden Trio of this story! Even if you find Oliver to be a big ol' git.

YEESSS *fist pump* I laughed so, so, SO hard at so many things in Blunderland, I can't even explain how happy it makes me that you almost scalded yourself. (Well that just sounds rude.)

I'm so glad you said "not wholly hateable." I didn't want her to be this two-dimensional, rotten-to-the-core villain. She has her flaws, and she's got a horrible way of dealing with stress and her insecurities. But she is a person somewhere! (Deep, deep, DEEP down in there.)

Yay journalism success! Don't worry, it's entirely short-lived, just like all fun things in her life :P

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Review #7, by Nina Nguyen 

24th May 2013:
I really like your story. It's clever and well written. It seems there is actual thought put into these stories. Other writers just write a few sentences and it leaves the readers nothing to be in awe about. There is an actual plot and that's what I love about your work!

Author's Response: Ahhh!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Thank you so much! I'm glad you find my plot entertaining, because it gets quite elaborate (to the point of almost being too confusing...whoops!)

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Review #8, by MrsJaydeMalfoy 

14th March 2013:
Aye Rose, that's low! When she and Edie had their conversation in the Alley, I sort of felt like Rose had given in a little too easily, but I certainly wasn't expecting anything like this!!

The scene in the hospital was absolutely hilarious, of course, but I'm currently concerned with several things that happened later in the chapter. I'm worried what sort of damage could happen to Edie/Oliver because of Rose's meddling, what sort of damage could happen to Edie's career because of Rose's meddling, and I'm also slightly concerned because I just have the slightest inkling that Dean likes Edie... but I dunno.

Either way, this is a great chapter, great story, and SO addicting!! 10/10 and off to Chapter 8!!

Author's Response: I think when I started writing this story, I was in the midst of my "I should finally start watching Gossip Girl" phase. And so a lot of the spite and vengeance of Blair Waldorf definitely transferred to my story, haha! So of course Rose was not going down without a fight. ;3

So many concerns!!! I think at least a few of them are answered soon? I hope?

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Review #9, by Nicte 

7th March 2013:
Hi! I'm your new story's fan :) haha. Your story is absolutely awesome and I can't seem to stop reading it!

There is just one thing that bothered me, though, in the first chapter and in this one, you mention Justin's bag and you have a really similar description about this, maybe you could consider changing that?

Otherwise, I'm in love with it!

Author's Response: Gah! So wonderful to hear about new readers :D And thank you for pointing that out! Originally, we didn't meet Justin until this chapter. But I added him in to chapter one, and cut and pasted the shoulder-bag description from chapter seven to chapter one. I guess I need to update the HPFF version! Thanks for the heads up!

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Review #10, by soapman333 

24th February 2013:
Justin the Jerk is good mates with Ollie? What a crazy happenstance! Bad news for Edie in this respect.

Rosie?! Rosie you're hurting my trust again!! Gah, if you keep this up, I'm going to have to push you down past Justin the Jerk into the abyss.

Poor Dean, he's got himself a little crush on Edie. Obviously, Edie and Ollie are going to get together and have little "Ediollie" children, so he should probably let it go. He's like a sad puppy :(

(I'm pretty sure you've lost all respect for these reviews. I understand)

Author's Response: Oyes, Justin and Oliver's friendship (Joliver? Justiver? Gotta work on that) will come back into play. Most definitely. And that's all you're getting on that matter!

Edie and Oliver, eh. OH ARE YOU SO SURE THEY ARE!?

(Throwing you off the scent.)

It's okay, my responses are getting pretty dumb. I just got off work. And Walking Dead is about to start. I can't account for my brain right now.

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Review #11, by patronus_charm 

21st February 2013:

Of course Keep Calm and Carry On can have some love. Im sorry it took a while to come, I just didnt have a laptop for a couple of days, and Ive recently learnt, writing reviews on my phone is considerably harder!

I thought the start to the chapter was great. It made me laugh so much that Edie found it too hard to concentrate just on the wand, but was instead focusing on Wood. Is it just me, or is Edie begin to fall for Wood. Aw that was scene was just so cute, and a great follow up from the last one.

I was also really glad to find that Lisa was featuring more in this chapter, as she had been missing a bit from the story so far. It was nice to learn more about her character, and I began to understand why Edie was friends with, because all we had seen of her so far was her being the anxious bride to be.

I just have to mention the great pun for the wedding boutique name! It took me a while to get, before I realised it was Vera Wang, but I liked the subtly of it!

Justin seems like such a character as well! I do feel for Edie, as I know what its like to be treated as someones little sister, as its never fun to be patronized or look down upon. But hey she got her revenge by mentioning his man-purse, I mean who has them? Its just like youre wearing a sign saying make fun of me!

When Rose appeared in the alleyway I expected her to say that she had suddenly been fired, and the next two interviews had been cancelled. It was funny to see Edie in a position of power for once, even if she is an intern. Yay we get to have two more interviews from her though, and shes a better writer. I cant wait to see what happens there, as shell have to see Wood again, who still doesnt know about whats in the first. I cant wait to read it, its going to be great :D

What was that! How could you bring that twist on me, and out of nowhere! When Rose and Oliver walked in, I was just so shocked! They cant ruin the sort of budding romance of Oliver and Edie! Why did Rose have to appear, she got Edie to write her article, so she can just leave Wood alone! Sorry for this outburst, but it was necessary!

I thought this was an excellent chapter, and you left me on a cliff-hanger again, as I still dont know why Oliver and Rose were there. I have no CCs, except keep on writing this awesome stuff!

-Kiana :D

Author's Response: No apologies necessary, you're much more prompt with reviews than I am! And oh my gosh, so much good stuff for me to read through!

Edie just may be developing some interests, but I don't think she'll let herself expand on them. More on that in later chapters, though--don't want to spoil anything!

I just love Lisa. I know that I'm biased, but I can't help it! This chapter definitely gave her some face-time, and she's more present in later ones. I also re-wrote the first chapter since you read it to give her a bigger appearance. You're right--she totally had been missing from the story!

Yes yes yes! You are only one of two readers to point out the Varya Wing pun... I'm so glad that a few people have noticed it! Couldn't help it xD

I want Justin to be this kind of, like, male equivalent of Edie... They have similar qualities. Maybe this is why Lisa loves them both and why she and Justin fight so much? xD They're both very opinionated, but he's much more blunt and tactless. He's also a bit more literal whereas she can be wry and sarcastic. But he's strangely sensitive too (as we see with his man-purse and his desire to fit in with other lawyers.) Whereas Edie is just kind of like I DON'T CARE IF YOU LIKE ME RAWR

Oooh, that wouldn't have been very nice for them at all, if the articles had been cancelled! I wanted more opportunities for Ediver to interact, so I expanded the articles. ~*~pLoT tWiSt~*~!!!

It's explained in the next chapter why Rose showed up, although since it's not really a spoiler: she's just a vindictive wench. And she knows that the article is important to Edie so she's kind of waving it in front of her face, like, "I'm the actual journalist here--look at me doing journalist things!"

Whew. I hope this response was even halfway worthy of that review! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such thoughtful comments. ♥

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Review #12, by FredWeasleyIsMyKing 

5th February 2013:
Hello again.

Gosh you must get sick of me repeating myself constantly but I love this story! It's just amazing, honestly.

Poor Edie! If falling down the stairs isn't bad enough then having everyone laugh at her. I love the thought of Oliver stood in the corner trying not to laugh at her. Bless.

The conversation with Rose was great! Edie realising she has the upper hand and getting all demanding. Her thought processes honestly make me laugh so much, I love her as an OC, she's amazing.

Ooh, Rose! What a cow! I felt so sorry for Edie, you are really mean to her. I love all the twists and turns in this though, you have me absolutely hooked!

I also just wanted to say I loved the addition of Varya Wing, was that supposed to be like Vera Wang?

Great job again, I love this story if you haven't noticed!

Lauren :)

Author's Response: Oh please! Like I could EVER be sick of hearing that somebody loves my story. ;D Thank you!

I really am cruel to Edie, aren't I? haha. I'm just so in love with the idea of the woman being the downtrodden underdog, which I see as a role typically reserved for men.

Yes!! It was supposed to be a play on Vera Wang. Nobody had mentioned it yet, so I thought the joke fell flat, haha. xD

Thank you so much!!

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Review #13, by teh tarik 

19th January 2013:
Dean seems upset? Eh, why is that? What? Am I missing something? Does Dean like Edie? Am I misinterpreting things? Should I go back to the previous chapters and read every Dean scene in there? And...why is Seamus being surprisingly quiet? Does he and Dean know something Edie doesn't? THERE'S SOMETHING YOU'RE NOT TELLING ME. Ooh, those last few lines...I didn't catch on them when I first read this chapter a few days ago...but now on rereading...hmmm...you're planning something, aren't you, Sarah?! Am not going to be such a horribly imperceptive reader this time bahaha!

This may be one of my favourite chapters yet. SO MUCH WIN for Edie. And then not so much.

Love how you've brought in almost all the characters in here - Lisa and Justin in the first part, Rose in the second, and of course, of course, Seamus and Dean in the lovely last segment. Er...and Oliver, of course, though he's a bit overshadowed by the others, namely Seamus and Dean and Rose. And his fangirls as well. Not really sure how to explain clearly, but this chapter's just so full of energy and snark and wit. It just feels great to me. Not to mention all the lovely details here and there - Edie's smoking habit, and the fact that she buys her fags from a shop called Ashe and Plume (great shop name - did you make this up? it's brilliant!!), the compact mirror functioning as a two-way (wizarding technology!?!) and then of course, Seamus popping in from the other side while she's applying lipstick. And...Rose reading those books of "gratuitous smut" posing as detective fiction :D

And then there are moments when Edie pauses and notices her surroundings and we get out of Edie's head a little bit e.g.

The sun is beginning to set and passers-by are pulling their scarves or coats tighter around themselves against the chill. Its amazing how just ten years ago you couldnt walk these streets alone, and now I prefer to stroll to work (when Im not running horribly late). How things have changed.

I'm assuming you're referring to the Wizarding War here, and it's a very lovely allusion - sort of remembers canon a little, and gives a sense, albeit a very brief sense of setting and history. And there's just that bit of continuity from canon with this moment. Yeah, not sure if that made sense and all...

I think you've really shown us a lot more about Seamus and Dean's characterisations in that final part, especially Seamus. The way Edie describes him really adds depth and shows a new facet to their bro-lationship, and it's not just all blundering around getting sloshed and everything. And of course, those final lines which I still can't get over. That very slight shift in...something! If you blink you might just miss them! Because Seamus does put things back to normal with his "yeah she does have a huge rack" and all xD

Ooh, anyway, you know by now that I LOVED this chapter. It's really fun and hilarious and all but it's also quite complex and I enjoyed this heaps! NOW. Dean's the dude I got to watch out for. And I can't wait for Edie's next two interviews!

Great work as always!


Author's Response: ERMAGERD YOUR REVIEWS. I will never stop squeeing when I see a giant chunk o' my browser taken up by your lovely and helpful words! I cannot believe you have read and re-read this story! DO YOU KNOW HOW FLATTERING THAT IS DO YOU

Well, I won't say you're being entirely imperceptive if you think there's something going on, but that's all you get! For now. ;3

Good point that Oliver seems overshadowed. Sometimes I'm so afraid of getting his character wrong or having him act OOC from how he is in my head, that I just shy away from actually giving him a larger role. OBVIOUSLY this cannot keep happening, and starting in the next chapter you see more of him. But I think that's really good advice and now I want to go back and give him more of a presence in this chapter!

Yes, I did make up Ashe and Plume, although I credit JKR for making up names like Flourish and Blotts to get the wheels turning ;D

I decided to mention the Wizarding War because I really wanted to put a positive light on rebuilding a society, rather than post-war angst (although that is so fun to read!) But I felt like I was acting as though it never happened, which of course just would not do.

I felt like I was being unfair to Seamus. He is based off of one of my very dear friends, who definitely likes to party hard, but he is one of the most reliable, considerate and duty-bound people I've ever met. So I really wanted the readers to know that Seamus cares about much more than a good time. Although he does love a good time indeed ;D

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much I just can't even express it. Your reviews are always so incredibly helpful and oftentimes make me realize something about my own writing that I hadn't. :'D

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Review #14, by AlexFan 

7th January 2013:
Hello! I'm back with your review. Is this the only chapter that I haven't reviewed yet because it feels like it is. Anyway, moving onto your story.

I like the fact that even though Oliver comes off as a complete jerk with no thought of his work and someone who just likes to get drunk a lot, he still has the decency to not laugh at Edie, even though her fall down the stairs was pretty funny.

I don't think Oliver actually realises what Rose is trying to do, I mean, sure, he has a lot of girls and stuff but it feels like he has no idea that Rose is flirting with him.

Poor Mrs. Dobbins, it just doesn't seem to be her lucky, having Edie fall down the stairs and land on her.

Onto Lisa, I like Lisa, she's one of those characters that's pretty and girly but still smart and can be serious. I personally don't think that you see a lot of characters like that in fanfiction so it's nice to see something new.

I'm not so fond of Lisa's fiance though, Justin. There's just something about him that feels off to me, like he isn't sincere but just something about him . . .

I never thought that high and mighty Rose would ever admit that Edie was a better writer than her. It was satisfying to see her admit that.

Yes, I get very attached to characters when I read things.

Keep a lookout so that you don't switch verb tenses, it happens to everyone sometimes and sometimes you overlook them so that's just a tip. Other than that, your grammar was great.

This isn't my favourite chapter but it's still a great one.

Alexfan is out, PEACE!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I think you're pretty much spot-on with your interpretation of Oliver, actually. Especially in terms of how he is too socially awkward/Quidditch-minded to notice that Rose is being ridiculously unprofessional. ;D

I need to give Justin some credit; there will definitely be an attempt to make the reader like him more in a later chapter. I just have so many characters to introduce and am trying to pace everyone so that it's not too much of an overload! hehe. But right now you're totally in the right to be kind of weirded out by Justin.

Thank you again so very much!

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Review #15, by LittleMissPrincess 

15th December 2012:
OMG okay so now i really dont like rose. but oliver is SO CUTE!
and im not sure if i mentioned this before, but i really hate the fact (as im sure edie does too) that she's not getting any credit for her work. and the two-way mirror thing, and the drinks, and lisa and everything its all so perfect(: and you write so well! good job!
this story is honestly the best thing.
i would say update soon, but we all know that's impossible.. so...
merry christmas!
(and a happy new year)

Author's Response: Thank you thank you thank you!! I think I've said this a zillion times before but I'll say it again XD Rose is based off of a girl I work with who I would kind of consider a friend; we like to go out and have fun, but I definitely wouldn't trust her around a boyfriend, for example. But Rose is just SO FUN to write!!! I think it's all the Gossip Girl I've been watching, I just want to have her be a little Blair Waldorfy. ;)

Thank you so much!!!

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Review #16, by ValWitch21 

14th December 2012:
Rose Zeller, what do you think you're doing?!

^ I'm extremely annoyed with her right now.

Though of course that might be linked to drunk!Edie's interpretation, of course. Which we need to see more of, might I add.

So much Oliver Wood. *flails*

This is probably (hopefully) the last review of a rambling type that I'll leave on this story, but I'm just too tired to process properly.

10/10 seems understandable enough, though, right?


Author's Response: Merry Christmas to you too!! I'm so glad I got this chapter in before the queue closure, it's definitely one of my personal favorites. Although I think that's mostly due to drunk!Edie, rowdy!Seamus and snarky!Dean. ;)

I will try to have something decent ready for after the queues reopen.

Thanks so much!

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Review #17, by Courtney Dark 

14th December 2012:
WHAT? There's ALREADY a new chapter of Keep Calm and Carry On??? I LOVE YOU!!! Hehe.
Anyway, onto the chapter...
I first want to say that I actually love your writing style. It's sort of...sophisticated, while still being funny and light hearted and flows really smoothly.

My favourite part in this chapter had to be all the Seamus comments-I just love him so much, and LOVE the way you have written him! I absolutely adored his last line: "She does have a huge rack, though." It was just...perfect, and I'd really like to see more of Seamus-I think he and Dean contrast each other well.

I really disliked Rose is this chapter-I felt so bad for Edie when she came in to the pub with Oliver-it mus suck to have someon who is younger than you taking the credit for all your work!

Once again, nice work. I look forwards to reading more.

Author's Response: Yes yes yes! The chapters you've been reading lately are the product of the almost 30k I wrote during NaNoWriMo, and of course are greatly due to my amazing NaNo Mum, missmdsty (you should check out her stories!)

I LOVE SEAMUS. I can't even count how many times I've said that (in all caps, of course) but it's so true! He's so much fun. I like to balance him and Dean and their relationship with Edie. Dean is about as sensitive and nurturing as male friends get, in my experience, and Seamus is hugely inspired by one of my good guy-friends who just treats all his girl-friends like total bros.

Thank you for your lovely reviews! They seriously brighten my days.

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Review #18, by Siriusly89 

14th December 2012:
FIRST REVIEW AGAIN! I am on a role :D Hahahahah! Ooooh! Jealous Edie has come out to play! And Rose is some cow! I half expected her to start mooing! And Oliver's a bit of an idiot if he can't see what she's up to :P

SEAMUS IS BACK! I mmissed him so much! :D And your line about him being a saint really made me laugh! The day Seamus becomes a saint, the world will have gone mad :D

Is it just me, or does Dean kind of have a thing for Edie? Am I reading too far into things? But its just that from where I'm sitting, he seems to like her!

I also fiercely enjoyed Angus! There is seriously nothing better than a grumpy bartender :D And The Poisoned Aplle sounds very cool :) Like one of those places I've always wanted to go to, but never had the nerve! I love seedy bars in stories :D All good bars are seedy, it is inevitable :P 10/10 of course! And I shall miss Edie, Seamus and the gang over Crimbo, so you'd better have a brillopad chappie ready as a pick-me-up after all the festivities end :)

Author's Response: Wow! Yeah you really are winning at this game ;)

It was so much fun to write with Seamus again. I definitely missed him too! But I also love getting to write Rose, she cracks me up. She's like if Blair Waldorf and a girl I work with had a baby. A trendy, spiteful, oblivious-to-her-own-evilness, baby :P

And you may indeed not be reading too far into things with Dean, but it's up for you to decide!

I LOVE SEEDY BARS. They are the most fun; even if you're not with good company you could always people watch, and they're usually pretty cheap! XD

Thanks again, as always!

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