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Review #1, by 78768865778 

26th February 2013:

Author's Response: Um...:-/ thank you? Jenna :)

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Review #2, by Shelbi 

16th February 2013:
Amazing but why dont they ever kiss?

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Well because they're techincally not in a relationship even though they do love each other! I promise I will get to a kiss eventually! Thanks again Shelbi for all the great reviews and for all the support! Jenna :)

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Review #3, by KimOfDrac 

10th January 2013:
Aaaarghh come on! Why are you doing this to me???

Author's Response: Sorry Kim! It's nothing personal I promise! It's all for the sake of the story! Hang in there! Hermione/George Happily ever after will come eventually I promise! Thanks so much for reading and for all the amazing reviews! I really appreciate all the support! Hope you continue to read, review and enjoy the story! Jenna :)

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Review #4, by Hermione and George 

6th January 2013:
Heyy Jenna!!
im SO sorry that i havent been able to review lately!!. I have been reading your chapters though and i think they are terrific!! Please leave a comment on my story because i havent got one from you for the last chapter :( you usually leave one every chapter!! anyway i hope you take us off this cliffhanger cause it is really annoying when someone always interupts the conversation between Hermione and George. Gr so annoying.
Anyway better be going so i can plan my next chapter of
An Unexpected Blossoming Love
Cya later,
Lyss xxoo

Author's Response: Hey Lyss! Don't worry about it I'm glad you're still enjoying the story! Sorry I've been quite busy lately so I will definitely check out the latest chapter! Thanks for the review! Jenna :) x

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Review #5, by Ellbell1400 

6th January 2013:
I like your story, but you seriously have spent 34 chapters of people saying they need to be together and George and Hermione saying they love each other but they can't be together. They've gotten interrupted like 5 times now right before admitting they love each other? It's time for the story to move on, it's getting really boring and repetitive.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! Well I do understand where you're coming from but if that's how you're feeling about the story then I suggest you stop reading because you're the only person I've gotten this type of feedback from and I'm not changing the whole story just for one person so if you don't like it don't read it. This is my story and I'm going to write it the way I want. So great if you think it's boring but then why are you reading it? And if it's so boring why are you spending your time leaving a review when clearly it's not worth your time? Jenna -_-

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Review #6, by SydneyBlack 

5th January 2013:
Why must you keep us hanging?! Ughh..I can't take this anymore!
I just want to tell Hermione and George to get a move on and ADMIT THEIR FEELINGS ALREADY!
UGHH..GEORGE..HERMIONE..why? Why can't they see it?? Tell me Jenna, (yay! Got your name right :D) when do you plan to FINALLY, let us read about George and Hermione finally becoming a couple?? GOSH. I can't wait ANY longer..
10/10 as always :D

Author's Response: I must keep you hanging because I enjoy the delight of knowing I am torturing my readers with suspense to the point they feel they are about to explode...just kidding! Gosh I'm not that evil! ;) I want to stick to my plot line! That's basically my reason for keeping you waiting all this time! I do too Sydney! I want them to hurry up and admit their feelings and I'm the one writing the story so I can imagine how frustrated you are by now! Haha well done for getting my name right! They can't see it because that's how I decided to write the story so really you should blame me not them! If I told you when it was going to happen it wouldn't have the same effect as when you're surprised by it! Well you better get used to waiting Sydney you may have a while to go yet! Thanks as always for the brilliant review! I really appreciate it! Thanks again! Jenna :)

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Review #7, by Paige 

27th December 2012:
I found this story last night at midnight and read
till I passed out a 4 am. It is currently 1 am and
I just finished! (I'm a slow reader.) This story is
bloody amazing. I want so much to read the
next chapter and it's not even out yet. Keep
writing and change nothing. You are an
amazing, talented writer!!

Author's Response: Oh wow thanks Paige! You have really made my day! Thank you so much! I'm really glad and flattered that you enjoy the story so much and I really appreciate how supportive you are! I'm almost finished the next chapter so hopefully I'll be able to update soon! You're so sweet! I'm really happy that you think so! Thanks again for the lovely review! Hope you continue to read, review and enjoy the story! Jenna :)

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Review #8, by HermioneVoid 

25th December 2012:
WRITE SOME MORE PLEASE THIS IS AMAZING BUT OMG THERE NEEDS TO BE SOME ACTION! i wanna read a fanfiction where they get together and it doesn't jump years in the future where they're married with kids- i think there should be one where you experience all that WITH the characters! *hint hint nudge nudge* seriously this is so good but god they need to kiss already! :D

Author's Response: Oh wow you read 34 chapters really quickly!!! I am writing more I swear and I should be able to update soon if all goes well! Um well I can't exactly skip to them being married with kids if they're still not technically together! And even when they are together like I would do something like that! That is far too cliche- it's been done to death! I like to be different! I shall take your not so subtle hint and I will definitely go with that! It was the plan anyways to be honest! See the kiss should be a major moment and this is my first fanfiction and I'm scared of messing it up but I have got big plans for their first kiss don't you worry! Thank you so much for all the amazing reviews and for all the support I really appreciate it! I really hope you continue to read, review and enjoy the story! Jenna :)

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Review #9, by DracoGal 

11th December 2012:
UGH! no! no! they aren't together yet! BO! hahahahaha i can't wait to see the next chapter! Is this story going all the way through the war as well? I've been wondering that lol. Update soon pretty please with a bunch of licorice wands on top! xD (3

Author's Response: Thanks as always DracoGal! I'm sorry...I know it really sucks that after 34 long chapters I'm still refusing to let them be together- I mean what kind of evil, twisted wierdo am I to be doing this to you? lol! But seriously I am actually sorry! I know you all want them to get together but I'm the writer so let me write and if you're really lucky you might finally get your happy ending! Yes this story is going all the way through the war so be prepared for at least a few more chapters! Ah man! I was just about to tell you how the next chapter is taking absolutely forever to write but now I want the licorice wands so I'm feeling very conflicted! lol! Thanks so much for the great review DracoGal! As usual I really appreciate you reading and reviewing and your endless support does mean a lot to me! THANK YOU! Jenna :)

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Review #10, by Zyii 

11th December 2012:
Jenna you are seriously trying to kill me aren't you. At this rate they're going to find my body and realise I overdosed on cheese and an annoyingly obsessive story!

I'll tell you why it's really good and really annoying because everyone knows (even the characters), everything has basically been admitted and yet nothing has been admitted in actual words. There has been no grand informative statement, you skipped the statement.

Anything could happen, you've set sail in uncharted waters. (Imagine Fred and George as pirates - yum).

Back to the chapter though, superb as always, each chapter leaves me wanting more. Though it also makes me want to hit you...perhaps with a wet fish.



Author's Response: Thanks Zyii! Um I'm starting to think you're slightly insane! No I am not trying to kill you! Would I ever do that? I mean come on be realistic! I did skip the statement- you're right but I did do it on purpose and for the sake of the story so please don't hate me! I know that you really want that dramatic, emotional, romantic moment when they declare an undying love for each other but that's just not how I work I'm afraid! That's way too cliche! See my aim is to drag this out, slowly and painfully, right up until the moment where you're about to smash the computer screen in frustration and then I will do the previously mentioned dramatic decleration of love! Yes anything could happen and it all depends on the mood I'm in when I'm writing! Ooh pirate Fred and George...that's an interesting thought! I'm really glad you enjoyed it! You are far too kind...ok well you were far too kind up until the point where you said you wanted to hit me with a wet fish! Please don't do that by the way it won't be very nice of you! Oh ok you were kidding see I should really read the entire review before I start typing! Oh well! Anyways thanks so much Zyii it really is so kind of you and I always love to hear from you! Thanks again! Jenna :)

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Review #11, by Scriptie 

11th December 2012:
I must say, excellent job on both chapters! The end of this one had me in tears! Your writing is my drug(if that makes any sense). The Christmas presents are too cute. Quick question though: Now we're starting to enter the Half-Blood Prince portion right? It's just my curiousity wondering. I can't wait for the next part like always :) And if you don't write anything before the holidays, Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to you too Jenna! :) I'll always come back to this story to read what happens next until this story is finished(even then I think I'll read it over and over again because its just that good) :D

Author's Response: Thanks Scriptie! Great to hear from you as always! Oh no sorry to make you cry :'(! I loved writing about the Christmas presents it really gave me the chance to show George's romantic side! Well we're already in Half-Blood Prince the Christmas you just read about was Christmas in Half-Blood Prince so Hermione's in her sixth year! Thanks Scriptie! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I'm so glad you're enjoying the story so much! Thanks for all the amazing reviews and for all the support Scriptie! Jenna :)

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