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Review #1, by BBHP 

25th August 2017:
I'm still laughing. This is amazing.

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Review #2, by onestop_hpfan18 

14th August 2016:
Not surprising that Wood hasn't seen the article yet since the issue just published that day and he didn't even prioritize the interview. But the chemistry and flirting between the pair. Loved it. But man, that cliffhanger was brutal. Talk about a mortifying experience.

Author's Response: I think my goal when I started writing this was to have as many embarrassing moments as possible for Edie. Like no matter what, even if things were going really well, something bad and funny had to happen. She was inspired by those people you know (for me it's my sister and my friend Dani) who just, like--HOW does all of this stuff happen to you??

So that's why she fell down the stairs!

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Review #3, by MalfoyMannor 

24th June 2015:
I hate ROSE !

it was Edie!! not Rose!!

I love this though :)

Author's Response: Hello, it is YOU, from Tumblr! ♥ ♥ ♥

I always get so nervous when somebody starts this fic from the beginning, because it was written two years ago and some of it makes me cringe... I'm very glad/relieved that you like it! Hehe.

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Review #4, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

8th February 2015:
“Call me Oliver.”

^ I have melted into a puddle on the floor. I don't know how I'm typing this right now because I am not longer human.

I love the delicious flirting and the fluff. The change of pace and character when you know things are about to GO DOWN! Oliver Wood, the nice guy, Edie, the poor gossiping journalist that's going to have to paint him in a new light. Unless he starts acting rude again which I do see happening.

Even though he's delicious.

So so so delicious!

Author's Response: Oh yes, things were indeed about to "GO DOWN," as in Edie was about to go down a flight of stairs onto her face. Terrible, terrible pun for you.

Hmmm, he is indeed a *bit* rude, but not too much. Mostly he's just his sarcastic blunt self. Well, you'll see. ♥

PS - Yes. Delicious.

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Review #5, by TheGirlOnFire 

17th July 2013:
Yay, positive interaction between her and Oliver. Good work.

The GirlOnFire:)

Author's Response: Yes! That scene was so fun to write! Although very hard not to go overboard with the fluffiness. But it's just too easy. Thanks again!

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Review #6, by marauderfan 

14th June 2013:
Well, Edie was saying she needed to make a lasting impression, and I think she certainly did just that! I was laughing out loud during the entire last few paragraphs. She is the master of awkward situations!

Although I've got to say, Oliver is pretty awkward himself. That whole scene was brilliant.

I'm wondering how long it'll be before Edie and Rose's secret is out - now that Edie has to write another two articles. And Rose probably won't have much else going on now that Edie is doing most of her work. That'll certainly make Edie feel better, I think. :P

10/10 and on to read the next chapter!

Author's Response: Hiya!

Awkward-Oliver just came out as I was writing this chapter. I actually had him continuing in a way similar to his introduction; a little more cocky, a little more self-assured. But it just didn't feel right. And then suddenly this socially awkward, to-the-point, analytical and wry person came out instead. So I just went with it!

Hmm, how long indeed...? ;3

Thanks again!

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Review #7, by _relative 

14th June 2013:

But that's not why I decided to write this review. The reason is, I love your kind of style of "subtle foreshadowing" which sounds all funny but that's the only term I can think of. Like how you mention the woman with the flowers, and it seems like just some random detail, but then it comes into play later. You put the detail in early so it doesn't just seem like a Big Coincidence, but don't emphasise that it'll be important later. You make the detail memorable too, the flowers could possibly bite. It's funny, and useful as well. And you mentioned Seamus regrowing a toe earlier, which justifies the explanation of floor levels and gives your surrounding some extra oomph without being completely random. It makes sense for Edie to notice and comment about the things she does.

It makes it so the details you use aren't just random snippets, they all add to painting the lovely picture of the story. And they are sort of random, and funny, but they have also serve the purpose of adding depth in unexpected places. I really like that. A lot. I feel that way with loads of thing about this story actually. Including the goblin feminist thing. Is it weird that that's one of the things I'm really looking forward to in future chapters? I mean, the Oliver-Edie stuff is great, but you just have so many conflicts and plottage and all this stuff and you make it all relevant and interesting and GAH.

Basically, I love you, and I think you're brilliant.

That's the short version.

Author's Response: Oh my, you fall down stairs a lot? You should invest in some elbow-pads, at the very least!

GAAAH I am so stupidly overly-proud of my foreshadowing, hahaha. I feel like every single thing that happens needs to have a *reason* that it happened, so every time I plant a little bit of foreshadowing I just rub my hands together and cackle. So thanks for complimenting it??

Yay another Goblin Feminist fan!! That will, indeed, become an important part of this story in more ways than one :D

Thank you so much! ♥

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Review #8, by peppersweet 

29th May 2013:
Heee, I like that Edie's using an extendable ear! Definitely one of the best things JKR came up with.


Sorry, I get a bit exclamation-mark happy when I'm angry.

Fate just keeps throwing Oliver and Edie together in the most intriguing ways.

He seems genuinely okay in this chapter. But I'm still side-eyeing him. I'm watching ya, Ollie. Nae funny business.


Poor Edie, that's all I'm going to say!

Author's Response: Yay Extendable Ear! At first I had her pressing her ear to the keyhole. But then I was all, "Naw, that's what a Muggle would do."

I just laughed too hard at "pull an Unforgiveable." What do you think the odds are that I can drop that into everyday conversation without getting weird looks?

Oh man, yeah, there is definitely a lot of the WAIT, WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?! trope in the beginning of this story. Sometimes you've just gotta embrace a good ol-fashioned cliche.

(PS I'm going to make Oliver say "nae" now because you say it a lot and you're, liek, Scottish and stuff???)

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Review #9, by Roots in Water 

22nd March 2013:
Hello! I am here with (one of) your long overdue reviews for winning the Writer's Duel. And I can certainly understand why it won!

This story is very enjoyable. I was actually intending to stop and review it a few chapters ago but I couldn't resist reading on to see what would happen between Edie and Oliver. I think that one of my favourite things about this story so far is Edie's voice. She provides a very humorous narration - her comments on the people around her are quite funny!

As well, I really like the situation you've created between Oliver and Edie. In particular, I really liked how, even though he's sorta redeemed himself in this chapter with his apology, he's still committed questionable actions, such as the non-donation to the Children's Ward. Though I feel like there will be an explanation for this, at the moment it really prevents him from being seen as a heroic or saintly character.

I was actually sorta shocked by his behaviour a few chapters ago, though I did find it amusing that he'd masqueraded as Victor Krum for the night. I mean- Oliver Wood, the boy who seemed to live, breathe and dream Quidditch, potentially harming his Quidditch career by drinking? However, Oliver's had years to change... The influence of a very public and popular career... And he participated in the war, which would also have had lasting effects on him.

Another thing that I really liked about this story is that you've really carved out a unique niche for Edie in the Wizarding world. While she's friends with enough canon characters that she's grounded in our knowledge of it, you haven't tried to fit her into the lives of the Golden Trio and their familes. It's nice and refreshing to read a story that features Dean and Seamus (and you do such a good job with them too!).

As well, I really enjoyed the twist you've taken with her career path. Though working in an underappreicated job is an often-taken route, you've made her workplace come alive with her interesting complaints and stories. I'm very curious to see where this article arch will take her... And just how long it will take before she's discovered. I have a feeling that Ms Blakeshee is fond of her and will probably take her side once the truth is revealed.

I'm also very intrigued to see how the article arch will fit into Oliver's story... And how he will react once he sees the negative tone she took with it. However, he did take a WEEK to finally speak with her and apologize... Which is much too long if the person you're apologizing to is writing an article about you!

I think that I could go on for quite a bit more about what I've enjoyed in this story so far, but I shall stop myself here. (Oh! One more thing! I really like how you're including the issue with the female goblins not obtaining work and I'm really curious to see where it'll intersect with the larger story). So, all in all, I think that you've done a great job with the story up until this point and congrats on winning the Hufflepuff Writer's Duel! :)

Author's Response: Wow, this review! Thanks so much! I wasn't sure if I was officially considered winner of the Writer's Duel, because the polls never closed xD But that's so exciting to hear, thanks so much!

A lot of this story is (unintentionally) similar to Pride and Prejudice, I'm finding. It happened on accident, because I wanted Edie to have--at least what she thought to be--a legitimate reason to dislike Oliver. I wanted this to be a story where the two characters don't like one another at first, but I wanted it to be realistic. Hence she found him attractive at the pub, and when she met him again in this chapter she felt interested in him. But then a series of things happened to make her dislike him. She thinks a lot of the events were his fault, and whether that's true or not, it's the reason she dislikes him. I didn't want this to be an I HATE OLIVER WOOD WE ARE RIVALS HE IS SO ARROGANT BUT ALWAYS FLIRTS WITH ME AND FOR SOME UNKNOWN REASON I CAN'T STAND HIM UGH story ;3

Hmm, you're right--his decision to drink so much could surely be detrimental to his career. I actually hadn't thought about that! But his "reasoning" still trumps that, at least in his eyes. It's revealed a bit in chapter thirteen, but you make a really strong point. So I'll do my best to give a better explanation as to why this Quidditch-obsessed person doesn't take better care of his career. Thanks!

I can't say it enough: I LOVE minor characters. There are so many things about their backstories that we never really get to hear about. For example, Dean thought he was Muggle-born when he went to Hogwarts. But later he found that his father was a Wizard, and left he and his mother in order to save their lives. He didn't want to put them in danger after the first War. After he left them he was asked to join the Death Eaters, and when he refused, was killed. There's so much that could be explored there--and which explains why Dean became so active during the War in DH. And it gives Edie and Dean something in common, with not having their fathers around. Minor characters deserve attention too!

I think that you're right--Blakeslee is a bit fond of Edie. In a very quiet and reserved way. But she's still career-driven enough to not trust her with any major assignments. After all, she could certainly have gone over Mr. Ward's head and given Edie better jobs at her internship. But she hasn't. This will definitely come into play later ;3

YES. The female Goblins thing was a last-minute addition, and was just meant to be mentioned once, briefly, to show Edie's interest in feminism. But then the plunnies hit me, and it's going to be a recurring thing in the story :D

THANK YOU SO MUCH for this lovely (and helpful!) review. I really appreciate it. ♥

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Review #10, by MrsJaydeMalfoy 

14th March 2013:
Eeek! Yay, some Edie/Oliver romance! ♥ I think I'm going to call them Olidie. Or Ediver. Oh, I can't decide!! :P

Even though I know how awkward the situation is, I can't help but kind of silently cheering for those two; I hope everything works out! Although I am VERY curious as to how Wood will react when he finally DOES read the article!

Although I'm glad that Edie's article was approved by the boss, it's really kind of horrible that Rose is getting all the credit, and I'm wondering if she expects Edie to continue with the rest of the 3-part interview. Either way, it's bound to be interesting!

Another amazing chapter, 10/10!

Author's Response: OMG OLIDIE. I've been calling them Ediver, but I think I might even like that one even more... haha!

And yes. It will indeed be interesting to see how the whole thing goes over, in the end... o.o

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Review #11, by soapman333 

24th February 2013:
Of course Mr. Ward likes Rose's (Edie's) article! He's a boss!!

Ollie would be at Mungo's, that sly dawg. I'm slightly upset at how socially awkward he is, but it makes him a realistic character, I guess. I'll leave him in second place, for now.

Bahahaha yes! THANK YOU! I love realistic flirting! Edie, I know you're hurt, but I just wanted to say that you have just beat Ollie out for "second place" on my list of favorites >:D. Sorry, Ollie. Better do something epic, kid!

(I'm really sorry that you're reading this junk that flows from my brain to my fingers. I have no excuse)

Author's Response: Dood. You should get up and run some laps or something, you're going crazy! (This coming from the person who spent approximately 89million hours on HPFF today. Give or take.)

I was really nervous about Edie getting such high praise for her article. I'm always so wary of giving my OCs good traits, pretty much of any kind, because I'm so desperate to avoid Mary Sue-dom. So I had to make up for it by having her look like a complete fool.

And yes, I'm sorry to disappoint you! Oliver is socially awkward at times indeed. I just couldn't bring myself for it to be otherwise xD


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Review #12, by patronus_charm 

13th February 2013:
Hello! I’m here with you requested review, and yes I have noticed that you’ve responded to them, I enjoy reading them ;D

I loved all the Harry Potter mentions in this chapter, especially the part about Edie going as pale as they Grey Lady, and her using extendable ears. I was a little worried that there hadn’t been much magic related things in the story so far, apart from quidditch of course! So it was really nice to get the little mentions of it in this chapter. Ooh and the welcome witch, I’m guessing she’s the same one from before, due to her incredibly grumpy attitude.

I think that this word needs a – between the pre and the existing! – ‘preexisting’.

I seriously thought that Rose was going to get into trouble then, as it just seemed as if it was going to happen, with Edie listening in, and her being taken into another room. Then suddenly PLOT TWIST! I thought it was great though, and then Edie will get to see more of Oliver, as I’m guessing she’s going to have to write it.

I don’t even know how to describe that scene with Oliver and Edie in the hospital. It was just so awkward, but adorable, yet awkward, but insanely cute. Basically I was just a bundle of mixed emotions when reading that, and it was great as I love feeling like that, as then I really connect with the story!

Aw poor Edie! I feel so bad for her, as Oliver just seemed lovely there, and then she’s gone and written that article about him. I did really like that Oliver is finally showing his nice side, as I did really hope deep down that he had one. Wah! I don’t want him to read the article it would just ruin everything.

Then at the end. Another PLOT TWIST! Of course Edie being Edie had to crash into that woman, but I just expected her to fall down or do something as equally as embarrassing. But for Wood to go running after her. I think at the point my heart melted, n’aw they’re so cute and nothing’s really happened anyway!

I thought this chapter was excellent, there were so many plot twists, and it’s left me in a bundle of fluff! The only CC I can really give, is that it would be nice to see Edie’s article, and find out how bad it really is! Other than it was just amazing! Kiana :D

Author's Response: Hallo!

I added all of the HP mentions because a (very helpful) previous reviewer mentioned that my story didn't even seem to fit in the Potterverse. So I made some changes and I have to agree that it reads much better! And yes, the Welcome WItch I came across on the hp-lexicon when I was researching St. Mungo's. I forgot all about her!

Yace! I needed a way to get some more Ediver interactions in this story ;D And Edie definitely was a little quick to judge poor Oliver, but otherwise we would have no plot!

Thank you so very much for such a thoughtful review!

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Review #13, by FredWeasleyIsMyKing 

3rd February 2013:
Hello again :)

Yay yay yay! they liked Edie's story! But they don't know it's her. I look forward to seeing where you take it - I'm guessing there is going to be loads more twists and turns before Edie gets to where she wants to be.

I can't tell you how much I love this story. Edie is an amazing OC and I've always loved Oliver and the two of them together, the way you write them, gah they're just too cute. I love them!

Edie is just awesome on her own. I'm sure I've said this before but being in her head is really funny. She has some amazing lines. Your attention to detail is so good though, the little comments she makes, even with the stuff about the welcome witch they're hilarious and just add to an already amazing story.

Hmm, Mr Wood is too cute, can I have one please? With his bad jokes and little smile I just wanted to wrap him up and keep him!

You couldn't keep the two of them all flirty and happy though eh? I was half laughing half cringing in horror when Edie fell down the stairs! Bless her.

Another amazing chapter, please keep requesting.

Lauren :)

Author's Response: Hey, you!

Yes, you are getting the first glimpse into Edie thinking that everything is going swimmingly, and things doing just the opposite. ;D

I know I keep saying this in my responses, but you have no idea how glad I am that you guys like Oliver and Edie together. I really wanted to develop two compatible personalities, rather than tossing them together. They're both headstrong, they're incapable of not voicing their opinions; they share the same interests. But she's too talkative while he's socially awkward; she's judgmental and he doesn't try to defend himself; so on and so forth.

That being said, yes you can have a Mr. Wood! :P

Thanks so much for the review!!

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Review #14, by teh tarik 

17th January 2013:

I am come back for more :DD

COURSE I like your story; it's one of the few multi-chaptered humour fics that I keep up with. Otherwise you'll probably find me wallowing in a lot of angst!?! and misery. Oh, a little anecdote before I get into the review proper: I was typing a review for another story...which had an OC by the name of Ellie, and when I hit the preview button I saw that every instance of her name had been misspelled (or maybe not :p) to Edie. There. Edie's sitting nicely in my brain.

So, ooh, this Tallulah Blakeslee character is a very imposing character. I really liked all three of them (Rose, Tallulah and Edie) being in the same room just for that brief moment; there's some kind of er...hierarchy there that was shown really really nicely, with Tallulah at the top and poor Edie at the bottom xD Her article must've been seriously good that the entire magazine decided to expand a section just for her!

But anyway, the main part of this chapter that really had me LOL-ing shamelessly...OMG Oliver Wood run-in in the hospital! What are the chances of that. And:

Wood turns and glances at me, looks away, and then does a double-take.

I CAN SEE HIM DOING THAT. Like, really really clearly! And not to mention, shirtless! I think every other Oliver story i read on the archives is now going to be disrupted by this tiny moment. You've rewritten by impression of Wood. Completely.

And socially awkward Wood...goodness! Is this the same Wood who used to sit in the Gryffindor common room alone in a corner hunched over a set of Quidditch figures and muttering to himself? (As you can tell I've just reread parts of the books ) Gah, love this so much. And I'm glad Edie has trust issues with Wood this time even though he's being nice and all that...don't want her to get fooled again xD

Is there...chemistry right now? Is there? Is there? God, and this line:

Hmm. Big hands, too.

I choked on my tea. (Sorry this is not a very helpful review at all...)

Oh my goodness the FALL. The end of this chapter! Edie is...so many shades of awkward it's not even...wait, yes it is...it's really funny. All that effort to appear flirtatious and...there it all goes xD

Alright it's really late over here and this is a rather rambly review in which I've done nothing but quote back your story to you bahah. OK, I've just got one thing: like, major plot hole: where is Edie's article!? I want to witness her brilliance in writing, firsthand :D

I'll be back to reread and review the next chapter!


Author's Response: Edie is infiltrating your other reviews?! That is awesome! I'm so glad that she's wedged her way into your brain, hehe.

Haha, I'm so glad you found the double-take interesting! A lot of my writing--including my poems--is really image-heavy so sometimes I wonder if I'm overdoing it. Like I have a constant inner battle about it. (JUST LET THE READERS FIGURE OUT ON THEIR OWN WHAT KIND OF GESTURE OR FACIAL EXPRESSION THEY'RE MAKING SARAH STOP IT, for example.)

I am so glad that you like socially awkward Wood. I think he's very talkative and opinionated, but only in a very factual way. As in he told Professor McGonagall "You can't cancel Quidditch!" but I could never see him being the overly flirtatious heartthrob that he's sometimes portrayed to be. I think he's so passionate about his Quidditch career that he spends all his time working out and practising and is really ~*~hawt~*~ for it, but saves no time for social interactions and is therefore really awkward.

I'm so glad you laughed at the "big hands" comment. Nobody had mentioned it yet and I was beginning to feel a bit pervy.

I'm really conflicted about the article, like SO MUCH. I purposefully didn't include much from the first interview because I want to go way in-depth into the other ones and didn't want to become repetitive. Same thing with the actual articles... but I feel like I'm just leaving out a huge plot hole, like you said. Bah! I just don't know.

Thank you so very very very very VERY much! I apologize for this crazy-long response but I'm so glad that you liked the chapter!

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Review #15, by caoty 

6th January 2013:
PLOT TWIST! Several, actually.

Blakeslee's character's interesting, in that you wouldn't expect a severe-looking woman with a good heart to work at somewhere so soul-sucking as Witch Weekly - you'd expect her to be a teacher, or something - but she does. I hope we see more of her, she sounds fun.

Awkward!Wood, too, is fun and makes for good fluff, however much I tend to prefer the Goblin feminism and drunken debauchery, and surprisingly I can believe that he's the same guy as the one from earlier. You can actually write drunkenness vs. hangovers vs. not-drunkenness, which is pretty rare in fanfiction 'cause we're all underage.
I'm the tiniest bit concerned that there's a possibility of making Wood a Quidditchier, masculiner version of Edie, but as we've only just met him sober, I'm reserving judgement.

Anyway - you've set up a lot of future Rose-Edie and Oliver-Edie conflict and/or romance here, and it seems like it'll be fun. Well done. :D

Author's Response: SO MANY TWISTS. :)

I think Blakeslee's being a nice person was partially derived from my intentions of making this as little like The Devil Wears Prada as possible, and also my inner desperate desire that people who aren't horrible backstabbers can get ahead in their careers, hehe.

Unfortunately, I am old and not underage. XD At least you said it makes for good writing?

Thanks for the swap! :)

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Review #16, by AlexFan 

13th December 2012:
Well … awkward. Not bad awkward, it's just the kind of awkward you'd expect from a teenager on their first date.

But seriously, that is really awkward, I feel bad for Oliver though, he's just gotten humiliated by Witch Weekly and what is Rose supposed to do now that she has to do two follow up pieces.

Decisions, decisions.

Good job on the chapter!

Author's Response: haha. ;D I really didn't want this to be one of those love-at-first-sight, witty-sexual-banter, touchy-feely things that I see sometimes in fics (not to bash on those, but can you honestly imagine Edie being successfully flirtatious?) Thank you again for another review!!

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Review #17, by Courtney Dark 

11th December 2012:
Hahahahahahahaha socially awkward Wood! Oh, that bit made me laugh!
This story has seriously made me fall in love with Oliver all over again. I even went back and watched the first two Harry Potter movies, just so I could watch him:)
But anyway, I'm sure you don't want to hear about my very boring life so onto the chapter!
I thought the interaction between Edie and Oliver was very good, and made me question what is going to happen in the following chapters-was Oliver just putting on an an act to make up for his past behaviour? Somehow I think not, but I could be wrong. I'm looking forward to reading Oliver's reaction when (and if) he reads the article Edie wrote, and I'm also looking forward to reading how Edie goes about writing the next few articles.
Another great chapter-and nice work on updating so fast!

Author's Response: Aww, no, I'm totally glad to hear that you've gotten back into the swing of loving Oliver Wood! It's a good place to be ;D

Thanks so much! I've written through chapter ten and chapter seven is in the queue right now, but I'm gonna use the update hiatus to re-work some stuff before uploading. Thanks again for the review!

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Review #18, by batsoulini 

11th December 2012:
HA HA HA HA HA! Hillarious ending!

This story is really interesting and funny! And as i previously said Eddie is well written and quite realistic as a character!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad it's entertaining :)

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Review #19, by ValWitch21 

11th December 2012:
But fluff is nice - says the complete fluffaholic!

Daww... OLIVER &hearts This may not be obvious, but I love Oliver!

I have to say I was worried about Edie going soft so fast (though Oliver is irresistible, duh). Please bring back some goblin feminism for argument's sake. But, as a matter of fact, and as the person who begs for Edie's girly side, this chapter made me happier than conventions should allow!

So, this was an amazing chaoter, and I am so happy you got it up before the queue closure :) Do we dare hope for yet another chapter?


Author's Response: Oh gurl. Trust, there will be plenty of snarky Edie yet to come. ;D And I actually did indeed notice that you love Oliver!

I have the newest chapter sent into the queue and then I am seriously going to take a break because I feel like I got ahead of myself with NaNo, writing without really getting to know Oliver. I'm writing a super in-depth bio as we speak! :D

Thank you, as always, for the lovely review!

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Review #20, by LittleMissPrincess 

11th December 2012:
yesh! this was amazing, i loved it! :D
please please pretty please update soon! (:

Author's Response: Thanks! Chapter seven is in the queue ;)

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Review #21, by Siriusly89 

11th December 2012:
First review again :D *high five!* Aaaanyway, I love how you are developing your characters! They already have so many levels! Like we know that Oliver turns into a grade A jerk when he is drunk, and is very socially awkward when sober! Information :) I really did miss Seamus in this chappie though :( I love Seamus :) And Edie falling down the stairs was hilarious! I can't wait to see Oliver's reaction when he reads the article :D I know I probably won't get another update until after the validators holliers *sob*, but anyway, I LOVED IT AND YOU MUST MAKE SURE TO HAVE A LOVELY AWKWARD CHAPPIE READY FOR ME AFTER THE BREAK! Pinky promise? :)

Author's Response: Aww, the most devoted reviewer ever award goes to you, my dear! ♥

I did have a lapse from writing Seamus as well. XD I do my best to include him in little narrative side-notes whenever he's not actually present in the chapter, because he's just SO MUCH FUN!

And I more than pinky-promise! I'm actually submitting Chapter Seven for validation today and then I think I'll finally take a break from the rapid uploading and give people a chance to actually read. XD

Thank you so much!

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