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Review #1, by onestop_hpfan18 

1st August 2016:
Oh, James... this is all just getting too depressing... I need an uplifting chapter. Some things to right themselves. :( All of this has snow balled out of control. James needs to take control of his life and realize that there are coincidences to his actions. Loved the chapter, though... I hope this downward spiral starts evening out soon, though.

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Review #2, by imacullenpottergirl 

25th January 2013:
James, you continue to astound me. I guess you don't have limits. Limits are there, not to be broken, like you believe, but to stop you from stuffing up your own life for good. Which, I believe, is what you have just done. Congratulations.

Gosh. I just, can't. Im so sorry. This, people, is what happens when you get to emotionally involved with a fictional character. You completely lose it. Just, amazing. You are amazing.

- Abhi

Author's Response: James has limits. Most of the time. It's just, right now he's not himself AT ALL, and he's really not thinking straight. He's so messed up, the poor kid. And this isn't the worst it gets. But things are still salvageable :) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #3, by Slide 

7th December 2012:
Yay! Rose! Round X of People take Chunks out of James. I'll bring the big foam hand, though I don't know who I'm cheering on here. Drama? I am intrigued by the friendship of Albus and Rose. I guess they're the same age but I'm always curious about these particular friendships which spring up across a huge family - why THESE two people out of ALL the Weasley options? Living together after school and so forth. But, I'm sure all in good time. Less speculation, back to the words.

And, Rose is starting out comparing James badly to Albus. *facepalm* Bad, Rose, Bad. Unhelpful!

Hee, Albus pranking Scorpius. Good to know he's not completely above it all. And... well, Rose is right, James was horrid to his brother, and Albus does deserve an apology, but I can only question Rose for going around to tell James off for insulting Albus when Albus came to HIM.

And James is about to throw away all of that moral high ground. I still love James but he is starting to move away from Understandable Explosion into "clip around the ear territory". Don't get me wrong, as a reader this is still delicious to me, but right now he's even moved from "I have reasons to be upset with these people and now I'm angry it's all coming out" to "I will use any words at my disposal to hurt them so they go away". It's a subtle but important difference and I think it's the last step before the Point of No Return. Though there may be more steps. STILL he needs help.

Also not okay with him throwing things at her! I don't know why that's line-crossy. I guess a paperweight could hurt? Ha.

Aww, Freddie. It's nice that James has some support. I mean, he needs to be held accountable but equally he'll go nuts if nobody's on his side, ever. Aaand he's bringing him alcohol, way to enable - ooh, smart boy, Freddie, now trying to coax him around. Yeah, I'm warming to Freddie a lot. Helpful, smart, and thoughtful, in a very Bromance sort of way.

Oh JAMES. It was such a good idea. No wonder he's fit to burst but that Point of No Return? He's really on the threshold of it. If this is treated as serious and possibly criminal, I wouldn't be surprised if Daddy gets involved.

Off the Rails indeed!

Author's Response: I guess in this case, my Albus and Rose are such close friends because they were in the same year and house at school. They're not the only ones though; take James and Freddie for a start! Depends on proximity I guess; which family members they're more exposed to while growing up. They live together because Albus needed to stumble across Scorpius somehow. There is creative reasoning behind this one. ;)

Meet Rose. Ron and Hermione Weasley's daughter. Therefore not the most tactful of people, and with a bit too much moral righteousness. Unhelpful indeed! And her actions are questionable, and definitely not required at this stage. James is straying into very dangerous territory here; he's gotten to the point where he's picking faults with absolutely everyone, regardless of whether they deserve it or not. Only going to end badly! Object-throwing is VERY bad, especially paperweights! Definitely line-crossy. Wanting to inflict physical injury is a little bit more serious than throwing insults around, don't you think?

Albus pranking Scorpius. His actions, like Rose's, are explained through parentage. His mother is Ginny Potter. ;)

Freddie does nothing wrong here. In fact at the moment he's probably the only person who's going about this in the right way. He's far more aware than he appears - with James at any rate. Unfortunately, what seems like an okay idea goes very wrong, for reasons beyond his control. On the threshold indeed. Daddy involvement? Coming up!

See what I did with that there story title? ;) Cheers for reviewing!

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Review #4, by missclaire17 

3rd December 2012:
or at least this is progress.
James realizes that Carlotta started it.
he needs to take a further step.
and so does the rest of his family,
though Freddie's the closest at doing that.

I'm not sure what to even say about James punching that reporter. At this rate, he's going to get himself kicked off of the England team.
I'm not surprised if Demelza herself apparates to find James and tells him he's on major probation.

James really is going off the rails... xD
(I see what you're doing here lol)

I find it almost amusing that Louis cleared up James's head. There's just something about them veela folks lol
I dont blame Louis for looking disgusted either, though disgusted might be too harsh.
Freddie's disappointment must be so much though. disappointment that his plan completely failed and disappointment that James had turned into this type of person.

Rose seemed slightly self-righteous, though she really did have a point. I'm not sure Rose and her lectures came at the right time to James though.

What needs to happen is that someone, (someone like Lily), needs to step in and talk to James. someone like Lily and Freddie that are not going to rag him on and on and on.

Honestly, I have a very good feeling that James's position on the England team is in MAJOR MAJOR jeopardy. and it makes me feel so sad because he's worked so hard for it, and it's all amounting to almost nothing because of his emotions and because of Carlotta.

At this point, I'm tempted to be mad at Carlotta too. But knowing everything that happened, it just makes it harder. Still doesnt take away the fact that she's the reason why James is like this. Of course, she and the fact that James has bad self-control nowadays

Author's Response: Yeah, there's a small bit of progress here for James. Unfortunately he takes one step forward and about fifty back. He realises that the argument with Carlotta kickstarted it all, but he's nowhere closer to doing anything about it, or telling himself that there's a reason why it was that moment in particular that turned it all around. Sadly, not enough people have twigged why he's snapped like this, and those who have are angry with him in their own right at the moment - namely Brigid - and so he's burning his bridges.

Glad you like what I did with the title there ;)

I think it's difficult to say that disgust is too harsh a reaction ... after all, James has just beaten someone up, it's not a nice thing! Obviously Freddie, who is closer to James, reacts differently. It is, indeed, disappointment in BOTH of them that he feels, not just towards James.

Ah, well, Rose is Rose, isn't she? At the point where she turned up in his flat, she didn't realise that he'd had his argument with Brigid or that he had any inner demons torturing him; she just thought he'd been cruel to his brother, and that's not necessarily out of the ordinary. But alas, she lacks tact like her father and wades into the situation like a bull in a china shop. DEFINITELY not the right time, and certainly not the best way to get James to respond. As we've seen before, he tends to fight fire with fire.

Or paperweights.

James is possibly too far gone for even someone like Lily to help him right at this moment. Remember, all of this has dragged up his resentment towards HER for being a Squib and 'escaping all the fame' in his eyes; he'd find a way to rebuff her help.

It's easy to get mad at Carlotta, but put yourself in her shoes - she had NO idea that James had any of these insecurities and doubts, she just thought he was a confident guy who had a little issue with his father. She may have realised this now, but a) she was angry with him at the time, and so her overriding feeling wasn't one of sympathy for him, but one of anger that he'd been dishonest with her, and b) she doesn't know what state he's in right now. She knows he doesn't do commitment so there's no reason for her to think that he would be at all hung up over her. So yes, she is the reason, but she's done very little wrong. :) Thanks for reviewing!

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