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Review #1, by BBHP 

25th August 2017:
Okay, this is HILARIOUS. I about choked on my drink multiple times.

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Review #2, by onestop_hpfan18 

14th August 2016:
I knew it was Oliver that she kicked out! I liked that he had the sense to actually seem embarrassed and genuinely sorry for his behaviour. I'm looking forward to reading the actual interview in the next chapter. And of course Seamus would show up... I would have been disappointed had he not appeared.

Author's Response: Haha, yes you did! You totally called it :)

Oh yes, a genuine apology from Oliver... Here's Step #1 to falling in love with him because he is a sweet apologetic babe. And I don't think this scene would have been even 1/10th as funny as it is without Seamus (like most things in this fic/life).

Thank you again!

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Review #3, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

8th February 2015:
“That’s because you followed him everywhere and couldn’t formulate a proper sentence. I’m pretty sure he thought you had the hots for him.”

^ HAHA! I love their interactions. Their conversations flow perfectly and what I like even more is that Edie hangs out with guys for the most part. I've never been that great at female relationships (or any relationships really) but male-female ones I can relate to.

It crosses my mind to ask if Dean would rather sleep in my room with me, but something about that feels weird.

^ NO! Rule number one, never sleep in the same bed. Doesn't matter if you're 'just friends.'

Tell me he doesn't have a thing for her. No things! No feelings! This is the only downfall to female-male friendships. That friend zone does exist.

This cannot be happening. This cannot be happening. This cannot be happening.


YOU TOTALLY GOT ME. Naughty author! My reviews are so pointless I am sorry and they are rambly messes. I love me some Wood, even though he seems rude. Private person!? Psh! He could have at least some respect for other people's professions. Not everyone can just fly a broom, you know.

Author's Response: Ohh, sweet Seamus! He was so prominent early in the story and he really has taken a back seat... It was completely unintentional I swear! I have a nice Edie/Seamus friendship scene that I'm about to write.

You make an interesting point about females not feeling like they can interact. I totally hope this doesn't come across as offensive in any way, but I wanted to ~explain a lil somethin~ about this fic. Edie being "such a feminist" while also pitting herself against Rose, and not being a great friend to Lisa, is another means of her being a total hypocrite. "Edie sucks" is kind of the theme of this story--I think I was watching too much GIRLS when I started it, thank you Hannah Horvath. When I was in high school all my best friends were guys, and now my best friends are women, and I was trying to explore what could have made that change. At least for me (again, just me here!) it was when I stopped comparing myself to women/feeling insecure/competing in every single way with them. So hopefully Edie will start to go through the same kind of transformation, so that she'll be able to uphold her "feminist" label that she so far has kind of not done an awesome job with.


Oliver's sassiness with the press is actually a recent edit I just made! Originally he was just really awkward and bad at conversation, which he still is, but no longer overwhelmingly so. It didn't mesh well with the rest of his pushy, opinionated character that we see in canon. So I decided he'd be all "Eh you lot are just out to make me look stupid and I'm NOT going to cooperate." Hence Deverill forced him to have this interview, to give him and Puddlemere a better public appearance before his first season back after his injury.

WOW you didn't know you were starting a Q and A with the author, did you?

Thanks for the review, as always! ♥

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Review #4, by TheGirlOnFire 

17th July 2013:
That's nice, Oliver Wood stealing someone elses identity. Good old Oliver. This is a great story so far. Your a good writer. Keep up the good work.

TheGirlOnFire :)

Author's Response: Oh yes. It was a strange decision indeed on his part... but hopefully it'll all make sense (much, much later in the story, I'm afraid.) Thank you for all of your reviews!

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Review #5, by Jen 

25th June 2013:
First fanfic that actually made me laugh out loud. I first suspected that it was actually Wood when Edie mentioned that his accent sounded a bit Scottish when he apologized to her the night before. Seamus and Oliver are two of my favorite characters from HP so Im loving this story with the hilarious interaction between them!

Author's Response: Yeah! More people are coming out of the woodwork and saying they totally called the Krum/Wood thing... In a way I'm glad, though, because perhaps then it didn't seem so far-fetched that they were actually the same person? And yay Seamus and Oliver! Especially their bromance. Thanks so much for the review ♥

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Review #6, by peppersweet 

29th May 2013:
Dean and Seamus are awesome. I love a good bromance in a fic! I also like the idea of Seamus being a, er, big fan of Oliver. I really hope they meet at some point, purely for the priceless reaction Seamus will surely come out with. (And I also appreciate that Edie has a bro-lationship with Dean. I kind of hope it stays that way for the rest of this story - I know I write it all the time, but the 'male best friend turns a couple into a love triangle' thing can be a bit...ehhh. And I like Dean a lot :3 )

Oh Oliver. You are not a classy lad (yet).

Also: Oh Edie, you sassy madam. Write that exposing exposee!

Looking forward to the next one! ♥

Author's Response: Seamus is quite the Oliver-fan, isn't he? I guess I'm not making him very canon; or at least canon to the fandom's version of Seamus. Apparently a lot of people are portraying him as quite dark and put-upon after the War (which is an entirely understandable way to be.) And I like Dean too! He seems to be the only reasonable one, though a bit possessive.

Hahaha, no, classy is definitely not the word I would use for Oliver. Especially not in this chapter.

Thanks again!

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Review #7, by MissMdsty 

26th March 2013:
Hello darling!

I finally got around to reading this! And much like you said when reading "Twin Wands", I did start this chapter once but never finished it!

I love Edie. She's such a strong female lead and has this ability to not put up with any of the nonesense Dean and Seamus bring to the table as her best friends. And she finally met Wood. Which was so funny! The poor guy has no idea what he just walked into.

You have a way with taking these situations that for any decent girl would be absolutely mortifying and making Edie pass through with such... I'd say grace but it's more like composure. You took your time to examine who you want this character to be and it shows!

I can't find anything to comment on as far as grammar or writing is concerned. This is a very good story and I'll do my best to keep up with it! Good job! You make Nano-mommy proud! *hugs*

Author's Response: Yayy! Thanks, NaNo-mum!

Haha, you're right... "grace" definitely isn't the word I would choose either! I think she's just resigned to the fact that she's horribly awkward and bad things happen to her. It's like it's to be expected at this point xD

Thank you so much! I really appreciate the review ♥

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Review #8, by MrsJaydeMalfoy 

14th March 2013:
And so the plot thickens!! Haha! I just knew that was going to happen when I read the last chapter, and now I really can't wait to find out where things progress from here!

I know Edie is really upset with Oliver, but a part of me doesn't feel like she'll actually publish all the things that she says she will. But then again, she could totally surprise me!! :)

I also kind of knew that Seamus was going to show up at the interview... I mean, it IS Seamus, after all! :P Anyway, I'm sorry for the short review but this was another brilliant chapter and I'm off to the next one! 10/10

Author's Response: Hello again!

Gah! I can't believe you read my entire story in one go :3 Thank you so much!!

You are a very perceptive reader, knowing about Oliver and Seamus showing up! Or maybe I am just not as sneaky as I thought... Glad you liked!

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Review #9, by soapman333 

24th February 2013:
What an interesting take on Ollie! I've got a soft spot for the kid, so he's quickly rising on my favorite list. Although, I'm not sure he can beat Mildred. I love me some Mildred.

Now that I've effectively freaked you out,
I want to be cool enough to pull of wearing sunglasses everywhere! Hey, Oliver, how's it going? Remember when you were just seventeen and freaking out about winning the quidditch cup? I do.

He kissed her?! What a boss!!! (I know I'm supposed to be upset, or something, but I can't get over how bold it was) Ollie, you have just beat Seamus out for second place. You've got to do something incredibly epic to beat out Mildred, though. Sorry kid.

(these reviews are getting worse, aren't they? Sorry)

Author's Response: Halllo.

I was quite fed up with certain characterizations that I saw on HPFF of Oliver. I'm not exactly a stickler for canon, but he's so neurotic and Quidditch-obsessed in the books that I hardly see him as an easy-going, flirtatious heartthrob. So I went with it. Not sure how it turned out, but nobody's come with pitchforks and torches yet. :3

LIKE A BAWSS. But seriously, it's funny to read your reaction compared to other peoples'. The idea of a man treating a woman like an object he can do whatever he wants to is an underlying theme in this story. I think there are arguments for both sides: he was drunk and being invasive, or he was just being playful and it was a funny scene after all. It's so interesting to read everyone's responses! :D

No, not worse. Entertaining-er. (I was an English major.)

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Review #10, by Gabriella Hunter 

25th January 2013:

Its me, Gabbie with your requested review. And man, did that not go in the direction that I thought it would, though I had my suspicions that you were going to make this hard for Edie. And how hilarious was it?! Like, I burst out laughing with Seamus going on about his love for Oliver, it was just too hilarious. I wouldn't have thought he was such a fangirl--I mean, fanboy and who honestly sneaks into the showers to ask someone a question?! O_o
I liked that you showed how close she and the boys were though. I'm pretty sure that their friendship means alot to her, though I'm surprsied that she was still a little closed off. Perhaps that's just Edie? I wonder if you'll play around with that later? Hm...
But the night was a good one for her, it was great seeing her so excitedabout her life. Things were going in a good direction! She was so excited about the interview and I was thinking that things were going to be looking up and.she was late. Her skirt was a mess and she Apparated in the rain! Classic! Hahahah. I knew then on that things weren't going to go so hot for her and what made things more fun for me and worse for her was Seamus! Seriously? I thought she was going to hex him right then and there! He's the worst actor ever! Hahaha.
And Oliver. What an interesting bit of personality he is, huh? He's not how I thought you would have written him at all. He seems sort of careless and I wonder if you'll play on that later and I enjoyed that Edie didn't really get a chance to make him feel as bad as she would have wanted for that bar incident. He didn't even remember her!! Argh! >_<
But that ending. Sneaky little thing! I hope she knows what she's doing!! Why do I think this is going to blow up in her face.?
Thanks for the chapter, I'm just going to favorite this story so I can read it whenever I want. Hahah. I love it.
And no CC's! Great job!
Much love,

Author's Response: Yaaayy!!

I wanted Edie to be the epitome of bad luck. Not in a clumsy Neville Longbottom-y way (although he did turn out to be quite the opposite) but in a life-situational way. So basically every time she thinks that things are looking up for her, she's totally wrong. hehe!

That's a really interesting point that you made about how Edie is a little closed-off from Dean and Seamus in that way. She is with Lisa too, now that I think about it (in later chapters especially). I had planned on bringing up the fact that she's distant with everyone in her life. But I hadn't thought about it in the way that she didn't tell Dean/Seamus everything that happened with "Krum." Man! Sometimes readers know more about my story than I do :3

I really, REALLY did not want Oliver to be the cocky heartthrob that I see sometimes on HPFF (although it's fun to read!). So he's analytical, socially awkward and has a bit of a dark past that we'll get to see later on... ~*~intrigue!!!~*~

Yes, Edie is definitely getting in over her head. She's going to sacrifice a lot of what she believes in, what she values, and what she thinks 'good journalism' means in order to get ahead in her career. Oh, Edie. She'd better watch out.

Thanks so much for the review. Gah! And the favorite! I really appreciate it! ♥

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Review #11, by Mystique 

22nd January 2013:
Hi, I'm finally here with your requested review and I apologize for the lateness of it. I was caught up in numerous real life problems. But anyway, on to the review.

I loved this chapter! Finally Oliver and Eddie properly meet, although they did meet before in the pub. I loved the twist, by the way. The only thing that I found a bit odd, was surely Eddie might sort of know what Oliver looked like as he is a famous Quidditch player and she is a pretty big fan of Quidditch.

I love Seamus' obsession with Oliver Wood. It's just brilliant!! Especially with Seamus following Oliver Wood into the showers. I laughed so hard when I read that. To be honest he reminded a bit of a hyper puppy when he was talking to Oliver. Or of a little fan girl.

I really like the relationship between Eddie and Dean. It seems really realistic, especially with that little moment between them in her flat. I have to admit, when Dean gave her his artist's quill I was rather worried that Eddie would lose it or ruin it somehow. But thankfully that hasn't happened so far.

I loved this chapter and was a little bit disappointed that the interview wasn't in this chapter but I shall definitely be reading onward.

Charlie :)

Author's Response: No problem! IRL problems do come sneaking up quite often, don't they? :3

I know that Edie not recognizing Oliver is a bit of a plot hole--I was thinking last night of downsizing how much she enjoys Quidditch just for that reason... Not sure if I want to do that, though. There were a LOT of loose ends I had to tie to cover up plot holes in this story, that being the one that wasn't explained away so easily xD

I honestly hadn't thought about the potential of Edie losing Dean's quill! That would add some drama indeed, although she would really only be screwing herself over because she bought it in the first place and would most likely have to buy the replacement... hehe.

I actually went back and edited this chapter to include a bit more of the article, but I want to keep it vague for ~*~plot twist reasons~*~. But don't worry, you'll be reading an article soon enough :D

Thank you so much! I appreciate the review!

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Review #12, by patronus_charm 

21st January 2013:
Hey, I'm here with your review! And I was glad to get the reviews up to 100 ;D

I really love Edie's friedship with Seamus and Dean it's so lovely and genuine and they all seem to balance each other out! I especially loved their reaction to finding out she got the interview with Oliver Wood. Just reading the scene at the beginning made me laugh all the way through, especially when Dean said tell him sister!

I really loved the way Seamus idolised Wood, the way he followed him around Hogwarts. It reminded me of Hermione and Lockhart, and Ginny and Harry! The way he turned up, and Wood's cofused reaction was great!

I loved how Edie is such a scatter brain, the way she didn't have a quill, a whole in her dress, and apparates into the rain, it reminds me so much of myself and how underprepared I tend to be, so it was really funny to read :')

I think my reaction to Wood being fake Krum was the same as Edie's. I kind of guessed when 'Krum' walked in, as it was quite a coincidence. Ha, seeing Wood's reaction, when Edie explained what he did made me laugh! He seems to have quite a few alcohol issues, by smelling of liquor cabinet, still drunk and downing the beer, is this becoming a sub-plot, the secret alcoholic?

One thing that did seem a bit strange to me was, the fact that Krum would have been a Triwizard champion when Edie was there so wouldn't she have known who he was. And considering how big a quidditch fan she was, it was a bit surprising she didn't 2 of its most famous faces.

Though I was looking forward to the proper interview, I'm glad that you didn't include it in this chapter, as there's already so much drama you don't need anymore.

Overall I thought it was a great chapter, and you suceeded in making me laugh all the way through :D Feel free to re-request anytime, as this story is great! Kiana :)

Author's Response: Hi there! Thank you so much for the review, I am still so excited that this story has reached 100!

That's a really funny (and true!) point about Seamus idolizing Wood the way that little girls Hermione/Ginny idolized their crushes. I feel like I need to incorporate that into the story now!

Also, I hadn't quite thought about how Edie would recognize Krum from the Triwizard tournament. I guess the fact that he and Oliver are both described in canon as "burly," combined with her seeing red and being angry for what he did (and of course her general absentmindedness) caused her to overlook that xD As for the issue with her being a huge Quidditch fan and not recognizing him, I suppose it's a plot hole... I just kind of counted on it being a slip-up for her not to recognize him as Oliver Wood, and then when she was told that he was actually Krum, she assumed that's why he looked familiar in the first place. But I will definitely need to reiterate that in the story, I think! Thanks for pointing that out.

And again, I really appreciate the review. I'm so glad you enjoyed it :D

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Review #13, by Elphaba and Boyfriends 

13th January 2013:
Hello, Elphaba here again!

I love Seamus's obsession with Oliver Wood! :) It provides the most laughs in this chapter, and makes the scene in the Hog's Head especially funny.

When Dean put his arm on the back of the couch behind Edie, I wondered whether he may have more than platonic feelings for her, and whether this will become an issue later on?

I had assumed in the previous chapter that Wood used polyjuice potion to masquerade as Viktor Krum at the bar. I didn't realize that Edie didn't even know what he looks like, so the fact that she recognized him from the night before at the Hog's Head was the biggest surprise in this chapter. I liked that little twist.

The only element I felt was missing is the actual interview. I would have liked to get part of Wood's story in this chapter. I'm guessing that it will come out in the next chapter, though. ;)

Author's Response: Hello!! Thanks so much for the review.

I was really conflicted about whether or not to include the first interview in this part of story. In the end I settled to just have flashbacks in the next chapter, because (insert spoiler here.) But don't worry, you'll get a chance to read more about it. ;D

I hadn't even considered that Oliver could have used polyjuice potion...hehe. And unfortunately neither did he. He was just being drunk and dumb.

Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #14, by FredWeasleyIsMyKing 

6th January 2013:
Hello! Here with your requested review :)

I was right!! Haha I'm actually quite shocked - I just thought I was being daft but I don't care as I loved the twist! It was great! When he thought she was 'the girl from last night' and starting giving excuses I was cringing so bad! Talk about awkward!

As a character though you certainly have made him very interesting! Clearly he has a drinking problem - I'm really excited to see where you're going to take this from here.

As always huge compliments to your Edie. She is amazing and has me laughing all the way through! I love Dean and Seamus too though and the little bro-lationship they have going on. It's all so perfect and well written! When Seamus casually strolled into the bar and proceeded to make things a lot worse I couldn't help but laugh!

Hmm so Edie's going to be taking out a lot on poor Oliver. I really hope something changes her mind!

Another amazing chapter as always! Looking forward to reading more!!


Author's Response: Hello there! Yay, you were right! Actually I think you're the first person--at least out of those who mentioned it--who saw it coming. So you win! :)

I love love love love LOVE writing awkward moments... I think it's because they happen so regularly to myself that it just comes as second nature. And throwing Seamus into the mix is almost second nature to me as well ;D

Thank you so very much for the review. I really appreciate it.

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Review #15, by ChaosWednesday 

24th December 2012:
Hahaha, yay, so much awkward in this! Poor everybody XD

(btw it's Whiskey, back to read some more, through Holiday Review Swap this time...I think I have to say this?)

I liked the morning scene. As a person who is always late for absolutely everything (I'll be late to my own funeral, you can bet on it), your description of Edie running around in the morning like a crazy person spoke to my confused time-challenged soul. In terms of pace and detail, that scene was really the best part of the chapter, in my opinion. First, the quick way you jumped right into it without any breaking up of the text was fitting and well executed. Also, the moment with Dean was brief yet touching. Actually, I also liked the bit with him in the evening, when Edie wonders about the status of their bro-lationship...It's a question I am sure many of us who have close friends of an opposite gender have to deal with, and it isn't an easy one. I hope you explore this further, because there is potential for real and complex character interaction.

Basically, I already like Dean more. Although I also loved how Seamus showed up at the bar despite everything (because *sigh* of course he would!) But Seamus is still a bit of a caricature of himself here, in my humble opinion anyways. He was funny but a bit overdone...

And now, to THIS: Viktor=Oliver! Oh my. Admittedly,I didn't quite pick up on WHY he felt the need for a drunken Scottisch to Bulgarian switcheroo, but it fits the persona you seem to be creating for him anyways. A star all grown up trying to find himself at the bottom of a bottle, Radcliffe style? (Sorry, I just had to :P) Whether that's anywhere near the spot or not, he seems like an original and fun love interest with realistic flaws and limited yet fun charms. I'll be going straight to the next chapter after this just because I have to see what you do with him.

A few more comments before I can endulge in more Oliver Wood:
Something felt off about the beginning of the chapter during Edie's conversation with Seamus and Dean. The things they said were kind of forced and overly brotastic. I wouldn't know what to change specifically,but maybe try distinguishing Dean from Seamus more in the way they talk?
Also, why do they watch Muggle football? I can think of many reasons, but since they are wizards, this maybe needs some explanation...
And I already mentioned this,but I do try to be helpful even if I really like a story so I'll repeat it: The caricature, overthetop-ness of the bar scene could use some taming. I think what bothers me is the body humour you put into such scenes (a smimialr scene was the coffee room in an earlier chapter, if you remember). The way Edie was stading an inch away from Seamus, or how she pushed him away or hid behind the newspaper...all of these things feel out of place in a story that otherwize does not read like a cartoon, you know what I mean? It would work really well if the rest was like this, but your style otherwize, although sometimes intense, is more down to earth and realistic.

Ok, that's it! I hope I could help :)

Author's Response: Hi there!! I am so happy that you came back, and will certainly return the review favor when Christmas family festivities have ended! :)

I love Dean♥Edie brolationship time. And it will certainly be a more pressing topic in later chapters! And Seamus is totally over-the-top, but that's just how I've always done him. And it's fun to write. :3 I want this story to be a place where I can dump all of my silliness amidst all of my other angsty stories. Of course I'm taking his character into consideration when I write, but I also want him to be as fun for readers as it is for me XD

YES VIKTOR WAS OLIVER SURPRISE! I think I mentioned this in another review, but I just recall all of my guy friends, when they get drunk, liking to do what I'm sure they find to be HILARIOUS celebrity impersonations. I imagine Wood just got started on something and then his friends told him it was funny and his drunk-ego took over and he carried it on obnoxiously all night. :)

As for Muggle football, JKR mentioned that Dean hung football posters in the Gryffie boys' dormitory. ;D

As for body humor, I guess that goes back to me wanting this story to be almost slapstick at times. I have really thought about your comments about Mildred, though, and have been considering whether or not to take out the whole scene to shorten the chapter. So I appreciate your comments on these things!

Thank you again so very much!!!

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Review #16, by teh tarik 

21st December 2012:
holy mother of what what what what what

so OK, Krum was pretending...I mean Wood was pretending to be arrrggghh!! YOU GOT ME ON THIS ONE. I can't believe I said in my last review that I ship Krum/Edie! Arrgh! I agree with Edie when she thinks Oliver Wood is a "little twat". I have been duped well...too well.

I WOULD LIKE TO STOP SEEING THINGS FROM EDIE'S POV...ah, she's just too easily swindled! And so am I.

OK, my disbelief aside...I loved this chapter. LOVE. And I am backing Edie fully to dig out as much dirt from Wood and publish it all to the world. And oh god SEAMUS. I knew it! I knew he would turn up! Having Seamus turn up was brilliant. I mean you could have just left it with Edie discovering "Krum's" true identity, but Seamus fanboy-ing in the periphery and slapping tables with laughter at Edie's predicament is just...priceless. And I know Dean is sort of overshadowed by Seamus and Edie in this chapter, but I really really enjoyed that small moment between him and Edie in her flat. Their bro-lationship just makes me go all warm and fuzzy inside. It's a lovely touch to both their characterisations. From this chapter it sort of feels like Dean is the supportive one who helped Edie get the job and calms her down when she gets all worked up - while Seamus is the one who blunders into things and makes things so much more difficult and annoying for poor Edie! Aaaah I love them both.

I've read some fics where the OC usually is the one who gets really sloshed and does a bunch of crazy stuff which she has no recollection of by the following morning...only to be painfully reminded by her mates or even her potential love interest. So I'm very glad to see in this fic that it's Edie who's the sober one, and that right now she seems to be having the upper hand on Oliver.

Aahh I really enjoyed this chapter; the twist was just wonderful. And I was caught unawares completely. I really feel for Edie you know?! Anyway, I hope you weren't expecting too many helpful comments or concrit or anything...because I can't give any of those with my brain still lying in pieces all over the place. Krum was...Wood. Ah. Still trying to wrap my head round that one. Brilliant!

Looking forward to reading the next chapter! And thanks for the swap! Happy Hols!


Author's Response: YES I get entirely too excited when I see that somebody else fell for my little trick! XD Although I would totally love to see some Krum/Edie, hehe.

I actually considered writing another chapter from somebody else's point of view, but I just relate to Edie too much. It's too easy, I can't give it up!! And you've totally hit the nail on the head with your perceptions of Dean and Seamus and their relationship to Edie ;D I had a whole lot of fun with writing their interactions in chapter seven in particular.

And you are more than welcome for the review swap--your story was absolutely amazing! I actually forgot to favorite it though, because I am really good at having a short attention span, so I'm going to do that right now before I forget!

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Review #17, by Jchrissy 

17th December 2012:
Oh! OH! How did I not figure that out?? What a marvelous little trickster you are!! Sneaky, sneaky author.

Back to the chapter..

I loved the beginning and the interactions between the group. Seamus following Oliver Wood around as a little fan girl style makes my day so much happier. And then when they talk about him once following Oliver into the locker room while he showers... HAHA. You are a very funny writer, it makes reviewing so much more fun ♥

I also really liked that you showed Edie taking the advice of last chapter and making sure Dean knows that she's thrilled he got her the job. Her thank you moment here was actually rather touching.

I felt so bad for her the next morning. I think you did so perfect with the -mostimportantdayofmylife and nothing is going right!- feeling. Because that happens much, much too often. And the poor girl is so stressed about being late by two minutes then she's stuck in that place for an hour waiting on him. I still hadn't connected that it might be the man from last night, too hungover to properly get up. And then when she noticed Viktor walk in I STILL DIDN'T GET IT. I clearly need more coffee. But anyway, you surprised me and it was so awesome and just had me in thrilled.

You really should be proud of this story so far. My style of reviewing pretty much is that I read the story like I'm reading any other story. I don't make myself find things to point out, but I point things out if I notice them. Anyone can find any kind of CC in the world's best story, but if you just let yourself read it for the sake of reading it, then it's easier to decide if something actually is off. And absolutely nothing stuck out at me in this chapter. Not only that, but I was very, very into it.

I am also pretty thrilled that Seamus did end up showing up. I mean, come one, if he once followed him into the boys locker room while Oliver was showering, nothing like a little threat from Edie should scare him off ;).

This was a delightful chapter m'dear! I look forward to reading the next!

Author's Response: Yay!! I'm really excited that I managed to surprise readers with that twist... even if it was just due to a lack of coffee ;D

I love Edie♥Dean bromance moments, so I take every chance I can to put them in the story. And I'm so glad you like Seamus so much, he's kind of my favorite thing ever.

That's a really good point about reading a story just to read it, and how you can find CC to give for pretty much anything ever written. I think I'll keep that in mind for my own reviews offered thread.

Thank you again, so much!

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Review #18, by AlexFan 

5th December 2012:
So … I don't know how to tell you this nicely but …

Your story is brilliant.


Anyway, your story is wonderful. Your characters are believable and likeable. It isn't hard to imagine someone living this life. Your grammar is excellent and you don't switch verb tenses as I've seen some authors do which is great because that gets annoying.

Seamus is absolutely hilarious, it isn't hard to imagine him like this over Oliver Wood even though during the books he wasn't portrayed this way. It seems like a totally normal reaction.

Your characters are not cliche and they -along with this story- are unique. I never thought I would find myself enjoying an Oliver Wood story but you've really done it well. I can't wait for the next chapter.


Author's Response: Oh my god, I was so scared when I saw the first part of this comment XD

I'm glad you like it! Seamus is probably my favorite character to write, followed closely by Dean. :)

Thank you so very much for reading all the way to chapter four, that was so amazing of you. I am really pleased that you liked it so much!!

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Review #19, by ValWitch21 

27th November 2012:
So, like you said, Oliver-lovers really should stick together, and I finally read your story two days ago, only to be greeted with a new chapter today, hooray!

Ah, Oliver. I can't believe he pretended to be Krum, of all people - in my opinion, even Bagman would have made more sense, though I have no idea why.

Edie is amazing. She's blunt and snappy and kind (ish) at the same time, and so much fun to read. I love the way she talks about Lisa at the end of this chapter, it made me crack up. I am hoping to see a softer side to her though?

And I can not believe she would do that. Well, okay, I can actually, and if she does I'm sure I'll love it because I'm evil, but she wouldn't, would she?

In any case, consider yourself warned: I'm here and I'm sticking to this.


Author's Response: Ermagerrrd I was really hoping you'd stalk my stories back! I seriously think that an Oliver/OC obsession club is in order XD

Though I'm not sure how deeply I'll go into explaining it in the story, I think he pretended to be Krum because he started off the night by making fun of his accent, and it just progressed from there as the drinks kept coming. By the time he got to Edie's bar he was so smashed that he found his impersonation particularly ingenious. ;)

Edie is kind of a jerk, isn't she? XD I've based her a lot off of my best friend who's really loyal and opinionated, but has kind of grown bitter due to the hand that fate's given her lately, between her internship, her relationship with her Mum (which I expand on in chapter eight), her pathetic love-life, being broke and such. She's just in a really rough spot and kind of disgusted with the world. But she's going to do a lot of growing in this story--I actually already noticed a huge difference in her character between chapter one and chapter nine, which I just finished.

Wait, can't believe that she'd do what? Take advantage of Wood being drunk and get all the good gossip out of him? Oh, I'm totally sure she would ;)

Thank you so very much for reading and reviewing! I'm anxiously awaiting the next chapter of Willows and Wood!

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Review #20, by LittleMissPrincess 

27th November 2012:

and i think i - [ it was at this point that i had to login and saw the lovely review you left for me :x ]

So what i was saying was, i had sort of guessed that it wasn't victor krum but instead oliver, because of the hint, 'something about scottish accent' but i just thought that oliver was with him okay whatever same difference.

THIS CHAP WAS AMAZING. i really like more seamus and dean, and the man crush seamus has on oliver is honestly the best thing.

also, the really hilarious bit about the 'are you the girl from last night' i actually laughed out loud.

& its very important for you to update soon. also, i mention this all the time but you really do have the best banner i have honestly every seen.

like actually. (:

Author's Response: Woo! I'm excited that the plot twist was somewhat of a surprise. I didn't want to have it thrown in out of nowhere, which is why I wrote the bit about "In fact, had had almost sounded Scottish." Your reaction was perfect :)

Seamus/Oliver ♥♥♥ But seriously, just a bromance going on here... this time. XD Maybe I'll do an Oliver/Seamus one-shot in my collection of Christmas Crackships I'm doing!

I've written up through chapter nine but need to go back and edit once NaNo is over and I can actually edit

Oh wow, I'm so glad that you love my banner so much! It's by Nala @ TDA, go and give her gallery some love because it's absolutely stunning!

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Review #21, by Courtney Dark 

26th November 2012:
I really liked this chapter. I especially liked the development of Dean and Seamus, because there hadn't been much said about them in previous chapters. I loved the idea of Seamus's guy crush on Oliver Wood, it really made me laugh.
I have to admit, I was completely confused when I read that bit about Krum actually being Oliver. I was all WHAAAT!!! and had to go back and read it over but once I had, it made perfect sense.
I felt like this chapter was a bit short, though this isn't really a bad thing. in fact, it's quite good! I don't like it when chapters drag on for so long that you get bored of them.
Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Yesss!! That's so very exciting! I really wanted it to be a surprise plot twist, but I didn't know if I did a decent job with it. I don't suppose I'll fool everyone but I tried. XD

I actually cut out a huge chunk of this chapter because I didn't want it to get dull towards the end. The next scene is her writing the article, and I thought it would be better to end it on a scene with more action before the reader got totally bored XD So it's definitely shorter than the other chapters, by comparison.

Thanks so much for stopping by with another lovely review! I absolutely love hearing back from you guys.

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