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Review #1, by Roisin 

16th March 2015:
Bahahaha, I love how Selena and Rose just aren't having any of his 'wounded hero' schtick. GUH I LOVE YOUR SCORPIUS SO MUCH. He's such a snarky little dandy.

It's so clever that he describes it as a 'malfunctioning chocolate frog card.' I see a lot of references to 'tapes' and the like in fics, which always strike me odd (I mean, even MUGGLE kids in the 2020s probably wouldn't know what VHS was).

Oh my gosh... I am the worst... I seriously grinned like a fool when Scorpius took off his shirt... THIS IS NOT WHO I AM. The writing just perfectly conveys the atmosphere of the situation.

I like how you have Scorpius describe his memories instead of writing him remembering them. The uninterrupted block of story-telling is a nice shift, and I liked getting it all in his voice and perspective.

And then 'That's on the one hand really useful, and at the same time, not.' So good. Like, the reader wants ANSWERS, so you give us something, but of course it only raises more questions!

Back to the differences between Rose+Lockett and Methuselah, since I have the privilege of knowing it's a story, I suspect their differences in approach will prove valuable. Like, it's good to have one team working on one problem in a methodic way, and then one weirdo genius kind of riffing it on his own. But I like the conflict you make between both camps, because both are very convincing (and they don't know they're in a story where narratives are tidy!)

Ooh, something I like that continues to come up: Rose and Albus' relationship with their parents' past. I love how they have such a different perspective about gall and daring, because it's something their parents are celebrated for. Like, with the trio the criticism was always "you're just kids, leave it to the adults!" but for Rose and Albus, they're older than their parents were for a LOT of things. It's really well played, and I love it!

There are a lot of other things I want to praise and gush about, but they're largely the same things I've BEEN gushing about, so I'll try to avoid resembling a malfunctioning chocolate frog card!

Author's Response: The first sign of unity on Selena and Rose, and of course it's on Scorpius being RIDICULOUS.

Sometimes I remember to keep my turns of phrase very strongly in-world. Sometimes I forget. I freely admit that this series cares more about the wizarding world in the 2020s than the Muggle world in the 2020s, but even relatively Muggle-aware Scorpius (or, at least, he likes some Muggle music) isn't likely to think of video recordings.

I considered a flashback for Scorpius with the full memories, but it felt better to keep the recollection detached. It gives the facts but less context, which kept it mysterious, AND made it easier to write. I mean, this is a big moment to confirm there's a conspiracy and an attack, but it seemed better to hold off on it all being 'on screen' per se.

Certainly the two types of intellect means they're not all working on the same thing. They all have their projects and, yes, that serves specific purposes.

I feel so sorry for anyone trying to discourage children from doing anything heroic when this is the generation raised on the stories of Harry Potter, teenaged saviour. It's just never going to go down well.

I NEVER mind gushing. Thanks for the review!

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Review #2, by EmmaGM 

5th February 2015:
Another great chapter. I really liked the converstation between Albus and Rose in the end. For some reason, I didn't expect the part about Scorpius being obliviated. I should have seen that coming... Amazing story!

Author's Response: I'm glad my plot is somewhat opaque. ;) The conversation between Al and Rose was somewhat overdue, those two have their history! Cheers!

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Review #3, by Siriuslover177 

19th June 2014:
I am glad that Rose is finally going to stop acting insane. She really does need to sleep. With a teacher who only drinks, and a nut for a smart guy, we need Rose to be 100%. I am glad that Al and her have made up now

And I hope her and Scorp are good now too. With him being injured, she isnt allowed to be mean to him:P

All that we learned about what he remembered is confusing... so they didnt get it because they protected themselves. I hope they find this guy, and who knows. They may still be close.

I hope they find these people soon


Author's Response: Rose wants to push herself hard to find an answer, so she doesn't have to think. She'll learn this is no way to go about it. And she's making up with both Albus and, well, Scorpius. Eventually!

The memory would make sense, eventually. And, yes, maybe they are nearby!

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Review #4, by rozen_maiden 

29th October 2013:
Before I say anything, I just wanted to ask (and completely ignore this if you haven't, because I may sound crazy), have you played Mass Effect? Jones reminds me a lot of one of my favourite characters, Mordin, with his speech, and now there's a mysterious fellow named/titled 'Thane'... (again, if not, just ignore that ...).

But, some answers! I was not expecting the spell to do that - what a great twist! I feel sorry for dear Scorpius, being badgered by everybody after he drank that potion. I can't imagine having all those memories rushed back would be the most pleasant feeling in the world. As much as I love Rose, too, I probably would have flipped at her then - surprisingly, Scorpius is very tolerant :)
Speaking of which, I love their gradual growth in relationship. The other characters all seem to be very strong, firm personalities, but Rose and Scorpius seem to be fumbling around themselves during this crisis - like it is helping them mature and grow. The last part between herself and Albus really highlighted that Rose is only young and like her mother, ready to take on as much responsibility is possible. Its a good thing she has sweet Albus there to stop herself from burning out :)
Hmm, and I'm very curious about Draco, and what the deal is there with him and his son. I'm not usually a reader of Malfoy heir/Malfoy patriarch hating one another stories, but, this has really surprised me - Scorpius seems to not let it bother him much, but little things (like talking to Hermione) seem to really highlight that whatever happened, isn't really sitting very well with him...
Unless I missed something..?

Ah, anyway, I still love this story. A lot. It's lovely to come on and read between droll university work. :)

Author's Response: Ha, yes, I have played Mass Effect. Oddly it's not one of my favourites (I'm more for Bioware's fantasy fare) but it had an impact in writing Ignite for its big, traditional, 3-act trilogy epic - yeah, if it ever happens, the plan is for a trilogy. Thane, actually, is a coincidence of a name. The name I *did* steal was Miranda, and that was just because I was flailing for a name and spotted the ME2 box on my shelf!! I rather like ME's Miranda more than Ignite's, who... is nothing like her at all, really.

I cannot pretend to be quite so creatively pure when it comes to Methuselah. Although obviously the characters are different and divergent, Mordin was a starting point in his conception. Not so much consciously, the character just grew in my head after exposure, which is odd as I was always ambivalent about Mordin. But his influence remains there on our Methy, even if Methy is rather more... well, human, in the end.

Scorpius isn't tolerant of Rose so much as he had bigger things to worry about at the time. She CAN be a handful, can't she? And you're right - of them all, they're the two still finding their feet the most. Scorpius to have A purpose, and Rose to make her purpose, arguably the heaviest of all the kids, work and mean something.

The deal with Draco is a slow-burning one. Their relationship, and Draco, are not strictly how I would foresee Draco ending up if I were making canon predictions, but Ignite's Draco's had an 'interesting' time of things. More will come out in time, though suffice to say Scorpius, whatever the situation is, is experienced in 'handling' it, but also in *hiding* it.

Thanks for the review! Glad the story diverts.

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Review #5, by water_lily43175 

21st November 2012:
I TOTALLY MISSED THAT THIS CHAPTER WAS UP! Bad me. I've become very lax with my reviews lately, it's not very good.

So much love for Artemis being the character in the chapter image, haha. Best of the lot so far.

(Just in case you actually believe that and make the rest of the images Artemis to please me ... this is a lie. I enjoy Scorpius and Albus and Methy much more. Thank you.)

So much Scorose tension. I approve. I love this whole bit, with the five of them all interacting. LOVE it.

Scorp casually getting shirtless. AS YOU DO.

By the way. I vaguely remember you saying you had plans for Albus. Though I may be wrong. Either way I'm not checking because I think it was a thread and a half ago and I'm not trawling back through all of that. I'm still holding out for Albus/Selena of course (though actually I can't see that happening because there's been next to no interaction between them and I really can't imagine them together. Oh well) but I totally got Albus/Methy vibes from this, haha.

AH. Scorpius was Obliviated. Hence the need for Finite Incantatum! Yesss, things beginning to make sense now. Are we getting answers? Hmm.

Love how Scorp still gets a jab in about Albus's size during such a serious moment! Anyway. Fire. Ritual. People. Two of my questions have been answered - they were found together because they WERE all found; and they weren't killed because Al and Rose were there. OKAY. Still a lot of mystery though. I'm also concerned here because the immunity of this ritual which interfered with Scorpius' memory charm ... I can't work out whether the potion they used to pull the charm apart will also wipe his immunity to the virus. I don't think it would, because, you know, he's the main character and all ... but I'm still wondering whether there is a vague chance of that. Maybe I'm just having a good night of coming up with crackpot theories. I DON'T KNOW.

River to the underworld. UH OH.

Oh, Nathalie, Nathalie, Nathalie, what are you doing to yourself? I am very concerned for her and what's happened between Unconvictus and now. Answers much desired!

Oh, Rosie. Rosie, Rosie, Rosie. So much love for this moment. She really does care about Scorp. And about ALBUS. She needs to stop trying to hide from it all - what is it with you and putting your characters through hell? Rose is as bad as Tanith, working herself to the bone to try to hide from her worries and her thought processes in general. I LIKE THIS BTW. Basically I just love this chance to see weak Rose. Bless her.

But Scorpius isn't useless!

Author's Response: Sneak chapter! Yeah, I should have a chart or something to determine who gets chapter pictures or something but... I don't, and I don't want too many of one character, and I couldn't figure out whose turn it was. So I went for Artemis. And intentionally wanted to choose the most SERIOUS cat-face possible. She's, like a SUPER serious cat. I also have a bizarre fondness for writing her.

I am fond of this scene in the Hall, reading back. There's some good interaction between the lot of them. And of COURSE he had to get shirtless. Fan-service must occasionally happen! Lawl, I have plans for Albus, and who knooows about Albus/Methy. Methuselah's mostly upset at Albus MOVING in this chapter thought.

You see the need for Finite Incantatum! It was important. My lore was less strong, however. Interesting theory but I should reassure you now about the potion - it was specifically a potion to try to target and diffuse the memory charm fully. This was only possible because the ritual was protecting him from magic at the time the memory charm was cast and it got a bit skewiff (technical term). Just so you don't freak out and worry they've accidentally left him open to infection. I'll give you that one for free.

River to the underworld NOT good. Phlegethon! See my symbolism! More on our esteemed Professor later.

True, Rose is one of those characters of mine who makes their own life harder. In her case it's because she's sixteen and freaking out and trying to do her best, but she's learning, and she's got people trying to help her. She might not wind up QUITE so messed up. And it was, as some people have said, about time we got to see weak Rose; she needed 'softening'.

Scorpius is not useless. And some day he'll show everyone. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #6, by MadiMalfoy 

18th November 2012:
Omg love it! The red cap attack was written very well, and I think rose is just now realizing her feelings for scorpius. I loved how you tied the whole ritual thing in with fire--it ties the whole thing together! Keep writings, one of my favorite rose/scorpius stories by far! :)

Author's Response: Rose is having some serious thinking, indeed! And yes, the symbolism of fire within the ritual ties in the whole symbolism of the fic title and chapter titles. I'm all pretentious like that. ;) Glad you're enjoying the fic, and thanks for reviewing!

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Review #7, by ladymontgomery 

18th November 2012:
I think this chapter alone just exemplifies all of the characters SOOO WELL. I completely understood, even before you stated it, that Rose was treating Scorpius so that she could avoid the fact that Albus might be seriously hurt. You could tell she was trying to sidestep the fact by blaming Scorpius for being stupid. And poor poor Scorpius always being blamed and being called useless. But we have to have one of those characters to exemplify the amazingness of the other characters right?

Btw, I adore the way you wrote Scorpius's character in this novel. He's not some good guy because he's different from his dad or doesn't believe in blood purity. He's a good guy because he's a good guy...it has nothing to do with how different he is from his father, it's the fact that he's willing to sacrafice his own safety and time because he ultimately wants everything back to normalcy. And of course you can attribute his wanting to go back to normalcy as the root of his attempts to get things solved, but deep down I think he really wants to feel a sense of accomplishment and that he's done something that helps other people just because. It does kind of go along with the main summary I think.

I love reading about the antics in this novel, everything just seems so based in reality...I mean these characters are clearly not perfect. Their flaws make them...enjoyable to read about though.

Author's Response: Thank you! I never reflected so deeply on this chapter myself, but with you pointing it out, you're right, everyone gets a good shot at showing what they're all about. Except for Scorpius getting called useless, which no, he really doesn't deserve! And some day, perhaps, people will recognise his worth, or at least ALLOW themselves to recognise his worth (as in Rose's case). You're rather on the nose with your assessment of him; he IS different to his father but it's less in ideology and more, as we will continue to explore, in his human essentials. There's a lot to come on Scorpius, Draco, their relationship, and the ways in which they're different.

I'm glad you've enjoyed this chapter and the story. I do worry sometimes when I have characters showing their flaws in full throttle that it'll put people off; Rose, for instance, has been showing her worse side more than Albus or Scorpius and I'd be sad if she were judged just on that, so this chapter counts as both a 'calling out' on her more unpleasant traits AND a chance to see things from her perspective.

Thanks for reviewing!

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