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Review #1, by onestop_hpfan18 

1st August 2016:
Good. Maybe James will finally learn that his actions come with coincidences attached. And he really shouldn't be so hard on his dad. Seriously. As Carlotta called it, it's just plain disrespectful. He needs to grow up, especially now that he's in a brighter spotlight being on the England Squad.

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Review #2, by imacullenpottergirl 

25th January 2013:
I still can't even.. comprehend the way I'm feeling right now. I can't. All Ill say is that you are a amazing writer for inspiring all the feeling that I'm feeling right now. I just can't.

- Abhi

Author's Response: Obviously I don't want to depress my readers - but at the same time it's nice to know that people have come to love James, and find it sad when he's messing his life up. :) Cheers for the review!

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Review #3, by missclaire17 

12th November 2012:
oh James. I can't believe that he BELIEVED Freddie when he told James that.
of COURSE she'd be haunting you!
because you LOVE her James!! D;
the frequent partying is REALLY not good for him.
Demelza is going to HATE that.
SIGH! Oh James.

but I cant believe Carlotta ignored him!
I honestly don't know what she is thinking because its so difficult to figure her out.
maybe her friends didnt like her hanging out with James so much and it would be difficult to hide a whole magical world from them.

oh James.
D; my heart is breaking for him lol

Author's Response: James really doesn't know what to think when it comes to Carlotta. And him trying to move on would in some ways be the best option. Freddie's not WRONG here, and so James isn't wrong to believe him. But at the same time, it's hard to see how he could possibly not realise that she clearly means a lot to him and so he shouldn't just let it all go! As for what she's thinking, it WILL all become clear, I promise! :)

Demelza isn't going to be happy with James' partying, no. It's not the partying aspect of it that's the trouble, per se - it's the drinking. And one of these days, it's going to get him into BIG trouble. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #4, by Slide 

11th November 2012:
Uh oh, it's crackpot theory time (remember how well those work out?). Well, the most obvious theory is: Carla's been Obliviated. That's why she doesn't react to him. The next question is: Who's done this? I reckon Harry - not even vindictively, but trying to tie up loose ends after his son. After all, if Carla knows about magic, but they're not together any more, this could lead to James getting into SERIOUS trouble (especially since Harry doesn't know Carla and has no reason to trust her to keep her mouth shut). I reckon Ginny found out, and that's why she cancelled the breakfast - specifically to try to make James and Harry talk. Though if that's the case it's not her BEST plan ever, but I imagine the Potter men are being stubborn.

*removes tin foil hat* So, ASIDE from all that conspiracy theorising - great chapter! It continues to do the great stuff of making me feel really sorry for James for having wound up in this situation, and yet wanting to smack him upside the head for being a bit of a berk about it still. Family are nagging family (love Audrey still), but it's not cool of him to still be convinced Brigid is the only one who needs to apologise. But it's a lovely, realistic sort of reaction from a proud guy like him.

Still, something's got to give, soon enough. It's like tension's being poured into a bottle right now and eventually that bottle's going to explode - with women, with family, with Carla. God I'm still chomping at the bit when it comes to these daddy issues, there's DEFINITELY still more here!

Good chapter!

Author's Response: ...I love your conspiracy theories! On this one, I will put you out of your misery and tell you that you are incorrect. Carlotta just didn't want to talk to James. But ... dang, that's a good idea! That would be an amazing plot! And then James would be angry with his family FOREVER, and he'd try to get with Carlotta again, and he'd have to tell her about magic again ... that's better than what I've got planned! Oh, that would be an AWESOME story. BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD.

I jest, I jest. I LOVE what I have planned. But rest assured, nobody's gone addling with Carlotta's memory. Glad that you're feeling both sympathetic and frustrated about James' plight; I certainly don't want people to start hating him, but at the same time he has brought much of this on himself. He's not going to admit to any fault regarding Brigid, because that's just the way he is, unfortunately. And something HAS got to give. There are developments in the next chapter, and even bigger ones in the one after that. It's all very exciting! Unless you're James. Thanks for reviewing!

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