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Review #1, by onestop_hpfan18 

1st August 2016:
Dang it, Potter, you're throwing your life away in the span of only a couple of days. Stop sleeping with girls that aren't Carlotta, you idiot. He's really taking this fight with Carlotta bad. It's to be expected, but if only it weren't such an idiot about it.

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Review #2, by slytherinchica08 

14th June 2014:
Oh poor James, things keep getting worse and worse for him! I hope that he can turn things around soon because this has to be really hard on him (and of course everyone else since he keeps yelling at them and taking out all of his stress and anger on them). I look forward to the next chapter!


Author's Response: James definitely needs to cool his anger at this point! The more cross he gets, the more people he turns against him... Poor boy. Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #3, by imacullenpottergirl 

25th January 2013:
Oh god James. Just, I can't even right now. I just can't. Think. Straight. Just argh.


Author's Response: And it gets worse. :(

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Review #4, by missclaire17 

9th November 2012:
oh James.
he shouldn't have gotten with Allegra because that was a dumb move.
making her angry was dumb too because i don't think James deserved to be talked to like that.
he also shouldn't have yelled at brigid but he was sorta right that she should have told him about it. the whole thing with Carlotta was originally a big deal already so she should be telling him that the prophet got wind of it and that he needs to do something about it.
and honestly, James needs to start listening to Freddie's advice.
why he wants to find himself entangled with Cassie Lynch is beyond me.
James needs to sort out his media problems (aka with the Prophet and with Brigid). Demelza isn't going to like that negative attention.

Author's Response: No, James shouldn't have gotten angry with Allegra. Although I'd suggest that maybe he DID deserve to hear what she said. It's certainly not helped the situation though.

His argument with Brigid is more serious. She slipped up, by not noticing that Carlotta was getting column inches, but she certainly didn't deserve to be yelled at by James in such a manner.

Freddie's advice is often bad. Because where Brigid thinks of the bigger picture, Freddie doesn't. Here, James WOULD have done well listening to Freddie's advice, but unfortunately, as he admits himself, his common sense has left him. His issues with the media aren't good, and unless he sorts them out, they're only going to get worse ... Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #5, by Courtney 

9th November 2012:
Wow, James is on a downward spiral. While I do sympathize with the difficulties he has faced being Harry Potter's son, I am annoyed with his selfish and irresponsible attitude that never likes to think about the consequences of his actions. Like how he hasn't at all wanted to deal with what telling Carlotta really means for her and what she'll be exposed to or for his responsibility for revealing things to her, as well as just drinking and shagging random girls with no real regard for their feelings, like Allegra. And while Brigid did miss the article, he needs to treat her with a lot more respect as well. It was great to hear all about his feelings in his fight with Carlotta and to see why he is so bitter toward his dad and family, etc. But I did notice he mentioned one girl who had been driven away by the media and his best friend- have we heard that story yet as I don't remember anything about that. I wonder how his best friend destroyed an old relationship? I also do sympathize with Carlotta but she seemed to way overreact. I would think she would have had more sympathy with James after everything he revealed but she basically just ignored his emotional rant and threw it all back in his face. I don't really understand their relationship; they both want something casual yet she expects to know everything about his life? And it's confusing about how much she should know about the wizarding world as it's not clear what kind of relationship she will have with it. I feel for James in not having to divulge everything to her, though it is unfair that his fame will obviously affect her, but she should have expected that just from him being a famous quidditch player if nothing else. I think this is why casual sexual relationships dont' really work as things get too complicated and messy, especially when they have clearly gone past some casual fling with no expectations or feelings involved. So I think she should have to apologize as well as James and they both need to admit that they have passed the point of a casual fling and it's going to be more serious if they start things up again. I loved the ending with the comment about how it was usually a good idea to ignore Freddie's advice as I still think he is pretty idiotic and selfish in the story so far, but he was definitely right in this case and James needs to get his act together soon and apologize to a lot of people. I'm interested to see where things go. Can't wait for more.

Author's Response: James really doesn't deal well with stuff. He DOES have good reason to feel as though he's been dealt a rough hand by being Harry's son, but he needs to do more than just moan about it and blame THAT for everything, and unfortunately at the moment he's not doing that. He hasn't really thought about Carlotta's point of view at all, only himself and how HE doesn't want to admit to his own insecurities and failings by telling her everything. And it's also meant that he's treated a lot of young women very badly. Purely unintentionally, as he DOES have a good heart, but he just needs to be more sensitive to other people's feelings, instead of only thinking of his own.

Brigid does deserve more respect from him, but unfortunately there are a few things that have happened between them in the past, which they'd both thought was all water under the bridge, but that he's now unearthing and allowing to poison his current opinion of her. They will all emerge in time and hopefully things become clearer.

The girl who was briefly mentioned HASN'T come up before; don't worry, you haven't missed it! Again, that will become relevant in time; the situation in which it crops up is possibly one of my favourite moments of this story.

Carlotta over-reacted completely, but she has her reasons. They were both only LOOKING for something casual, but underneath it all they've allowed themselves to become too attached, and that's where the problems between them stem from.

Freddie ...isn't idiotic or selfish, per se. I know that he certainly comes across that way at the moment! But there's more to him than that, as shown by the fact that he has given James a good bit of advice here. His trouble is that he's not really allowed himself to grow up ... but there'll be more on that later as well, so I won't say too much! Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #6, by Slide 

9th November 2012:
I think this might be my favourite chapter, despite being maybe the shortest. In some ways it works well *because* it's so short. But as everything comes to a head and as the fights break out, this does exactly what I want to see from these situations: Nobody's 100% right, and nobody's 100% wrong. There is a possibility that Allegra's drawn to James a wee bit because of his status not because of his personality, so James' frustration when he remembers that is not unreasonable - but he's still treating her horribly and the girl will deserve an apology. Brigid IS his agent and helping him protect himself from and manage the media is her job; it was remiss of her to not have a warning for him of what might get thrown at him before his big interview - but he was still bang out of order in how he reacted, blowing it out of all proportion. And he might be being a bit hard on Freddie but Freddie's being an Oblivious Bloke, it happens.

So, unsurprisingly, in a chapter where your characters emotionally maul one another and tensions finally hit critical mass and explode everywhere, I'm happy! This is the kind of stuff I love, the pay-off of these conflicts, and so I'm as pleased as punch with this chapter.

And guffawed like a lunatic at the end.

Author's Response: I LOVE that you love this chapter, because I honestly didn't think it was up to much. What's THERE is good, but I kind of ground to a halt and was struggling and couldn't go anywhere else with it, so I figured I'd throw it up and have a fresh start on a new chapter. So VERY GLAD that you like! But yes, things are beginning to Go Wrong for James.

Allegra honestly and genuinely likes him for who he is underneath, and couldn't give a fig about the status, that's why she was concerned in the last chapter about the possibility of him hitting on her while seeing another girl. So her remark here wasn't meant to upset him at all, but unfortunately it just triggered everything off, and so her own anger in turn was justified because she's been unfairly thought of as "one of those women". Poor girl.

Brigid. Oh, Brigid. There's a lot of lingering issues between these two which haven't really come to the fore yet, but they're beginning to do so now, because her mishap has made James angry, and he's going to start digging it all up. She should have warned him, but she doesn't deserve the anger coming her way now. Much more to come on that front.

Freddie is Oblivious a lot of the time, but he does have his rare insightful moments. He will come to the fore in a few chapters' time (I hope!), though of course he does get a good bit of advice in here.

And James duly ignores it, like the fool he is.

Much, much more conflict to come, and I hope it meets your expectations! Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #7, by Ananya 

9th November 2012:

To the author : I kinda sorta love you

Author's Response: James is beginning to lose his head, really! He has a lot of insecurities and they're all coming to light in a massive way. He's tried to avoid them for too long instead of dealing with them, and when things start to go wrong, he blames other people instead of seeing the fault in himself. Thanks for the love and the review!

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Review #8, by Essie 

9th November 2012:
The title is starting to make sense now! An excellent chapter, well done. I sympathise with James but he needs to get his act together!

Author's Response: Yeah, we're definitely getting to the crux of James' story now. He has a lot of learning to do, and this is where it begins. Thanks for reviewing!

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