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Review #1, by RedHairGinny 

24th April 2014:
So the whole story was just something made up by Narcissa to tell Draco as a bedtime story?
I hated the part where Benjy Fenwick had to die...
It was so sad, and I felt that if I was Narcissa, I would've hexed Lucius into oblivion for doing that.

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Review #2, by Rainpixie 

2nd June 2013:
Oh that's cute I didn't expect the story to be an exaggerated bedtime tale. I liked it a lot!! The poor Malfoys. I mean don't get me wrong they suck, but your story makes me feel bad for them

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Review #3, by academica 

22nd February 2013:
Okay, let's do this!

He directed an ear to it, listening, and smiled sadly. "I don't ever want to give you up."

"Well, that's stupid," I'd told him. "Why on earth would we have to give the baby up?"

Lucius had looked up at me then, pity coloring his eyes, and said, "I had to give you up."

UGH, my heart. What's funny is that based on the characterization of Lucissa I see a lot on the archive, you might expect it to be the other way around, Narcissa saying she had to give up both of the most important men in her life. But to have Lucius say it just drives the stake a little deeper.

The part with Fenwick was so well done. His death started me as much as it did Narcissa, poor thing. I loved the imagery you used there and the way you compared Narcissa's loss of composure with Lucius's cold calculation. I also like that you've shaken me up here, too. You've woven this beautiful love story with these two very flawed and victimized people, and then I get this little peek into the possibility that maybe Lucius isn't Prince Charming to Narcissa all the time, either. With that, you cement this into the mainstream, without losing any of the richness and beauty of the plot.

It's weird to think of everything I've read and adored for months and months as a mere bedtime story. Did you always intend to end it that way? I really like it, especially the false sense of security that shows up there at the very end. It really reminds me of how jarring the Dark Lord's return would have been for canon Narcissa and Lucius.

This was such a treat, Sarah, and I'm so pleased that I finally got the chance to finish it. Awesome job with everything, from characters to imagery and beyond. I'll surely recommend it in the future!


Author's Response: Amanda! ♥

And it all turned out to be a bedtime story. Yep, it was always intended to end like that. In my mind, the only reason why there were fairy tales woven throughout was to make it interesting for Draco, softening certain points of it so that he would better understand. And as the story went on, it gradually crept into a more canon feel, drawing to a close with the assumption that all was well and Voldemort was gone forever. Even though Lucius and Narcissa were supporters of Voldemort and the dark arts, I think they would have been relieved on some level to have him gone; no one wants to raise their kid around that sort of thing. By the time Voldemort flew back onto the scene, Draco was old enough for Lucius to not care so much; but I think it would have been terrifying for Narcissa, who counted on a peaceful, elegant life in a nice house. They fell very, very far in the end.

Thank you so much for your kind words. :) Your reviews on Purgatory were where I first noticed your name, and it's a very warm and happy feeling to have early readers come back and read the final chapter.


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Review #4, by adluvshp 

20th February 2013:
This was such an amazing piece of writing and I am so sad that it is over!! I absolutely loved every word of this beautiful story. I enjoyed how in the end you tied this "fairytale" with canon... sort of, and it was just all so awesomely done! The entire story was so perfect, your characterisations were amazing, and the plot itself was the best and so original! I really really enjoyed this story and I am quite satisfied with how it ended though it would have been better if this story could go on forever xP

Such a beautifully written story. Great job!!

Thank you for writing this!!


Author's Response: Hey, Aditi! You were one of my first readers for this story, so I'm thrilled to see you back here reading the very last chapter.

This story was a slow, gradual tumble from fairy tale to canon, sort of signifying how the changes in Lucius and Narcissa's life went from light to dark. There was so much promise when they were younger, but they perpetually made bad turns, bad deals; and here they are years later, retelling it to Draco in a softer way that's easier to understand, thinking that Voldemort is gone forever. It's sad to know that they're wrong and another war is going to happen in the future, but for now they have peace.

Thank you so much for being a dedicated and wonderful reader/reviewer!

- Sarah

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Review #5, by Ardeith 

3rd December 2012:
I finally got a chance to finish this beautiful story. I loved how you roamed so far through the realm of fairytales and then brought it all back to canon and turned it back into a fairytale! Hope that makes sense...

I love how you make Narcissa and Lucius so sympathetic but don't lose sight of their flaws. Such as the way you did here with Narcissa so adamant that Ted not be in any pictures of Andromeda and baby Nymphadora.

And then on the other hand, they do such bad things but they really do love each other and baby Draco. I loved this line:

But there was nothing but love in his eyes when he softly said, “Now you won’t have to do it yourself.”

Author's Response: That makes perfect sense; and furthermore it's wonderful to hear, because that's what I was hoping to achieve. :)

Narcissa and Lucius, much as I love them, are also detestable people. So I had to make readers sympathize with them but also had to retain some of their negative behavior, and set it up so that what happens later in canon is consistent with their characterizations right now.

Thank you, so much, for reading this entire story and for reviewing it. I'm very appreciative that you took the time to do so. :)

- Sarah

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Review #6, by TenthWeasley 

25th October 2012:
I don't know why I keep doing this. I should have expected by now that you'd pull some twist or trick or something, and it's always just when I think that I've got a handle on the story that you do it. I don't think I need to repeat the oft-heard, phrase, but I will anyway, because... well, because: YOUR PLOTS ARE MAGNIFICENT. THE END. ♥

I seriously cannot believe that this story is over. I do not want it to be over in the slightest. There is a -- well, a magic to this story, but not the normal sort of magic (or lack thereof) that crops up in Harry Potter fan fiction. I've tried and failed to describe this before, but then I've seen it evident in Frollis, and then Run, and then CHaNT, and I know it's not unique to this particular story. It is a magic that your story-writing has in and of itself. I do not know why my reviews to you always sound so cheesy. I read back on them and cringe, but that is what it is. There is something I get out of reading your stories that I don't get out of anyone else's.

I've loved everything about reading this story, all the gorgeous imagery of the interwoven fairy-tales, and mixing in this cast of new characters with old ones who just weren't what they seemed. Malfoy Manor as you revamped it was one of the all-time best settings I can ever think of reading in a story, and there is something so genuinely magic about it (shoot, there's that word again) -- like you invented it from scratch. But you did, and borrowing the canon name doesn't make that any more untrue. Do you realize how original this story is? I cannot understand why it doesn't have five times the reviews and favorites that it does. This is exactly the sort of thing that fan fiction needs. You always do that with your stories; you see a huge gap that everyone else seems to overlook, and fill it so that nobody can walk in your shoes afterward. I'm so envious it hurts.

The way you transformed Lucius into your metaphorical Beast -- the best. I still get shivers thinking about how you described him. I think that is one of my favorite parts of this story, apart from the manor itself, but again I just really, really want to impress upon you what an incredible work of imagination this whole thing was. And you know, it was so, so worth the wait. This was a fantastic ending! Look at you, turning things on their heads for me again. You'd think I'd see it coming.

I am such a rambling mess. This makes less than no sense. I completely adore this story, and I do not know why it has to be over. Because I really, really am going to miss it, and it's only hitting me now just how much. ♥

Thank you for writing this. Thank you for writing everything! You are my favorite author here. Period. And I am always, always excited to know what you're going to be doing next, because without fail -- it is brilliant. Seriously. You are so fantastic.


Author's Response: Cannot exit this page until I've responded to this review. You deserve a response to your absolutely amazing reviews; I'm making an effort to chisel away at them. ♥

Seriously, telling me that my writing has magic is the biggest compliment you could ever pay me. That's exactly what I strive for; that's the reason why I write at all, and the reason why I always, without fail, will choose to write a fantasy story over a realistic one any day of the week. No matter how much I like a plot set in the real world with real, ordinary people, if I have something with even a whiff of fantasy in it waiting in the wings, I will write that first. I love magic. I love the way you can create it just by using words. So thank you, so much, for saying that. (hug)

What you said about seeing a gap in fanfiction and filling it so that no one can walk in my shoes afterward; OH MY GOD, I HAVE BEEN CONSCIOUSLY WORKING FOR THAT. I just sit here behind my computer screen, cackling away, thinking of how I can take something and make it impossible for people to try to emulate my plots without outright plagiarizing. ~slinks to my corner~

Lucius the creep-o with transparent skin and black eyes - sdfjkdj. *shudder* When I was deciding what he would look like, I thought to myself that a beast with horns and fur was sort of laughable. The beast with fur has already been done; if I'd wanted that, I would have just made him Fenrir Greyback. So I tried to make him scary in a different kind of way; your reception of him was really a cherry on top. It told me that I made a shot in the dark and ended up on target.

BUT HOW CAN I BE YOUR FAVORITE AUTHOR IF YOU ARE MY FAVORITE AUTHOR. IS THIS THE REAL LIFE OR IS IT JUST FANTASY. All of my review responses come out making me look arrogant. I feel like I'm flouncing whenever I write them. But I have such a massive appreciation for your reviews, which I have reminded you time and time again. I would not be on this site without you. I would still be writing really horrible Twilight-ripoff OF's with horrible fail romance because I wouldn't have any idea what my niche was. Writing here gives me the opportunity to test the waters, and your reviews of this story in particular confirmed what I was good at doing, and that's what I started focusing on henceforward: imagery. Your remarks on my imagery made me eager to try it more, and what led me to try to perfect that. And that is the reason why Wanderlust exists. Your feedback informed me of my strengths, and now I can better play with them because you helped prune the way I look at writing, and the many different ways one can tell a story.

You are, simply put, invaluable. ♥

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