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Review #1, by Hannah 

16th November 2015:
Really loving your story! It is very well written with engaging characters and an intriguing plot. I love your interpretation of Scorpius in particular.

Author's Response: Really glad to know you're enjoying the story. Scorpius was a pleasure to write; popped into my head fully formed and was a nuisance until I agreed to tell his story.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #2, by EmmaGM 

4th February 2015:
Poor Scorpius doesn't seem to be taken seriously by the others. Possibly with good reason if I imagine his behaviour in the past. But we all know the most unlikely people can rise to the occasion in a crisis situation.

Lockett really doesn't seem to have things together. She doesn't strike me as the most authorative person and she doesn't seem to be the best teacher to be in charge in this situation.

Great chapter! I loved it, as usual.

Author's Response: Scorpius has made a reputation out of not taking anything seriously. Now it's backfiring when circumstances are turning seriously. We'll see if he's got more mettle.

Lockett is absolutely the worst teacher to be in this situation. She's an academic without much experience of handling children, and while she's not unaccustomed to a crisis, she's not prepared for THIS crisis.


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Review #3, by Roisin 

19th December 2014:
I wish I could just magically transmit every thought I had when I first read these chapters into your brain, BECAUSE SO MUCH /IMPRESSED/ AND /INTO IT/ HAPPENED. But alas, you wrote a hugely engaging story--and while I know it behooves reviews to take notes as you go, it also distracts me from reading SO I DIDN'T SORRY. YOUR FAULT. WRITE WORSE AND MY REVIEWS WOULD BE BETTER.

ANYway. You are the best at opening chapters (as is established). And just... Scorpius... Yes... All of this opening interaction is so great.

I've mentioned before about how much I appreciate your Rose for feminist reasons. Selena is such an oft crapped-on archetype, and I love what you do with her (stripping away the minstrel mask, rather than using her as an internalized-sexism-punching-bag). She really does call people out on their faults and hypocrisies, and that she KNOWS and OWNS these things makes her a strong and self-assured character (because, she's right: Scorpius also cares about his hair). I really love how much of a bad*** she becomes!

And I've DEFINITELY mentioned my protectiveness of Hermione--YOU DO A VERY GOOD GROWN UP HERMIONE. I APPROVE SO MUCH. THANK YOU.

Oh, and this is totally not a real thing at all--but I really like your FC for Lockett! I totally imagine Tamsin Greig as her, and it genuinely works! (Still have so many feelings about whether or not she is the big bad! There's this toggle of me REALLY liking her, which just makes me think she IS because you are probably VERY CLEVER AND WOULD TOTALLY DO THAT TO ME!)

Blargh--there are other praises I want to give this story (reading ahead and backreviewing just makes me want to mention later stuff!) I'll try to make stuff relevant to what actually happens in the chapter I review! (I will likely fail :/ )

Author's Response: I should clearly just plough through Year 5 and hit you up later on reviews but the desire to Sit Down and Say Meaningful Things (and flail) HAS slowed me down. Sooo you don't get to apologise.

Selena was the stealth success of... this series, actually. She was HEAVILY inspired by Buffy's Cordelia, in terms of taking the archetypical popular girl and exploring such, giving depth to her motivations and wants. I have been adamant that her growth will not be her deciding that looking nice and caring about 'superficial' things is wrong! People are allowed nice things! People can care about luxuries as well as important matters! And Scorpius IS such a dandy and nobody would criticise him for being superficial and vain half so much as they would criticise Selena. So I love Selena as my bit of feminist activism and I'm glad you do too.

Hermione also ran away from me a bit. She was the logical contact with the patronus communication technique but I did love having her as a point of call.

In the very, very first draft, the Teacher Mentor in Ignite was a guy, and much more with it, and was going to become a kind of Surrogate Father figure to Scorpius. Then I decided I wanted a much more flawed individual - mostly for dramatic reasons, because the kids get to do more if the responsible figure isn't all that responsible, and wondered why the Surrogate Parent Mentor is almost always a GUY, and then decided that Tamsin Greig would be a hilariously amazing Flawed (drunk) Grumpy Mentor. Like, Lockett would be a grizzled Clint Eastwood type if she was a guy. Apparently that translates for a woman to Tamsin Greig. I'm not sorry.

I'm not sorry about winding you up about her loyalties either. :P

I also really don't mind if the reviews are rambles like this! They're fun. Thanks!

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Review #4, by Siriuslover177 

19th June 2014:
I am glad that they finally made contact, and that they will be able to help them out a littke bit. I like that everything is coming into place, and everyone has a job... Well, besides Scorp. I feel bad for him. He is always last to do something, and I really dont think the teacher trusts him, or likes him.

I hope the teacher can brew up something to help. At least to get them out of pain or something. But it is good that the house elves are helping them now. Hopefully they will start to feel better.

I liked thks chapter. Although I am hoping for some more Rose and Scorp things to happen :P


Author's Response: Scorpius has his uses, but they're not as obvious as everyone else's skills. He's pretty good at finding trouble! Lockett will do her best to keep people in one piece, but it's a hard task. More Scorose undoubtedly to come.

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Review #5, by LightLeviosa5443 

20th November 2013:

I wish people would give Scorpius more credit, he's actually been really helpful through this entire thing!!

I love how the house elf likes Selena, interesting. I also really enjoyed when you had her have an answer to everyone's question. Great chapter.

xoxo LL

Author's Response: Scorpius has been a great background-level supporter and thus gets overlooked. Poor guy, he does deserve some credit.

Selena can cope with the House Elves because she treats them how they expect and want to be treated - she politely but firmly gives them a job and then trusts them to get on with it. And, sometimes, she's not as dumb as she looks! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #6, by Penelope Inkwell 

22nd October 2013:
Favorite Quote:

"Scorpius winced. ‘Unless you’re a teacher, “Mister Malfoy” is what my father gets called.’"

"‘Really.’ The patronus sniffed. ‘I have other names for him. But I digress.”


Author's Response: As will become clear, I don't strictly agree with the idea that Draco grew up all fine and that just because Harry tolerated him, everyone else did, too. ;) I would imagine that he and Hermione had their entanglings over the last 25 years. It went Poorly.

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Review #7, by water_lily43175 

3rd November 2012:
I'm looking for ways to procrastinate from doing my uni work/writing Rails right now. What better way than to finally catch up on my backlog?

Selena. Oh, Selena. I love this bit. Finally, we get to see a bit more of her. Doing her hair, making sure she looks good, totally shallow - except it's NOT, it's just her trying to hide her feelings like a good Slytherin. I LOVE it. And she would like Harley, wouldn't she? Amazing.

This exchange reminds me that we still don't know the full Scorpius/Miranda story. HMM.

"Do you think I get this excited about breakfast, Scorp?" BAHAHA. Love Scorp/Al.

Patronuses. PATRONUSES. Of COURSE! Fantastic method of communication, well done Hermione on developing it. I love Scorpius' amazement that she developed it 'just in case', and then her reaction of 'well of course I did, why wouldn't I?' Sums them both up in a few words.

"I have other names for him." DEAD. Rose awarding Scorp some credit. Interesting turn of events. She really was impressed by him!

"What did you find in the Forest?" "Darkness." Helpful, Scorp. It's a forest...

Intrigued by Hermione's conversation with Nat. VERY intrigued. Need to know these things.

Oh, Selena is my complete fave now. AMAZING. Casually spouting out a bit of magical theory like that. I love her.

Poor Scorp never gets his own job! In fairness to him, if he hadn't exploded the store cupboard, they'd all have gone down with this illness, so he actually did them a great favour! Be nice to him, Nat, he doesn't deserve this! NEXT CHAPTER.

Author's Response: Yay, I am a procrastination tool! Or a tool. Who knows.

Selena was getting a bit neglected before this scene, I thought, but it's a start of her hitting back. She's fun in it, and there's more to come. And SOMEONE had to manage to get on with Harley, and it wasn't going to be Scorpius by now. But yeees, she may know more than she's letting on about Scorp/Miranda. And there's more of THAT to come.

The idea of Hermione having become stupidly prepared for all sorts of eventualities post-war always amused me; certainly in Ignite she's got her finger in a gazillion pies just to try to stop the world from going to pot all over again. She's decided to have her own little arc in the story, which I wasn't anticipating (parents were meant to solely serve their children's arc), but I'm okay for a Hermione rebellion.

Rose likes seeing the worst in Scorpius and making sure everyone else can - but by her nature she has a harder time ignoring evidence right in front of her nose. She IS her mother's daughter after all.

Haha, Scorpius makes that exact argument to Nat in a later chapter. More coming! No worries! Thanks for reviewing!

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