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Review #1, by academica 

16th December 2012:
Hi Sarah! I'm here with a holiday review for you ♥

Narcissa... I just... gah. Her pain is so palpable, even though it's wrapped up in this sense of privilege. She's like a spoiled child with every right to throw a tantrum. She should be living a happy wedded life, excited to welcome her child into the world, and yet everything is quite the opposite. It so pains me that she feels excluded from everything--her house, her husband, her family.

Speaking of which, this line--I got the strange sensation that he robbed people of their sentiments, and so I took great care to hide mine--is genius. Also, her latter idea that the Dark Lord is a thief--I loved seeing that theme running throughout this chapter. Narcissa is bright enough to see this before any of Voldemort's loyal followers, and it will be too late for most of them.

Anyway, plot-wise... Severus being the one to try to recruit Peter is very interesting. I can imagine Peter panicking when he realizes that his friends are leaving him behind and turning to an old enemy for help, given the right setting and words. I'm sad to see that Regulus is already gone, though I should expect as much given the time frame.

I know the last chapter is written and waiting for me, and I can't help but hope to see a return to the fairy tale origins of this story, since I don't believe that I'll find a happy ending for Lucius and Narcissa. Whatever the outcome, this story has been a joy to follow, and I'm excited to go back sometime in the next few weeks and finish it up.

Amanda :)

Author's Response: I like your comparison to a spoiled child, because that's exactly what I was going for. Narcissa is very selfish. She doesn't care that the Death Eaters are plotting to kill people. She just cares that they're doing it in her house and invading her privacy.

Voldemort really is a thief. He steals lives, he steals time (Horcruxes), he steals privacy and his followers' sense of identity. They're not individuals anymore. The second they pledged their loyalty to him, they became extensions of himself, albeit easily disposable extensions. Narcissa resents him because of what he's done to her, but doesn't really care about what he does to others.

I've always wondered exactly how and why Peter deviated from the Order. He would have to have a reason to believe the Order would lose, assuming that the Death Eaters were a stronger bet. It got me to thinking about Severus and all he had suffered at the hands of the Marauders, and how tempting and satisfying it would be to turn one of the Marauders against the others. Having Severus be the one to whisper in Peter's ear was something I'd been wanting to write for quite a while.

The next chapter has a small, small taste of fairy tale, but mostly the fairy tales have morphed into my idea of Pre-Hogwarts canon. The next chapter has two jumps in time, and I hope you're satisfied with the ending. Thank you so much, Amanda, for being one of the early readers of Purgatory and seeing it through to the end. I'll miss seeing your feedback on Lucius/Narcissa.

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Review #2, by Ardeith 

24th October 2012:
Great chapter! I felt so sorry for Narcissa and hate to see her and Lucius like this. :-( I totally did not pick up that she was pregnant until this line: "Iíll be glad when that thingís out of you. You havenít been yourself.Ē Hope baby Draco can make things better for her...

Love this idea, too:

"I didnít want to feel anything when the Dark Lord was in the room, as I didnít want him to somehow take those emotions from me. I got the strange sensation that he robbed people of their sentiments, and so I took great care to hide mine."

Author's Response: I felt bad for Narcissa and Lucius, too. :( They are going through one of their many rough patches. It'll only get worse as time goes on, I'd imagine.

Baby Draco! Eee! I was excited to be able to introduce him, in his small unborn self. It adds a layer of HP-realism to the story. For most of Purgatory, everything is more or less dreamlike. But here, with Narcissa on the verge of giving birth, it reminds us that the normal canon world will soon elapse this one.

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing, Ardeith! You are awesome. :)

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Review #3, by TenthWeasley 

18th October 2012:
BABY DRACO. I HAVE ASKED FOR NARCISSUS BABIES AND YOU HAVE DELIVERED. SO FREAKING EXCITED IN THIS MOMENT. EEE.EEE.EEE ♥ ♥ And this chapter was just not even happy as a whole, and that one little part about a tiny foot made it all better even while it really wasn't getting better at all, and oh my gosh I should not be having this kind of reaction to something so small.


I think one of the most impressive things about where you've taken this story, and one of the things that kept playing over and over in my mind when I was reading this chapter (I lied to you -- I read it on my phone before French, haven't even done laundry yet!) is how well you've merged this alternate universe fairy tale with canon, so that I can't even really go back and say for sure when it stopped being one and started being the other. Does that make any sense at all? I was just reading this, and it didn't feel like Lucius had been that thin-skinned, dark-eyed monster who enthralled/terrified me (urgh, your descriptions of him). He was his canon self, and this felt like such a realistic portrayal of the events surrounding this era that when you started talking about Horatio and Ramien and Wasteir and all that again, I had to take a little breather and remember what all had gone on. I love that so much, that you've been able to combine the two! Gahhh. So jealous of your plots once again. You can write anything.

YOUR SNAPE. ♥ Homg, you nailed him so perfectly here I am unable to even articulate it properly. So fantastic!! Even the adverbs you use to describe the way he speaks -- silkily comes to mind, I was absolutely floored by that -- characterize him perfectly. This is why I love it when you write Snape; you're not one of those people who tilts the scales completely one way or completely another with him. He's not a heroic good guy, fighting evil undercover, but he's not evil either. He is a swayed man, under Voldemort's spell all the while not quite sure how he got in like he did. That image of talking about the Marauders as his old classmates is so, so powerful. Write moar.

Ergh. I feel sorry for Narcissa, because clearly her quality of life has taken a drastic downward turn of late. And I can't help but be a little angry at Lucius -- even though he's really got no choice other than to keep on doing what he's doing, he's kind of being a jerk about everything. But now I'm so sad, because there isn't a lot of time left for things to get better for the pair of them. Then again... this is very nearly how they are when we first see them in canon, isn't it? I have never wanted the Malfoys to live happily more than I do at this moment. And I don't even like the Malfoys all that much. What are you doing to my emotions.

There is no way your Lucius came from mine. Absolutely no way. You write him one thousand times better, and oh my gosh, I have missed this story. ♥ I HAVE NOT SAID THAT ENOUGH. But it's too close to ending, and that makes me want to curl up in a small ball and start the whole story over again, and revel in the glory that is the fairy tale-esque writing in this story.


Author's Response: BABY DRACO. ♥

Wee ferret-face is somehow more endearing to me when I have to put up with him through the eyes of a main character. I've spent most of my career as a Potterhead loathing the Slytherins, just because I'm one of /those/ obnoxious Gryffindors. You've really opened up my eyes when it comes to that, really. You made me love Snape when my feelings towards him used to be lukewarm at best (and now he's one of my faves!). You've showed me that Slytherin does not = evil. So it was with this mindset that I was able to branch out and write Narcissus.

Basically, I owe 99% of my author's page to you. Ignore my gush-fest here, but it's true. Like, this story here. I can tell you flat-out that I wouldn't have written it were it not for you, because I only started it after writing for your challenge, with my short Lucius/Narcissa one-shot. It gave me a taste for it and I wanted to write more; and I only kept writing it because of your support for it. You read and reviewed every single chapter. I will never take that for granted because I'm aware of just how rare it is for someone to be that supportive and encouraging. Purgatory helped me discover what I'm good at and not good at: Abstain from physical romance; don't write pretty-sounding things just for the sake of it. Only do it because of the atmosphere, the style, and if it carries the story forward. If it bogs it down, let it go.

I'm so glad you like my plots, that you liked these characters and that you were willing to give AU a try when it's arguably one of the most unliked genres on the archive. (PEOPLE SERIOUSLY DO NOT LIKE AU. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT.)

I keep going off-topic here and not addressing your actual review. Lucius is starting to become his familiar cold self, segueing into canon. I wanted Narcissa to feel isolated, oppressed. I imagine that this is the way she has to live whenever Voldemort's in charge; it's the only way she can fly under the radar and survive. And like so many other Slytherins, survival is her biggest concern. Gryffindors chomp at the bit to throw themselves into harm's way, playing the hero and sacrificing themselves, and through a Slytherin's eyes I can see how foolish they look even though I can see it from both sides. Such different perspectives on life, and both equally fascinating. I've loved being able to depict this odd, unlikely love that can sometimes be cold and cruel; and sometimes it can be absolutely wonderful.

Thank you so much for reading my attempt at a Harry Potter fairytale. :)

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