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Review #1, by Snapdragons 

4th February 2013:
reviewing as I go along because I can yay

"Bea, did you give me hot pants?" oh my god
Also, little granny Bea is maybe the most adorable thing ever only I know all too well that grandmothers' looks can be deceiving- they can be terrifying.

It took a moment for Fred to catch the cue, but luckily gritty crime serials had prepared him well. Luckily. Should have known they would come in handy some day. Be prepared!

There went his hypothetical deerstalker. moment of silence for the deerstalker that could have been :(


Also, slightly off topic (was there a topic to begin with?) but I agree with Fred about the whole idea of school preparing you for the real world but not actually being the real world. It's a bit weird and a bit scary to think of actually being pushed into it.

AL ♥ ♥ Potterpuff will always be my favorite forever and ever. His anthill explanation was literally the best ajsdklf;askj

I love that Fred's cover name is James. Perfect. (Also, he definitely wins best point man ever.) Fred is a shining star in this chapter.

Plans were somewhat of an oxymoron, as no plans ever went as planned, and the only solution was to have low expectations and plenty of backups. to be honest, I think the only thing I expect at this point is an explosion.



I refuse to believe it. You're really just doing this because you like to be mean and mess with me so I'm going to go read the next chapter now and Scorpius will be alive and everything will be fine all right goodbye

Author's Response: ahuarhaurhur, I love review-alongs for this chapter.

y'all have to fear anyone who's been here for eighty-odd years. That's a lot of years to not-die (unless you're Harry).


(That was the moment of silence. I lowered my own deerstalker over my heart. I don't actually own one, but the image was so clear in my mind, I convinced myself that I did. It was red tartan)

Fred's bit about school was inspired! The ~competitive job world~, even freshman year of college is really different already from secondary school. I expected it, but it still kind of blows my mind.

Cupcakes and explosions are the only constant. We are basically only missing a bakery explosion.

but I did imagine you crossing your arms and shoving Scorpius's life force in my hands with all the tenacity of Bea, like NOPE NOPE NOPE HE'S NOT DEAD ALL RIGHT GOOD DAY SIR.

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Review #2, by Aiedail 

27th January 2013:

cackling at bea's po-po stunt i can't believe it she trips all over everything always and now she's beating off thieves with a tree branch it's too good to be true

darn this is going to be hard for scorpius when both his tr00 lurves turn up as his saviors i'm gettin nervous for my OTP arhg feels




Ha. HA. My pun. My terrible pun.

BEA DOES NOT TRIP SHE IS A GRACEFUL EXPLODING FLOWER. she meant to fall on her face, see.

ohohohoh. but WILL HE SEE.


-eowyn feminist cackle-

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Review #3, by forsakenphoenix 

13th January 2013:
YOU CANNOT DO THIS TO ME, GINA. My heart is crushed.

This was such an exciting chapter, though! I think you built it up really well and the use of disguises really helped. I loved Bea terrorizing potential thieves as an old woman. "Respect your elders!" Hahaha.

I love getting to see more of Fred here too and how he's sort of become the point man, as you say. It's kind of nice to see how plans come together and you realize that they don't always go as planned. You always seem to have everything all tied together so well and it's all well thought out. I love reading this story because you do make things realistic and I think that's important. :)

I still don't know if I trust Anjali but she did bring them to Scorpius and Al seems to trust her. I don't know. There's just something about her that seems off to me.

I really hope that Scorpius isn't really dead and that it's some spell or something. Poor Bea. Poor Scorpius! AHH. Sorry for the short review but I must continue to the next chapter ASAP to find out what happens!

Author's Response: OH BUT I DID it's okay I read your next review too 8D

The story seemed incomplete without a stick-waving grandma. I've got a family of traditional Chinese farmers and I remember my mom telling me how she used to play marble games and jacks with /rocks/.

Ahh, I'm glad there's people out there who thinks these are well thought out because I certainly don't xD Especially not while writing them and wailing at all the plot holes. I was saying that I'd be too logical of a kidnapper because I wouldn't beat around the bush and just snap a few necks and the story would be over because everyone's dead and I'd get away. So the moral of the story is, it's a good thing I'm not a kidnapper. 8D


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Review #4, by Aderyn 

29th December 2012:
Oh hai.

I am ridiculously late on reviewing things. But here goes. So first, I feel like the first part of this chapter perfectly embodies the title of the story. Like this is capers at its best--there is action, adventure, comedy, and just the right amount of danger. Of course, as Fred says, they're in the "real" world now, but still, the comedy makes the little things that go wrong seem not so serious. Even Anjali showing up doesn't change that, probably because Albus works to contradict her schemes-- if she's the most guarded person, he's the most transparent.

Fred gets a pretty big part in this chapter, which is great, because he's at his best when he's planning (rather than watching/stalking). Seriously, he has definitely taken the mantle from Fred/George.

Up until the end, this was a -fun- read. Like, Bea as a granny, and Fred's fake name being James (literally perfect). And his plan for getting in works well and shows why Bea really counts on him.

And then there's the end. What is Anj talking about--she knows these guys? I feel like it's bigger than what Bea thinks it is. Intrigue!

Lastly, I'm sure you've gotten every possible reaction about Scorpius's death. Is he dead? Is he fake dead? Is he fake fake dead (aka real dead)? I think I said this to you before, but the whole fake dead thing seems to have become all twisted up. Like fake-dead used to be a surprise, but now it happens so much that having someone be really dead is more unexpected. I will join the rest of your reviewers in saying I hope he isn't really dead. But also I have my own theory--you have that chapter image of Bea and Scorpius dancing together in your gallery that says "Chapter 30" so that means he -can't- be dead, right? Right, cause it would be weird for her to be dancing with a ghost/dreaming/maybe you planted that to confuse us all/this is just a ploy for you to torment your readers that you set up months and months ago knowing someone would see the chapter image and assume he lives when really he's dead and that's just Bea dancing with Fred in Polyjuice potion or alternately Scorpius's evil twin. But actually. You know. It's plausible.

Anyhow. I most eagerly await an update. Thanks for putting up with this review that I swear I started out as serious but that degraded into some random worst case scenario musings.

This story is the bestest, as are you. ♥ ♥ Haley

Author's Response: HAAALEY :3 Aaah, I love how you see Albus and Anjali. I mean, they are the super-odd couple for many reasons, but guarded vs transparent is such a good way to describe it. And appreciating the caper too ♥ they've been getting bigger and ~realer~ with every one.

Fred got to /shine/. I've been waiting for this moment for so long :'D BBs. YOU'RE ALL GROWIN' UP.

I really don't know why I write chapters that are really happy then really sad or start out happy and end sad. It's probably not the best technique (I'd put my bets on the serial updates), but I hope people don't mind xD

Bahaha, that chapter image, oh man, THE THEORIES IT HAS SPAWNED. But actually that isn't in the story anymore. It might be tweaked, because I do have actual stuff written for a ball already. The scene was written. It just doesn't fit now xD Or you know, maybe HE WAS A GHOST ALL ALONG ~twist and shout~

AND I wouldn't be smart enough to confuse everyone with a year-long set up, but I would take credit for it anyway :'D It's Scorpius' evil twin, Ronaldo.


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Review #5, by tragicYETmagic 

21st December 2012:
Please don't let Scorpious be dead.
I really love your interpretation of his character, it's very realistic and very well written.
Bea is awesome. I don't have to say anything more.
I like this chapter especially for Fred's involvement. It really helps the story in as a whole and shows where he fits in, if that makes sense.
Can't wait to read the next chapter.
Magic xx

Author's Response: Ahh thank you! :) I'm glad you like Fred's part - he finally gets a bit of time in the story -- properly! I'm hurriedly writing the next chapter now, hopefully I can post it right after the holidays!

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Review #6, by spreaddapoo93 

19th December 2012:
You chose this cliff to hang on, Gina??? WHY~?

It's absolutely brilliant! I'll give you that; I don't have the faintest what's coming next, and my whole body's doing this weird high-frequency vibration/trembling thing which seems paranormal enough to call in a specialist, but... Ahem... This is all amazing!

Ah! I can't even think about the next chapter without foaming at the mouth... (And, Dead End! You sneaky woman; you did that on purpose, like a great smack on the face with a kneazle of a plot-twist!) Needless to say, I'll be waiting, like a little kid under the Christmas tree waiting patiently for Santa Claus with a plate of cookies and milk at hand! (The cookies and milk are for you! ... Which means... you're Santa...? Ah, I'm dropping the analogy).

Much loves, and hope you're enjoying the Christmas holiday! :) (Merry Christmas! ... If you celebrate that kind of thing).


oh no, I believe that is called being posessed. You should call your local voodoo witch doctor immediately and do not drive heavy machinery.

THE PUN IN THE TITLE WAS ALSO TO GOOD TO PASS UP :'D I am writing bits of it now, hopefully I can get it up tomorrow!

♥ Merry Christmas to you too (responded on Christmas, no less)! I do indeed celebrate it, at least as far as food and festivities go :D Stuffed meself last night!

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Review #7, by tothoseinterested 

3rd December 2012:
I have just invested a complete weekend reading your story and then you FREAKING KILL SCORPIUS?! You tease. And I was enjoying your story immensely until you RIPPED MY HEART OUT OF MY CHEST AND THEN KICKED IT ACROSS THE FLOOR. Why? WHY?! I quite liked my heart where is was, thank you very much!

Despite this betrayal, good chapter and update soon please. 8D

Author's Response: WEEELL~~ ~ ~


(Maybe I was collecting hearts :D)

In the process of writing! ♥

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Review #8, by Mickelanddime 

20th November 2012:
Loved Fred's point of view. At the start, he was way too uptight for me, but knowing that he has a reason for it, I love his hidden stealthiness.
Please please please post soon!
Also I forgot to mention that I loved your Sherlock reference in the previous chapter :)

Author's Response: Hee, thanks :D Fred is such a dork. A bit of a Hermione-flavor stick in the mud. Uptight, but is half the reason why her friends are alive xD

I'll try; hopefully I can get a lot of holiday writing done!

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Review #9, by FlicketyXD 

18th November 2012:
So I just read this in the space of about a day and have become incredibly emotionally invested in all the characters, to the extent that I don't know if I will survive any character death...

If JK Rowling (the epitamy of evil character death) couldn't make Draco Malfoy a killer then I'm pretty sure you shouldn't kill his son! (I'm not sure if that logic makes sense or not but basically please don't let him be dead?)

Also I loved the Chinese granny bit; my best mate's gran is Chinese and my god she's exactly like Bea... :o

Author's Response: Ahh another reader! Gah I love it when people tell me that because I feel like we're all bunched up in a giant blanket waiting for the end together. I get really feelsy.

Game of Thrones is a lot more deathy; Ron would've died in the first book if GRR Martin wrote it xD I will consider that logic though!

Bahaha, I love being able to insert bits of her background in there. There's not a lot of Chinese OCs, or even Chinese in YA fiction, so I hope to do what I can to represent!

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Review #10, by FlisS 

16th November 2012:
Oh my god scorpius had best not be dead! I think I may cry...

Author's Response: Baww, don't cry! You shall find out soon!

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Review #11, by harrietm 

3rd November 2012:
I've been enjoying this story so much, it's original and quirky and isn't just "Scorpius and Rose fell in love BLAH BLAH BLAH the end." All the characters are fascinating, and unlike characters I've read before.
HE CAN'T BE DEAD! Just no!
I anxiously await his resurrection!
I need to read more about him in his hilarious pink apron!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! :3 Capers is pretty much my personal next gen headcanon; I means so much when people love my characters as much as I do.

Bah, but surely Hogwarts is in need of fashionable ghosts? A pink aproned and orange blazered spirit floating about? ;D

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Review #12, by XxImAgInAiReXx (who is too lazy to log in) 

23rd October 2012:
Huh... wh--what? Scorpius is dead?


How could you do this to us, woman? There better be a reasonable explanation for this utter blasphemy! Kill Scorpius? Are you crazy? Scorpius is like my favorite character, you can't just kill him! I HATE YOU RIGHT NOW!

Please please please let Scorpius live.


10/10, though, great plot twist. Update soon! Capers or Ect., I don't care which. Just update.

Now. Update now.

I'll leave now.

Author's Response: OH BUT YES!

8D well reviewers have given me quite a few suggestions as to how to revive him, so I'll try to pass it along to the crew. Maybe Albus can give him a true friendship's kiss.

♥ I hope to update soon! :3

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Review #13, by naughtforreal 

23rd October 2012:
(today is post-your-review-in-one-word day. nah. can't help it. Anyway, I love that Fred gets to be on the spotlight this time and Anjali and Al appearing and the four of them helping each other just to find Scorpius, WHO I REALLY BELIEVE MUSTN'T BE DEAD BECAUSE CUPCAKES. he need to bake more cupcakes. I mean, how will the world survive without the blazer-loving cupcake-baking Scorpius? So yep. I refuse to accept it. also, still sulking at the fact the six chapters left. oh noes. I can't. I just. jskhdksjahjhsdjksah le sob~)


/BECAUSE CUPCAKES/ this is the most compelling argument yet, really.

the six chapters is really a misnomer xD All the fun fluffy stories are the stories I can't post until this plotty main story is done. So really, it's like six chapters of /plot/ left. IF ONLY YOU ALL KNEW THE SHEER CRACKERY I'VE SAVED UP OVER THE PAST TWO YEARS 8D

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Review #14, by PhoenixPulse 

20th October 2012:
Ah-ha! I knew Anjali's presence in the last chapter was a bit fishy, but her helping? I would've never dreamed of it. I hate how she uses Albus though. It's not fair! Innocent, sweet minds are corrupted! I have to grudgingly admit though, Albus does a great job bringing out the best of people. And I love him for it.

And I loved the who transfiguring clothes part. I wasn't so sure what hot pants were, so I opened another window and looked them up on google images. Three words:
I. Freaking. Died. :D

And Bea in granny clothes. I loved her epic scene, warding off three men. This was by far my most favorite part:

"You think you can steal from me? In China, I deal with robbers before you 'er born!" she crowed and advanced upon the men. Her white hair was flung about her face, and if Fred didn't know better, she really was a little old scary granny. "And in China, we can-not afford wands, so we use sticks. Want to see stick magic?"

Shawl billowing, she spun and clobbered a third wizard creeping up behind her on the nose, and the fall to the floor knocked him out cold. The other two rushed forward, but then Bea gave the branch a warning rattle, and they looked at each other and decided to search for an easier mark.

"Respect your elders!" she screeched as they fled.

Pure. Epic. Win.

And I can only imagine Bea's heartbreak when she saw Scorpius. My heart litterally dropped for the worst. Right when they were truely becoming a shipment, everything shatters! HOW COULD YOU!?!

jk jk, I still love this story, and you're still one of my favorite authors on here. I just.I can't...I don't want wrap my head around him being dead... It just can't happen. He's freaking Scorpius Malfoy. DESTINED to be with Bea for goodness sakes. This cannot be happening. My shipper heart is sinking. My freaking ship is sinking!

Okay, melodramatic phase is over. You're leaving us off on a great cliff hanger. I NEED more. *stares at the computer screen as if in dire need of drugs*

Author's Response: Dearie Albus :3 I'm quite excited for Anjali's development in the next chapter.

Bahaha and you will never unsee hot pants ever again.

Heee, I love putting in bits of Bea's Chinese background - there are a few scenes of her at home that probably will get into the short story collections.

SHIPMENT I love that term. I will try to use that term. BUT YEAH I ER. ACCIDENTALLY KILLED HALF OF THAT SHIP? 8D scramble onto the lifeboards, everyone!

♥ please use eyedrops if you're going to be staring for three weeks.

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Review #15, by Nic 

19th October 2012:
I love Bea and Scorp, they shouldn't work but they do! Keep it up :) x

Author's Response: Hee, Capers is all about the odd pairs. Everyone's shippable! Thank you!

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Review #16, by Crescent Moon  

18th October 2012:
He can't be dead.
He just can't.
I refuse to believe it.
It's not true.
You're lying to us.
He will come back alive.
He will.

(P.S. Loved the chapter as always)


♥ ehehe.

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Review #17, by peppersweet 

18th October 2012:


!!! !!! !!!

my face has literally turned into an exclamation mark!!!



you're so wrong. the first rule of knockturn alley isn't to keep walking, it's that you do not talk about knockturn alley.

hooved haggis! yes! YES!

er mah gerd bea as crazy chinese granny it's like this was her true spirit all along

anjali water u doing anjali stahp PUT POTTERPUFF BACK

daring escape plans with teenagers at the helm? harry potter taught me enough about that. ruh roh.

eee that was the cutest fred characterisation ever!

...THIS IS GETTING SRS I know you said it got srs and I'm pleased it is getting srs but it suddenly got srs when Fred punched the d00d and there was blood and I was like 'woah der this is srs'.

but I do rather approve.






you broke the rule of knockturn alley omg julia how could you.

I WAS MAKING A SCOTTISH IN-JOKE AND I DINNAE EVEN KNOW. tartan has obviously taken root in my subconscious.

inner bea is 109 years old. she doesn't have an inner child. it's an inner granny.

yup, blood was the sign, man. I was like O K time to make use of this strong violence warning. And make use of it I will~


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Review #18, by A_Johnson49 

18th October 2012:
No! Oh dear!! How could you leave it like this? :P You definitely know how to keep someone reading.

Hurrah for the return of Albus and I have a couple of speculations as to the actions of Anjali... Also, loving Fred now. He's super BA in this chapter. It's good to have the gang back... even if Anjali has to be there, too. Oh well...

But Scorpius? What's going to happen??? Ahhh! Keep up the awesome work!

Author's Response: It was too tempting not to ;D

Ooh, speculate away! I foresee the next chapter being thick with theories, depending on who you trust.

Thank you for reading! ^__^

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Review #19, by Elizajane 

18th October 2012:
ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! I can't even ... what in the?! ... WHY?!?! Okay, we'd better have some serious Sleeping Beauty/Snow White thing going on where Bea's kiss saves him and brings him back to life or I'm gonna ... I'm gonna be so sad!!
And Anjali is so evil! Ugh, she's brutal! And totally in on it!! But maybe she's been turning good?
I love Fred!! He is so awesome! And Bea being the Grandma was amazing! And Al is so cute!!

Author's Response: SERIOUSLY! AHA I love that everyone's jumping on the Sleeping Beauty train. Maybe Albus will have a magic kiss of friendship.

I love writing Anjali; she's got so many different motivations, I have to think about what side she's leaning on at the moment, hehe. I think next chapter might explain a bit more :D

♥ thank you ^__^

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Review #20, by infinitesimal 

17th October 2012:
What the.. OK. Scorpius. is. NOT. dead.
I'm totally expecting some devious plot twist in the next chapter. No one dies in fanfics. Except in those really angsty ones and capers, well it's a happy-cupcakey fic. So.. no. Just NO.
Anyhow, great chapter. I quite like the two week update.

Author's Response: Can a fic have both cupcakes and a body count? :0 WE SHALL SEE!

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Review #21, by DumbledoresArmyOfOne 

16th October 2012:
That didn't just happen.
I'm going to pretend that I didn't read the ending.
In my head, they've all gone out for cupcakes and ice cream and cupcake ice cream and are all laughing in a ridiculously photogenic way. Hah!
Nope, not working.
This was a great chapter, though :D Freddie needs some attention, poor thing.
We haven't seen much of him until now.
Scary stick-wielding granny Bea was my favourite part of this chapter :D
So cute!

Author's Response: I shall join you in the lalalalalala~ oooh, and cupcake ice cream. Get me some of that :0 But I wouldn't fit into the photogenic picture because I'm terribly awkward in photos with my huge squawky mouth.

♥ glad you liked old Freddie and very much older Bea :3

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Review #22, by Icouldn'tcomeupwithanawesomename 

16th October 2012:
For some reason my review didn't make it the first time I sent it, so I'll just write you a new one, for you deserve it: plot twists all the way!

I actually thought for a moment that Anjali was going to lock them all in that cellar, but then something worse happened: Scorpius. NO. He can't be dead; he n Bea haven't had their hogsmeade date yet. Bea, this is your cue to kiss him awake. No one kissed by a power-po-po can stay asleep.

About Fred - directionless, yearning for olden days... that's so sad... please tell him for me that he's awesome, and more than a point man (he can be pointman in his own life! How's that for an idea!) and you should get him a girl, you should.

As my brain indicated - thinking up things about Anjali locking people up - I don't trust her. She knows the kidnappers. What's up with that? Is she the one ordering them to kidnap Scorp? But she liked him! To get back at Bea, then? Wow, this chapter makes my head spin.

Albus really can get everyone to be his friend. Like magic (duh). He could probably befriend the kid- and stereotype-nappers if he wanted to. (Or not, as they're knocked out cold.) But I still think his "friendship" with Anjali is weird; she has to have some ulterior motive. (I don't like her; can you tell?)

What I really admire about you is how even though this chapter is about some heavy stuff (possible casualties) you manage to keep it light. Hotpants all the way :) But what happened to all the candy? She should have given Fredders a candy walking cane or something XD

PS Sorry for my short/lack of reviews as of lately; life is always two days ahead of me, it seems, and I was busy catching up on it. Now my reading and sleeping time is scheduled on the same time :S
Hope this made up for it :)

Author's Response: Plot twists all the way down!

Anjali and her door-locking skills. She could probably defeat everyone just by locking them somewhere unfortunate. But no, alas, it is worse D:

I shall tell that to ol' Freddie. ♥ even though there's all this flurry over Scorpius, this adventure is truly his moment to shine :3

Anjali, always so suspish. I will say that her concern for Scorpius is genuine - she does care for him, though not romantically. But there are quite a lot of motivations abound ;)

I had the sudden vision of Albus rousing the kidnappers into a musical. This is not going to happen, but I'll admit, for about half a second, it was very tempting.

Heee ♥ it was hard to make it all work, but I am trying veeery hard for Capers to not fall into an angst hole because those are dark dark holes.

And naww, your reviews are always so lovely! ♥ I can be patient. (and my sleeping time is non-existent D:).

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Review #23, by NadiaX 

16th October 2012:

"James." It'd been his fake name for a decade; James still didn't know. x)


What the hell? O.o
Tell me you're not on of these authors (Martin and Co.) who like to kill their main characters -.-'. That would be so NOT fun.
He's not dead. Your story is way too cheerful for that (isn't it? O.O). It certainly is! (ISN'T IT?! O_O)

And now what would I do? :(
Die from curiosity.
Goodbye, world.

(Hoping you will update before I die :D)

Author's Response: AM I? :0 WHO KNOWS. I haven't killed off anyone before. MAYBE I'M STARTING RIGHT NOW~ There must be a first time for everything. I'll have a funeral where everyone dresses in awful colored blazers instead of black.

D: Don't die! I don't need a bodycount in my review sections too!

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Review #24, by rez 

16th October 2012:
WHAT. This is not happening. I'd actually quite like Scorpius to be dead right now, and I'm not entirely sure why.. I wholeheartedly shipped Bea/Scorpius (ESPECIALLY because she's not bloody rose thank god) but at this point killing him off adds so much drama! Oh the drama, how I love it! Cupcake forensics leads this story to strange, wonderful places which I am loving and am currently very excited to see where this goes.. Keep tapping those keys!

Fave quote: "Bea, did you give me hot pants?" "Well, you do kindampull it off, if it makes you feel any better.."

Author's Response: It seems that the review area is filling up with quite a lot of denial, the lovely first stage of grief 8D

I WILL TELL YOU that in my considerations of whether or not to actually kill off Scorpius, I did think that it was quite fitting. As I wrote these chapters, with Bea hoping he isn't dead and thinking herself crazy, with Fred on his first 'real' adventure and seeing the costs, I was like, wow. A dead Scorpius works almost too well.

♥ thank you!

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Review #25, by Shauna 

16th October 2012:
I love this story so much you are a genius
Excellent characters in an excellent story

Author's Response: Thank you very much! :)

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