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Review #1, by HP Fan 

29th May 2017:
Loved your story! I was laughing, crying and cheering James.
James Rules!

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Review #2, by ByeByeBirdie 

19th April 2017:
I cannot tell you how much I loved this story. Words do not do it justice. I found it on a whim and am so freaking thankful I did. I might have (definitely) cried once or twice (ten times) because you brought these characters to life. You made them real. I feel like I know them inside and out. Every joke they made I felt I was there laughing with them. Every heartbreak they endured, I was there as a crying shoulder. Every match they played I was in the stands rooting them on. My heart literally ached when Avery broke up with James. I felt numb when James thought Quidditch was over for him. And I cannot remember a time I smiled that wide or cried as many happy tears as I did at those last few sentences in chapter 54. You gave what could have been a predictable story unexpected twists and turns. And the best part was, you turned a story about Quidditch into FIFTY-FOUR CHAPTERS. Who does that without it getting boring or stale? YOU. So here I am bowing down to you for taking such a small part of J.K. Rowling's world and making it into something great.

Please never stop writing.

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Review #3, by MalfoyMannor 

15th June 2015:
I absolutely loved this story and now I'm going to read the already amazing sequel :)

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Review #4, by Amy (padfootspatronus) 

11th June 2015:
WOW. First of all, 100/10 is more appropriate!!!
I started reading this a few days ago and I got hooked... I am in love with all your characters! Even Lawson and Emerson (well, love to hate!) My heart broke with Avery's, I was rooting for Palbus, and Lily is amazing! Freddie and Amy are awesome too, I hope they get married in the sequel ;) and Bink, what a guy!
I was so angry with the whole Mr. Flynn situation; I had to walk away from my computer and get some chocolate to calm me down! Also, you totally nailed the Scottish weather thing (though it's currently extremely uncharacteristically warm!!!)
Anyway, despite the fact that I start work in 9.5 hours, I'd better get started on the sequel, and all your others...
Keep writing, your work is a joy to read!!!

Amy xoxox

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Review #5, by Anon 

4th June 2015:
Writing quality is still top-notch. New cast of characters and all. Victoria the Pygmy Puff is my favorite part (how protective and caring he is to her). I do have to say that this story is longer than usual, though. There were times where it felt like it was dragging on. Then again, it might be just because I read too much in the last week.

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Review #6, by ANightingaleInAGoldenCage 

24th May 2015:
I really hate you.

This might not be the best of starts for a review and I know it, but, well, it's the first review I've ever written so I am going to be honest. And that, unfortunately, starts by saying that I hate you.

No, okay, I don't, not really anyway, since I've never met you and can't possibly hate people on writingstyle alone, but yet I do.

Cause it doesn't always happen that I refuse to do mundane stuff like eating, grocerieshopping (poor cats are pretty much out of catfood right now), and going to bed when I should, just because I can't put the story down.

In fact, I only ever did for work.

You see, I find your story to be that good. And that bothers me, cause I can't a) ever be as good as this, and b) put this story down.

I love the characterisation in the story. You give every char enough flaws, despite making it humorous. You sometimes explain why certain chars behaved that way, if needed be, and honestly, with all those stomachaches and cramping, I expected Bink to be really sick - though, lucikly, he was not.

And while you could see Javery from miles away, it was fun to yell at James to realise what an idiot he was, to root for them and to get frustrated when they were to thick to make anything happen.

The pets were also an awesome mention. I keep laughing at the name Falcon Cat and I love the fact that James has a pink Pygmy Puff named Victoria. You'd almost think Lily had picked her out just to annoy James.

I also loved the faceclaims above each chapter (though one didn't work for me, so I couldn't see it, and even though I really could not see Robert Downey Jr as a Harry - but thats me). You really could vision the characters that way.

That all being said - I can't at this moment not think of anything more to add - I can't wait to see what you did with the sequel! I'll definitely go on straight to that one.

Love, Ineke

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Review #7, by anonyxxx 

5th May 2015:
This was just epic awesome. I can't believe I how badly i was hooked to this story. From the start, to James' mind voices.it was hilarious, silly, serious, fun, dramatic, heart warming, sweet, funny...well as you can see i can go on and on and on. It was like an emotional roller coaster and you didn't keep it serious all the way, having light hearted sentimental moments that pretty much made my day. The drunken rambles, Emerson Edwards (nuff said), even whimsical Fred and seriously bada** Lily, the story was epic and it left us feeling happy and warm and mushy inside. So thanks, for one epic happy adrenaline rushing roller coaster that was your story :) Please keep writing, you have a wonderful flair for communicating your ideas in simple and uncomplicated terms while endearing all your characters and bringing them to life.

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Review #8, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

7th March 2015:
“The Captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team, starting in the fall, is my sister, Lily Potter.”

I knew it!




Mistress, I can't wait to read the sequel and leave you reviews and cry at my desk and cheer for James and the rest of the team. This is wonderful. See, Lily was right and so was I. Everything works out in the end. It always does even if you can't see the silver lining.


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Review #9, by Consciouslyignorant 

4th January 2015:
I have no idea how long ago this was finished and frankly I don't care. I just came back to this and reread the entire thing on a detour waiting for a Hormones update [Nag nag] (last time this was still a WIP). Anyway on to the review, this is quite possibly the best story ever. It has actually made me laught aloud, snorting and all, so far the only story on the entire site to have done so immediatly.

If I could give you 11 I would. Nuff said.

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Review #10, by Mark 

20th June 2014:
I stopped reading HP fanfiction some time ago, mainly because they were lousy. So many "authors" change established canon characters to make them fit into whatever strange pairing or situation they want. The stories are poorly written and their characters are flat.

Then I randomly happened across this looking for a story about Potter's kids. James irritated the heck out of me. His self absorbed cockiness and arrogance grated on my nerves, so I decided to stop reading your story.

Suddenly, from nowhere, it hit me like an Emerson-punch. I lasted about 3 hours before I was reading it again. I got through all 54 chapters in 3 days. Luckily for me, the General has been away on leave so I didn't have to babysit him (I'm a General's aide in the US Army) and my wife was back in the States visiting her family.

I love your writing style and sense of humor, the dynamics between the various characters, and the pace of the story. Most of all, I loved seeing the character development. Some stories try to pack too much in too fast, and you did very well at pacing yours. You made me interested in who the characters were, which helped me feel hurt when they were hurt, or happy when they were happy (One evening I found that I was ticked off for no apparent reason. Then I realized it was because James was being a selfish jerk. I had to stop and ask myself two questions: "WHY DID I CARE SO MUCH ABOUT A STUPID STORY CHARACTER?" followed by the far more important question "what happens next? I hope he fixes this.")

I do wish there was something more to the James/Haley bit. It felt like it just stopped without much of an explanation. James seemingly used her and she was all "eh, whatever." However, this is really my only... complaint's not the right word, because it wasn't that big of a deal. More of a "what? I thought there was something going on here? Where did it go and what happened to it?"

There are several things I'm really glad you did (or didn't do), though I'm not entirely sure why I am:
1.) I'm really glad that this story ended without James conquering the evil dragon that was Davie Flynnie. People don't always get to win like that.
2.) Though he didn't like her, I'm glad James was able to see that Meta was quite talented. I wish they could have ended up with some sort of mutual acceptance of each other, but that doesn't always happen in life so I'm okay with this.
3.) I'm glad that James grew out of some of his self-centeredness. Not enough to go "woah, this isn't the real James," but enough to realize that he is growing and becoming a better person.
4.) I'm glad that Slytherin caught the snitch. Maybe next time, stress the fact that in the event of a tie Gryffendor would have lost
earlier, rather than at the end. After hearing how James was racking up the points, I started to expect a tie followed by a shoot out, so I wasn't too concerned if Slytherin caught it. Had that revelation been made earlier, I may have fallen into my irritated mood again until I started reading again and see how that ended.

I know it's been some time since you wrote this, but hopefully you still get to read this and that it helps any.

Thankfully, I found this story after it was already completed. I can't imagine how all your followers must have felt actually having to wait for you to post the next chapter.

Very, very well done. Strangely enough, I feel honored that I was able to read this. You are an excellent author and story teller (at least in my unprofessional opinion). Hopefully, you get to continue writing and spinning you tales.

Thank you for being able and willing to stick with this story. I've tried, but I end up letting my business get in the way and the story fall to the wayside. Congrats on sticking it through.

I look forward to reading the sequel.

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Review #11, by FredAndGeorgeAreAwesome 

29th May 2014:
I finished and this was one of the most exciting fanfics I've ever read. I'm about to start the sequel because this was just so damn good. I care about the characters, it's well written, good plot. Just truly amazing. I actually found myself stressing when James was stressing, and I got really mad at some characters :P Mostly James because of how he dealt with Avery. Thank you so much for such an exciting and entertaining ride, and all I want is for the sequel to be at least as good as BTQC. I'm starting it right now, and you'll be getting a review when I'm up to date on it :D

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Review #12, by madness 

17th March 2014:
The constant quality of this story just amazed me. Most probably one of the favourite stories I've ever read- I'm moving straight on to the sequel!

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Review #13, by QkStephen 

10th March 2014:
Im just gonna outright say it. I absolutely love your story. it has really made fanfiction a treasure again. you've taken your vision and JK Rowlings world to create a beautiful story that reverbates in my heart. its everything I could've askedd for and I love you for writing it and having the determination to see it to the end and design its sequel

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Review #14, by Padfoot___ 

28th February 2014:
Oh my god. seriously. this story was AMAZING! my absolute favourite, you have no idea. I actually cancelled plans with friends on a friday night to stay home and read this. Absolutely amazing

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Review #15, by PotterJAM97 

29th January 2014:
Okay, deep breaths. Here goes
1.) I'm jealous of Paloma. It's sad, pathetic, but gosh, she's so awesome!! And she gets to date Al, who I've decided is the only person on the planet who can possible look sexy in a sweater vest. Albus Potter=yumm yumm. So I'm jealous of Paloma, even though that's not the main plot at all.
2.) I love all your characters. Great story, gotta love James, and Aves, and super super excited to read about him going pro. More excited than I was to read BTQC, even though it was great. I just had to write a review to feel closure...but I'm really excited to start DTTT. Last chapter, DEFINITELY the best. Great writing.

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Review #16, by UnofficiallyNotVernonDursley 

30th December 2013:
I just read this story in about 4 days, and I have to say I enjoyed every bit of it.
It has probably taken me a total of 7 hours or something to read it. It also caused me to only have 4 hours of sleep.
And now...
Javery! Oh man, I wanted Javery since chapter 2, I believe. And the way you ended it was fantastic, by the way.
So, the tutshill tornadoes, I have to go read that.i was alternating between drawing giraffes and reading this, although I did spend about 95% reading this and 5% actually drawing.
I really liked Fred and Bink, how you made them realistic-ish, and their humor killed me about 8 times.
Avery-well, I loved her. Brilliant Keeper.
Ah, James,James James James,one word, PERFECTION. Exactly how I thought he would be.
And Emerson! Gosh, what a loser.
I wonder what number review this is for you.
Now I have to go and read Decoding The Tutshill Tornadoes.
And about Breaking The Quidditch Code-
Out of ten, I think I'll give it a twelve.

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Review #17, by BaconGreaseOnFries 

2nd November 2013:
Now that your story has come to an end, do you know the emotional trauma I just went through? Waaahhh You are an amazing writer! Wow! I didn't know how to start this or how to continue this review because there were sooo many good moments in this story! It's amazing how you pulled me in. Made me feel nervous when the characters were nervous. You made me feel scared when they were. Made me feel giddy and happy w/e they were. Are you a published author? If so, I would certainly read your books. I have one critique...YOU LEFT ME WITH SUCH A CLIFFHANGER!! Do James and Avery get back together? Does he finally loose his V-card? To who *wink* *wink* Please write an epilogue if you have decided to discontinue writing this story.

Author's Response: Hi there! There is a sequel to this story, which you can find on my author page. Your lovely questions will be answered there!

I'm so happy you liked the story! Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #18, by Awesomeness 2000 

30th September 2013:
That was the best fan-fiction i have ever read!!! can't wait to read the sequel! I'm guessing you put a lot of effort into this so well done! you deserve a medal or something, its awesome!

Author's Response: Ah, thank you so much! And yes, you are very right. Hours and weeks and months and years went into this story, so I really appreciate all the wonderful support. Thank you and I really hope you enjoy the sequel!

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Review #19, by courage211 

24th September 2013:
Ahh I loved this story! Amazing! Avery is a really awesome character and I love her relationship with James (even though they are still not back together! ) gives me something to look forward to in the next book. Thanks for your amazing story!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much! I'm so glad you liked it - hope you like the sequel just as much!

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Review #20, by Jaime88367 

21st September 2013:
Absolutely awesome! Heading for the sequel!

Author's Response: Thanks! I hope you enjoy it!

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Review #21, by Taylor 

1st September 2013:
Unbelievably good story, and an even better ending!

Author's Response: Thank you SO much! I really appreciate it.

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Review #22, by Hedwig22 

9th August 2013:
Wow, your story is amazing and I love your style! Your portrayal of James is so funny and I really love the story, I've read it from beginning to end without stopping because its so good, I'm going to go and find the sequel now, can't wait! Your story nearly made me cry in places and laugh out loud too, never stop!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much! This story was one of my favorites to write. James came very naturally, so it was a blast. I really hope you enjoy the sequel. Plenty more James and his craziness to go around. Plus, he grows up a little? Maybe?

Thank you!

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Review #23, by maraudertimes 

28th July 2013:
Oh my god! I've been reading this for three days straight and I can't believe it! You are an amazing author and I'm still a little miffed that Javery isn't together, but whatever, right? It'll happen in your next one, right? Right?! Anyways, kudos to you. Thanks for putting this up. I really enjoyed it!

Author's Response: Look at you! Whoa! I'm assuming you have bags under your eyes!

I understand your irritation at them not being together. Truthfully, in the first draft of the outline, they were supposed to be. But James sort of writes himself and it didn't work out that way. And there wasn't originally going to be a sequel either. So I'm rolling with the punches :)

Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy the sequel!

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Review #24, by Beth 

18th July 2013:
I got all shaky and excited there at the end... I was sad for James but that last line was like BAM! Epic.

Author's Response: GOOD! That's how I was writing it, so it means a lot the emotion and intensity actually came through. Thank you so much -- I hope you enjoy the sequel!

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Review #25, by sagitariangal 

18th May 2013:
You are a fantastic writer!!! Your story was all smiles and a lovely read! Thank you so much for writing such a marvelous piece of fiction! I read all of it in ONE go..(which didn't go down well with my boss though as i was glued to the pc even at office... but it was all worth it! This is also why i didn't take a break to review all the chapters (Sorry for that though.. i was just greedy for more ;)) Going to check out the sequel now... :)

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much for reading it! And in ONE go!! Seriously. And I completely know what you mean ... I tend to write while at work when no one is watching. I really hope you enjoy the sequel! It's in its baby stages now, but I'm having SO MUCH FUN with it!

Thank you!

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