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Review #1, by academica 

26th November 2012:
Hi Sarah! I'm so pleased to return to this story, especially now that it's completed! So bittersweet ♥

Ugh. Your characterization is unbelievably perfect. It's positively chilling. Only you could make Lucius and Narcissa look almost like saints alongside their fellows! :) Voldemort, though, is my favorite. You've really got him down to a science, mocking his followers and playing on each of their fears, using his powers to frighten and amaze them. I like his little comments about the need for grammar lessons. He clearly expects perfection from them all, and yet he revels in the fact that none of them will ever be as wondrous as the self which he views. One of the things I find most interesting about Voldemort is how his followers will tear one another apart to gather his affection. It's scary.

I wondered how many times Voldemort would dig around inside of us until our brains were scrambled from the abuse.

^Once again, your description is fascinating. I actually felt physical pain reading this and the bits just before and after it, to imagine what it must actually be like to endure Legilimency.

Poor Regulus :( It's neat to imagine him going in as a spy from the start. I like how you used Narcissa's thoughts regarding him, Lucius, and Bellatrix to really cement this idea of her caring about things, about people. It sets up the canon Narcissa, who would do anything for her son, quite nicely. I wonder if we'll be seeing him anytime soon?

Your prose, as always, is lovely, and I've already mentioned the gorgeous imagery. I will have to return sometime soon to finish this one up at last.


Author's Response: Amanda! Squee!

You were one of the first people to give me confidence about this story, so I was very thrilled to see you return to it to read this chapter. I feel so guilty for letting the story sit, neglecting it for months between each chapter. I added like four chapters just this year. -___- And all this time, it could have been finished. I don't know why I neglected it. I don't deserve to have any readers left at all.

I always want to make readers empathize with the protagonists, even if the protagonists are bad. So I just have to make everyone else worse by comparison. :P Narcissa is still brutally selfish at times, and Lucius quite cold, but when they're in a room with all the other Death Eaters it becomes apparent that they could be much, much worse.

Voldemort's grammar lessons, lol. He just seems the type who would loathe the lot he's with but at the same time, acknowledge that he needs them. And like you said, he loves the opportunity to remind himself that he's better than they are, and watching them go for each other's throats at every available chance. If they see the opportunity to tear someone else down in order to make themselves look better, they are all over it in a heartbeat.

I know that Regulus most likely wasn't a spy from the start, but since JKR didn't specify I used some license here and made him a lot more like Sirius than previously known. A brave spy ~

You will see Draco very soon. :3

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #2, by Ardeith 

15th October 2012:
I was so excited to see that you've returned to writing (after a well-deserved break!) and to this story.

I can't say I remember every detail ... beyond loving this story ... but this chapter got me write back into the middle of it.

OMG -- Circe's death. This will haunt me: "As the ancient witch writhed in a cold fire suspended in midair, cobalt flames reaching through her nose and open mouth to lick at the hollow interior of her skull"

And actually felt sorry for Greyback here and he has always been one of my most hated/feared characters from canon.

Loved Voldemort the grammarian! You write him and the hold on his followers so well. Love that Narcissa can see how he plays them. And love Bellatrix mimicking his gestures. They are truly a cult and he is their cult leader!

This chapter got me right back into the emotion of the story. I hate seeing the bond between Narcissa and Lucius fray after all they've been through. This was heartwrenching:

"I tried to focus on Lucius, yearning for a nod or smile or softening of his features, but found nothing but cold hardness. He was a statue, sitting proudly in his chair like it was a throne, and I remembered the similarities Id once seen between him and the Dark Lord. I wished I knew when he was pretending and which of us he was pretending to. Was he pretending here with Voldemort or at home with me?"

Author's Response: Ardeith! I'm so happy to see that you're back. I honestly don't deserve to have any readers left because of how ridiculously long it's been since my last update. So I very much appreciate seeing you here. :)

Greyback is one of my most-hated villains, too. I like how JKR made her villains different from each other - Umbridge, Voldemort, Quirrell, Snape, Draco, Bellatrix, etc. Greyback is on the more ignorant end of the scale, and because of his ignorance he has a scarily keen mindset when it comes to attacking people. He's so uneducated and such an outcast that he has no qualms whatsoever when it comes to destroying lives. He feels it's his only purpose.

Voldemort the grammarian, hehe. I decided to make him like that because from what we saw in CoS and HBP, he was a bit snarky and looked down on people - like how he looked down on Hagrid. So any opportunity to assert himself as the most intelligent person in the room would be pounced upon, I think.

Lucius and Narcissa's relationship is strained; though the worst certainly is yet to come. But we know that they'll make it through!

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #3, by Loony_Scorpy 

12th October 2012:
Wow I can't believe there are only two chapters left! This is seriously one of my favourite stories on this site. You have written it so brilliantly and the ideas and detail that you come up with are incredible. For instance the fact that you put the watch in there! (found it on page 15 of my Philosopher's Stone version) It seemed vaguely familiar to me but now I realise - but how did you remember such a tiny detail? I wonder when and why Snape ended up giving the watch to Dumbledore in this story's world.
I just noticed that your chapters are about 3000/4000 words but they always feel so much longer because there is so much detail and complexity in each chapter. Which is definitely a good thing!
I loved the part in there where Narcissa analysed what Voldemort called everything. I found it really interesting and it fit so well with the way he would view things. I realised as I read this that somehow, over time, my views of Voldemort have actually changed and I haven't thought of him as quite so powerful or smart. I completely forgot that as Tom Riddle he was a very intelligent student so of course he still would be. Your characterisation of Voldemort very much reminded me of that and just how powerful he was. I think you've really captured Voldemort and what he's all about.
I just read your response to TenthWeasley's review and I love how you explained Voldemort's power and how Lucius seemed so weak in comparison - so much of his life was spent in what was such a horrible way and then Voldemort just snaps his fingers and the reason for him having to live that life, Circe, is dead.
The way your incorporated Greyback was genius! I just can't even express how (not sure what word I'm looking for) excited? I was when that happened. It just pleased me for some reason.
Well I think I've rambled enough for now, even though I could go on forever. (and wow after hitting preview I think this is one of my longest reviews ever)
Also I've been meaning to read Run for months and months and months so I will try to get to that soon because it sounds amazing. I just know I'll probably read it in one go (because your writing is amazing and I'm enticed just by the idea of the story) so I'll need a decent amount of time to sit down and read it ;) and after stalking your page I've realised there are a lot of stories I haven't read which I shall have to hurry up and read - it seems I've just happened upon some random ones.
So pretty much just loved the chapter ♥

Author's Response: First of all, thank you SO MUCH for returning to this story even though I've treated it so unfairly and let it sit without updating it. I'm very grateful that I still have you as a reader. :)

I love what you said about how over time, you've stopped seeing Voldemort as a really powerful person - because I've done the same thing. On the other side of the epilogue, we know Voldemort's downfall, his flaws, his overconfidence. It's easy to want to water him down and make him more of a one-dimensional villain instead of someone truly terrifying, especially with funny stories floating around that make him a caricature and call him 'Voldy' (which I adore and am guilty of doing myself). But in truth, at this time period he was much more than a villain. He was a plotter, a manipulator. It was under his reign that he murdered some of the most skilled Aurors in Britain. So I wanted to underline exactly how easy it was for him to squash other people who had, up until that point, seemed powerful.

Eeep, if you do read Run I hope that you like it! I'm really proud of that story.

Thank you for reading and reviewing. :)

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Review #4, by TenthWeasley 

9th October 2012:
All the words I have at my disposal cannot convey the sheer excitement I feel at reading this story again. ♥ I was flicking back through a few of my favorite chapters just the other day, when you were talking about finishing in a burst and updating soon, and that really made me realize how much I had missed this story. It also made me realize how long this story has been a part of my life, and now I am old and sad.

Can I just say that you write a perfect canon Voldemort? Even if the Voldemort we see here isn't the same old man in Hogwarts era, he is exactly the same in mannerisms, and I am just going to sit here in awe for a bit at how good it was. You have perfect measures of condescension and dry humor and disgust and it is just perfect. And Bellatrix, too, how sloppy and slovenly she was over her master -- absolutely fantastic. I love the way you write this group. They're horrible and awful and I want to keep reading about them because for all their traits, they are fascinating.

LOVE that you made Greyback one of Circe's wolves, by the way! And how she died, too; that was a stroke of genius, somehow because it seemed so fitting in a somewhat inexplicable way. This line was one of my favorites:

The scream flickered and faltered at times and grew unexpectedly, the pitch of hell. -- I adore that. "The pitch of hell." ♥ That's such an apt description, and I'm sitting here seething over it because I couldn't have come up with something like that on my own. And another line --

the remainder of a witch who had been supposedly invincible until she met her match in Tom Riddle -- I don't know why I loved this one so much, unless it's to say that it goes with what I was talking about above, with Voldemort. Circe met her match in Voldemort, and she's supposed to be freaking invincible. That's almost terrifying, how truly magnanimous he was at the height of his power. I think a lot of fan fiction writers underwrite that when they write Voldemort, if they do at all, because as readers we know his weaknesses, we know he gets defeated, etc. But at this point in the timeline, he was terrifying, and I'm sure most of his followers (with obvious exceptions like Regulus) thought that there was absolutely no way that he could be stopped. And his killing Circe in this story proves that without needing to explicitly say so.

Gahh. That was such a ramble. I seriously love this story; it makes me think and feel, and my gosh, is it inspiring. This is what I've missed in writing all my own Death Eater-y scenes, having updates from this story to feed my imagination. ♥ So, so glad you updated, and even more glad you finished -- I get two more weeks of fantastic writing before I have to say goodbye to my current favorite story on the archives, and I console myself with that.


Author's Response: My goal for today is to respond to 82 reviews. -takes a deep breath-

CAN I JUST SAY THAT YOU SHOULD'VE SLAPPED SOME SENSE INTO ME MONTHS AGO. Seriously, putting this on hold for /three chapters/. I have face-palmed so many times. I legitimately do not understand myself. Maybe at the time I thought I could drag this out for another twenty chapters. But that feels like beating a dead horse. I want to end it, to give myself some closure. I have missed Lucius and Narcissa so much and it always seems to take seeing Lucius in your chapters to kick inspiration into me.

VOLDEMORT. EEEP. THANK YOU. ♥ He always comes out more easily than I expect him to. I think that maybe I'm a horcrux or something. And lol, only /you/ would want to keep reading about a group of horrible people because you find their traits fascinating. I think we are peas in a pod.

ENTER GREYBACK. He is totes in an awkward situation here, choosing between being burned alive or joining Voldemort. He's now the last remaining tie to the legend of Circe and the big bad wolf. I rather enjoyed making him even more stupid than usual here.

Lucius had been pinned under Circe's iron finger for YEARS, and here is Voldemort killing her so easily that it's effortless. I wanted this to make an impact, because I agree with what you said 100% - Voldemort's power is sometimes underestimated in fanfiction because we know that eventually Harry defeats him. But in those days, he was so terrifying that people couldn't even call him by his name. So I wanted to take someone who was seemingly all-powerful and bring her down to size, to have her disposed of without a second glance. In this story, it marks a new era. Old legends like Circe can't exist with Voldemort hanging around; we all know he doesn't enjoy people with 'the power the vanquish him' being alive and all that.

YOU ARE THE BEST. ♥ You've always been the biggest fan of this story and you're the reason why it's finished at all. I cannot thank you enough. ♥

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