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Review #1, by Harry 

31st August 2015:
Why didn't Rose inform Harry if Ron was being tortured? He was head auror, he could have sent Peakes to Azkaban.
How come Hermione didn't notice the scars on Ron's body and if she did how can she keep quiet about it?

Why did Ron never wonder where he got the scars from? And the pain. He may have been obliviated but that wouldn't spare him the pain of torture!

Since when does Harry give up without a fight when his own neice was clearly framed for a murder?

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Review #2, by AriesGirl40 

13th October 2012:
Awesome chapter, now all Teddy needs is an old fashioned button hook and I think he might be able to dress himself :)

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Review #3, by rez 

13th October 2012:
wow that felt short, maybe cause it feels like I've been waiting for this for ages! This story has come so far and im so sad it's over but it was a good run and you should be proud :)

bit of a fluffy chapter, a lotta mush but I guess was necessary after all the heavy drama, which was amazing btw, I loved every bit of it and you're really really very good at writing this sort of thing, even in the seer wew! speaking of which, how's the sequel coming along? I was really looking forward to reading more of that and its been quite a while... but really, thank you for making the effort to update regularly, it makes it so much easier to keep up with the actual story and it's really sweet of you to make such an effort

keep it up! love your work!

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