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31st December 2012:
great as always you really need an award dude

Author's Response: Haha, thanks! I'm glad you liked it! :)

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Review #2, by Liana 

21st October 2012:
I'm with Albus--I can't believe Harry isn't going to be Head Auror anymore. And what is Percy going to do. Maybe he could be a lobbyist or consultant and run next time. I have an odd feeling that Laurentis is still up to no good and that she won illegally. Or, one of her decisions is going to go very bad and she'll be run out of office:D. Great chapter. Your Albus stories have almost become canon to me with respect to your young Marauders.

Author's Response: I'm not sure what Percy will do next, but he'll figure it out. You're right to be suspicious of Laurentis, though. I'm glad you've been enjoying my stories so much! Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #3, by MargaretLane 

10th October 2012:
*cheers for Albus's team winning the tournament* I thought they probably would. I'm guessing Gryffindor is going to win the Quidditch cup too.

*laughs at them all planning to be absent* That reminds me of one day when I was fourteen, and a group of girls in my class (all of whom were friends) all said they felt ill within about an hour of each other. The teachers didn't seem to suspect anything, but I sure did. I guess the teachers could hardly accuse them of lying without more evidence anyway.

And yeah, the teachers wouldn't suspect anything if Matt was absent and probably wouldn't want to ask, as his situation is pretty private, whereas if John didn't just turn up, they'd almost certainly go checking to see who gave him permission, although if it's History of Magic, Binns probably wouldn't even notice, let alone bother checking with Madame Pomfrey and other teachers.

Oh, by the way, you've written "it'll be easier for Matt GO just say he felt ill" instead of "TO just say he felt ill".

Binns teaches the same topic to every year group. So they cover the same thing five times for their O.W.L.S and twice for their N.E.W.T.S if they keep History of Magic on. That's crazy. You'd think he'd have a syllabus, like for the Junior Cert. here, first year is Stone Age to the Renaissance, second year is explorations to the Famine/Industrial Revolution and third year is basically 20th century. But I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Binns is quite obviously a hopeless teacher, so it makes sense he'd just drone on about his favourite topics and not bother following any kind of a set syllabus.

I like your oath, although that part about upholding the ideals of her party is a bit ominous as it sounds like the party is being put above, or at least equal to, the country as a whole.

Wow, Balladanis is back and in charge of a Ministry department. I am really interested to see what happens next, although I think you mentioned that you were planning to take a break from this series and of course, you've no obligation to write something just 'cause I want to read it. *grins*

I kind of got the impression she was going to keep Eckerton, but it's definitely good. With her views, if she was to appoint somebody new, they'd probably be somebody anti-werewolf. If she found out about Matt though, I bet she'd replace Eckerton. She'd probably think it would make him biased or something. She seems the type.

Yeah, it is weird she kept him when he's so sympathetic to werewolves. I wonder what she's up to.

I don't think voting for her means they necessarily support her replacing Harry. Very few people agree with a candidate on EVERYthing and that was something they wouldn't even have necessarily known she'd do. I think it's more likely they just don't care. To the average 14 year old, who is head of a government department isn't that big a deal.

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Review #4, by You are a ...... ! 

8th October 2012:
Upload more and upload it sooner you . !

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Review #5, by Petit_Ange 

7th October 2012:
losts of twists and turns! I love it, feel sorry for the potters though, keep writing!

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Review #6, by ngayonatkailanman 

6th October 2012:
Oh dear. I think a civil war is looming. I can hardly wait for the updates from here onwards as there is surely going to be a lot of trouble ahead for wizarding Britain.

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Review #7, by Moonlight Nightshadow 

6th October 2012:
Another great chapter. I was kind of surprised and kinda not surprised about Harry. I really love the changes too. It really makes the story build up and more interesting. I sense a little bit of drama that I really enjoyed. I love reading these chapters and whenever I get bored I always read the same chapters over and over again like I'm on repeat or something. Can never get enough of them at all and I dream about this when I sleep.

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Review #8, by Ms Michelle Radcliffe 

5th October 2012:
yay!! a new chapter is up!! and i think im the first to review!! well, i gotta say i was very surprised she actually replaced harry as head auror even though i kind of expected it. i was also kinda surprised that she kepter walter too, but now i think on it they kind of had the same position on the regulation and control of magical creatures. cant wait to hear what she has to say about the upcoming hogwarts year for her education changes!!

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