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Review #1, by TheHeirOfSlytherin 

11th December 2012:
So. Many. Lies... *brain goes bang*

I just don't know what to make of Al and Pippa, it's like I said before - one minute it's like they get each other and there's a moment, and the next they hate each other and I wonder if I'll get to see their own, twisted version of a happy ever after... I have hope. :P

As for Pippa and Damien, I have no words. I keep expecting them to be okay again, because they're family, and then they argue and I wonder if it's too damaged, irreparable. I hope not. It would be sad for her to lose her family.

Harsh. Id hate to be James or Fred right now. And Cassie? I really hope Pippa doesn't lose her friend and her brother.

This was so amazing, I've missed reading this story. I can't believe I'm behind again, but at least it's only two chapters and not almost all like last time. I'll be reading the next one soon.

Loved this!


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Review #2, by Emandem 

20th October 2012:
So my brain's not functioning well right now (remember that conversation we had about 4 am last time? It's kind of happening to me right now). I didn't want to not leave a review, though, so here I am.

"We can't all be made of glass, itíd be a bloody catastrophe." Brilliant line. I'd forgotten just how much I liked Albus. What's wrong with him, by the way? I think I'd assumed he had a bitter personality, you know, he hated the world as a whole just because, but know I suspect there's something more.

I get excited every time we get information about the elusive Him. This particular bit surprised me a lot; for some reason I'd thought he had betrayed Pippa, not that it was her doing the rejecting. Or was it both? I distinctly recall Pippa saying something about being betrayed by him. I might be switching up stories, though. Or just in a sleep-induced delusional state.

Also, what's this about Cassie not wanting to know about Albus and Pippa? I do remember that moment, but I'm starting to think I didn't read enough into it. Or am I reading to much into Pippa's comment at the end of this chapter? She was being quite a bit melodramatic, come to think of it.

I don't know. I'm just confused about everything, if you hadn't noticed. I'll head to bed now before I keep writing inconsistencies.

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Review #3, by shadowcat2 

14th October 2012:
I read this chapter a while ago. Then I forgot to review it. Now I am back because I felt guilty for not reviewing the story I adore so much.
Anyway, I can't really explain how much I love Pippa. Everything about her pain is so real that I feel like I can touch Pippa for real if i close my eyes. When she gets hurt, it hurts. I know it seems like i am exaggerating. But I am not. Your writing is beautiful.
Albus is another character that always blows me away. I love the way Albus and Pippa is connecting. I hope they can help each other out and hopefully one day feel something resembling to happiness.

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Review #4, by CambAngst 

2nd October 2012:
Woo-hoo! Pippa is back! And she's as tormented and bitter and sarcastic as ever! You have no idea how happy I was to find this lurking in my Favorites. I want to dig right in, but first, congratulations on your Dobby nomination. You deserve it so richly! Also, for a chapter that hasn't been beta read, this was really good. I could hardly find any typos, and it all read very smoothly. Well, maybe "smoothly" isn't the right word for Pippa's wandering, disjointed inner monologue, but it was definitely a very enjoyable read.

I really like the peek into how her relationship with the mysterious him fell apart. It was a very telling look into her character, as well. The poor girl has some really deep-seated problems that she is nowhere close to getting over. "I was unhappy because I just was." Such a heart-breaking line when it's applied to somebody so young. It seems to be no mystery as to why he left. She pushed him away. No doubt about it. And she hated herself every moment that she was doing it, yet she couldn't stop. I want to give her a hug so badly except, you know, she would hate that. And I probably have germs.

And then the unrelenting battle of wills with Albus resumes. Something about the idea of her punching him in the ribs to pull him out of his nightmares made me giggle. It's so much like her. My god, how these two need each other. Or maybe they would ultimately kill one another. I have no doubt that it's worth the risk.

As always, he knows just how to cut through her defenses and wound her effortlessly. He has gotten past her walls and now he is inside her head, seemingly to stay. But then she manages to strike back at him and the way she goes about it is so telling. I absolutely love the way that she dangles a moment of connection in front of him. I love the way that neither one can can quite conceal the base, physical attraction that exists between these two kindred spirits. Hopefully, this is foreshadowing. And as soon as he's ready to buy, she yanks it all away. "I was made of awesome." Yes, my dear, you were!

Ugh. She was so close to fooling Damien, until her clothes betray her. Wait a minute, do I want her to be able to fool her brother or not? So hard to actually figure out who's on her side and who isn't sometimes. I tend to think that her brother has her best interests at least somewhat at heart, albeit colored by his own apparent need to restore the hero-worship he once enjoyed from her. Fred seems genuinely interested in her well-being. But it matters not, she slams the emotional door on both of them. The lies pile up so fast in this chapter!

I'm still working to figure out exactly what the deal is with Cassie. Part of me feels like there's another big betrayal lurking somewhere in Pippa's future. The girl just seems to have a really pronounced amoral streak running through her. I'm going to put on my prognosticating hat and take a wild guess that it will either involve the mysterious him or Fred. Either way, I see this driving Pippa closer to Albus, so I can't be 100% unhappy about it. Or maybe you're just messing with me. So very hard to tell...

Thank you for another terrific chapter! I sincerely enjoyed reading it and I hope you're able to find your rhythm with monthly updates. Sometimes it feels like it's been far too long!

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Review #5, by WeAreAllMadeOfStars 

1st October 2012:
oh nice! Just finished reading all these in one go, couldn't stop! aghh if pippa and albus don't get together soon i'm actually going to explode :p Really good thanks for uploading!

Author's Response: Wow, all in one go? Must have been quite the angst fest! Haha. I'm glad you liked it enough to do that and I'm glad you enjoyed it. Haha, lots of things are coming up for Albus and Pippa;) Thanks so much for the review and I hope you have a great day. Xx

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Review #6, by Indecisive 

30th September 2012:
Amazing Chapter!

Despite the fact that she keeps pushing everyone away, I really do like Pippa. She's different from other character I've read about. She's really interesting to read.

I kinda got a thrill when she told off her brother. I'm not sure why. Maybe it was the way she stood up against his betrayal or something.

*sigh* Pippa and Albus got into yet another fight. They're so alike that they can't get along for very long. Their reactions to the other is amazing to read.

You have written yet another excellent chapter.

Author's Response: Hello :) Thanks so much, I'm so glad you liked it. I'm glad you like Pippa, even though she's a bit thick and makes things worse for herself. Thank you:) I'm glad you find her different, I didn't plan for her to be this way, she kind of just developed all on her own in a way. And yes, she never really done that before, even before, she's never really not done what Damien wanted, so it was a big surprise and Damien usually gets what he wants, so he didn't like that either :) Exactly :) pretty alike, yet Pippa hatea that :) And I'm glad you like the way I write them together! It's just so much fun! Thanks so much for the review and I hope you have a great day! XxX

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Review #7, by DraculoraMalfoy11 

30th September 2012:
Yay!I love Pippa/Albus moments! Can't wait to see the next chapter up! 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks:) I'm glad you like those moments, they're so much fun to write! Thanks! I'm hoping it'll be out soon! Thanks so much for the review and I hope you have a great day. Xx

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Review #8, by Maddie 

30th September 2012:
Hiya :) I'm so glad to see a new chapter up!

*Groan* oh Pips, she's so self-destructive, it's painful to watch! I absolutely loved the moment between Pal in the tower, it was as intense and emotional as usual :) I'm guessing Damien knew because of the Marauder's Map maybe?

It's sad to see how Pips just pushes everything and everyone that's good for her away, I really really hope things can start looking up for her again, and of course, I'm especially looking forward to more juicy encounters between Pal in the coming chapters!

~Maddie x

Author's Response: Hey Maddie! How are you? I hope you're okay! And yes! It is painful to watch at times, she never really realizes the damage she causes herself. And yes, Damien knows where she is because of the Marauders Map but obviously Pippa has yet to discover that this even exists :) And haha! Pal! I love it! And Pippa has to realize a few things before she can move on, she needs to accept it's over. Basically she needs to confront him, in her head, like actually say his name, when she does, it'll be a huge step :) And next chapter focuses on Lily and see's a friendship forming between the two, even more :) Thanks for the review! It means a lot to me! I hope you have a great day! Xx

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