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Review #1, by patronus_charm 

19th April 2013:
Despite Rose and Krum’s obvious physical connection, I like how you’ve showed that they’re also growing closer with telling each other about things, it really is lovely to see, and you can tell how they actually do have things in common. I like how Krum’s changed Rose, it’s really lovely to see, and you wouldn’t expect someone in such a bad way to have a positive effect on someone else.

Regina sounds interesting… I didn’t expect another nice person after Liddy, but I didn’t expect a demonic person! I wonder whether Krum’s just making her out to be like that for another reason, or whether she really would string Rose up by her ankles. Even though Krum denied that anything happened in his childhood the mention of him buying his childhood home makes me think that there is, as it does seem all rather odd, buying the land, only living there when he has to, getting it in an illegal way. It’s so pitiful to see him like this.

In chapter 12 I think you forgot to include a space here – ‘And she was just about to remind him of all thiswhen she noticed the corners of his mouth twitching upward’ :)

The wedding sounded very interesting! I wonder if Rose is going to bring Krum, and if so how will the older generation react to him being there. I have this sinking feeling about Albus and Amelia, the fact that they’re expecting a baby and now this rushed wedding, it sounds as if it’s a recipe for disaster.

Ok I was wrong Rose is already in the disaster zone, not Albus and Amelia! I certainly wasn’t expecting those turn of events, but now I think about it seems almost inevitable that it had to end up like that. I love how Heart reacted to it, he didn’t seem annoyed that she got caught, but more annoyed about the fact she slept with him! Merlin, I guess I’m going to find about the parents reaction now and I really don’t want to see it.

I found it so funny that Rose was trying to deflect the attention off her and onto Albus instead, even though she knew that she would have to face her parents soon. Then the way Hermione just mentioned that she was surprised Rose was writing again, I was just sitting there thinking of all the things you could comment on, and you choose to say that!

I loved this line it was so perfect for Ron – ‘What, just because I think the man is one rung up from pond scum means I must be jealous of him?”’ I agree with Hermione though. It must have been bad enough for him to have his wife date a famous quidditch star, then the said man begins dating his daughter he is bound to be confused and slightly jealous about the whole situation.

Da-dun-dan! What a cliff-hanger to end it on with Regina at the door! I’m glad I’m reading it with it being completed as I get to find out happens next straight away!

-Kiana :D

Author's Response: Hi, p_c!! I tired really hard to show lots of angles of the relationship. Sometimes it's physical, sometimes it's a little more like two people just enjoying each other's company. At least that's what I was going for.

I know you've read the rest of the story already, but it's really fun to read your comments on Regina! I guess you know by know how terrible she was. I have some thoughts on Krum's childhood in my head, but it's more personal back story than anything relevant to the plot. To me, his later problems in life are more the result of being so famous at a young age than a traumatic event or neglectful parents.

lol, Rose's problems are making Albus and Amelia's relationship look like a perfect match. I think these two will be okay though. They'll find a way to be good parents... somehow.

I'll admit, I baulked a little at Hermione coming totally clean about her and Krum. I could pretend I did it so the reader can imagine whatever they want about what kind of relationship they had as teenagers, but mostly I was just a chicken about it when it came time to put all the cards on the table.

Yea!! I'm so glad you liked that line. Ron is so fun to write but it can be tough to get him and Hermione right. I think they both have a point. Ron IS a father, so it's hard to blame him for not being thrilled about Rose dating someone with Krum's problems (and him being so much older). But Hermione knows him well enough to know that at least a tiny bit of his anger is some residual resentment from all those years ago.

Thanks so much for reviewing! I'm so glad the story is holding your interest :)

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Review #2, by CambAngst 

26th February 2013:
Hello, again! So first off, awesome way to end the chapter! Like anyone isn't going to keep reading after seeing that. In fact, as soon as I'm done writing this review... ;)

Before I dive right into Ron and Hermione, I wanted to mention that I really like what you've done and what you continue to do with Hugo. He seems like a great combination of hard-earned wisdom and slightly goofy little brother. All of the challenges he must have faced when coming out into a family that's pretty sharply divided at times between the doggedly traditional (Ron) and the super-over-enthusiastically progressive (Hermione) really come through in his pep talk to Rose. He's well rounded in his limited appearances and seems like a really good guy to have around.

I don't think you could have done much better writing Ron and Hermione. Rose has driven them both far out of their comfort zones, both in general terms that would bother any parent -- having to deal head-on with their daughter's indiscreet sexual escapades -- and on a topic that's obviously very personal for both of them. Your Ron was brilliant, trying to recuse himself from the entire, ugly matter but failing utterly when his sarcasm and temper get the best of him. Then Hermione was unable to stop herself from taking the bait. I loved it! This is how Ron and Hermione have dealt with difficult situations for as long as they've been friends. They turn on one another and fight and argue until they wear themselves out to the point where they can slow down and think rationally again.

Poor Rose is stuck in the middle of the storm, but she seems to be used to it. It was as if Rose had suddenly gone invisible. I think that one line sums it up perfectly. The argument stopped being about Rose about two rounds into the fight. Now it's just Ron and Hermione, doing what they do best.

I thought it was sweet, the way that you let Rose and Hermione share the sort of mother-daughter moment that seemed to take both of them back to a simpler time in their lives. It appears that things will never be that simple again. Gah! I was so bummed that Hermione ducked the question about her relationship with Krum. Not surprised, really, but bummed.

The balance of the chapter sort of eases into the big finale. One more line that I had to highlight as I was reading: Still, she had to admit, the man’s ability to deny reality was astounding. Nobody can ignore the unsettling parts of reality quite like Ron!

So why on earth is Krum's second wife visiting Rose? This should be very interesting indeed!

Before I wrap this up, a couple of minor typos:

She felt the red-hot glares of her co-workers burning into as she passed through the halls. burning into her

Facing her parents was nearly as bad as she’d expected, at least not at first. - wasn't nearly as bad?

This is getting so exciting, and all of the major players seem to be coming together! Back soon...

Author's Response: I'm so glad you're continuing to like Hugo. I tried really hard to keep him from becoming a stock character, and I also didn't want him to feel too similar to Albus. I hope they each bring something different to Rose, and I thought it might be fun to have him as the wiser of the two siblings, being the younger brother and all. He's already been on his journey to find himself and can guide Rose a bit as she goes through her own now, but still with that irreverent air of a little brother.

Hooray! I'm so happy you liked Ron and Hermione. This is the first time I've ever written the pair center-stage before and I really wanted to find that balance between being true to who they were as teenagers but also acknowledging that people mature and mellow as they age. I don't think they have a bad marriage, just a tumultuous one. Fighting IS what they do best. They just manage to make it work anyway.

And I'm so glad you like that line!! It's really the foundation of how I see Ron. Sometimes it's a good trait -- being in denial probably made him able to go through all he did with Harry. And here it keeps his temper in check. But it does put a wall up between him and his children, which is sad but hopefully true to life.

I was afraid it might feel like I chickened out a bit on the Rose/Hermione scene, but the truth was, there really wasn't much to say. I don't have in my head that anything happened between Hermione and Krum beyond what we saw in GoF, so it would only be a rehash to the reader. Also, I thought it actually might feel a little lame -- like a non-issue when said aloud. "Oh, he sent me a few letters and we went to a dance together. We kissed once or twice when I was 14, but I never liked him all that much." Not really a scandalous story, and it felt like it might almost diminish the oddness or potential creepiness of the situation, which I think stems more from what does Krum want with the daughter of a girl he used to like than anything else. Anyway, hopefully it didn't feel like I skipped something important there, though I do wonder...

Thanks for another amazing review!!

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Review #3, by maskedmuggle 

14th February 2013:

It's Valentine's Day so I thought I'd spare a little time today to come and give this story some more love ♥ :D I feel like I was mostly expecting the awkwardness that was going to come in this chapter, but it's always so interesting reading it! It feels so strange to relate to Hermione/Ron when they're so much older than how i know them to be.. but I thought Ron's characterisation was particularly great - the man's ability to deny reality was astounding, but also Hermione's understanding nature towards Rose.

The only thing I was a bit iffy about was this part: Hugo was right. Facing her parents was nearly as bad as she'd expected, at least not at first. You kind of completely skipped over the part of Rose actually seeing her parents for the first time after the incident and a part of me really wanted to see exactly how awkward it would be! :P I guess I just found the transition from Rose/Hugo's conversation to in the middle of Rose's conversation with her parents a little abrupt.

And of course, you once again leave me with a big WHY? stuck in my head. Regina McFey hmmm.. :) Great chapter!!

Author's Response: What a wonderful Valentine's Day surprise!

I know this chapter wasn't full of surprises, but hopefully it wasn't too disappointing or anticlimactic. I'm glad you liked Ron's characterizations. I wanted to try and make him feel as canon as possible but also knowing that he'd mature and mellow a bit with age.

Hmmm... I can totally see what you're saying about that transition. In my head, I mostly just saw Hermione fussing over Rose until the moment where they all sit down in the living room, but you're right. Looking back, it does feel like I might have skipped over something important there.

Thank you so much for stopping by with another review. I hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day!

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Review #4, by Dark Whisper 

13th February 2013:
Ooh... It is good of Hugo to call her out a bit on relationships. He makes an excellent point and since he is her brother, he can be honest about it.

I certainly see why she would be so hesitant in going back home, especially with that picture surfacing! I would be so embarrased... ugh!

I have to agree with Rose on how she doesn't understand how her parents made it since they fight so much. I totally agree. I never understood it either, which is why I ship Dramione. LOL! Just thought I'd throw that in there. Hehe.

I LOVE Ron in this chapter. His grunts and especially... "Dumb Krum." Hahaha! I'm hitting my couch at the hilarity of his comments. And I so agree with him... its bizarre and a bit sick to really think about. I trust that if Ron should ever happen across Krum, he would have to at least attempt a sucker-punch from nowhere for the principle of it.

And Hermione kind of skips around the subject by simply saying the past should just stay there. But I'm afraid as a daughter, my curiosity would get the best of me and I would HAVE to know if they were 'intimate together.' I would be torn... to know or not to know. Sometimes, ignorance really is bliss. This would be one of those situations. :P

And who should show up? Wife 2? Yikes!

Great chapter.
Dark Whisper

Author's Response: Rose did need a little bit of a slap upside the head here. Thank goodness for brothers. Though I like the ship, my thoughts on Ron/Hermione aren't so different from Rose's, but I actually feel that way about a lot of couples I know. Some people just don't mind the arguing, I guess.

Yay! I'm so glad you liked Ron. From his perspective, how can he not think this is super weird? Of course, I can't imagine him being the kind of Dad Rose would love bringing boys home to meet no matter who it was, but still...

I almost had Hermione spill the beans, but there really wasn't all that much to tell. My head canon is that there was no relationship past GoF. But still, even knowing your boyfriend once had a crush on your mom...weird! Hopefully it didn't feel like I totally skirted the issue, though I'll admit to chickening out a bit.

Thanks for another wonderful review!

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Review #5, by momotwins 

2nd January 2013:
Poor Rose. Too chicken to go inside. And this is what I get for skipping early chapters, I didn't know Hugo was gay! He seems adorable and funny, I like him.

Ron muttering and grunting bad-temperedly is everything I could have hoped for XD and Hermione trying to be reasonable and good parenting and all. I love it. Their fight, totally ignoring their kids, made me super happy. Hahaha... It's just so very them.

Rose and her writing sound familiar ;) Ohhh Hermione should've told her. It's bound to come out eventually, even though it was really no big deal. But not discussing it will come back to bite her later, I bet. And Hermione's "it doesn't matter what I think", ah I bet she secretly thinks it's a mistake.

Another excellent chapter. Next!

Author's Response: Yea! I'm so glad you liked Hugo. He's been fun to play with, and he'll pop up again in some future chapters too.

And a huge double-yea that you liked the Ron/Hermione bits. You being the queen of writing canon, if you can buy them here, that's a huge compliment. It didn't turn out exactly as I'd planned, but hopefully it was still believable.

Thank you for another lovely review, my dear!

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Review #6, by Noturavggurl 

27th September 2012:
Luvving this story! Complex characters, great development!

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I am so glad you're enjoying it!

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Review #7, by Jchrissy 

27th September 2012:
How did I miss that there was a new chapter?!?!?

I loved Ron's reaction. Everything we know about him tells us he's not good with handling and usually needs to calm himself down, and this state perfectly in line. And can you blame him? This girl is dating someone this his own wife once sort of dates. I think hermionr handled it well, considering her and Viktor's history. Although I'm sure she's crossing her fingers that it's nothing more than a fling. When she'd mentioned 'exploring' regarding Rose, I seriously wanted to be there and see everyone's faces.

I'm wondering if Rose could have it a bit wrong when she thought on if Viktor blamed her for the article... Maybe he blames himself and thought going MIA would be the best solution?

I'm a bit angry at him myself for not even writing to her, though. And now you cliffhangered me again! What is that woman doing there??

Okay I think we should pause the Dobby's so you can have some writing time, so I can know what comes next!

Author's Response: Oh, Ron. He is totally one of my favorite characters, and he really is one of the big reasons I thought of pairing Rose and Krum. I'll admit though, this scene actually turned out to be the hardest to write thus far. I'm so glad you thought Ron acted like you might expect. My gut said he'd grin and bear it, but only to a point.

As for Krum and Regina... well, if I can actually ever get through chapter 14... will have a lot of explaining to do :P

Thank you for another lovely review...but then you already know how much I appreciate them!!

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Review #8, by Ardeith 

26th September 2012:
I was anxious to see how Ron and Hermione would react and this chapter didn't disappoint. I think characterizations of grown up Hermione and Ron are hard to do and I really liked yours.

OMG! This is cringe inducing from a mom, but I can just imagine Hermione saying it:

“Besides,” her mother was saying. “Maybe this is just what Rose needs. She’s young. She’s got to experiment. Explore her sexuality—”

I'll be anxious to find out more. I always assumed from canon that the Hermione/Krum relationship didn't go that far (certainly not as far as Rose/Krum). I wonder what your interpretation is...

Author's Response: I'll be honest, it took me three tries on the Ron/Hermione scene. It was like Goldilocks: the first was too over the top, the second had everyone taking the news way too in stride. I hope this third version ultimately landed somewhere in the middle. And I'm glad you liked (sort of) Hermione's line. It was my attempt to have her try and approach the issue as logically and detached as possible and sort of way overshooting the mark because of her own discomfort.

I'm with you on the canon of Hermione/Krum. I don't think much more happened than what we actually saw in the books, and my head-canon for this story is the same. I think the dynamic is odd enough on its own without Krum and Hermione having shared anything more significant than a few kisses. That said, I do have a few nasty characters in the pipeline who don't mind spreading rumors that it was something more :P

Thank you for the R&R!

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