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Review #1, by SilverMoonFairy 

7th August 2016:
I was RPing a VERY EMOTIONAL scene with my collab partner today regarding Albus, Scorpius, and two OCs at the same time as reading this and I just... SO MANY EMOTIONS! T_T Bring back the funny.

I can't believe those awful brats! And Al! I get why, but still! I wanted to punch him! (Not gonna lie, totally expected them to throw down after Rose left the room...)

Dom may whine and scream, but in the end, Clemence is doing what needs to be done. It's a stupid feud anyway, especially when Scorp isn't even interested.

5 chapters yesterday, 10 today- if only I didn't have to work tomorrow.

Author's Response: Omg you probably stumbled onto one of the worst chapters to read for the funny; this is definitely one of the darker ones. No one comes off as all too great in this chapter, except maybe Clemence who does her first truly selfless thing in the story. There never is any good without bad in this story, is there? :'D I remember this chapter being another turning point! I changed quite a few plot ideas after this one.

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Review #2, by greenbirds 

3rd August 2015:
oh gosh. i can't remember if this is the fifth or sixth time i have read etc. etc. all i know is that- in my opinion- it is perfect and my go-to fic when i need writing inspiration. i am so in love. when will you next update?
(this is my favourite chapter btw)
keep on rocking n rolling x x x x

Author's Response: aw thanks! I'm always trying to write;; it's just a matter of time. keep poking!

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Review #3, by penguincharmer 

15th November 2014:
Woot! Six more chapters to go!
(Been reading this most of the day, normally I can't complete all the stories I read.)

Beautiful banners by the way! :)

Author's Response: Thanks! :3 I hope you like the rest!

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Review #4, by spreaddapoo93 

10th December 2013:
Oh... my.

Did that just happen? We all kmow Quirkies are CRAZY but this mobbiness is getting out of hand! Absolutely great chapter. Although I will admit it was difficult to see Clemence roughed up like this, I felt violated myself! *shudder to think* And Appy's book?! I don't think I even want to know its contents, blechy meh. It'll make good fodder for amusement, though!

Anyway, it's 01:30am, barely awake (barely ALIVE) and I'm having a hard time paying attention to a thing I'm writing (lol, backspacing to take out typos and WTH words like "pig" or "Tupac".

The point I wanted to make I I absolutely adore this chapter, though. Gyah, you could cut the sexual tension with a gelatine spoon, for the love of Merlin. Love Clemence and Pickett, adore Albus, even if he breaks my heart, and am absolutely terrified of Appy.

Thrilled to see what dangerous new waters you will take us into!

Much love ♥♡

Author's Response: Trying to finish my responses soon! Found a bit of time on vacation c:

But the contents of Appy's book are the best part! Along with the number of trees it took to make it. Not counting the amount that'll take to mass produce it.

Roughing up Clemence was oddly the most natural thing to write; I didn't even think about it until I finished writing that section. I needed to see her a bit cracked; she is, in truth, not as powerful as she likes to brag. Not by far.


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Review #5, by patronus_charm 

10th September 2013:
Ah Appy, Dom and Rose are all currently vying for the scariest person in Hogwarts title. I dread to think who will, as all of them seem to be getting worse and worse without a sign of them not being scary at all in the horizon. I’m curious to see whether Clemence actually goes through with this manuscript, but I suppose it all depends on Al. Then there’s what she’s going to say about the whole who will end up with Scorpius debacle which is yet to reach its conclusion, so many exciting things!

I wouldn’t be half surprised to find out that Appy was the one who was behind that graffiti in the toilets. I’m starting to think that Albus’ mad plan of taking over the Quirky Girls is probably a good idea. I mean, this stuff isn’t particularly nice and now all these evil hints from people like Appy and Caroline it makes me wonder whether they’re planning on taking over Witchy Business. I guess they would require a certain level of intellect to make that possible, but you never know, it could be possible :P

Oh, Merlin, I was right! They’re just so evil doing that to her. I mean, yeah she did write about them in the not nicest of ways but attempted murder is no way to resolve problems like that. Come on, take a leaf out of Gandhi’s book and throw your own Salt March or have a hunger strike, not attacking people in toilets! Gah, Albus though! I really wanted to hit him when he was playing on with those Quirky girls then there was that lovely tender moment afterwards which made me like him again. If Albus is playing with my emotions I dread to think how Clemence is feeling :P

So Rose is being devious now? I almost thought that her and Scorpius were back together then, but I have to say I’m a little glad that they’re not because Rose is a little too evil in this for me to ship them.

This line ‘The dreamboat Malfoy, who has been flapping his arms and making bedsheet angels, lifts his head. ‘ I may have died a little!

Gah Clemence go and break mine and Al’s heart why don’t you? I don’t even know what to say as I thought they might have actually reached an understand with one another with them being in the room alone and that they might just begin plotting the downfall and then she goes and drops that bombshell and ruins it all. I’ll just sit here in the corner and sulk.

Ah she’s printing it! Hell is most probably going to break loose. Another awesome chapter!


Author's Response: I have a terrible tendency to jumpstart all my plots like halfway into the fic--suddenly ALL THE SUBPLOTS. I think it's more prominent when you're reading through all the chapters at once (especially since I edited it recently), because you're one of the few to really hone in on other girls' machinations :D Witchy Business itself might be in more danger than Clemence realizes.

Omg baahaha, I'm just imagining what Gandhi would think of this whole debacle. Or Hogwarts hunger strikes, against gossip! I don't think these students are organized enough to form a straight line, let alone peacefully assemble. They are, however, quite ruthless like Clemence (though in a different way). Everyone's scary and desperate! A bit like cornered predators. It adds an element of suspense, I hope, as Clemence becomes less and less invincible.

Rose is ambiguous! Everyone is ambiguous! :D

Clemence and Albus are unhappy! Everyone is unhappy! :D This was one of my favorite bits of angst to write though, gahh. I'm a fluff girl, but this fic makes me want characters to /hurt/.

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Review #6, by QkStephen 

18th June 2013:
You're such a brilliant writer im glad I picked your work back up

Author's Response: Good to see you back! And thanks! c:

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Review #7, by Gotta Love HP 

3rd March 2013:

Author's Response: SORRY! BUT IT'S POSTED NOW!

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Review #8, by AC_rules 

25th November 2012:

So, I've slept, so I'm really hoping to be able to leave you a slightly better reviews that I was leaving yesterday (although I managed to get to 40 hours without sleep, which was not intentional and entirely insomnia but still quite the story) and I've got to say that I loved this chapter. I actually love Clemence to pieces (always have, then I like mean characters)...and I can't remember whether I knew before that she didn't have a mum, but that really took me by surprise.

Also, poor her. I'm sure she really doesn't want my sympathy here, but you know how it is. But what I really love about this story is those little bits and pieces about the 'quirky' girls because, I've got to say, I know SO many of those girls. I mean, they're not only taking over fanfiction with their quirkiness but there also like... well, a large proportion of my old friends (the ones placed in the 'don't try and keep in contact too much...' list) were like...quirky and boys weren't ever people to them and I just couldn't handle it.

But, ah, I cannot wait to read the next chapter so I guess I'll be cutting this short again. But this is such a great social commentary and I love it to pieces. Lend me over some of your skills, please, Gina :(


Author's Response: PLZ SAY THAT YOU'VE GOTTEN SLEEP SINCE THEN. And that you slept for like 20 hours ok.

I mentioned it on my tumblr once! But that was pretty much it. She died of illness, alas, and thus continues my trend of characters who live with only one parent/guardian.

I share Clemence's stuck up view of quirky girls; I never had the patience for people with problems that I can't relate to, boys and ~things she said~ etc. Can't help but eyeroll, because it's usually 1) making a big deal out of nothing 2) lack of communication/common sense 3) self-entitlement 4) failing to realize they're the problem. I suppose it always seems easy from the other side, but boy can it get annoying.

♥ wah, you already have too many skills helen!

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Review #9, by LittleMissPrincess 

21st November 2012:
i'm actually reading the 16th chapter right now, because it popped up in my feeds, but i went back an checked and for some strange reason i haven't reviewed on any of your chapters and im so freaking sorry, i swear to god :( because i love your stories, i love your graphics i think your the best thing ever i cant even snjadflkhshajkdfh omg your perf(:

okay i'm going to go review on the next chapter and then i'll officially become a proper decent reviewer (:

Author's Response: Aw thank you! I'm glad to see your thoughts on the recent chapters ^__^ It's always great to hear people's reactions; they always find some way to surprise me.

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Review #10, by Jess the Enthusiast 

17th November 2012:
Hi there! I am so sorry that it has taken me so long to read and review this! (I feel like I'm saying that in every review I'm writing lately). Things have just been really busy at school.

But this chapter was absolutely amazing - I think it is my favorite yet! Like, I don't even know how to describe what was so perfect about this; it just was. It was funny, there was great action, and, well, you know how much I love a good Albus/Clemence scene. Fortunately for me, there were several. And they were all squeal worthy.

But it wasn't just the scenes between those two that I loved. Every scene that Appy is in, I am completely torn between laughing hysterically and being terrified because she is so ridiculous that it's funny, but she's also insane. I always worry for Clemence's safety whenever she's around. AND CLEMENCE WAS ATTACKED!! I WAS SO SCARED FOR HER! But then Albus came...and he sort of made it better but also not really. But whatever, they're amazing together so it doesn't even matter.

And I think Clemence is doing the right thing with the Dom/Rose Feud. I mean, I know it's pretty low of her but I feel like Dom is sneaky and she has something planned. I don't know, I guess I'm just on Team Rose haha.

So wonderful wonderful chapter! And congrats on your Dobby Award!!! I'm so happy for you; you deserve it! Can't wait for the next update!


~Jess :D

Author's Response: It's so funny because I think you always review just before I post a new chapter xD

This was one of those chapters that, when it came together, I was like OH MY GOD IT FITS SO MUCH BETTER THAN IT DID IN MY HEAD when usually, the opposite happens.

I like to think of Appy as a pair of safety scissors. It looks harmless until you cut your finger off and get tetanus and start foaming at the mouth. That sounds fairly accurate.

Bahaha, I do need more Team Rose amongst the reviewers. I think most people would agree that Clemence has her heart(less) in the right place. It's never easy when you have to step in and slap around a friend so they don't ruin their lives, but there's no real answer. Humans D: so complicated.

Thank you so much! ^__^ Eee, I love the wee rectangle box. It's so cool!

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Review #11, by NoixdeMuscade 

15th November 2012:
Amazing story (kinda sleepy right now, so I can't elaborate, but I'm loving it so far)!

Author's Response: Thank you! :)

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Review #12, by MissMdsty 

8th November 2012:
Hey there!

I must say I really enjoy this fic. The characters are so well written that they seem to develop a life of their own, they become the people you see in everyday life with their drama and their issues and their jokes.

I like that your writting style has this orality about it which makes the dialogue and the interactions between these people just seem to come to life and it's more like Clemence is in front of you telling you what happened and how she felt about it than a written story. Everything just flows so naturally that you're drawn to these people and you feel their pains, their fears and doubts and bruises.

Congrats on your Dobby, you really deserve it!

See you next chapter!


Author's Response: Thank you so much! :3 I'd never written anything first person before this, so I got to experiment a lot with what sort of voice I wanted Clemence to be. I'm really happy with how it's grown and how I've been able to touch on so many subjects and now explore the uncomfortable bits of Clemence's life.

♥ Thank you again!

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Review #13, by Bx 

8th November 2012:
I read this because it got a Dobby award, and it is really good! thank you

Author's Response: Thank you! :D

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Review #14, by harrietm 

6th November 2012:
Eep! I stayed up super late to read all fifteen chapters in one go! So good!
The whole concept is addictive, and so original! I'm madly shipping Albus and Clemence, whilst also aching for Clemence to see that her gossiping will one day lead to her ruin, no matter how hard she tries to convince herself otherwise. I'm absolutely hooked!
So cleverly written, the only problem is there's not more so that I can keep reading until the early hours of the morning!
Keep at it, I anxiously await the next chapter :)

Author's Response: Ah, thank you! :D I love that you have such conflicting feelings over Clemence. It's so fun writing her, kind of like writing a villain in a protagonist's role.

I'm writing the next chapter right now ^__ ^

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Review #15, by meggieee 

31st October 2012:
oh my god,
by far one of the best stories on this site.
everything is so original and...well written, the characters are so unique and intriguing...aah- love it! (Sorry, not the best worded compliment but...)
i just sat and read the fifteen chapters straight, and i'm dying for more so please update!

Author's Response: Ah, thank you so much! :3 I'm writing the next chapter right now!

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Review #16, by Heroes_Die 

28th October 2012:
I've just read through all 15 chapters and I'm really impressed. Lately I've just been reading fics that blur together because they are just so samey. I found this really original and captivating. I loved the complete twist on the characters, such as how you've done Rose and Doms relationship or how Albus is portrayed. Keep up the good work, I've added you to my favorites and can't wait to read more :)

Author's Response: Ah, thank you so much :D I've been really happy with how much I get to push the characters out of their comfort zones. I hope to update soon ^__^

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Review #17, by WitnesstoitAll 

7th October 2012:

So I just power read these fifteen chapters and I'm kicking myself b/c I've not read it sooner. I was literally rolling at some of the snark and wit. Everything is so, so fabulous. Your social commentarty is to die for -- literally. I almost choked on my coffee on more than one ocassion. I adore the cast of characters you've pulled together here. Appy... o m g. Appy. lololol. Clemence is such a strong character with such a strong voice. I am so so glad you began writing this story in the first person... it really gives way to insights on her. I know that clemence is sort of harsh and snarky and a little cold, but I found myself identifying with her on so many levels reading this -- her tendency to not mind stepping on people to get what she wants, her need to be important while more or less not giving credit to those who regard her as important -- she's really a great OC. I'm basically in lurves with this story and cannot wait to read more. I needed another WIP to read about as much as Appy needs more glitter, but I clicked on it and now there is no turning back. Easily one of my favorite stories on the archives.

So to reiterated, this is fabulous, you are fabulous, and I'm rubbish for not reading this sooner. Looking forward to the next update!!

Author's Response: HI MEL. I am sorry for the coffee choking, it must not be good for your laundry bill. APPY. It's really all you can use to describe her, because she is just so. /Appy/. And there is /never/ enough glitter for appy.

etc totally has to be in first person. Partly due to the unreliability of Clemence and the other part is just that this is my rant space lolol. What's great is that people who know me might be able to pinpoint where I get my inspiration from, and it can have nothing with each other, but when I stick it all in the fic, I realize it all boils down to human nature. I love writing her in these recent chapters because I finally get to make her uncomfortable - and that's the only way to see what's underneath. She's come to represent the snobbish, self-important intellectual, which can strike close to home.


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Review #18, by Love is a Mix Tape 

5th October 2012:
I used to drink while I edited, too.

This series is great. It makes me nostalgic for my journalism days! I love the concept, the characters and most of all the eloquence.

Welcome to the favourites!!!

Author's Response: AHA, I snorted out loud. I read that in a deadpan.

I'm glad you like it! Now that I'm not part of a newspaper, it makes me pretty nostalgic too. Deadlines, what a rush.

♥ thank you!

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Review #19, by shadowcat2 

3rd October 2012:
i have no clue how to review this chapter. It was so emotional. I absolutely love Clemence's characterization in this chapter. Her relationship with Albus is no complicated. It blows my mind away half the time. I have always loved Clemence's narrative. It so different from what I usually read.

I read two of your updates in one day (the other from Capers). So it just made my day. Thank you.

P.S. I can't wait to vote for Capers in the Dobby Awards. :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much :3 emotions and etc. = blargh, but now that I've written it, I think it's easier now ^__^ Also the Dobby Voting is already up! It's closing soon, I think.

(Ooh, you're my 600th review for etc!)

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Review #20, by NightStar 

1st October 2012:
WOAH! That's all I can say.. Beautiful work there! Well written as always. Loved Clemence. Loved Albus especially and wow are the girls absolutely crazy..
Stuff between Rose and Dom are getting SO interesting but I'm mostly looking forward to more amazingness of Albus xD Clemence is definitely one of the best narrator's I've read and I thoroughly enjoy her take on things in Hogwarts and life in general.
Humor everywhere and I love you for that xD but my favorite line 'he hasn't learnt how to control his heart'
Oh LOVE! Albus is finally unraveling (even Clemence) and I'm loving this story even more!
Looking forward to the next chapter! Hope there's more Clemus or Almence xD those are weird ship names! And Pickett! Oh, I love Pickett! He's simply adorable:)

With loads of love,

Author's Response: Thank you! :3 Next chapter is mostly Clemence and the boys - Albus, Pickett, Scorpius - with Rose-Dom simmering in the back. I'm glad you're enjoying it :3 Especially now that Clemence is exploring more of herself (however reluctantly), it's been loads of fun writing her narration.

Clambus and Almence are the ones I've seen repeatedly 8D and Pickett is a dolll.

♥ thank you for the review! ^__^

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Review #21, by manno_malfoy 

1st October 2012:
Hello! So I always feel horrible whenever I come to a read a new chapter of this story because I've been stalking it for forever and a day, yet I never left a review. But I'm here now and I intend to review every chapter I read from now on!

First of all, I must state how much I love Clemence, even though I don't completely support her literary decisions. I do love the way she thinks about things and the way she words her thoughts and the things she says; the writer in her is on display most of the time. She's incredibly witty and I always like that in a character.

What I especially liked about this chapter was the fact that we got to see her be vulnerable in front of someone other than Albus who seemed to be, up until now, the only person who managed to break through one of her walls. What was even better is that they've brought out a different shade of vulnerable and it was surprising because, honestly, after seeing Clemence be so confident and strong for so long, who would expect to see her like that.

I absolutely loved the way you described the fight scene, how the girls seemed to transform in front of Clemence's eyes. When the girls left and Clemence wanted to cry but didn't because she doesn't know how, I felt very sorry for her. And that reminded me of a previous chapter where she told Albus she didn't have a heart. BUT SHE DOES! She has feelings but she just doesn't know how to let them out properly, yet that doesn't stop Albus from reacting to whatever feelings he sees on her because he's beginning to understand her.

And this is why this probably is my favourite line in the chapter!

"He didn't think the heartless bled, let alone bled like him, but for this moment, under his gaze, I know what it's like to be mourned."

Also, I don't quite understand how someone can write about confusion without confusing the readers. That scene where Albus and Clemence weren't able to decide where to stand was heart-breaking. Just like you said, emotions flying everywhere!

I really can't wait for the next chapter and you have now idea how happy I am that I finally managed to leave you a review!


Author's Response: Eek, it's always great to see readers pop out ^__^

Clemence really has to be forced outside of her walls. We're talking battering-ram-siege level beating down of the walls before there's a crack. The thing about her friends - Dom and Pickett and whatnot - is that they understand how she is and they've got a similar temperament, so they have no interest in changing her, like Albus does.

I think this chapter has shown a lot of readers that Clemence isn't as strong as purports herself. The funny thing is, in my eyes, she has never been my idea of strong. I think she's excellent at being witty, being direct and sure of herself, and taking advantage of a situation. But that's not strong. She's an avoider. She avoids everything that can potentially hurt her - 'given up her heart' as she says - and like she's told Albus, it's her choice to do this. The problem arrives when she can't avoid being hurt, when she's backed into a corner with a dozen crazed eyes on her, or when her best friend starts going down an indulgent self-destructive path and she has to do something dire.

Ooh, one of my favorite lines! :3 It was tough to get the right words out, to show two people who are normally so guarded completely vulnerable. It's one thing to be one-sidedly vunerable, but then when you've got both of them being just asklghaldjghg. Well. It's quite awkward.

♥ thank you so much! ^__^

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Review #22, by nabbed_wren 

29th September 2012:
I've actually stopped reading most of the stories on my 'favorites' list (life has intruded on my reading time), but I can't seem to give this one up. This is just a really great, fun story.

I don't have much specific to say about this chapter, just that I enjoyed it and am looking forward to the next one. Good work!

Author's Response: Eek, I'm glad you've stuck around :3 HPFF has been kind of slow lately, so it's always nice to know which readers are still reading. Thank you!

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Review #23, by hiral05 

28th September 2012:
omg update soon this is just too addictive

Author's Response: Thank you! ^__^ I'll try!

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Review #24, by NadiaX 

27th September 2012:

Remember this rule of mine about unfinished stories? Yeah, I follow it like hell. My will power is overwhelming :P.

Never mind, back to the topic.

God, Girl, how do you do that? Seriously. Can you write anyone? Anyone? Because diversity of your characters is pretty amazing. Diversity of main characters. It's hard enough to write credibly supporting characters, all of them different. You've got there quite a lot of a talent. Really a lot.

(And by the way - do you have this expression in English - "to write a character"? I'm not sure if it's not a Polonism).

Clemence. She is quite a tragic figure, isn't she?
It's been 15 chapters and we supposedly know a lot about her, but I still feel like I know nothing. I mean - I get her... character, but there're facts missing. She's a bit scary. The relationship between her and Dom is too. And her indifference. Or pretending to be indifferent. I don't know where is the line between actually not caring and pretending not to care. And when pretending becomes not caring? Brr, scary person.

And Al, I wonder how right Clemence is about him. I think she isn't. He knows how to play, but does that make him a player? I have no idea, really.

They're interesting together. Not sure they're good, but certainly interesting ^^'. I really want to know how it ends (and I really like reading about their snogs, of course xD).

(And I wonder how much I overinterpretated all of this xD).

I think I like this story the most (despite the fact that I hate present tense narration). Or maybe I like your stories equally? They’re all so different it’s hard to compare them. Well, normally it wouldn’t be so hard, but they’re all yours, so they all – despite being different – have your style and your “something”, which I really like. Do I make any sense?

Waiting for the next chapter :D

Author's Response: Bahaha, well, I hope the slow updates don't torture you too much.

My main characters are quite a lot like myself, or at least, that's how they started. I can probably be best summed up as a former self-aware former cynic who was better off as an derpy optimist, so I went down that path instead. If you squint at my characters, you can see a lot of similar issues: lack of trust, logic over emotion, struggling to be compassionate. But I think they grew to be much more different from me as time went on, of which I'm glad!

I often think about how little the audience really knows Clemence, how true her 'observer' role is, but I think she doesn't know too much about herself either. She knows the parts she's sure of - her pridefully apathetic side - but once she's out of her comfort zone, she hasn't got a clue. Beyond the satirical elements, etc. turns out to be a story of teens discovering themselves, weirdly enough, as I think Albus and Dom are going through somewhat similar things.

My stories are written for completely different audiences ^__^ so I can totally see some people just preferring one over the other. I'm strange about it too: etc is the story I love to write but it's not something I'd like to read, while Capers is the story I love to read but not so much to write. I like to call them polar opposites, because one is fundamentally optimistic while the other is fundamentally cynical. But I think my writing always tends to celebrate certain kinds of values and lessons, and in the end, they'll share quite a few similarities.

Thanks so much again, Nadia! ♥

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Review #25, by Serendipity1234 

26th September 2012:
Great chapter! I love how Albus & Clemence are getting closer ♥ he obviously likes her quite a bit :)
And she obviously likes him, too, though she won't admit it.
And so dramatic with her telling him to choose!
I also loved her inner rant over teenagers and how they look at everything as though it's a fairy tale and they're the princess. It's so true that a lot of people seem to "have nothing better to do than hate someone". I can't stand listening to people berate others for no reason like it's gossip. It's understandable sometimes, but sometimes it just seems like they're being mean because they have nothing else to talk/complain about...yuck.
This might be me getting a little picky, so sorry, but I just wanted to point out that Clemence is never completely defenseless. Since she's a wizard. And I'm sure she didn't necessarily have her wand at-the-ready since she wasn't expecting to be physically attacked, but I don't know. Maybe if she does get attacked again in the future you could show her in a wizard battle hexing all the harpies. It just seems a little weird for her to ever be defenseless like that, since she's always on her guard. If that makes sense.
At the same time it's also interesting to see her needing help and Albus obviously had a slight change in perspective so that was cool :)
On another note..if she's going to be printing that note from Rose I hope she doesn't go making an enemy of Dom. That would be especially dangerous. I don't really know what to expect of Dom...she could just be bitter and give Clemence the silent treatment. Or she could try to get her back. Or she might get really offended and this could cause a sort of feud between them and...who knows. Bad news for Clemence, though, if that were to happen.
And why would Clemence agree to edit Appy's book?? There's no guarantee she'll actually bring her to the profit. What if she just blows her off? Especially after they replace her as head of the quirky girls (supposing they do). Won't Appy feel less than inclined to help her out? Unless they're having this meeting sooner than I realized.
Update soon :) I really love it!

Author's Response: I totally forgot that line about people hating other people because they're bored. I think that's the crux of why gossip is so appealing. Oh, boredom.

I'd been building up Clemence's breaking point for a while, and I thought it was weirdly appropriate to have it be triggered by something physical, she is especially vulnerable. It made her more human than anything else. It's great that you have such faith in her as a dueller, haha, but I feel she isn't physically confrontational. She can handle herself in controlled environments - DADA class, for example - but when it's out here, she's not the kind of person who's prepared for a physical fight. Her skill is in her words and manipulation (she does take a moment to think before acting, believing it'd be worse to fight back. She wants to talk her way out of it, but it doesn't work), and she is an above-average, overconfident dueller at best. Even the fittest blokes run from mobs for a reason.

The cracks in Clemence and Dom's relationship is something I know will be pretty painful to write, but I'm excited for it. I hope it's something relatable, as I think a lot of people have gone through something like that with a friend at least once.

Bahah the way I see it in my head, Clemence has a slow takeover ;) Appy has no reason to hate her now, but oh, how times will change.

♥ thank you so much! ^__^

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