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Review #1, by Libbypotter 

21st March 2017:
You always make her go crazy-eyed
I love their interaction that is the one thing missing from Cursed Child

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Review #2, by EmmaGM 

3rd February 2015:
Amazing chapter. The dementors are back to stir up some trouble... That opens a whole range of possibilities. Loving the story!

Author's Response: Dementors are an indicator of SOMETHING, certainly! Who knows what? Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #3, by Roisin 

29th October 2014:
Methusalah and Scorp make such an excellent team! Just the counterpoint between them is excellent!

I also really like that Methusalah initiated the whole little venture. Like, that this forest jaunt wasn't some hotheaded, Gryffindor hero complex thing, but a dispasstionately calculated Ravenslaw decision.

That the map didn't seem right gave me Lockett suspicion feels. Still going back and forth on that one!

And I just LOVE the thing about Scorpius' 'prey tactics.' That was such a great analysis! Plus, it's just fun being in Methusalah's head.

And TOTALLY DID NOT SEE DEMENTORS COMING. Also, the weirdly, the fact that Methusalah had this moment of super not-courageousness really kind of endeared him to me. Like, he might be a robot, but he's still a teenaged robot. And that he felt real fear, almost made a mistake, so on.

And just this: 'Dementors aren't answers, unless I was doing my OWLs f- wrong.' Ah, loved that!

Author's Response: Methuselah and Scorpius are perhaps the most inefficient team ever. I mean, Methuselah Jones is a TERRIBLE team player, but Scorpius doesn't play well with him, either. And he has logic, a Ravenclaw's logic, it's just also tempered with the incredibly arrogant presumption that his Ravenclaw's brain can see him fit to handle whatever's out there.

The map wasn't outright WRONG so much as... I reckon the Forbidden Forest is hard to plot, and right now it's changed by the ritual, so navigation is a little trickier than usual. Especially for two kids who don't know it well.

Methuselah's head was fun to write. I needed to save him from the Scrappy heap, too, and while I don't think I ever wrote from his POV again, because he's always at his most effective being interpreted by other characters, it felt like it worked for this chapter. His perspective on others and, yes, the fact that he really was prepared to run away and leave Scorpius to die because he's SIXTEEN and SCARED. It's okay to be sixteen and scared.

Scorpius' grasp of the OWL Defence syllabus is second-to-none.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #4, by Siriuslover177 

19th June 2014:
Oh no... not Hugo too? We cannot afford to lose anyone else! I mean, more than half the school is sick already! And a lot of weasly's and Potters are now too. This is just not good.

What what is up with the dementors? Why would they be in the forest? That does not make any sense. I hope they figure that out and tell someone.

Jones isnt a really good person. He was about to leave Scorp and Hugo there without a second thought! That is just a terrible thing that anyone could do. I wonder how he is going to react to Hugo being sick now.

This is all just so crazy!!


Author's Response: The Dementors are there for a reason, one we'll eventually find out! And Jones is - well, he's not a hero. He was scared witless and like most people, when that happens, your instincts tell you to run. We'll see if he does any toughening up. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #5, by LightLeviosa5443 

20th November 2013:
Poor Hugo. Rose is going to freak!

I wonder why the dementors were there? What is causing all of this craziness?! I was a bit confused during that dementor scene, but they were confused so I think that's a good thing.

I hope they figure out what's going to happen, soon!!

xoxo LL

Author's Response: Yeah, Rose isn't going to be so happy when she finds out Hugo's in a bad way. She's stressed enough as it is.

Everything IS confused. Answers might take a while in coming out, but they'll be there, worry not! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #6, by Penelope Inkwell 

22nd October 2013:
My gracious! Well, that was unexpected and terrifying. I liked getting insides Methuselahís head. And, even though he was going to run in the end, he did make an effort to save Scorpius. I spy character growth and development! Yay!

Oh, poor Hugo, not you, too!

Author's Response: It was fun to write this one from Methuselah's POV. He had been so distant and yet I did want him to be sympathetic, rather than just this austere, cold nerd. I also wanted the reader to not yet know what was going on in Scorpius' head when he's hit by the Dementors, so this worked all round!

But, yes, I was rather fond of poor Hugo. He's a really tertiary character, but he's a sweetie. Thanks for the review!

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Review #7, by LillyRoseanne 

22nd September 2012:
Ahhh... So God! Can't wait for more :D x

Author's Response: And more shall come! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #8, by water_lily43175 

16th September 2012:
I got really excited just with the SUMMARY. Hugo time!

...yeah, okay, I really do love Methy now. Such a sneaky little thing! And I was JUST THINKING as Scorpius said it, "I bet Methy still cares about Herbology homework when everyone's going down with a mysterious illness!" And sure enough...

Aww, I love the Scorp/Hugo friendliness. And I love that Hugo's so adamant he's going to help the search in the forest, too. Though he'd better not go down with this illness when they're in the middle of the forest...

Darkness. Suspicious. I'm going to suggest it's the place where the ritual was happening. Hold the phone DEMENTORS WHADT? Oh man, now it's really hotting up and now I'm really confused!

I said that Hugo would go down with the illness IN THE FREAKING FOREST. Marvy. Rose will NOT be amused.

I very much enjoyed the Scorp/Methy interactions here. Interesting to see what Methy makes of Scorpius, given that the two haven't crossed paths MASSIVELY before now and so there aren't really any antagonistic feelings between them to influence an opinion.

Well, not MUCH antagonism.

So. Overall suggestions are that the Dementors have had something to do with the illness. Well, that's as good as confirmed, isn't it? I'm intrigued as to HOW, because it's surely more than just an extension of their effects on a human. HMM. Good chapter!

Author's Response: Yeah, this chapter was originally going to feature Matty Doyle, because Matty Doyle has been straining at the leash over not being one of the Big Five, but I succumbed to the wisdom of not writing ANOTHER OC when it's unnecessary and the siblings needed some love. Lily's had some so it was Hugo's turn - and I don't regret it, I loved writing Hugo in this chapter.

Methuselah's that strange mix of 'sneaky' and 'thoughtless'. He didn't really think of it as going behind anyone's back so much as anticipating what would happen and so, logically, he needed that map! And yes, in his head, Herbology homework was a perfectly good lie. He was quite refreshing to write as a counterpoint to Scorp who, as you say, isn't influenced by 'politics' but isn't Albus. Considering 99% of people irritate Methuselah Jones, Scorp is actually doing pretty well.

No. Rose will NOT be amused. AT ALL. As shall be revealed next chapter.

It is indeed a logical conclusion that the Dementors are in some way connected with the illness. Muwahaha, I really like this puzzle, it's one of my good 'uns, so I look forward to laying it out.

Cheers for the review!

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