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Review #1, by x3CherryWatermelonx3 

26th January 2013:
Holy Merlin! I need to catch my breath now. That was terrifying and emotional...and oh my goodness!

Once I read that it was Tonks, my eyes watered. I couldn't believe it. I wasn't expecting it, although I should've known to expect the unexpected with you!

I can't believe I'm almost to the end...I don't want it to! :(

Author's Response: Tonks taking his place. D: That would be so, so hard for Colin and Remus to watch from outside the Pensieve. Tonks is so brave and so selfless - I just love her to pieces.

We're nearly to the end! Or really, it's already over for you. I've just got a couple more of your reviews to go now.

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Review #2, by noname 

4th January 2013:
Why wouldn't you just Stupefy yourself? If you're Stupefied, nobody's gonna cast the killing curse on you.

Author's Response: I'm not entirely sure what you're referring to. :/ Do you mean in the Battle of Hogwarts, why didn't people Stupefy themselves, essentially playing dead? I'd imagine that it's because that's sort of cowardly. They're all there for a reason - they're there to fight. On top of that, Stupefying yourself can seriously backfire. If you're lying there vulnerable, and people already think you're dead, they wouldn't have much of a problem causing explosions in your general area. You'd be completely helpless, unable to move; that would be a nightmare.

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Review #3, by justonemorefic 

3rd January 2013:
ok i'm crazy but I kind of just started getting super emotional at the start of this chapter knowing one of them will probably be dead at the end of it. I HAVENT EVEN READ ANYTHING. I read like victus and mortuss -insert sobbing-

ahem, anyway. the jelly memory bit, already loving it. I'm imagining fred swimming through jello.

COLIN'S ALREADY DEAD, WHAT? dude I am just on edge reliving the battle itself. AN ERROR. THERE IS A GLITCH IN THE MATRIX.

OH MY GOD. TONKS IS IN. THE MATRIX. THAT'S WHY. andg kjaglg excuse me while the tears fizzle out my laptop circuits YOU ARE TEARING MY HEART IN PIECES. Remus is a great everything, as I said before, and so is Tonks. Tonks is a great friend, fighter, and mother.

lol do I see you ridiculing a bit of the DH plot holes a la choice of battleground? ;D wait I'm sobbing.


Author's Response: -pat pat-

Fred swimming through jello. Gina you provide the most hilario images, I will forever imagine him in jello now. Swimming past little bits of fruit. Eating some of it. Doing a cannonball. Okay I'm done now.


And it's Tonks!!! Eee! See, this was an unfair twist because it was supposed to be definitively Colin vs Fred. But to my credit readers can go back to the previous chapter and see where they switched places. :3 I think I was wearing an evil mustache the whole time I wrote this novel.

I CAN'T HELP MYSELF. I JUST CAN'T. I see a soapbox to go stand on and point out plot holes and it is too tempting not to say it.

I will keep you and Julia in a fish tank and you can be my octopuses. Octopi. Octopia. I will feed you bits of seaweed even if that's not what you're supposed to eat and call you Squishy 1 and Squishy 2.

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Review #4, by Jess the Enthusiast 

10th October 2012:
I feel so emotionally drained right now it's not even funny. I just...wow.

Before I detail the very awesomeness that was this chapter, I just want to apologize for being so behind on this story; I've been busy with school and afraid to continue this, to be honest (and Pottermore called me a Gryffindor *sigh*) I just didn't want to lose either of them, you know? It was hard enough the first time.

But I think you did this brilliantly, as always. Your descriptions (I can't say this enough) were absolutely perfect and crystal clear. It was like I was there again - at the Battle of Hogwarts. And my mind is still blown over the fact that Tonks took his place; I don't even know what to say about that. Just that Tonks is a brave and honorable woman - and I'm both proud and scared for her. And that was also the most amazing plot twist since, like, "Luke, I am your father." I totally didn't see that coming and this is why I love this story.

I think that this chapter was probably very difficult to write (ALL THE FEELS) but I think you did just wonderfully. And now I have to continue on to the next chapter because I need to know who won this round and who lost.

Brilliant - just brilliant. I'm proud of you for winning 2 Dobby Awards; you deserve it!!! CONGRATS!!! :D


~Jess :D

Author's Response: Pottermore Gryffindor twins! High five!

Tonks totes just snuck in there, which goes to show that Cliodna's rules aren't as infallible as she thinks they are. No one in charge noticed that Tonks had pulled a fast one on them, and that's a very important plot point because it foreshadows events to come. It proves that Cliodna and Claudius mostly get by with threatening people, and creating the illusion that they are all-knowing.

I STILL CANNOT BELIEVE THIS STORY WON TWO DOBBYS. -dies- And it's solely because of fantastic readers like you who nominated and voted for it. It fills me with warm fuzzies.


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Review #5, by Ardeith 

13th September 2012:
I'm raising my hands now!!! I can't believe you think you'd lose readers if you doled out the chapters! You couldn't lose readers if you personally insulted each one!

First an apology that I'm late to the party...I've been busy with school and work and a (great!) part in a play and I've started going out with someone... Maybe my reviews will change now that I'm all happy. Seriously I'm afraid my co-worker is going to hit me with her damnit doll because I'm all cheery. Anyway, tell me you don't care about my stupid personal life and I'll still finish Run and tell you I love it!

The Tonks twist was brilliant and I did not see it coming at all! We've all been showering you with compliments about your handling of the Remus/Tonks relationship. How sweet and real it is. And now you've gone and had her sacrifice herself! The scene where she goes to wait for the end in Hagrid's hut...OMG!

Love your creativity in describing how the memories overlap and knit together.

I can't understand the other note that I had scribbled down, guess I'm too emotionally exhausted.

I'm guessing you have more twists in store, but I don't know what...

Three more chapters to read!! :D

Author's Response: Couldn't lose readers if I personally insulted each one, LOL. XD Well, thank you!

So happy that you're cheery! Seriously, even though the internet, people's emotions are really infectious with me and it takes nothing at all to make me happy. Congrats on your good fortune!

The Tonks bit. :( Oh, Tonks. If only she hadn't intervened in Twisted Towers and helped give Colin an edge. I think she sincerely regrets that now. But even still, she wants to protect Fred too. A mother's instincts can't really be stopped, even if the child is gone.

I always have more twists in store. :3

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #6, by NaidatheRavenclaw 

12th September 2012:

Firstlyyy, I was so sad that wasn't able to review the other chapters when I read them because I literally have 0 free time and I read them on the bus to school, but on my phone which won't let me leave reviews. BUT NOW I'M HERE. And when I saw that you put the entire rest of the story up, I decided just to leave one review except then I read this chapter and I had to leave a review because of OMG WHAT JUST HAPPENED feels.

I can't believe you used the Battle of Hogwarts. That's so genius. I gaped at the screen when I saw it in the last chapter, and then you made it so beautiful and horrific all at the same time in this one. Ahhh, it was incredible. I lovelovelove how you described the memories melding together from so many different viewpoints and how things were messed up because of it. That imagery was absolutely flawless.

AND THEN OF COURSE WE HAVE THE ACTUAL TASK AT HAND. OMG. SO MANY FEELS. I was half crying this entire time because Freddd and this has to be the worst experience ever. You have to live through this once, you DIE, and then youíre put right back into it? Ugh, that sounds absolutely horrible. And you conveyed the confusion so well, with enough chaos that it felt like this weird memory-mixture of the Battle, but it was still easy to follow and it was just amazing.

And you completely got me with Tonks. I didn't even for a second think that she would do something like that. As soon as you said her eyes flicked to gold I understood, of course, but it was still such a shock. And part of me is so happy because Colin didn't have to live through it again and he can liveee as the sweet little boy he is, but POOR TONKS. She is incredible. ♥ That plot twist might be the most emotional part of this story, but also one of the sweetest. It was just incredible in every way.

AND THE END OMG WHAT HAPPENED. WHY FRED. I DON'T GET IT AT ALL BUT I'M GOING TO KEEP READING. Next time I leave you a review (probably), I will have finished this story. I can't believe it.



Author's Response: Do not apologize for not having the time to review! Honestly, I prefer to fly through fics and only leave reviews at the end. Otherwise I get caught up in reviewing, which takes me forever because I'm weird, and it means I'm less likely to read at all.

The Battle of Hogwarts. D: It took me two weeks to write this chapter because I was avoiding it like the plague. I had it planned for Round 5 since the beginning, but when it got down to it I did NOT want to revisit those feels, and several times I considered changing it to something else that would be easier. But I knew that no other round would match up to this one in my head, since the idea of throwing all of them back into the battle is so cruel, and pushed myself through it. I'm very glad that I did.

I have so much admiration for Tonks. She was supposed to stay behind and watch Teddy, but she ran into battle, anyway, because she knew she was needed. It was the same situation here. She wasn't supposed to go, but she felt a sense of duty. I feel sorry for everyone involved.

Thank you so much for your amazing, incredible support! I cannot BELIEVE this story won two Dobbys!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Review #7, by pennyardelle 

11th September 2012:
I felt sick the entire time I was reading this chapter. I really hope you know what an amazing writer you are, that you can make me (and probably dozens of other people reading this) have such a visceral reaction because of words on a screen.

Somewhere around the start of this chapter, I had this moment where I wondered what kind of effect it would have if either Fred or Colin effectively changed history--I mean, isn't it kind of the number one rule of these things that, if you change one thing, it has repercussions you never would have imagined?

Also, the whole stitched-together and distorted memory thing was amazing. I don't know how you come up with these things.

Must read more now.

Author's Response: I sound like such a broken record, but THANK YOU! I'm so flattered by your praise, and so excited that you had a visceral reaction to this. I wouldn't put it past Colin or Fred to change history. I wish they could have. Makes me wonder what would've happened if there had been one last timeturner...

I can tell you exactly where I got the stitched-together memory thing! I was watching Deathly Hallows Part 2, and got the idea from that shield of spellwork put up by Molly, Flitwick, and Minerva. Every time I see their spells connecting, the flickering white threads congealing, it gives me goosebumps. I thought it would be an apt way to describe how memories would look if put together.

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #8, by Hogwarts27 

9th September 2012:
As emotionally draining and painstaking as this might have been to write, this was a wonderful chapter. I loved every word, and all the vivid descriptions. An absolute pleasure to read that left me eager for more.

Author's Response: So glad to hear it! It's very reassuring to know that I finished what I set out to do and it was well-received. I wanted to make this scene as vivid as I possibly could (I am forever wishing I could just make movies so that I could visually show people everything I want them to see). Thank you so much!

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Review #9, by peppersweet 

7th September 2012:





*is an octopus and raises all eight tentacles in the air I AM THAT EMOTIONALLY DRAINED*


I get you with your octopus tentacles, man. After I finished this chapter I think I went outside and laid down and died for a while.

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Review #10, by Rumbleroar goes roar 

5th September 2012:
Eek oh my god!! TONKS TOOK HIS PLACE!!! You are so clever :D But oh my god I LOVE Tonks! No y.y

Author's Response: PLOT TWIST AND SHOUT. I love Tonks, too. D: She's got a tough time ahead of her, that's for sure.

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #11, by TenthWeasley 

5th September 2012:
I'm currently sitting in a mass communications lecture, which means, for all intents and purposes, I shouldn't be typing out this review to you. But not only do I have a lot going on tonight, which might further prevent me from leaving you the review you deserve, but who says I can't multi-task? This chapter's already basically slayed any emotions I might have been capapble of feeling previously, so why not go ahead and stab them further? (Not to mention we haven't started note-taking yet, so I feel this is a suitable use of my time.)

I wish I was better with words. I can write a story or a poem, but I cannot even begin to describe to you the admiration, the awe, the envy, and the pride I feel at finally getting to this chapter, reading it, seeing what you in had in store all along, and I just... I feel like I've run a marathon. And won. :3 I am raising both my hands for emotional exhaustion, too, let me tell you. Okay. Setting off right now to try and make sense of my feelings and push them into a semi-coherent format.

The most prevalent thing on my mind at the moment: I can't begin to tell you how floored I was at your decision to use Tonks in Colin's place. Here I've been, talking about how much I love your Tonks/Remus for months and months, and I never even saw that coming. I don't know what to fault for that: My conviction in a straight plot arc without twists; my reading these chapters probably more quickly than I should have (though it's hard for me to stop, when I get going); my failure to recognize, once again, just how brilliant your plots are. But you're so right to have done that, and now it's like... I should have seen that coming, you know? Tonks is a mother, despite the fact that Teddy was mere months old when she and Remus died. It's natural for her to have wanted to protect the two young boys left in the Duel. My gosh, I'm kicking myself so much at not seeing it sooner. And how you exposed that deception to the readers! Of course you would take advantage of Tonk's Metamorphmagus powers, having Colin's eyes change colors, wouldn't you? And I just commented on that, too.

I hate typing reviews to you. I feel like I could type twice as many characters as allowed, and still wouldn't be able to convey everything to you. I don't want it to go over your head; I always feel the need to impress just how thoroughly good your stories are. I'm beyond impressed at how you portrayed the battle here, because it's canon, and at the same time, you've made it entirely, thoroughly, completely, wonderfully your own. I love that it sort of changes, too -- landscapes attach to other landscapes they shouldn't normally, ad infinitum. That's literally genius. And you've managed to call back everything we see in those final few chapters of Deathly Hallows, as well, the action and fear and desperation and determination and just. Do you realize how impressive that is? To write a canon event and make it seem like it's yours?

Your Weasleys are phenomenal -- Ron and Percy and Fred, interacting together, very nearly brought me to tears. You've given them a brotherly bond in just that small scene that so, so many other writers lack, in writing about them -- and yet they're brothers, they need that.

I'm such a mess right now. There's a literal lump in my throat right now just from thinking over this story, how far we, as readers, have come, and you as the author of it, too. I'm a sappy mess. And I'm so, so sorry that I can't point out more of what I liked, or quote things back at you, or extoll your praises on imagery and plot and characterization and writing. It's implied; it's all here. You're such an inspiration to me, and I hope someday I can be half the writer you are. I'm so proud of you; you're putting your dreams into action in a way I aspire to follow.

Lulz. I'm going to break down in front of 329 of my closest friends.

I cannot wait to read the rest of this story, and although I might not get to it tonight, I'm going to try my absolute hardest to read them as soon as possible. But now it's hitting me that this story's reached its end (or, at this point, is very, very close)... and I don't want that to happen. But at the same time, I do, because I know that what you come out with next is going to blow me away.

♥ Fantastic. Just fantastic. I can't say any more than that, unless it's that you should know the truth of my words. You're brilliant, this story is brilliant, and I admire you. So much.


Author's Response: Ermagherd, months later and this review still brings happy tears to my eyes. ♥

The battle scene gave me a headache. When I started going through and deciding the duel settings, I knew that the last round would have to be the most emotionally difficult one. If it had come down to contestants who never fought in the Battle of Hogwarts: James versus Rufus, for instance, it would have been something totally different. Maybe a scene from the first wizarding war. But since it came down to Colin and Fred, I had to make them relive their worst nightmare. Which was difficult for me on an emotional level and on a technical level, since describing the Battle without 1) Having to worry about my version of events coming to close to the book's and therefore have the potential danger for three-line-rule issues 2) Making everything flipping confusing because there are doubles of Colin and Fred, doubles of everyone else, etc.

And what you said about taking a canon event and making it mine - that is basically the only way I know how to write fanfiction. If I can't put a twist on it, I'm not interested in trying it. I love experimenting with how much I can change things while still making them canon-compliant - familiar but still mine.

The twist with Tonks was exciting for me because I'm a nerd and I enjoy planting tiny seeds in earlier chapters so that in retrospect, you can see exactly the time and place when Tonks and Colin switched places. But it was vague enough so that you would only suspect it after the fact. If you ever go back and reread, you'll be able to tell when the switch happened; and during the countdown before the final duel, some of Colin's actions will make a /lot/ more sense. ;)

The only way I know how to respond to your reviews is to go off on unrelated tangents. Seriously, you are so intimidating. I JUST WANT YOU TO KNOW HOW MUCH I APPRECIATE YOUR READERSHIP. This story. Half of my stories. They would not exist without you and your support. Love you!! ♥

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Review #12, by ValWitch21 

5th September 2012:

I think I read all six thousand words of this in ten minutes, anxious to get to the end. It was more skim reading, and I'll be re-reading slowly, but now I must leave a review.

Phew. I feel like I've got a stone in my stomach right now, and it's a bit hard to breathe.

I expected something like Tonks using her capacities would happen, but certainly not like that. The ultimate mother's sacrifice, beautifully and heart-wrenchingly written.

I've melted into a puddle on the floor right now.

I won't live up to next Wednesday. Please give me a chapter where I can breathe, will you?

This story had better make it to the Dobbys. I will be voting for it, definitely.

I don't know how you manage.

And I tried, I really tried to find a favourite quote that I could put here, but once again, I wouldn't have been able to fit the whole chapter in this little review box.

More please?

10/10, but no smile this time because I am a wreck right now.

Heart (I don't know how to get them here).

Author's Response: Here I am (five million years later) to respond to your review! Hurrah!

Tonks's self-sacrifice was a slow burn for her, but I don't think she could have lived with herself if she didn't try to save the two boys. After all, she feels a responsibility to them (Colin especially) since she prevented Vincent from losing in Round Four. She wasn't thinking clearly at the time and now Colin's endangered because of it, so she thinks she owes it to him.

Aww, thank you!! I still can't believe this won TWO Dobbys. Absolutely blew my mind. I have the best readership ever. ♥

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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