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Review #1, by weasleytwinlover2011 

2nd September 2012:
Oops...I'm Berry??? Well okay then!!! I don't hate her anymore! Haha...Yeah please don't tell me I love to read it all for myself especially since your writing makes this so much more exciting! I really am flattered that I'm a character in your story! I feel honoured! Thanks so much. Excellent story, amazing author!!! Jenna :) (aka BERRY)

Author's Response: dont worry ok? but i do warn you you might not like berry at first you'll end up really feeling for her on her side

Mischieviously yours


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Review #2, by weasleytwinlover2011 

1st September 2012:
Wow! Another amazing chapter, I still don't understand how you do it: you just make every chapter so perfect that it's unbelievable. Sorry to hear your computer is suicidal...:( I don't see why he would be when he gets to have such great stories typed up on him!!! I suddenly feel a strong hatred for Berry she better not get in the way of Fremione because regardless of her being a fictional character I will hunt her down and kill her. ;)! In this chapter I think it was really nice that you got to see more of Hermione and Fred's feelings towards each other and you can see something developing there so really well done for being able to write it but make it...discrete...? (is that the right word?)...because it shows that they are going through the stages of falling for each other. I loved this chapter, I love the story and I love your writing style! Excellent work! Keep it up! Jenna :)

Author's Response: ill be honest with you the character Berry is gonna be you so i couldnt help but laugh when you said you were gonna hunt her down haha i'd give you more details but i think you will like the story the more it developes you seem to prefere seeing for yourself then hearing how it ends so i hope you wont hate me so much and you keep enjoying the story ^^ and thanks!!!

mischieviously yours,

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