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Review #1, by onestop_hpfan18 

1st August 2016:
Well, this was a fun filler chapter. Looks like James is going to have to keep his eyes on Lily and Robbie in the future.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #2, by slytherinchica08 

21st March 2014:
Oh such a sweet chapter! I feel bad for Lily, having a crush on her friends brother and then constantly being told to ask him to prom. Its a very tricky situation to be in because she actually does want to be with him but of course Maddie would only be thinking in terms of a date for prom but Lily wants it to be something more. I do hope the best for her. She deserves it after all she has had to go through. And Al is just dumb coming and saying that rant about the Malfoy's while Carla is there with James. But I'm glad that in general she took the news really well and wasn't too upset with James for not sharing the information sooner. Also I can't wait to see James meeting her parents that should make for a rather interesting time! I very much enjoyed this chapter! Great Job!


Author's Response: Ah, poor Lily and her heart. More to come on that in time. At least she has good friends to help her out. :)

Al does come charging in here rather like a bull in a china shop, doesn't he? In his defence, he's not thinking straight, plus he has every reason to assume Carlotta already knows about the Malfoys and whatnot. She took the news she was told well ... but what about what she wasn't told? Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #3, by Slide 

29th August 2012:
You can't pretend it's not serious when parent-meeting is occurring, James! YAY Albus. Bring on the Albus. Hee, Scorose. Hee, outraged Albus. It's kind of cute the way he's a bit of a mini-Harry (though is sounding a little more like his Uncle Ron in his outrage). Oh, ironic turn of events, James. I do love it when he shows he has a brain, that his laid-back-ness isn't just thoughtlessness, he really just IS a decent guy to everyone.

Exposition!James time! Or perhaps bad exposition. Oh dear, there's no way this is going to go well. He left it a little bit too long before telling her about this, and it doesn't help that he's only telling her because he has to. And this is the bit where he CAN be very thoughtless, I suppose! Bless him. Not sure it's a good idea to say there's nothing else, either. Maybe say that there's a lot of history and it's a long STORY... oh dear, James. Oh dear, oh dear...

Woot, Lily and Maddie time. Oh, and there's Kit, too, he'll do. Probably more than 'do', teaching James about football sounds entertaining. And poor Lily, likely having a thing for someone but not daring to do anything about it due to the Muggle/non-Muggle divide (James is not the man to set a good example with such a thing). But James is right, still! She's got good friends. Could be a lot worse. Very sweet chapter.

Author's Response: The thing with the parent-meeting is that it's purely for Carlotta to get her own back on James for throwing her at his ENTIRE family at his Quidditch matches. To them, it's not serious - or at least, they're trying to hide from the fact that it suggests something more serious than either of them want. But however they look at it, it IS hard to escape the fact that whatever they have between them is far more complicated and serious than they initially aimed for.

Albus is usually reasonably rational, but here he is most definitely NOT. He, sadly, can be prejudiced when it comes to the Malfoys. And this is the Scorose relevance, I hope you enjoyed it. :) James can be thoughtless, but he is also, as you say, a genuinely open-minded, DECENT bloke. And this is an issue that is close to his heart.

Yeah, James is a total idiot here. He finally has to reveal the dark history of his world ... and still doesn't do it all properly. NOT GOOD. He's not necessarily thoughtless, he has his reasons for keeping quiet, but he doesn't consider the problems that could be caused by not telling her everything. Either way, he's digging himself into an even bigger hole here.

Kit will DO? I'm hoping that in a few chapters' time you will love him as much as you do Lily and Maddie; he's not QUITE had his time to shine yet but it will come. I could possibly have written more of the football conversation but I don't know it in enough depth to do so; the offside rule comment was about as far as I was willing to go! Unlike Maddie teaching James about rugby, where I went to town. Lily is indeed in a pretty sucky situation, only made worse by her oaf of a brother breaking the Statute here, there and everywhere. He's doing the right thing in not trying to talk to her about the issue, because in the wrong circumstances his misdeeds would loom pretty heavily over them both. So all he can do is stand back and let her do what she thinks is right ... which is to suffer in silence. Poor thing. She does, indeed, have good friends to make things easier, clueless as Maddie is. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #4, by imacullenpottergirl 

29th August 2012:
Another amazing chapter. But he didn't tell her the whole truth which was kind of rubbish, but i figured that he will in his own time.
Can't wait till the next one!!

Author's Response: James SHOULD have told her the whole truth. I can't say when he will. Glad you enjoyed, thanks for reviewing!

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Review #5, by missclaire17 

28th August 2012:
oh my dear James, what on Earth am i going to do with you?
he should have told her, at least about Harry and his grandparents' involvement.
honestly, even if he doesnt tell her every single detail about the War, I don't think that detail is something he needs to leave out.
when Carlotta finds out, man that's going to be MESSY...
ahhh James *shakes head at James even though i love James so much*

LOL and is it entirely wrong for me to be so amused about that part about Albus? xD
the way that he was going on and on and how he was so upset and angry and went into a "killing muggles rant" when Carlotta was there...
sometimes i can see exactly why James and Albus are brothers.
albus needs more tact sometimes LOL

wow. so... lily likes robbie.
WOW. WELL then... huh... i always imagined something between kit and lily but i suppose not.
lol if lily likes robbie, then... WOW.
i cant wrap my mind around that fact yet! lol
she should totally take him to prom and then make some sort of move.
anyone who wouldn't like lily is an idiot anyways.

that sounds REALLY serious, as much as the two of them try to deny it.
james and carlotta are quite literally exclusive with each other, even if they dont realize it, and now the whole "meeting the family" thing is happening... wow...
honestly, i wont be surprised if carlotta ends up moving in with James or something like that.
*and james really needs to still tell carlotta about Harry and his grandparents*

this is just me speculating but why do i have a feeling though that carlotta's going to find out about how involved the Potters were when The Fight between Harry and James breaks out? i just have this sneaking suspicion that one of these days, harry and james are totally going to have this all-out argument and all of those things will come to be laid on the table and carlotta will find out that way.

i don't know; i hope that James doesn't wait for something like that to happen before telling carlotta.

and btw, can u tell me how many chapters you guestimate will be total?

Author's Response: James is an idiot. That is all.

I got terribly amused at Albus when writing that scene ... you're right, he lacks SO much tact! Bless him. And Lily/Kit wouldn't happen, purely because I already have the James/Freddie/Brigid friendship/romantic interest thing which is very similar to HRH; I couldn't have another instance of it! Kit is a very good friend to Lily and Maddie, but the friendships here are all platonic and, yes, Lily has a little thing for Maddie's brother. She SHOULD indeed take him to her prom and see what happens...

James meeting Carlotta's parents seems serious, but to them it's not. To them, it's just her getting her own back on him for throwing her to the lions at his Quidditch matches by having her meet practically half of the wizarding world. Although to everyone else looking in, it DOES seem like a fairly serious move for them.

Interesting theory on when Carlotta will find out more! I like it. But I'm saying nothing; you'll have to wait and see what happens :)

I can't tell you how many chapters I think there will be - because I have NO clue. I had a rough chapter plan outlined up until 26, but I've written up to there now, and from now on I have NO idea as to length. I know what will happen, but not necessarily how it will happen, or how long it will take. I will tentatively say that we'll be around the 50 chapter mark, but I don't want to commit to anything because I really have no clue!

Thanks for reviewing :)

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