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Review #1, by Ugh,. 

29th June 2014:
After all the build-up: Snape just loses in the second round, walks around and sulks, gets pranked by the cool young kids (one was a year younger than him), and this is his grand resolution? No chat with Lily, no reckoning with James... he gets some pity and a lame joke to cheer him up?

Author's Response: That's a pretty dark way of viewing things. Snape DID chat with Lily and he DID get a reckoning with James. He got that a couple of chapters ago. Did he end up getting the girl? No. Because Lily loved James. That's canon. I can give him some semblance of a resolution without completely altering his relationship with Lily as well as his character. Keep in mind that Snape has only been dead for two months. This is a man who is fiercely stuck in his ways. He loved a girl when he was a kid and even though she married someone else, even though she died - he STILL remained attached to her for sixteen years. He has some deep-seated issues that won't be resolved within a novel that takes place over a span of two months. I could have decided to make him grin and bear it and turn into a happy-go-lucky guy, but that would not have been doing justice to his character. It's not Snape. It's an idealized version of Snape.

The best I could give him was a push in the right direction, in the direction of healing. Snape's happiness must happen once the curtain has closed, and it's going to take a long time to develop. He loved Lily for so long that it's all he knows how to do anymore, and now he's faced with the fact that he'll never get her. He has to move on. Throughout this novel I drew comparisons between Salazar and Snape, Godric and James, and Rowena and Lily. That's not a coincidence. I designed Rowena specifically for Severus. She wants a man who's complex, who's both dark and light. Godric and Salazar are one and the other, but Severus embodies both. Please do not underestimate exactly how far I have pushed Severus's character by lessening his fixation on Lily, apologizing to James, learning to let go, and enjoying Rowena's company. Those may seem like tiny steps to you but if you understand Severus you must understand that for him, those are BIG STEPS.

Yes, Snape loses in the second round. His motivation for being in the duel is gone because Lily was out in the first round. He did some of the cleverest maneuvering in round 2, but he got knocked out anyway because of karma. I love Severus but he was arrogant. I find it kind of insulting that you imply I made him "stupid" just because he didn't win. I wanted to knock him out of the tournament because I had other things planned for him on the sidelines. How can he grow, and how can he heal, if he's fighting for his life? I needed for him to move on. If he passed the second round and made it to the end, he would either 1.) Die 2.) Go back to earth for 24 hours, where he has no one and nobody likes him. Sometimes you can be the cleverest person in the room and you still get foiled because you can only control your own actions. You can't control other people's, so the situation is always up in the air.

And yeah, he got pranked by the cool young kids. Because they're kids and kids are mean and that's what they do.

You seem to be really hyper-focused on Snape's parts in this story. I find it odd that I would have to justify keeping to Severus's canon characteristics to someone who seems to really likes Severus. Ultimately I went with my gut and wrote him the way I think he would continue to exist post-mortem. He doesn't "deserve" for wonderful things to fall into his lap just because he loved Lily Potter. More than that has to redeem him, and he has to learn to be a better person. That in itself will be a decades-long journey. I don't like the rosy "happily-ever-after" Severus. I like Severus as JKR made him - gritty, ethically ambiguous, sometimes terrible even if we sympathize with him. This is the same man who tormented Neville Longbottom every chance he got simply because Neville EXISTED and hadn't been killed in the stead of Harry Potter. And that's canon.

Thanks for reading.

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Review #2, by x3CherryWatermelonx3 

26th January 2013:
Another lovely chapter! Much too eager to get to the next though! See you there! :)

Author's Response: See you there!! And thank you. :)

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Review #3, by justonemorefic 

3rd January 2013:
The Lupin house sounds like such a quaint house (except not really because the housework would be atrocious, but if I were magical, then yes). A dog and mismatched chairs (that are always full!) and Tonks trying to impress Remus with her successful everyday spells.

“But you’re always so impartial and…” She searched for the right word. “Justice-y.” You can always be a writer in your downtime, Tonks!

oh you did not just make me feel bad for crabbe. you're a monster, sarah ♥

All of Cedric's thinking's got me wondering again about the conditions for entering CC. I swear it's for people who still want to live a 'life' or have something to pass on. But his parents are here?! newcomers finally! you were getting a bit lonely there, Ced.

OMG ROWENA, SNAPE YOU TWO ARE A RIOT. “What would the Ravenclaw student get if he put a Gryffindor into a boiling cauldron and then threw in a handful of beetle eyes?”/“Psychological evaluations?” HIS HOBBY IS WATCHING PEOPLE TRIP OMG. I LOVE HIM MORE THAN EVER. this is my light sarah. ♥

Author's Response: Tonks trying to impress Remus, lolz. I like her even when she's fail. Tonks knows how to keep it real, yo. Okay I am just really sorry at this point at the state of these responses. PLEASE LOVE ME ANYWAY.

Snape watching the people trip. XD He's got to have something to give him his kicks. I think he'd be almost as miserable here as Peter. He literally has nothing. But the way I see it, Severus is kind of Godric and Salazar combined: Brave like Godric, but also has plenty of the bad bits, like Salazar. So Rowena, in my headcanon, finds in Severus the perfect combination of the two men she'd never been able to choose between. LOVE SQUARE AHOY!

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Review #4, by SilentConfession 

14th September 2012:
I really like how they've all found new life here and it's not paragraphs and paragraphs of people being sad that they are dead or that they miss their loved ones. there is some of that but it's truly great how you show them come to terms with this new and twisted deathlife you've given them. I like the simplicity of their lives, how they go day to day finding amusement in the smallest of things, are still gruff in the mornings before their tea or just finding new ways to love what they have.

I'm not sure how to describe this, but i loved how there was a mixture of this loving what they have theme going on here and this other angsty bit where you're reminded that these people are still dead and that they can't exist like they normally would have. That everything changes and they're still trying to find ways to just survive in this. Like Cedric and how he thought of Cho and was driven a little mad by his longing for her. Or even Crabbe, that part i was completely impressed with because even if it was short it showed how he was just a human and wanted to go home. It made me sad because no matter what he'll always have to come back to this place, this place which he probably imagines as a prison, a place surrounded by people he doesn't get on with and has no one from what i can tell.

The new friendship between Rowena and Snape is interesting and i'm really curious to know where you are taking it. I do love how Snape seems to be growing here and getting past that stage of his bitter and sorrowful life. It gives me hope that he'll have redemption of a sort and not one where he and Lily fall madly in love and live happily ever after. But maybe one where he can life fully and stop living in the past.

Another lovely chapter and really well done at being able to dip into these contestants lives and and make me believe every moment of it.

Author's Response: Hello again, Zayne!

I think that paragraphs and paragraphs of people moping and despairing of their old lives and about being dead would get old so fast. Not only that but I'm too naturally happy to be able to stand such a thing. This is why angsty chapters are usually followed by lighter ones. Writing angst makes me mopey for the rest of the day, so I vastly prefer looking at Cliodna's Clock like the glass is half full. The characters have to look at the brighter side of things or they're going to destroy themselves. I liked taking that journey with them, following as they realized that they needed to move on.

It's all very much a process. Everyone's in different emotional places - Cedric is mostly settled in but he still gets lonely. Tonks isn't as much lonely as she is sad for her son. Sirius is perfectly content, Regulus is happy with day-to-day activities that consume his focus, and others have been here so long that they've become fixtures of the environment even if they haven't completely adjusted (like Salazar and Rowena). It was important to me while writing this not to make everyone's grieving/adjusting process too similar, because everyone deals with this in different ways.

I do feel bad for Crabbe, not really having anyone. :( One of the goals I had for this story was to give Severus a second chance at life. He had such a raw deal on earth, pining after a dead woman who didn't love him back; so here, he's dealt with it. He's fully realized that the Lily he loved is not completely real, and the real Lily belongs to James. I feel like Severus is finally in the present now instead of wallowing in the past and what could have been. I'm so glad you recognized that and we're on the same page. :)

Thank you endlessly for your awesome reviews! And thank you for reading.

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Review #5, by pennyardelle 

11th September 2012:
Well, this was a really interesting chapter. The examination of Cedric and Cho was really beautiful. It exemplified one of the best things about fan fiction: before reading that, I never really cared about Cedric and Cho as a couple, but now...I mean, how can you not feel for them? You have such wonderful insight into those kinds of things. And then his parents showing up was unexpected. I'm interesting to see what happens with that.

One of the things that is so great about this story is that their day-to-day lives, despite being sort of twisted into this afterlife you've created, are much like they would be if they were living. I really liked the section with Remus and Tonks for that reason, because if they had lived, I'm sure they would have had many mornings where they sat around eating breakfast, talking about the day's news. It's like you've given them a life beyond death, which is beautiful.

I'm really intrigued by Rowena and Severus striking up a friendship...kind of funny, because it did always seem that Snape was like Salazar 2.0, or at least resembled him in some way.

Great chapter!

Author's Response: Remus and Tonks are trying so hard to forge a new life for themselves, without Teddy, and it was vital for me to show them in an ordinary light. They are coping the best that they can, and it was important to show a facet of what their everyday life is like right now. Normal is important. Not every day is a duel, after all. I'm very glad you liked that section, too. :)

The parallels of James/Lily/Severus and Godric/Rowena/Salazar have finally merged! Leave it to Rowena to juggle one more man in her love circus! She couldn't choose between Godric and Salazar because she liked traits of both, and maybe she'll find these traits in Severus. He's brooding and nasty at times, but he's also brave. The more I think about it, the more I like them as a couple. Maybe I'll write a one-shot about them someday.

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #6, by Jess the Enthusiast 

9th September 2012:
Another wonderful chapter! I found this to be a very interesting one, getting to see a slice of various characters' lives and thoughts. I still don't understand Tonks' reasonings for doing what she did to Colin and Fred, but I very much enjoyed her scene with Lupin and their dog. It always amazes me at how well you can portray them.
Crabbe is really interesting, I have to say. You don't really give him much thought in the HP series (at least I didn't) but you are able to portray him in a way that both fits canon but gives him more depth. His Slytherin colors really come into view in this story and I find his relationship with Salazar to be very interesting - it's like two different kind of Slytherins coming together and being scorned and bitter over what the other couldn't provide them.
And I feel terrible saying this, but I'm glad that Cedric was the one that went crazy and not James. It's terrible, I know, but you understand my unhealthy love for James, so yeah. But did he go crazy? That was the impression I got while reading. And I feel like he imagined his parents. Or maybe he didn't. I don't know, I guess that's the thing with insanity: there's so much that is uncertain.
Lastly, I thought the last scene was incredible! The parallel between Snape and Salazar wasn't one I had originally noticed - aside from the unrequited love bit - but when the scene began, I thought it was Salazar that Rowena was approaching! SO AMAZING AH!!! I think you've really succeeded in portraying the complexness that is Severus Snape; I just can't compliment you enough on that!
Again, amazing chapter!


~Jess :D

Author's Response: I don't think Tonks quite understands her reasoning, either. She made a split-second decision that impacted everyone's lives permanently. We'll see how she responds to this after she's had some time to mull it over.

I love what you said about Vincent and Salazar being two different kinds of Slytherins. Not to play the devil's advocate here, but they're usually lumped together into one mold; but really, there are different types of Slytherins just as there are different types of Gryffindors, Hufflepuffs, and Ravenclaws. So I love that you pointed that out.

Hahaha, Cedric didn't go crazy! I mean, he almost did. Or maybe he was starting to, with all the Cho business. But the appearance of his parents just in the nick of time will save him from that, I think. They'll bring a heavier sense of reality to this unreality he has been living in for too long.

I'm stoked to hear that you mistook Severus for Salazar! That is EXACTLY what I intended, so I'm just going to sit here and be smug for a minute, congratulating myself. ~ lol, seriously though, this is the part where Rowena no longer has to choose. She's been divided between Godric's bravery and Salazar's brooding-ness, and now they're here combined in one complete person - Severus. So it's all come full circle.

Thank you for reading and reviewing, Jess!

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Review #7, by peppersweet 

7th September 2012:
Okay - I'll admit it - I felt sorry for crabbe. Actual sympathy and pity. It's easier now he's out of the running and unlikely to murder my puir wee Colin.

Something is really afoot here (I can only repeat this phrase in a vain attempt to come up with something meaningful to say). I'm sorry these reviews are so crap and so short but I'm powering through this story like mad - I can't stop! 

Author's Response: I try to feel sorry for Crabbe and I'm not sure if I can. He's such a...I don't know. He's a really ugly plant that I water just because it's there, not because I really care if it lives or dies. I probably make no sense. And if he murdered Colin I think people would be after me with pitchforks. Only the innocent can kill the innocent and be forgiven. If it's bad vs. good, there is no division of feels.


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Review #8, by Ardeith 

27th August 2012:
Beautiful chapter. I always love your Remus and Tonks; their relationship is so real, despite being dead and all. ;-) And that little bit of humanity you gave Crabbe:

“You said you would help me win,” he said, voice breaking. “You said they would let me go home.”

I knew you would make us feel for him, too!

And the Cedric section with him thinking about Cho! (Confession time...I have a soft spot for Cho. Asian solidarity I guess.don't judge!). So nice to see a positive portrayal of her and their relationship. And Cedric is getting his parents back! Sad to think of them dead, too, but now they can all be together.

And I might be reading too much into it... but if the Lupins' dog is extinct...it must have been in Cliodna's Clock a long time. What happened to its original owner? Do all dogs go to Cliodna's Clock? Is there something of the mystery there or is it just a funny little detail?

Can't believe only 5 chapters to go! :-( What are you writing next?

Author's Response: Only five chapters, I know! Eeek. Actually, since I posted Chapter 27 today, there's only four chapters left.

Wow. Four chapters left. Just now hitting me.

I'm so, so happy at the response Remus/Tonks has gotten, because that's all I wished for: that I could portray them normally, and make their love believable. I wanted them to seem like real people.

Vincent's still not my favorite person in the world, but it's nice to show some of his humanity. After all, he could've been someone very different if he hadn't been raised by Death Eaters.

So glad you liked the Cho part! I got to read a lot about her because of the Ravenclaw House Cup entries, and they really inspired me.

Pepper's previous owner was Geraint Ollivander (chapter 17 for reference), who perished in last year's Devil's Duel. I would imagine that a few dogs end up there, but maybe not all. ;)

Next I plan to finish up Purgatory, and then I'll be writing a fun Percy/Audrey short story.

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #9, by WitnesstoitAll 

26th August 2012:
Oh my goodness, Sarah. I really think you've outdone yourself with this chapter. I don't know why, but this was one of my favorites to date... it was so moving to see the glimpses of each of these one time duel contestants; the feeling of their humanity was so, so tangible that I nearly drowned in feels reading this. I think my favorite thing about this story is how normal the afterlife is, while being sort of fanciful. Like, people don't waft around angsting over being dead... there's a distinct vitality in the village. People live very much as they did in life, and that to me is what sets this story apart from all other stories that are out there about the afterlife. And, even though there is this strong vital pulse running beneath the culture and demographic of the village of the dead, there is an ever present glass wall that separates the residents from live-life that they smack into ocassionally, or rather the reader smacks into it and suddenly remembers that all of these characters are actually dead and not alive and will never grow old or fat; never explore the world.

^This is what I took away from this chapter as a whole. It was so incredibly lovely. As always, I adored your Tonks/Remus. They are just so natural -- none of the pretense and angsty nonsense that I often find when reading about them. I adore their little family with Pepper (and love that he's an extinct breed!! very clever). The way tonks knew that remus would be down the stairs shortly, not being able to sleep alone; the way he was a little gruff before his morning tea. Gah. They, in my opinion, represent the ever present life that exists in the village of the dead. The fact that life goes on and is good.

And then in contrast, we read about Crabbe and Cedric, and while they're handled very differently here, I feel that they both represent that glass wall I mentioned, as reminders that they are all truly dead and not alive. It was glorious to see a bit of humanity in Crabbe... the fact that he was crying and just wanted to go home... was such a lovely redemption for his character. It was a bold statement that even though he's not really a 'good' person, he's still a person with ripe humanity running through his veins. And then there's Cedric. Omg. I am so, so feely after that scene. I love how determined he is to live his life and stay busy and do the things he didn't get to do... what a plucky little puff. But seeing him in this quiet moment, pondering over lost oppurtunities and love and what not was so poignant. One of these days I swear I'm going to write a Cho/cedric story. I really feel like they are such an interesting pair that often gets a bad wrap or over looked in canon b/c of cedric's death and cho's greiving process. gah. anyway, I digress. I just, everything about that scene was gorgeous. I especially loved the bit about Cedric telling stories that had been passed down the diggory line b/c he would never continue that line and be able to pass the stories down. I just, Cedric would have been a great dad and yet again your story has managed to make me passionately made at Voldemort for destroying so many lives. I almost thought for a minute that you were going to have Cho die and turn up there and was like... canon-cobb-squint... but then when Cedric's parents came walking down the street it was so sad/poignant and I just want to know what happened. There is something inherently sad that their son is the one welcoming them into the afterlife, but beautiful at the same time since they can all be together at last.

And as I'm running out of characters, I want to quickly say that I enjoyed the Rowena (love that she's ever intrigued by fixer-upper men... what a fixing fairy she fancies herself to be) and Severus got to chat. It was a lovely indicator of the progress that he is making after his conversation with Lily and James several chapters ago. I am so happy for him; he has finally turned down the road of redemption and is (I think) letting go of the very heavy chip he's been carrying around on his shoulder.

Sarah. this story is amaz-sauce. I just, I cannot even do it justice and hope you know how talented you are and how much I admire your abilities as a writer and how much I value your friendship. As always, this chapter was fabulo-moose and I can't wait until the next one.

lots and lots and lots of loveee,

Author's Response: MEL, NGL I REALLY DON'T KNOW HOW TO RESPOND TO THIS. ♥ ♥ ♥ I'm probably going to go on many tangents now because that's all I know how to do.

I love what you said about people not wafting around angsting over being dead. That, I think, would get so repetitive, and who really wants to live like that? They're all existing in various stages of adjustment. Some of them, like Vesper Lovegood, have accepted it completely. Some of them, like Salazar, are such a fixture in the village that it's like they've always been there. The newer you are, the more messed up you're likely to be, but if you value your sanity then you're going to shape up and move on as quickly as you can bear.

Tonks and Remus here served to portray normalcy in a world where everyone is dead, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that you picked up on that, that you appreciated it and knew what I was going for. There is so much emotional turmoil going on just a few streets away, with various other residents, but in the Lupin house, for now, there is peace. They knew each other so well, are so used to each other, that peace comes naturally to them just by being together, and from that peace comes strength. There is a good chance I am making no sense.

Having Cho die, omg. That would be so cruel of me. And since I don't go into detail about Cedric's parents, you're free to imagine what happened to them. Isn't it annoying when I leave things open to interpretation? CHALK IT UP TO LAZINESS~

Rowena the fixing fairy, lololol forever, picturing her with wings now, buzzing over people's heads.

Mel, you are amazing. Every time I read the end of this review (as of course I've reread it multiple times) I just melt into a puddle of feels. ♥ I'm so lucky to be able to call you my friend.

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Review #10, by TenthWeasley 

24th August 2012:
I love your Tonks/Remus. No, first, in a broader sense -- I love this story, full stop, but in addition to that I love your Tonks/Remus. :) Even just the depiction of how they're sleeping, how he kisses her on the cheek before crossing to the kettle. I think one of the best things about their relationship is just how realistic it is, you know? Which is something that sells me on romance, realism. Also, more genius props to you for picking an extinct breed of dog -- I see what you did there. :D CLEVER.

And I absolutely adore Cedric's thoughts on Cho (even if it is, ahem, Cho), because that's another example of the kind of love you're able to realistically paint, though it's different from Tonks/Remus. You can tell so much how much he cared for her because of how he thinks of her now, and for some reason my favorite part of that whole section was his being slightly jealous of Harry -- humans are very jealous creatures -- and then his only wanting Cho to be happy. ♥ Gahh, you do him so much justice.

Maybe that's what I was getting at. :P You write love in its varying forms, not as one solid boy-and-girl-meet-and-fall-in-love-forever way, which is easy to read but two-dimensional in its qualities. Your relationships have depth and emotion (and even, now I think about it, Rowena/Salazar is another differing example of this) and maybe they don't always end up happily for those involved. I'm not sure what I'm trying to say; just that I have loads of admiration for how you tackle arguable the trickiest emotion in the book. :)

CEDRIC'S PARENTS SAY WOT. You introduce a plot point like this so near the end?! Now I want to know what you're playing at!

Another character you do justice: Snape. Every time he crops up he ends up being my favorite part of the chapter (unless, of course, the chapter is solely dedicated to him, but anyway). I told you this already but I was grinning so much when he said the thing about liking to watch people trip (forgive me, I am forever too lazy to scroll back up and quote it), because of course he does. :D And there is this line that sort of goes with that:

but he didn’t seem very ashamed that he derived mild joy from watching others fall down. -- STILL laughing, by the by.

Oof. This review is kind of horrible, and doesn't really tell you much other than FABULOUS JOB, but you already knew this chapter was great. Slinking away in awkwardness now. How are we already at chapter 26?! And that means only 5 more weeks left for updating? I've been reading Run since February; it's like a constant now. Ugh, that's weird. Why do stories have to end?

But seriously, congratulations on finishing it. I am very proud of you, and this story -- and you should be too. ♥

Author's Response: I feel slightly out of order here because I'm responding to this review after posting the next chapter. Usually I've had my reviews cleared by one p.m. on Wednesdays to that I can post, and here I am at 7 p.m., creeping by.

RELATIONSHIPS. ♥ Out of all the ships, I like writing Remus/Tonks the most. Lily/James has been romanticized in a thousand different ways, with one or both of them being either completely wonderful or completely awful. Rowena/Salazar is fun but also thorny, since they also hate each other, but with Remus/Tonks it all just feels so normal. And I like that. I like normal love. No loud declarations, no throwing-stuff-at-each-other fights, no loudness. I feel like it's an understated kind of love. All of their drama is in their foundations, in the past before Remus threw in the towel and decided to go ahead and date her. I am rambling like a champion.

Amos and Portia, snort. Remember recently on skype when you said this wasn't necessarily AU because I didn't kill off anyone who didn't die in canon, and I was all lulz. Well, it could still be true, I suppose. ALL THE DIGGORYS ARE DEAD.

Dude, one of the biggest things I wanted to do in this story was give Severus a life. Because seriously. Obsessing over a dead woman for half his life and then dying in the Shrieking Shack? UMM, I THINK HE DESERVES A BIT BETTER THAN THAT. P.S. totally shipping him with Rowena now, and it's totally because I can't stop picturing Rowena as Katie McGrath because of banners, and ofc Severus belongs with Katie McGrath because of Sneth, and we have come full circle.

I'm going to be a bit sad to post the final chapter. My page will start to look kind of bare, I think. Sad face. :(

♥ I don't tell you this nearly often enough, but your reviews are seriously vital to this story. Your feedback is more important to me than anyone else's, and I just. Gah. So much love. ♥ CAN I JUST PUT YOU IN MY POCKET AND CARRY YOU AROUND.

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Review #11, by Celeste 

23rd August 2012:
I love these little filler-esque chapters! Filler-esque because nothing central to the plot happens and yet they're so enjoyable.

I LOVED the Cedric reflections on Cho. Ha, but you could've guessed that. I just like Cho-y things in general and have been on the Cho end of these kinds of reflections as far as writing is concerned, so reading Cedric's poignant and lovely thoughts was sweet. Including that whole reflection about Pettigrew living down the street - it never occurred to me that people would literally be forced to interact with their murderers here. Yet it was so Cedric-like not to be too bothered by it. And his parents arrived! Happy tears for Cedric :D

Tonks seems at peace with having lost; I'm guessing that now she's in her own house and she's on decent terms with Lily, her life seems to be moving on. Her initial hysteria to see Teddy has abated (or has it?). Though I do see her entering the races again in the future...

I really liked the Rowena/Snape bits too! Never saw Rowena as much of a joker - in my mind, that was always the Helga department - but their interactions were pretty adorable. Including Snape's confession that he enjoys watching people trip over. It was...oddly fitting in a way. Though I'm wondering precisely what he plans to do with the rest of his afterlife - he's got nothing left for him on earth, he's reconciled with Lily, though it seems clear that she will never return his feelings and is very much still with James, so what does he even have left? Apparently his mother's not here either...

Congrats on being done! That is a huge accomplishment on a story of this level! I congratulate and salute you and your amazing talent! This story's totally been brightening up my Wednesdays for the last few months now and I shall miss it immensely. It's literally the only story on HPFF that I actually keep track of updates-wise and look forward to reading even in my hectic, social reclusive times. And this may seem like a weird thing to say but I oddly still really hope to see Merope at some point.

On we go to the final round! I'm anxious D: I don't want to see anything bad happen to Colin but I /definitely/ don't want anything bad happen to Fred. I don't want to lose him twice :/

Author's Response: Celeste!

Bahaha, I thought you might appreciate the Cho reflections. Cho was a very strong person. She might have cried a fair bit over her dead boyfriend, but I think she might have been a sociopath if she hadn't. Adding to that the guilt she felt for liking Harry, who lived instead of Cedric, and in my opinion she actually coped pretty darn well. I enjoyed writing about her here. Poor Cedric. :(

Tonks has accepted that she lost and can now scrap together some semblance of peace. Secretly she might be eyeing next year's Devil's Duel, though. It would be a hard opportunity to pass up when you're a mother who didn't get enough time with her son.

Severus, more than anyone, I think, deserves happiness. He spent his life pining over a woman he couldn't have, and now that that option's completely off the table, even in his fantasies, he has the chance to start fresh. This is where Rowena comes in. ;)

It feels so nice to have finished this, I can't even tell you. I wrote the last 17,000 words of this in a week just to finish it, just so that I could know for sure that it really was going to be completed. WIPs nag me constantly to finish them, or else I get this fear that I'll go too long between writing chapters and end up abandoning it. I'm so glad you like this story enough to keep up with it. :) Warm fuzzy feels ftw.


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