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Review #1, by Aiedail 

27th January 2013:
omG staircases have relatives everything makes sense and nothing hurts

bea can invent again! teddy is the hero of this story.


oh my god bea buttermilk is not actual….i can't GINA TELL HER THAT IT'S VINEGAR IN MILK HELP HER OUT A LITTLe

scorpius can bake i'm gonna die GONNA DIE THAT IS OTP MATERIAL DO YOU UNDERSTAND well you probably do because you wrote it but aewyrtuatweriuaewtru

oh is that too premature of me oops
sorry not sorry


"a real partnership as in marriage bea why haven't you figured this out yet nutcase it's not that hard to understand that i have undying love for you" --- my favorite line

gina they were so close i'm getting mad

scorpius the sleuth! i bet he'll be horrible at it but I will still congrat him anyway.


Author's Response: I'm pretty sure I can write legitimate fanfic about the castle itself now. It's pretty much a minor character at this point.

sHE WILL STRUGGLE IN THE CONFINES OF FICTION FOREVEr. both buttermilk and asking Scorpius out.

ZOUNGS. of course scorpius can bake, that boy is like one unnecessary skill after another. Except in this case, it's totally necessary, because baking.

that's my favorite line too how did you know.

HE IS SO HORRIBLE AT IT it's ok Fred's good at it, he'll make up for it. ★ for trying.

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Review #2, by forsakenphoenix 

12th January 2013:
Oh, Fred. I love how casual Wood is about everything, going between accusing him of getting Al a spot on the Puff team to asking him to Hogsmeade. Haha.

Aw, Bea. A "blanket Bea-rrito" is a cute way to describe it. I love that she was frustrated by how easy it was for Wood to ask Fred out and she wishes she could be all...girly and normal, lol.

Also this: "We might not see eye-to-eye all the time, and you might be naggy and a killjoy and easily manipulated by pretty girls - " I love it.

AND BAKING FOR SCORPIUS. Oh my god, that's just so precious. I love how she thinks it'll be easy but then oh man, all the substitutions and all that. Then Scorpius walking in and being all charming and taking charge. Nghh. I'm gonna marry him. AND THEY'RE PARTNERS AGAIN. Ahh, I love it and Bea's enthusiasm about it, throwing herself into his arms. I melted. :)

OOH, the plot thickens. I'm so excited to almost get caught up and to figure out what's going on because OH MY GOSH, what IS going to happen? I bet Anjali is somehow involved in this business! Hrmph.

Author's Response: Verona is a very much a product of her parents 8D Horrendously blunt and has the emotional content of a teaspoon cut in half.

I had to ask around about whether the Brits had burritos (seeing as I'm spoiled with the stuff 'round these parts) and justified it by assuming they enjoyed a lot more cultural diversity in the 2020s. I love the paradox of Bea. Out of my lead characters, she's the only one who ever really gets girly and doesn't think twice about showing it, and she has her shy moments too.


c: and right after the cute scene my plotting resumes.

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Review #3, by spreaddapoo93 

19th December 2012:

Author's Response: MFLDHSIUHJAN!

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Review #4, by NadiaX 

24th September 2012:
Hello :)!

Me again. A bit late, but here :D.

Of course I did forget everything, like I thought, but your writing is weirdly, eee, remindable? Well, there's probably no such a word, but there should be xD.

The conversation between Bea and Scorpius was fun to read and the end of it felt like a marriage proposal. I guess it supposed to x). And I love ScoBea team so much ♥.

Cato? Like in Pink Panther? x) He was awesome.

Yep, I hate cliffhangers. Only authors like them -.-'.

So I'm waiting for the next update :).


Author's Response: Hullo! Hee, I'm glad you didn't forget everything.

Bahaha, I actually thought that. I was like, 'Gee, this sounds AWFULLY like a marriage proposal' and wondered if anyone would comment on that.

Ooh, I am unaware of any Pink Panther things unfortunately.

I'm updating soon, hopefully! :) I've had lots of work to do, but I am grinding through it.

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Review #5, by WitnesstoitAll 

1st September 2012:
Heyyy!! Here I am at last, as promised. Took me long enough, right? I totally blame vet school. -_- Anyway, I digress. This was a fabulous chapter... lots of feels and lots of funny. There were so many things that I want to comment on, but literally I'd end up copying and pasting most of the chapter. lol. Just to name a few of your brilliant one-liners that made me chuckle out loud:

[i]charging up static electricity to unleash on unsuspecting nappers...

He wasn't aware that staircases even had relatives...[/i]


[i]Brewing was a piece of cake, and baking was the same thing but with literal cake[/i]

lololol. So funny. I'm always a tinge jealous at the how easy these jokes fit into the narrative of your story. It's a very cracky, but educated sort of humour that I enjoy very much. Oh, I also adored that the lizard said "meep" not sure why, but that made me chuckle.


Anyway, I smell redemption in the air and I hope nothing bad happens to scorpius in the next few chapters. I don't thing galliance is a normal characteristic for him, so he probably isn't very good at it.

anyway, great chapter!

Author's Response: Melll :3 I put off responding to this until I could finally get to editing Capers and now I am SO HIII.

Hee, my random crack needs a home and Capers shall give one to them. I remember describing that lizard as something else, but then I was like, what if it said meep. Lizards don't say meep, but let's make it say meep and SO IT STAYED~

BREATHING!!! YES HE'S QUITE ALIVE AND CHARMING THE AIR UP, NO? :3 lolol he probably is very terrible at galliance, to be sure, poor boy. he only knows how to shove cupcakes at people, but that's alll right.

♥ ♥

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Review #6, by PhoenixPulse 

27th August 2012:
This chapter made my heart melt. I honestly loved and enjoyed Bea's heartfelt discussion with Freddie. I'm a wimp to admitt it, but I felt the tears coming up when I read that. I would honestly kill to have a friendship like theirs.

And the Bea/Scorpius(?) scene? I ate that up like children eat up candy (or like how Bea eats up cupcakes and buscuits) It was wonderful, and I squealled with joy, especially at their hug! I felt like Albus. I actually clapped my hands in triumph, and sang a verse of Kumbaya. I mean yeah, they aren't actually together yet, but they are better off as! I can picture them wonderfully as a couple! Bickering one minute and baking cupcakes together the next! :)

Lovely chapter, as always, and I am hyped, stoked, and am anticipating the next!

Author's Response: :333 eep, that is the best thing to hear (I mean, not that I'm happy that you're tearing up but, ... okay fine, I am). Weird thing is, I think there are friends like that everywhere, but a lot of people don't really appreciate them, or are afraid to get heartfelt.

YOU SANG KUMBAYA TO THE CUPCAKE SCENE? Okay, I take it back /that/ is the best thing to hear. I just reread that scene, actually, and I reaffirm my mood-swinging tendencies. Happiest chapter following the saddest? 8D

♥ thank you for the reviews! it's been a blast reading through all of them ^__^

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Review #7, by married to black 

22nd August 2012:
I have been returning to this story over and over to see if you updated and when I got myself to check once more today, I had a good feeling you would have. And you did! Wahoo! I love this story so much. You already know my crazy obsession with it. And gah, no Albus. I MISS HIM TONS. Is he in the next chapter? I really really really hope so. I wonder what he is helping Anjali with...

Anyways, another great update. I love Bea and Scorpius. They are such a cute pair and their combined, cohesive interests makes them such a dynamic duo!! I can't wait to read what happens after they've renewed and sealed their partnership.

I hope you update soon!! I start school soon but I don't care - I will keep following this UHMAZING story. Love it. 10/10

Author's Response: I expect him to show up a bit next chapter but it is getting very hard to cram the whole cast into these chapters D: so I must portion out the screentime appropriately.

♥ I REALLY WANT TO UPDATE SOON BECAUSE WELL, that would be good BUT I feel like these next chapters are going to be short so I may as well update quickly UGH I HOPE I CAN :C

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Review #8, by Snapdragons 

22nd August 2012:
charging up static electricity to unleash on unsuspecting nappers Random way to start off the review, but ha this was great. Even while moping, Bea gets up to mischief... (also "blanket Bea-rrito" omg)

I saw that Game reference! ;) Verona is great, haha. I can see some of Rona in her there. :P Oh, Freddy, still pining over Anjali.

And Bea can keep inventing! Yay! And so it begins again, indeed. Hopefully with less accidents, but... well, I'm not holding out high hopes for that.

"We might not see eye-to-eye all the time, and you might be naggy and a killjoy and easily manipulated by pretty girls — " "Er." " — but don't ever change." Bea's got a way with words. ♥

ahh I love that Scorpius bakes. (in a pink apron, nonetheless.) ♥

Also, I am an apology feeder in general as well. I'm very much in favor of giving people food as a solution. (and it works most of the time, so, there you go)

new venture yay but more importantly I SPY A MYSTERY (the smart reader that I am)

I am way excited that we won't be in Hogwarts for a while. I am sensing a character with questionable morals in Draco currently and every good story ought to have a character of questionable morals. (see: the entirety of etc. etc.)

Loved this chapter, as always ♥

Author's Response: I have always imagined Bea as a somewhat vengeful moper I am so glad the bearrito has gone over well, because people should've seen me as I wrote it. I was asking everyone 'DOES BRITAIN HAVE BURRITOS'. Eventually I was like, 'meh it's 2026, they should get with the program if they haven't yet' and so I kept it 8D


♥ fellow feeder. srsly I am like 'yes this is an honest apology BUT IT'S JUST IN THE FORM OF FOOD, CAN YOU TAKE IT PLEASE?'

YUSH we are finally escaping the confines of the castle. maybe I can make architecture jokes about the rest of wizarding Britain now. I've also tried my best to avoid the ~dastardly twirly-mustache villain~ but Draco maaay have to take up the role. Maaaybe.

♥ :3

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Review #9, by ruby_slippers 

20th August 2012:
Oh yay so happy that this story is back! Love it so much and can't wait to see where you take it next!!

Author's Response: Thank you! :3

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Review #10, by A_Johnson49 

20th August 2012:
Ahh! I've been waiting so very patiently for this chapter, so thank you for the apology cupcake that is this chapter. Cute-awkward Bea-Scorpious moments are the icing. :D I'm glad Fred's such a good friend, but I miss Albus. Why does Anjali have to monopolize his time?? He's needed elsewhere to bring Hufflepuff happiness to other characters in the story!

Thanks again for another awesome chapter! The upcoming action is very much anticipated. :D

Author's Response: Ooh, metaphorical cupcakes, too! Cupcakes all over this chapter :3 But then, one can never have enough.

Boo Anjali's a hog. He shows up a bit next chapter, don't worry! He probably would have caused the adorableness in this chapter to hit critical mass.

♥ thank you! ^__^

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Review #11, by TheGoldenKneazle 

20th August 2012:
OMG THIS CHAPTER STARTED WITH A BUFFY REFERENCE~~ So many feels even before I got past the title!! It was all so brilliant, with apology cupcakes and Fred about to make things happen for once (maybe saving Anjali's family fortunes?)

AND THERE'S A NEW ALLIANCE WITH SCORBEAUS TOGETHER! *SQUEES* Yay!! I just want them to create it already and start inventing again... but so much suspense from Scorpius following his father's men instead :O BOO CLIFFHANGERS.

But bring on the action! :D


Actually I half-lied because I'm not sure how much action there is next chapter BUT ALL THE ACTION PRETTY MUCH EXCEPT FOR TWO CHAPTERS OR SO UNTIL THE END :3

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Review #12, by rbrammer 

19th August 2012:
I like this almost as much as I liked this chapter, but not QUITE as much, because I've been waiting for this chapter forEVER.
And you do not disappoint! Well, of course not, never expected you to, you're amazing. Ah, Bea wants to ask out Scorpius, I know it! So cute. He likes her too, he's GOT to. I mean, who wouldn't like Bea?! Of course, she's a little crazy, but all the best people are. She's such a lovable little nutcase :) I am hoping for a fluffy little date or something, which will totally spin out of control, like many things do around lovely Beatrice. :D
And awe, for Teddy letting Bea do her experiments again! I always knew I loved Teddy for a reason.
Scorpius really does bake. I like how Bea gets really upset over how easily he can do it when her cupcakes turned out awful (I guess baking isn't quite like potions - but at least with baking, adding the wrong ingredient won't make it explode! Well, most of the time :D ) cute, cute, cute.
And WHAT THE HECK. Malfoy's guys? The heck are they doing with Bea's prototype? Do NOT tell me that Malfoy is stealing it to fix, call his own, and sell. Because I will throttle a fictional character. I WILL. Don't doubt me. But even if that isn't the case, what in the name of all good and wizardy are Malfoy's goons doing pretending to be from the Ministry? Isn't that a little fishy? Plus, if the Ministry were already notified, and a real Ministry guy/girl comes, there is going to be a panic. (of sorts. Bea will probably panic.) So, there goes my 'reselling as his own' idea. Well, unless he's totally dumb and doesn't care. Gah, Malfoys. Except Scorpius, he's a doll.
I think I may have to read this again. and again, and again, and - well, you get the point.
Totally in love with the story and forever loving everything about it,


:3 hehehe. she may have been mulling it. The baking scene is kind of like /the/ date scene of Capers. It is the closest thing to a date, anyway. IT'S FLUFFY AND SPINS OUT OF CONTROL SOOO~

Teddy is a darlinggg. I might write him for a spinoff 8D I actually have these huge plans, but I'm keeping that on the hush hush. cough.

Not only can Scorp make better cupcakes than her, he does it excruciatingly attractively too!

YES. Bahah, i feel like I blinded everyone with the floofiness that no one seemed to notice that Draco's men are just casually walking away with the prototype at the end. Do not doubt the power of bribery ;) Draco can probably get away with a lot more than most. The Ministry... it's a big government. Like Bea said, most wouldn't have concern for little ol' her.

♥ thank you so much! :3

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Review #13, by Icouldn'tcomeupwithanawesomename 

19th August 2012:
All those feeelings!! Apology cupcakes are the best! Totally one of my favourite chapters. Ooh, the conversations in this chapter... Fred/Verona, Bea/Scorpius and Fred/Bea were all marvellous!! I'm going to reread it now, (yeah I'm that much of an addict) so. Toodles.

Author's Response: :3 feelings & cupcakes, really you can't get much better than that. Well, except kittens. But kittens and cupcakes really shouldn't go together, for obvious fur and frosting related reasons.

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Review #14, by That Girl 

19th August 2012:
I think your story is really great. I don't know how many times I laughed out loud. I also think you should change the rating. There has been no violence other than a whack on the head every once in a while and not even a single kiss. I want to show it to my sister, who is fifteen.

Author's Response: Thank you! The rating is really only for the language. Maybe you can show her anyway? I have considered sanitizing it a bit so I can knock the story down to 15+, but I get lazy because there's one bit that relies on the language, and I haven't figured out how to change that properly. And the strong violence is actually so I don't forget to change it for some of the scenes coming up; I don't know if it'll need that warning, but they are on a more actual-violence scale.

Thank you! :D

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Review #15, by naughtforreal 

19th August 2012:
Aaiii~ It was awesome, awesome, awesome! I can't help but squeal at the Scorbea hug so I reread it again and started grinning like a fool. The Verona-asking-Fred-out was a surprising funny part. So I think I ship them now. Frerona? Hmm, sounds interesting. And Anjali-and-the-making-Albus-work-for-her still intrigues me. Oooh and I think Scorpius is being heroic so I caaan't wait! luff, luff, luff!

p.s. I think we all need more Scorpius-baking-cupcakes-scenes in our lives. Seriously. ♥

Author's Response: I FLUFF BOMB'D. The funny thing is, even though Capers isn't a romance story, it has the most romantic, floofy romance out of all my stories.

Bahaha, Fred/Verona is one of my side ships, but I think they'd bro it out more since they're so similar. Verona's not a relationship girl, but she does like to go out quite a bit. That's how I imagine her 8D

Scorpius is being heroic... or maybe just getting into worse trouble? :0 hmmm.

♥ all the baking scenes.

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Review #16, by shadowcat2 

19th August 2012:
Baking = Love. Lots of LOVE.
Scorpius and Bea are so cute. No, they are super cute. They are ADORABLE. I love the baking scene. I feel like Scorpius already knows that Bea has feelings for him as well. But for some reason he wants to take his time. Bea getting all embarrassed. Scorpius looking attractive in his pink apron. Bea hugging Scorpius. Everything was so sweet. I loved each and ever part of it. Oh i missed Potterpuff, by the way. All the cuteness between Bea and Scorpius made up for it.
Your apology cupcake is accepted. You can take all the time you need to update. Trust me, your readers will love this story no matter what. We are truly just lucky to have a writer like you amongst us. :D

Author's Response: I now understand the hierarchy of cute. so cute < super cute < ADORABLE. Hah, I actually had the hardest time figuring out whether or not Scorpius knows, because I wouldn't put him past it if he was just that oblivious, what with courting just one girl his entire life. Whether he actually does welll, that's up for debate, heh.

after the saddest chapter is the HAPPIEST CHAPTER xD figures, right? Albus is taking a minor break for the mo :c but he will return, more awesome than ever! really, I have a lot of bits about him that I want to put in 8D won't be able to fit until later.

♥ guh, please take more apology cupcakes if necessary. or even non-apology ones. I swear, I'm lucky to have all of you guys reading! :3

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Review #17, by sour_grapes_snape 

18th August 2012:
I will gladly accept your apology cupcakes. But I won't forgive you, so I think I need more. Ahem. Yes, that was a transparently obvious lie in order to obtain more food. I like cupcakes.


I love Fred. He's so delightful. And I think he should go on the date with Verona. First of all, she is the daughter of Oliver and Rona. Therefore, she is full of win. Secondly, going on a date with her means he feels nothing for Anjali (well, not really, but just go with it). And if our dear Fredster has no interest in Anj, then there will be one less thing to cause problems for Al/Anj. Don't mess with my ship.

Scorpion + Bea = adorably, awkwardly wonderful. You two crazy kids just go start your business. And keep being so dang adorable. D'aw.

Your update made my entire life. Just so you know.


Author's Response: -SHOVES CAKE- hopefully Scorpius in a pink apron will make up for the rest? :3

Hehehe, I rather like Fred and Verona's scenes because they have their own banter. Verona has quite some skills in wooing the boys; I can only wonder what her dates are like. They're a bit out of each other's league in different ways strangely enough xD Verona's too cool for Fred, and Fred's too gentleman-suave for Verona.

I said there would be baking and fluff and I did not lie 8D

♥ as your review has made mine :3

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