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Review #1, by Libbypotter 

21st March 2017:
Rereading this allows so much more to be picked up. I love how much he knows about Rose

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Review #2, by Libbypotter 

21st March 2017:
Rereading this allows so much more to be picked up. I love how much he knows about Rose

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Review #3, by EmmaGM 

2nd February 2015:
Great chapter. I'm loving the story.

Author's Response: Cheers! Thanks for the review.

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Review #4, by Roisin 

25th October 2014:
Something I really like about the ScoRose flirtation in this chapter (ok, so it's pretty one-sided from Scorp), is how you can also read it as not a HUGE deal that it's directed at Rose. I mean, he's just a MASSIVE flirt!

'Scorpius liked cake.' That was just GAH! Such a great moment. I also loved Albus battling off centaurs shirtless :D It's kind of funny, because Scorpius is really the main character here, but looking at it another way, he totally fulfills the 'sidekick' archetype. He's smaller, wise-cracking, sillier, from a less Noble lineage, etc. Al is more a cliched hero. Anyway, I just really like that the traditional sidekick is actually the main protagonist!

I also really like Lily! I enjoy that all the little siblings here aren't just, like, *props* for the main character, but seem like full and real people too :)

And just, THAT ENDING! I didn't actually see it coming when it was happening - it was so well paced and shocking and brilliant and GAH!!!

Author's Response: Scorpius really is an enormous flirt. It wasn't exactly intentional, then a friend read the first chapter and pointed out he flirts with EVERYTHING, and I realised the guy's probably not 100% straight...

I think he's harboured a bit of a crush on Rose for some time, but he also has legitimate and genuine problems with her, so that mixes badly. He pulls pigtails a bit, but he also fights back against things which she does that annoy him. The latter is genuine dislike, but if he didn't have the slight crush I think he would have been much more capable of ignoring him. She ignores him MORE, but if something he's done sets her off, she will be strident and blunt in his face which... it's a ridiculous cycle and I feel sorry for Al.

I had intended on Al being pretty much the textbook hero, except Scorpius is the protagonist. He really would be the Lancer to Albus' Hero, if I were 5-Man Band this gang (and I have, oh, I have Troped everywhere).

The little siblings I didn't have much planned for, but I couldn't ignore them so I wanted to make sure they served a purpose. The dang huge Weasley family tree is a blight upon my planning and my cast of characters.

I live for shocking endings. Cheers!

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Review #5, by Siriuslover177 

19th June 2014:
My goodness... what happened in the forest? People chanting does not seem like the best thing that could be happening.

I am glad that they are all okay, and that the healer is correct, and that nothing bad happened to them.

I was so happy when Scorp and Rose were getting along! I thought they were all good until Flynn came and ruinned it. Ughh, I do not like that guy one bit.

I am happy that Al and Scorp are better now. It would suck if they were still fighting.

I love how Scrop was telling her off, but then she had to get sick -_- I hope she will be alright though. Although I do wonder why Scorp brought up Flynn. Maybe they did have something going on? I dunno!

Great chapter


Author's Response: Dark rituals, chanting with cloaks? No, never a good sign. Flynn has this way of screwing things up, and of course Scorp and Al made up, they always will.

He had his reasons for mentioning Flynn, but we'll see! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #6, by SONofBEEDLE 

27th August 2012:
So, you make a whole funny, vanilla chapter just to end it with a cliffhanger? A BLOODY (literally) cliffhanger? I think I'm starting to like your style. Keep it up.


Author's Response: Yeah, the tonal shift across this story is sometimes quite severe, I'm glad it's entertaining rather than whiplash inducing! I shall endeavour to keep it up. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #7, by bomberchica 

19th August 2012:
Woah. It seems that something is going to happen to the whole school. Or maybe just the people in a certain house, or, well, I don't know really. What I do know is that this is a rather good story and I hope that you update quickly.

Author's Response: Stuff's going down, sure enough. Questions will no doubt be answered. Chapters should be released at a pretty steady pace, expect them no less frequently than once a fortnight (at, I hope, worst)! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #8, by NextGenna14 

19th August 2012:
This is amazing story! :)

Author's Response: Thank you! Cheers for the review.

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Review #9, by water_lily43175 

19th August 2012:
FLAILING WITH HAPPINESS. You have NO idea how hard it was to restrain myself from reading this earlier, haha. But it's okay, update is here!

Hmm, Scorpius knows all about Rose's crinkles. Oh, he wants her. I am loving this Scorose interaction. BST, om nom.

STUBBS. Yes! So much happiness right now!

Hmm, so all SIX of them were unconscious. Interesting. TOGETHER. So whoever was casting must surely have found them and moved them? Either that or the centaurs did, but then I'm not sure why they would. But why would the casters leave them otherwise unscathed? If they want to cast a disease on the school, then they're clearly not GOOD, so why leave six people who've possibly stumbled across what they're doing unharmed, instead of capturing them or something? I can't imagine it's to try not to draw attention to themselves, because they've already DONE that. QUESTIONS QUESTIONS.

Rose waited for Scorp for an HOUR? Bless her. She cares. And - waiting for Scorpius instead of going to see Hector? I know he's just a pretty face to her, but even so, that's quite something. And then she gets Scorp sniping at her for her troubles. Poor thing. SO MUCH BST.

I seriously find it so amusing every time your fics refer to the weather. Although at least here it's SUN.

Ultima Potter. I still think that's an amazing nickname. ROLL WITH IT, SCORPIUS.

Albus is no longer angry. Bless him.

I'll be upset if Methy/Selena actually happens. Well, it would be good, but it wouldn't be Albus/Selena and I'm holding out for this. Albus needs some loving! Although I'm sure I'll be fine with the Al/Scorp undertones. Bromance!

'Scorpius liked cake.' DEAD.

I do love Lily. Possibly one of my favourites. If she goes under too - I'm expecting she does though, if only The Six are unscathed - then I'll be sad. MORE LILY!

'It was just as well that lunch ended when it did, else there was a high risk of the story ending up being that Albus had fought off a hundred centaurs with only a broken branch, shirtless.' Amazing. Oh, I love Scorpius.

Oh, Miranda, what do you want now? This can only be bad. Although I like the thought of finding out more about What Happened...

Alternatively, she's the first one to get sick. WHAM BAM. For some reason this caught me a bit by surprise, though I don't know WHY because it really shouldn't have. But it didn't take long for things to kick in! This chapter is all go, and I love it. Gazillions of questions, and some nice Scorose for good measure. I'm guessing that next chapter people start to fall left, right and centre? Excited for more!

P.S., your backlog is up to three now. No pressure ;)

Author's Response: Yes, well done on your self-restraint! I've stopped being an idiot and am now updating at a sensible rate everywhere. I'll just have to keep that up instead of leaving temptation everywhere.

Scorpius is SUCH a little flirt in this chapter even without knowing it. Or, rather, he realises he's doing it accidentally and is appropriately abashed. But Rose isn't doing very much for her part - she didn't outright CHOOSE to stay by Scorpius' bedside instead of going to see Hector, Albus DID ask her to, but... she didn't fight the request, or ask for a compromise (and do we really think Albus would go "No, you can't go see your boyfriend, you have to watch over my bro"?). And yeah, then Scorpius goes and accidentally snipes at her. Fool!

Yep! Stubbs! We'll see a bit more from him. And indeed, lots of questions, and you raise some good points, but it's impossible to say at this juncture. More will be forthcoming, have no doubt, as this all unravels. And it IS sunny! It's clever juxtaposition! I don't have an issue with British weather (lies, I totally do).

Ultima Potter IS an amazing nickname but it IS also kind of scary. I quite love Lily too, I was quite worried when beginning that I was selling the siblings short, but they've been very obliging in writing themselves (more from Hugo to come). Albus has, indeed, forgiven Scorpius pretty quickly, because there are more important things, like friendship. Albus Potter of Ignite is like a walking After School Special. And their bromance is pure; I'm really not helping the huge rampant subtext between the two with the idea Scorpius would tell a story of Albus fighting centaurs while shirtless.

Couldn't possibly comment on if I have plans for Methy/Selena or Selena/Albus. I do have A Scheme, though, you know me. I don't intend for poor Al to be alone forever, even if he will always have his Scorp.

Yes, Miranda being the first to be sick is downright obligatory! Good to know I can surprise my readers even if I'm invoking the most classic of tropes under these sorts of situations. But yes, next chapter, the Illness Gets Worse. Duh duh DUM.

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