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Reading Reviews for Run, Chapter 25: Impending
13 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Rainpixie 

16th April 2013:
I knew it!!! My poor heart strings!!!

Author's Response: :( Sorry! ♥ -hands you a teddy bear and some kleenex-

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #2, by x3CherryWatermelonx3 

26th January 2013:
Amazing chapter, as always! :)

I continue to say how much I love this character and that character or these two characters together. I just have to admit, I love all the characters in the Harry Potter series, and just simply can't get enough - which I sure you can relate!

I did love this chapter with Fred though, I really did. I loved the connection you have brought to life with Fred and George, that it's still there, unlike most would believe.

Author's Response: I can absolutely relate to that. XD That's why I'm in denial that any of these people ever died. Their story must continue on! ~

The connection between Fred and George cannot be broken by the death of one of them. It's so strong, so impenetrable, that not even being divided into two different worlds can take them away from each other. ♥

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Review #3, by justonemorefic 

3rd January 2013:
I LOVE YOUR FRED. ok let's be real I love everyone but i shall list the reasons why I love Fred. You could've gone the 'he missed george' route. BUT YOU DIDN'T. This was because Fred could feel the empty holes where Charlie should be, where Ginny should be. He didnít have that sense of loss with George because he could still feel George. This. Best. Completely revolutionizes my headcanon. Now I'm wondering if he might give up so Colin can live. You are making me unsure of my theories late in the game. Devious devious Sarah.


/OCEANFUL/ -hint hint-

Author's Response: I am not even previewing these responses anymore. They are probably full of typos. Onwards ~

This is why I just can't get into angsty post-Dh George and Fred angst. Even though I've written a one-shot like that myself. I think that while they would miss each other, they wouldn't feel such an emptiness because they were an integral part of the other. They're still /there/. I like to try to shove my headcanon onto other people in the most convincing way possible. These chapters are like mini blogs.

Seriously though who would want to be the reason why Colin is dead. Colin is like an innocent little Christmas penguin. You can't hurt a Christmas penguin.


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Review #4, by SilentConfession 

13th September 2012:
My heart can't take this. I am quite literally in tears from this chapter and i'm not sure if i can even remotely leave a proper review for this one. You really did a great job with the George/Fred moment and you got their speech down so well. As much as i hate this, i cannot ever root against Fred and so... sorry Colin as awesome as you have become in this story you cannot root against a guy who's just so selfless and so heartbreaking about this whole thing. I loved how he was fighting the morality of this tourny and how he didn't want to lose but didn't want to snuff out Colin either (i don't want him to be a killer either, and in the end, i'm not sure if he could ever become that). You wrote that part really beautifully and hit his character right on the head.

Another really cool thing was his death. I hadn't thought too much of the aftereffects of it either but that you gave him his purpose for dying was a nice touch because i've never been able to see anything positive out of his death. But it was neat to see that his death gave Percy more meaning at least...

anyway, this is a really well written chapter even though it gave me all the sad feels and i pretty much feel like a pile of sad mush i loved this one. If i could favourite chapters i'd favourite this one times a million (i'm feeling like i've been saying this a lot in recent reviews how each chapter is better than the last), but seriously lovely job at being able write this. I hope that we're all surprised at the end and you do a weird mind thing and change up all the rules somehow. *flails* why do people enter this and destroy their chances of having life? Everyone should just take a page (a few of them) out of Sirius's book (and now Fred's) and just enjoy what they have here!!! wahhh!

Author's Response: Eeep, I'm sorry! This chapter was difficult to write. :( I have a soft spot for Fred and George. Taking George out of the equation and teaching Fred how to live on his own, functioning as an individual instead of half of a whole, has been depressing at times. Fred has no choice but to learn how to get on without George, but at the same time he can't help but search his old life for comfort. I would imagine that he dreams constantly about his family. George's advice was something he needed to hear, even though it wasn't quite real.

Fred vs. Colin is a nightmare. Neither of them deserve to die and neither of them deserve to be labeled a killer. It's just so hard.

Fred's death was awful and for the longest time I saw absolutely no point in it, but it gives me a small amount of comfort to think about how Percy would probably step up now that Fred was gone. I truly do think he will become a much better person because of what happened to his brother.

SERIOUSLY, THOUGH, WHY DO PEOPLE SIGN UP FOR THIS. D: I wish they could all be as well-adjusted as Sirius and just accept everything completely. :(

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #5, by pennyardelle 

11th September 2012:
Wow. Sorry I kind of fell behind on this, but after I got back from vacation in August, I kind of selfishly decided to wait until you'd finished the story before reading any more, just so I wouldn't have to endure all the suspense.

Fred's thoughts about George in this chapter were so moving, first with the part about George had never really left him, and then again when he thought about what it would be like if he lost, and George arrived years later to find that he wouldn't be reunited with his brother.

I totally agree with George's assessment of the situation. Nice (and young) as Colin is, I want Fred to win and be able to live with his uncles. Sorry, Colin.

Author's Response: I know how you feel - I like to save fics for after they're finished so that I can marathon them all at once. Thank you for coming back and leaving me all these wonderful reviews!

I love Fred and George. I didn't get to write them together much in this story, so I pounced on the opportunity with a dream. Fred needed that conversation with George, even if it wasn't actually real.

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #6, by cazvalleygirl 

9th September 2012:
Iím back : )

Apologies for my appallingly late reviews, I promise I havenít been off reading other fan fiction lol. Along with the rest of the world I became a fully-fledged addict of the 50 shades trilogy and all my spare time was taken up with that lol! Hope you can forgive me ;) But imagine my delight when I come back on this site and see you have not only uploaded another chapter but only finished the whole story!

Iím so excited to read on Iím going to keep this review very brief, except to say I loved it!
Charlotte : ) x

Author's Response: Apologies for my appallingly late review responses! I'm trying to whittle them down to a manageable number today. 50 shades trilogy lolol. ^ ^ I haven't read that; how is it?

Thank you for reading and reviewing! I always love to hear your opinions.

- Sarah

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Review #7, by Jess the Enthusiast 

9th September 2012:
This was such a fascinating chapter! First off, I'd like to compliment you on your portrayals of both Fred and George; it's like in So, Listen... all over again! You write their pattern of speech in a way that can only be described as perfection and I love it! And Fred's conflict is so sad and relatable in the sense that I'm having all of the same arguments in my head! I don't want either of them to die but, obviously, one of them has to; and I have no idea which one it will be! I can honestly say that I have no idea which direction this is going and that both scares and excites me. This is going to be one crazy finale, I'd say! Also, on a side note, I know it was only mentioned in passing, but the part about Barty Crouch Jr. breaking out of the Grotta really grabbed my attention. I mean, that's pretty crazy; I've always imagined the security system to be equivalent to Azkaban (pre-Sirius Black, of course). I don't know, it just amazes me that someone broke out; I wonder if that's something that will be touched upon later.
Really fantastic chapter, as usual; it was really interesting getting into Fred's head like that - especially at a time like this!


~Jess :D


Since you've also read "So, Listen...", no doubt you're aware of my fondness for Fred. I wish we'd seen a little more of them in canon, since really all we have to go on is that they crack jokes and finish each other's sentences. There are a few odds and ends here and there that tell us how they are, but mostly we have to fill in the gaps ourselves. It's tricky to stay true to who the twins are while rounding them out a little more, and I'm endlessly happy that you approve of their characterizations in my stories. :)

Since I never do touch upon it later, the Barty Crouch thing was definitely a blunder for the Grotta. They don't have dementors there to guard, so it's just the volunteers. And volunteers can get tired or distracted or ambushed, so Barty probably utilized some kind of distraction and made his escape. It doesn't help the guards that he's transparent and hard to catch, too. After his capture they probably put him under a higher security watch, with his own guard standing by.

Thank you for reading and reviewing! I love responding to your feedback. :)

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Review #8, by peppersweet 

7th September 2012:
You CAN'T make it between Fred and colin! You CAN'T! This is just TOO UNFAIR waaa.

That's all I have to say right now because I hate you so much for breaking my heart into a thousand little pieces with this fic. (it's so good I could cry)

Author's Response: I'M REALLY RUDE, I KNOW. :3

But you looove me. I will put your heart pieces into a kiln in the shape of a jar and your heart will become a jar that will become an unwashed jar of hearts (I just cannot stahp with that).

♥ Seriously, though, Julia, you are the best. Your support, your encouragement, your lovely words and your fanart and the nice things you've said in skype - I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. It makes me feel like I've actually accomplished something with this fic. SO THANK YOU. ♥

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Review #9, by Rumbleroar goes roar 

26th August 2012:
Absolutely fantastic chapter! I love Fred y.y

Author's Response: Thank you! I love Fred, too. :'( I have a hard time writing this sometimes because he's separated from George. It just feels so wrong.

Thank you for reading!

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Review #10, by WitnesstoitAll 

18th August 2012:

I really intended on waiting until I got a few things accomplished before I logged on to read this, but then I clicked on it, and saw Fred and George in the first two sentences, and couldn't look back. I, omg. all the feels I am feeling, I swear that there's not room for them in my chest.

You did such a brilliant job of delineating Fred's character here, he is everything I imagined him to be and so, so much more and he's such a /good/ person. Rooting for colin. While it would be sad for colin's life to end, I can't root against fred, especially with how selfless he is going into this. gah. what a gem. No wonder Hollis loved him. ( :P )

I thought your explaination of why Fred didn't miss George was the most gorgeous thing ever. It made such perfect sense that I can't believe I hadn't seen it like that all along, if that makes any sense. gahhh. I still maintain that Fred's death was so cruel on JKR's part, but if he hadn't died, he couldn't have been such an integral part of this stor, and because of that, I think I'm okay with it all.

You're so talented, I'm green with envy. This is one of my favorite stories of all time. I can't wait to see what happens next.


Author's Response: YO, MEL! ♥ Your opening line reminds me of when your space bar got stuck, by the way. XD

Squee forever that you liked Fred and George's little talk! You are the ultimate authority on George, so I'm quite pleased you liked his cameo here (albeit a dream cameo). Baww Fred. :( AND HOLLIS. ♥ My heart. If only Hollis knew what Fred was up to these days.

Fred's feelings about George is something I've been unconsciously using as my headcanon throughout this story, but never really stopped to illustrate to the readers. So when I got reviews wanting to know why Fred was indifferent about it, I figured it was time for me to stop being so vague and give Fred his little internal monologue. And I totally, totally agree that JKR is still not off the hook for killing him, but I don't think I would love him half as much if he hadn't died tragically. Without it, he wouldn't be in this story, and I wouldn't have written Frollis, and I doubt you would have written With All Things. ~rolls around in feels~


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Review #11, by NaidatheRavenclaw 

16th August 2012:
Yeah, so you just broke my heart that much more. (IT'S A GOOD THING I SWEAR)

The way this opened, with Fred and George talking about the casualties at Hogwarts and all that, was incredible. I've read more George Ė after Ė Fred Ė dies fics than I can count, but I've never seen him written as well as this. And yes, it was a dream and George wasn't physically /there/, yet you still wrote him perfectly. It felt like he was there, and it made sense in so many ways, because Fred and George did seem to share thoughts and feelings so often. I've always been of the opinion that a small part of George died with Fred, and that's exactly what you did here. They were separate, and yet they were the same and it was all written so beautifully. I read those opening paragraphs a few times just because of how amazing the writing is.

I'm usually too lazy to copy/paste lines from the story, but this one stood out to me so much that I had to. It's an entire paragraph, but I had to seriously restrain myself from just pasting the entire chapter, so it's actually quite an accomplishment :P

If he could have chosen anyone to die for, it still would have been Percy. This way, Percy would never, ever turn his back on his family again. That guilt would calcify into a sense of what was owed, what he should always be grateful for. He would be a better son, a better brother, a better Percy than he had ever been or would ever be were it not for Fred's death.

I died when I read that. It takes a lot to give me a fresh perspective on Fred's death, and I had pretty much given up the idea that I'd ever find something different. And then you threw this at me. It makes so much sense, though, that this is what Fred's death did. I've always felt like him and Colin (ironic, actually) were the two that JK Rowling killed off just to create more pain, but here you've managed to give a bleak positive outcome. It's completely changed my perspective on Fredís death, and not a lot of authors could do that. Yet another mark of your brilliance ♥

And the enddd. It was like "BUT THATíS EXACTLY HOW I FEEL". Because it would just be so amazing if Colin won at something (Fred's used to winning, and as much as I absolutely love him, Colin deserves his chance) and I would totally be cheering for Colin if it didn't mean that Fred would die. And at the same time, Fred's less innocent that Colin and it wouldn't be quite as bad to see him kill Colin as it would if Colin killed him, but that means that Colin dies and Fred's a killer so either way, this is an unsolvable conundrum. Though it's sort of reassuring to know that Fred feels the same way xD

PLEASE JUST GIVE ME MORE? LIKE NOW? TOO MUCH SUSPENSE AND EMOTION. Wednesday is way too far away itneedstonbetomorrow. But another brilliant chapter and I can't wait to see what's next. If you give me a Colin chapter along these lines, my next review might be unintelligible gibberish :P


Author's Response: *gives you lots of hugs for your feels*

Aww, that's such a sad but beautiful thing you said, about a tiny piece of George dying when Fred died. And you know, I think you're right. And now I've got this strange image of Fred walking around Cliodna's Clock with a piece of George inside him, like a horcrux. HORCRUX GEORGE.

I took a few liberties with the whole Fred dying for Percy thing, but if this inadvertently happened, and Percy was aware of it, just imagine how that would change Percy forever. I don't think he would have enough room in him for being smug, pompous, and selfish after such an event, because he would be so flooded with gratitude, with guilt. He would owe it to Fred's memory to make up for every irritating thing he'd ever done. I think that if we could see through a looking glass into Percy's future, he would be so much more humbled than the Percy he used to be.

Bahaha because by the time I'm responding to this review, tomorrow /is/ Wednesday. :3 Tomorrow's chapter provides insight into multiple POV, and the chapter coming after it is Colin's. Mostly because I'm evil. XD

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #12, by Ardeith 

16th August 2012:
Oh, Fred, I'm rooting for you!! (Though I'm betting next chapter will make me feel for Colin, because you're evil that way! ;-))

I was scrolling through, trying to pick out my favorite lines in this chapter. Since I bet it's against the rules to paste the whole chapter, here are a couple wonderful ones:

"If he could have chosen anyone to die for, it still would have been Percy. This way, Percy would never, ever turn his back on his family again."

"He didnít have that sense of loss with George because he could still feel George."

Seriously, why would anyone enter this thing!

Author's Response: HAHA, yes I am a smidge evil. You can expect a Colin chapter very soon. :3

I took some artistic license with Fred dying for Percy, but figured it would help define Percy's role in his family. Percy will be so grateful to be alive, so glad he reunited with his family before they lost Fred, that it will change everything. And truthfully in canon, I think Percy really will be a better Percy because of everything that happened.

Gred and Forge forever ♥

I'm sure that's what all the contenders think whenever they get down to Round Five. Before then, reality hasn't hit yet and they still consider the 24 hours worth it, which is delusional. It's only real when you're staring your mortality in the face.

Thank you for reading and reviewing!!

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Review #13, by TenthWeasley 

15th August 2012:
So, I was in a kind of rotten mood from packing (which, like basically everything else in this world, stresses me out immensely), and then I remembered that it was a Wednesday. And no Wednesday can be a rotten day, because Wednesdays are Run days! And so I am now plopping myself down to read this entire chapter because I know that I will feel loads better after reading more of this fic, because it is a soul-mender. ♥ Although subtle digs at Percy's expense make my heart sad, even if they are coming from Fred and George. (Definitely read the first paragraph before typing this, what uppp.)

I think my heart sort of stopped when Fred and George were talking about all the pieces of Hogwarts that are now being dedicated to the battle casualties -- I love that, that is such a poignant think to think of. And I'm truly just once again blown away by the way you're able to write Fred and George; seriously, I think you can do it more accurately than anyone else I've ever met. It's Frollis all over again, but different, of course, and I'm so glad you wrote this chapter. The thing about Fred and George -- they're not the same person. They're twins, they have similar personalities, but they're still their own person, each of them. And that's exactly how you write them. I've got loads of appreciation for that. :) Which is kind of a weird thing to be talking about here, I suppose, in an afterlife fic... but even when George isn't there, he's there to make him different from Fred. Does that make any sense at all?

But oh my gosh, his remembering his death... And this line: The seventh floor corridor blew up from all around, inside him and out, his body shielding Percy from a chunk of wall that wouldíve collided with his brotherís head. Not even ashamed to say that it made me tear up, and my eyes are kind of stinging it now reading again. Because even though all those years, they teased and taunted Percy -- Fred died to save him. That's so painful to read, in a wonderful way. I adore that; that's so headcanon for me now. ♥

I seriously have no idea what route you're going to take in the final round. I can justify you going either way, and I think that's the scariest thing about it: No matter who you choose, I'm going to be simultaneously happy and immensely depressed. THIS WAS THE CRUELEST THING YOU COULD DO, HAVING THIS OUTCOME. No, that's a lie. Well, it's all a cruel game, isn't it? I think I'd feel this way no matter who was in the running. Because just like Fred's got good reason to go back to Earth, and just like Colin does, so does Tonks. So did James, and Lily, and Cedric. I actually say the only person who mightn't have needed to return was Snape, just because he's got Lily, but I couldn't handle him vanquished. Somehow it's not hitting me until this moment how much I was setting my heart up for turmoil by getting into this.

But anywayyy, Fred and Colin. Yes. I'm really hoping at this point that you're going to twist this all around and pull out an ending that'll surprise me -- UNLESS THEY BOTH VANISH, DON'T DO THAT. But maybe there will be a way for them to split the 24 hours, and live happily ever after. Because I don't even want to think about Molly or Dennis coming up to Cliodna's Clock later on and having one or the other of them not be there because of a tournament many years prior. SERIOUSLY, WHY DOES ANYBODY ENTER THE DEVIL'S DUEL, IT ONLY LEADS TO HEARTBREAK.

I'm having a lot of feelings right now. Your updates always give me feelings. ♥ And now I'm going to go pack a bit more, and start loading my car, and pondering over who's going to make it out of this thing alive. Which might require a prodigious amount of Ben & Jerry's if my thoughts run away with me.


Author's Response: Boo, packing. But it's all over, yay!! Baww Wednesdays are Run days. I'm already getting the itch to just post the rest of the story, but so far my self-control is doing a good job of wrestling with those urges. I SHALL PREVAIL~

Fred and George are unexpectedly difficult to write, for the reasons you listed. They're so incredibly similar, but not clones, and there are small subtleties that distinguish them from each other. And then there's the fact that they've both had to change since Fred's death, so I have no navigate what those changes might be while still trying to make them recognizably canon.

Percy. :( I know that I indulged in some artistic license here, making Fred's body act as a shield that spares Percy, but in my mind something of that nature would bring about major changes in Percy. Percy was always the pompous one, the unlikable one, the one who ran out on his family. If a sibling beloved by everyone were to essentially die for him, how would that affect Percy going forward? And this is why I don't think Percy is that same pompous, unlikable guy in next gen fan fiction. People are capable of change. Percy, I think, would have recognized that he had been very close to having Fred die without reconciling with him. Until that night, Percy was a pariah in his family because of his pride. I am rambling like a boss now but the idea of what it would have been like for Fred to die before that reconciliation - because having the reconciliation happen before Fred's death and not after is extremely important - would have changed the dynamics of everything, how they would have accepted him back into the fold. GOING TO SHUT UP NOW BUT I DON'T THINK PERCY WAS A SNOB FOREVER, HOW DID THIS TURN INTO AN ESSAY ABOUT PERCY.

That's precisely why I chose these two characters to go against each other. :3 There's no clear front-runner, no one person to root for with one obviously unlikable person to root to lose.

Inner turmoil~ D: What's wrong with you, anyway, reading this. People being vanquished, wee lads dueling~ SERIOUSLY, THOUGH, WHY DOES ANYONE ENTER THIS. All of the contenders should just read this story so that they'll realize how not worth it this thing is.

All of the Ben and Jerry's for your feels~ ♥

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