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Review #1, by StoryWebber 

10th April 2014:
Are you trying to tell me that Colin and Fred win?
No fair!
I don't want either to die...
I think I should stop reading this story right now...

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Review #2, by x3CherryWatermelonx3 

26th January 2013:
A wonderful chapter and well executed duel! I think so far this was my favorite duel! Threw me for a loop again with having Fred win! I was definitely expecting Tonks to win, although I am glad Fred was the one who won... Now it's just down to Colin and Fred...

Author's Response: This duel was a lot of fun to write. I'm really into spooky funhouse sort of things, so it was a treat. A lot of people were expecting Tonks to win and for it to be Tonks vs. Colin. My favorite thing is hearing that the outcome of duels were unexpected. :3

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Review #3, by justonemorefic 

3rd January 2013:
aaah at first the funhouse seems so hypnotically beautiful. I think the ghosts seem so quaint through Colin's eyes, and the star-bridge speaks for itself. But the death portraits D: omg so creepy.

The whole place is making my head spin *__* I feel like I should be picking up strange clues about the clock but I don't even know where to begin. Colin sees people! But why! And the sky! It's different! Exclamation! Though i expect the time to be just part of the task, but I feel like Colin's ability to see all these people come from something else.

AHHH FRED AND COLIN IN THE FINALS OMG YOU CRAZY WOMAN. ok so I got the order ALMOST right. But their reflections WHAT DO THEY MEAN why am I still asking this when I can get closer to the answer by going to the next chapter AND SO I SHALL GO.

Author's Response: Death portraits crey. Poor Fred. It would be worse for him than anyone else because he's got so many more family members to watch die.

Colin sees people because he's more open to his surroundings. He's not as single-minded as the rest. The sky! The sky reflects the different times of day, because a bunch of them end up in different time zones depending on where they're at in the funhouse.

FRED VS. COLIN Their reflections lol that was just part of the task. Their wands were taken from them and hidden inside of mirrors. So in order to get your wand back you had to look at your reflected self. And your reflection is the one holding the wand. I have a thing for mirrors so I just could not help myself.

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Review #4, by SilentConfession 

13th September 2012:
What have you done!? I'm flailing here like a big giant flaily fish. Colin and Fred??? I somehow knew it would come down to them, obviously it wouldn't be Crabbe, that would have been too easy for the next round. Now we're much more emotionally attached. BUT FRED??? If he dies for reals i'm going to kick the bucket myself. Not that i want Colin to die either. He can't leave Orla and where else will those strange photographs come from? Sigh. I felt so bad for Fred in this chapter, seeing all those dark endings for his family! It gave me images of something taking over the wizarding world again... maybe Cliodna does... Hm :D Or his mind is just being played with but they do have that book that lists every person who goes into the Clock and their deaths...

What is weird though... Crabbe saw himself an old man... what does that mean? he will live to an old age? WHAT ABOUT COLIN THEN??? why is it a copy of him? *flails* mirrors are weird things, i don't like them at all.

Anyway, i'm feeling overly emotional with this chapter... clearly and i don't think i'm making much sense in this review and i'm apt to start mindlessly smashing the keyboard because i can't believe you've written this chapter. Although, i'll cling onto a hope that they cheat their way out of the games somehow and there will be an uprising and no one will actually die and they'll see the Clock as the evil place it is... pitting person against person like this.

This is a terrifyingly good chapter. I'm really impressed by your writing and being able to imagine this 'fun' house and using what is familiar to us and twisting them into something else. Super impressive, really that you are able to come up with this and also write it so believably as well.

On a final note.. Tonks i liked the last image of her because i imaged her saying goodbye was really her saying goodbye to Teddy and her life before she died. But I can't wrap my head around why she did what she did. she pitted Colin against Fred! I'm really curious to know her motivations behind that and how she'll cope if the outcome is different than what she wants or if she ends up being the reason Colin dies (if he does anyway, it could go either way because i've learned to be surprised by this story). Great chapter, as always!

Author's Response: FLAILY FISH, HAHA.

Colin and Fred. D: I'm mean to myself. When I initially drafted up all the winners and losers of each round, I knew it would come down to Colin and Fred because there is no clear frontrunner. Both deserve to live. If I'd made it Fred vs. Vincent or Colin vs. Vincent, everyone would root for one over the other. Being the awful person that I am, I wanted readers to be divided.

And just when the wizarding world thought it was safe, it looks like something dark is indeed approaching in the future. Seeing all of those fates, real or not, would hit Fred where it hurts and disorient him just enough to put him at a disadvantage in this round. But that blew up in Cliodna's face because he put himself together and managed to come out on top.

Tonks was indeed saying goodbye to Teddy! She knew she was out of the running, so she was taking some alone time to acclimate herself to that. At this point she isn't fully aware of what she's just done, pitting Colin against Fred.

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #5, by Jess the Enthusiast 

8th September 2012:
Okay, so my mind is absolutely blown right now! I NEVER THOUGHT IT WOULD COME TO THIS SARAH! I don't know why, but I always imagined Tonks to end up in the final two and I can't believe that she just pinned Colin and Fred against each other! I'm sure it'll be explained in a future chapter, but I don't think what she did was do either of them any favors. I just can't believe her right now.
But this chapter was so amazing!!! I know I say this in every review I leave you, but your descriptions are absolutely incredible; there is nothing in the world like reading a chapter of Run and I love that. It's so vivid and unique - you have a definite one of a kind story here :)
So yeah, I really REALLY enjoyed this chapter - despite how much the ending shocked me (I still can't even right now - but I'm not mad at you, I'm mad at Tonks. POOR FRED AND COLIN; I DON'T WANT EITHER OF THEM TO DIE! I'm definitely crossing my fingers for a plot twist that leaves everyone a winner - as cheesy as that is).
Great chapter! I hope I have more free time soon so I can finish the rest!


~Jess :D

Author's Response: From the beginning, a lot of people suspected Tonks would come up in the final two. For a while I did wonder if it should be Fred vs Tonks instead of Fred vs Colin, but I plowed ahead with the Colin story line anyway because I was already resolved on it. But there would have been something poetic about it being Tonks.

More than anything else, I wanted this story to be vivid. I hoped that when people read it, they would feel like they were right in the story, going on the same adventures, feeling everything they feel. To hear that I achieved that, at least with you, makes me so incredibly happy. Thank you so much, Jess, for being amazing. ♥

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Review #6, by peppersweet 

7th September 2012:
But - but - but Colin can't apparate yet! Or can he?†

The bit with Fred in the hall of mirrors - my heart! But I'm going to dive straight back into the story now, I don't want to miss a bit of it -†


Author's Response: APPARATING FOR THE FIRST TIME IN A MORBID FUN HOUSE FTW. Fred in the mirror room. :( I'm mean to Fred. I can't stop being mean to these characters. I bet they really hate me.


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Review #7, by NaidatheRavenclaw 

16th August 2012:

Your Race chapters are /never/ predictable, and that's what I love about them. It's like, one moment of "OMG YES" and then the next, I'm hyperventilating and yelling at the characters. This was probably my favorite Race so far, just because I've always thought mirrors and fun houses are sort of creepy and you just used that so well in this. With the clock and the mirrors and FRED. The way you write Fred always brings me close to tears. Why does all this emotional family stuff have to happen to him? :( AND NOW HE'S IN THE FINAL AND JUST NO. HE CAN'T. I'm actually terrified that he's going to be like Lily if he wins, because he died just a couple years younger than her, and like she had Harry, he has George but he can't lose. So itís a dilemma. I'm torn between loving you for putting all these emotions in me and wondering if I have some sort of self destructive wish to get my heart ripped out :P

But back to the mirrors! I lovelovelove the way you used Tonks's powers. I've never thought about all the different ways you could use them (honestly, I really haven't thought about using them for anything other than aesthetic purposes) but she's been so creative with them in this. I love the way she used it to get Crabbe's wand out of the mirror. SO CREATIVE HOW DO YOU COME UP WITH THIS STUFF? :O

I've been dancing around the issue of Colin through this whole thing because I think that killed me the most. Fred has always been one of my absolute favorite characters, both in the HP books and in this, but Colin has been creeping up on me from behind and in this chapter, I realized how much I love him. He's so young (that bit about never apparating Ė WOW), and yet he's done so well but WHY IS HE IN THE FINAL? Ackkk. Him and Fred. No. JustÖ I canít even put my emotions into words about that. It's like "oh, why don't we make Harry and Ron fight and make everyone pick sides". I think my favorite thing about the story (plot wise at least) is that there isn't really a /villain/. You're putting good guys up against more good guys so that we all have absolutely no idea whose going to come out on top. Like, let's face it, there aren't really any books where the bad guy wins. But when there is no bad guy, there's no formula like that which means my brain is buzzing because I have absolutely no clue.

And yet, because you're too genius to just put good guys up against good guys, there sort of is a villain. It's almost like the villain is the Devilís Duel/Clidonaís Clock itself. Part of me is still wishing that they're going to find a way to beat the race and not follow the rules, so neither of them have to die and the tradition can be stopped. In fact, the chapters between the Races would probably be excruciatingly boring if you didn't have this whole subplot going of the strangeness of the Duels and the Clock and you keep dropping all these little hints and I'm SO SO excited for it to all come together. I don't even know which plot I like reading more. You just do everything perfectly ♥

That review was a lot longer than I intended, sorry, but AHH I CAN'T GET OVER THIS RESULT. I don't know what Iíll do once I read the next chapter. At least I have something to forward to next Wednesday!


Author's Response: COLIN AND FRED. :'(

I felt so bad for poor Fred. Out of the four of them, he would have had the worst to bear from being in the portrait room. He has the most family members, after all. Oh my goodness, I'm right there with you in the self-destructive-ness for continuing this. Sometimes I wonder about myself, writing stuff that wrenches my heart.

I've mentioned this to a couple other readers - I was disappointed by the underwhelming ways Tonks used her Metamorphmagus skills in canon. She could have seriously done so much - posing as Death Eaters and infiltrating them to get information, for example. There was so much that could have been done. I was pleased to be able to use those talents in this story and make them more than just Tonks turning her nose into a pig snout.

Colin's a sneaky one. He was so annoying in the books that most people start off not liking him in this story, and now I've gotten a few people saying they like him now, which makes me thrilled beyond belief. Out of all the people in this story, I think I would like to be friends with Colin the most. He completely coasted through this tournament, getting by on sheer luck.

I love what you said about the villain thing. The Devil's Duel/Cliodna's Clock really is a villainous entity, and as far as the people go, it was very important to me that I not make it someone who is clearly good facing off against someone who is clearly bad. If you're only rooting for one person and have no qualms rooting for the other side to lose, you can't be as emotionally invested as I want you to be.

The subplots of strangeness. :3 I've been throwing in bits and pieces that will all tie together, and then you'll see. >:D

Thank you for reading and reviewing, Naida!

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Review #8, by Ardeith 

16th August 2012:
OMG! Who would ever go to a funhouse like that? The portraits of dying family members -- ugh! (Those can't be true...right? They were almost all so dark and tragic!). The levitating room sounds fun, but that's about it.

Seriously...great chapter. The most poignant parts were Tonks saying goodbye and Colin not able to apparate (he's a baby!!)

Well...I knew it would come down to Colin vs. someone. Interesting that he and Fred are kind of in the same situation -- wanting to see their families, especially their brother. I never really liked canon Colin before your story, but don't want him to disappear either!

Also interesting about Tonks' choice. Seeing Crabbe beat up on him would motivate anyone to help Colin, but helping him in this round could potentially doom him in the next.

By the way, whose memory was this one?

Author's Response: I'm with you on the fun house - the levitating room sounds fun, but other than that, this fun house is creepy.

Baww Colin. He's so little. And he seems even littler because he's physically on the smaller side. I remember when Harry saw other students carrying his body away and how he looked "tiny in death". :'( Canon Colin was a shade annoying; I'm so glad you like him here!

You're right about Tonks's choice. She could have either helped him or condemned him.

This memory was Cassandra Vablatsky's. :) You may remember her in the fortune-telling room.

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #9, by Jchrissy 

15th August 2012:
You are a mean mean girl, Sarah! Bad!!

Okay. You're an amazing author that feeds my brain the best imagery and plots possibly, but you are still mean!!!

They are little! Well, Colin is little!! Fred is.. Fred! Why??? Why can't we just have Severus (sorry Snape) and Crabbe do each other in?? I was never attached to Colin before this story. So here you are, getting me attached and what not, now threatening to take him away! And I've already lost Fred once, don't make me do it again!!


This place better figure out a way to get past Cliodna (cough cough - the author better find a way to get bad Cliodna - cough) so both of these wonderful boys can live. Or.. errr.. continue living as dead people? No, that's not right. You get it.

Except even if you get rid of one, I will still love this story because your writing is addicting and magical and just makes me want more.

The fun house sounds one thousand percent terrifying. Like, what kind of demented child would go there for fun, terrifying. But the imagery you use with it!Oh my gosh! Everything! Were the mirrors doing anything other than frighting Fred? They weren't telling some horrible future, were they? Please say no!!

I love what you do with Tonks, by the way. I never loved her in the books ( I know I'm a horrible person) but she just seemed pretty flat. Now you're showing the inelegance and the talent that JKR tells us she has, but never really demonstrates. It's very cool and gives me those *you go girl* type of feelings.

The 'you might want to hurry up and run is so haunting. Ahhh. I want to live in your mind when you wrote this. It's so obvious that you had a vivid clear mental image when you created this, and you just let us into it so wonderfully and made it all real.

Okay. I'm done squeeing and gushing and all that, well, for this chapter ;) ♥

Author's Response: I KNOW, I FEEL SO CRUEL. D:

Poor little Colin is so young and Fred is so fun and lovely and D: D: D: I don't know what's wrong with me. I am so mean to these characters, making them jump through hoops when this is the afterlife and they deserve to just lounge around and relax.

That fun house is for sure not very fun. I can only imagine that maybe at the turn of the century, witches and wizards were strange about how they got their kicks. They /do/ enjoy playing a sport high in the air on broomsticks with balls flying everywhere at them, after all. But still, no thanks. No hall of mirrors or giant fountain of lava for me. XD The portraits of Fred's family members is open to interpretation - it could be real flashes of the future, or it could just be an illusion. Maybe the portraits are all empty and Fred only /thinks/ he sees what he's seeing, and really it's just inside his own head. ;)

Tonks didn't get nearly enough face time in the books. I would love to read little mini-novels by JKR about Tonks's adventures. I think she would have been fascinating to know more about. I'm so happy you like the way she's written here! And I laughed out loud at the *you go girl* type of feelings. Girl power really is a major element of this story. The HP series is pretty male-driven, so I wanted to give powerful females some of the spotlight here, and made Tonks and Lily be some of the biggest, tough-to-beat competitors.

This story is very vivid inside my head, and it's always been my number one concern to make readers see exactly what I'm seeing. So to hear that I let you in and you loved it, means the world to me.

Thank you so much for your awesomeness, Jami!! ♥

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Review #10, by TooMuchMagic 

11th August 2012:
Oh gosh. Real life's been so hectic that I haven't read fanfics in forever, it seems. D: I just finished reading through all the updates I've missed for this story! I can't believe you've covered the penultimate round already. So many things have happened, I don't know where to begin!!

Okay. Colin and Fred in the next - and final, oh my god! - round. Colin and Fred... Colin and Fred! I'm already upset for what's to come. I don't want either of them to "die" :(

I'm pretty sad that Tonks didn't make it, really. I would've liked for her to see Teddy again and leave him sweet notes :') Next year, I hope.

This round is probably my favourite. I'd love to visit such a spooky funhouse, actually. Definitely an experience I wouldn't pass up. The room with the deathly portraits was so depressing, though... Poor Fred, having to see all that :( :(

I think I'm gonna have to slowly reread the past chapters and comment on them then, when I have the time. :D My head's all misty from the awesomeness of Twisted Towers.

Great writing, if I even have to tell you again! Wonderfully imaginative, I loved the rounds (Most notable: Quidbumps! Falling through the grass! I wanna join, too!). My funhouse excitement kinda just dulled when I realised that the end is fast approaching, but I'm excited anyway! Okay, now have a cookie for surviving this beast of a review. :D 10/10 x

Author's Response: Colin and Fred. D: I have no idea where all the time's gone. It feels like they died just yesterday.

I'm so happy to hear that this round was your favorite! I've tried to make each of them different from each other so that hopefully everyone who reads will find one that suits their personal tastes. I had the most fun writing this round, I think. You would like to go to a fun-house like this?? You're loads braver than me. XD I think the levitating room would be fun, but a lot of the other illusions would probably make me insane. I mean, what happens to the people in the candelebra room who don't escape through the ventilation system? Does the molten gold recede or does it feel like it burns you? How does one normally get out of that room? That would be too creepy for me.

Baw, don't worry about going back and reviewing other chapters! That would be tedious, I would think, to reread things you've already read. The fact that you're reading at all is more than enough for me, and reviews every so often, like this one, absolutely make my day. :)

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #11, by felicitations 

10th August 2012:
I stopped reading this story for a while in the hopes that I could eventually read it all in one go and avoid the constant refreshing for updates every week... I caved. And oh man, I chose quite a week to catch up. I am DYING to see what happens next. I don't know how I'm going to cope in the meantime.

I'm so in awe of how you manage to keep me guessing. I suspect many writers, if they were even able to come up with the absolutely brilliant premise that you did, would have kept a less beloved character like Scrimgeour or Crabbe or maybe even Snape around to be knocked off in the final battle... but you have kept the eliminations so random, but in a way that seems natural rather than forced... in that aspect, it feels as though you, as the author, are not telling a story, but recounting an event that you had no control over, which I find very rare and difficult. The moment I think I've caught on, something new gets thrown into the mix and turns everything on its head; but then there are bits where I think I know what will happen and then when what I suspect will happen actually DOES happen, I'm just as shocked as when you throw us a curveball. (Did that make sense? You are running me up and down my entire emotional range and that tends to interfere with my writing abilities.) It is absolutely organic and thrilling and mind-blowingly suspenseful. I'm used to seeing where, generally, stories are headed, but I have no idea where this story is going at any given point and that drives me insane (in a good way).

You've got me so torn and anxious and nervous and excited over the fact that it's Fred and Colin who will be fighting for their... lives? existence. They are both so young, and so kind, and such brave and determined and genuine Gryffindors, and they both deserve the chance to say their final goodbyes to their brothers, and I cannot stand the thought of either of them ceasing to exist... and it's only as I'm writing this that I'm realizing how much the two of them have in common. (And now you've got me wondering how much of that was intentional. You are a mastermind.) I just want them both to shake hands and forfeit so that neither of them can get hurt and then everyone will live happily ever after, the end. But if anything like that were to happen then the fallout would probably be massive and perhaps catastrophic. I feel like, logically, there's no way a happy ending can come to the rescue at this point, but I keep holding out hope that everyone can win somehow... as I said, you've got me so torn.

I have to say I am super surprised at Tonks' actions near the end. Why on earth did she knock Crabbe out of the competition? Does she not realize that she may have just sentenced Colin to not-quite-death? Did she think she was doing him a favor? And how does she justify her interference? If Colin loses, how will she feel about having personally put him in that situation? What would have happened if she'd allowed Crabbe to move on? Does she believe she is doing Colin a favor, doing Fred a favor by giving him a weaker opponent, trying to put Fred at a disadvantage by putting him in a situation where he'll have to essentially kill someone he likes, or just preventing Crabbe from competing because she doesn't think he deserves it? And how does she think she has the right to decide whether Colin or Crabbe should deserve the chance more? Oh, man, so many possibilities. I can't wrap my head around what her motives might have been and I really hope that gets explained eventually.

You're just brilliant. As a rule, I never ever read WIPs because it seems that every time I get sucked into a good story, the author ditches the fandom... but I'm putting my faith in you because all of your other stories have been so amazing. And even if you do decide to drop "Run" for any reason, it will still have been not only one of the best fan fiction stories I've ever read, but one of the best stories period. I am confident that it will become one of the epic must-reads in the world of HP fan fiction, if it isn't considered one already. It certainly is in my book.

Author's Response: Holy wow.

Usually it takes me a few days to respond to reviews, but I know that if I let this one sit for a while, I'm just going to get more and more intimidated by it and I'll end up giving you a completely incoherent response. This review is absolutely amazing - I am reeling so much.

I want to touch on something you said:

-it feels as though you, as the author, are not telling a story, but recounting an event that you had no control over

I cannot possibly tell you how wonderful it is to hear that, because that is something I have thought about on a mostly unconscious level. When I started this story and plotted out the winners and losers of each round, I knew it would come down to Fred and Colin in the end; but sometimes my specific plans didn't pan out and details ended up going another way, and it seemed like an unstoppable thing, like this was meant to happen even though I thought something else was going to happen instead. It's hard to explain but I think you understand what I'm saying. If I could ask for readers to have any kind of response to this story, it would be that. You have singlehandedly made my month.

Yes, one of the reasons why I made it Fred vs Colin in the end is because of their similarities. They're alike in more ways than they realize, and soon they'll be in the exact same predicament that most of the other Cliodna's Clock residents can't understand. In the coming chapters you'll see how they cope.

I LOVE all of your thoughts about Tonks! I've written the next few chapters and you'll see a bit more insight into why she did what she did.

I can assure you that I won't be ditching this story! There will be 31 chapters total and I've only got three left to write. This story will be posted in its entirety in seven weeks' time. :)

I am just so blown away by this review. It's one of the best ones I've ever gotten and I'm sure I'll read it and reread it quite often. I put so much of my time and energy and /myself/ into this story, and so to get this kind of response is rewarding beyond belief. Thank you so, so, so much. :)

- Sarah

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Review #12, by WitnesstoitAll 

9th August 2012:

This was such a brilliant chapter. It was so creative, and I know I rave about your imagination all the time, but this chapter really takes the cake, or the cheese or whatever it is that was taken. Everything about the funhouse was magical -- and the description, it was like candy for the eyes. The bit about the Little Dipper pouring night over the building, omg. I think I read that four or five times before I was able to move forward. it was just so gorgeous. Also, the molten gold coming out of the candelabra, gorgeous. I could go on, but I'd end up requoting the entire thing.

I couldn't help but wondering the entire time I was reading this whose memory it was -- perhaps the little boy with the purple balloon? or the small girl with the asphodel on her hat brim? gah. I want to know, b/c I want to know the people who went there for fun, b/c it sounds terrifying. lol. I'm such a baby with scary things and fun houses are defo scary.

AHH. I cannot believe how attached I am to all these characters (oky, that's a lie, b/c I can easily believe it). Watching them, I had goosebumps and adrenaline and was like GO GO GO but at the same time was like NO NO NOOO. b/c if they lost in this round, they'd live and not face being snuffed out.

FRED AND THE MIRRORS OF HIS FAMILY'S DEATHS. OMG. CREY. Seeing possible ends to them all was so moving, and it made me wonder what sort of trouble was about in their futur that so many awful things happened, a trio breaking into Percy and Audry's place with little Molly. Victoire, Dom, and Louis being tortured, Ginny and the Dementor. And then Arthur and his car... George and his experiments. Ahhh. I found it particularly moving that Fred had no idea who Audrey was or why Angelina made it into one of the mirrors. :( Also, major hugs for you for including angelina (H).

And the end. I love how much you've utilized Tonks' abilitities to change her identity in this story... it really made it seem like an asset rather than just an accessory. And I'm so, so happy she stole Crabbe's wand to help out colin. EXCEPT NOW IT'S FRED AND COLIN AND OMG. IF YOU DON'T FIND A WAY TO OUT SMART CLIODNA AND LET THEM BOTH WIN I WILL DIE. DED.

I told you I'd try to leave a review without saying ded, but clearly I failed. lol. this story is so rivoting and I'm so involved in it... it's more like i'm in the scenes witnessing them as the happen than sitting in my room reading them, and that is a real gift, sarah. Thank you for sharing.

Oh, one last thing... COLIN HAD NEVER APPARATED BEFORE. He's so young, jkr, why. he's a baby.


Author's Response: MEL. ♥

The cake or the cheese or whatever it was that was taken - that makes me laugh every time I read it. XD It is so, so gratifying to have an author whose own writing I admire so much squee about my stuff. One of my favorite things about writing is imagery, which was one of the reasons why I decided on a fun-house setting. There was so much I could shove in there that didn't necessarily have to make sense, and I could have ample opportunity to write about shiny things. XD

Yarr, Cassandra Vablatsky donated the memory. Just chillin' on her pouf, doing some palmistry like a champ. P.S. I'm pretty sure this fun-house would terrify me. The only thing I might like is the levitating room because it would be fun to just float around, but like, everything else would give me nightmares.

I honestly have no idea where I was going with the dark futures for Fred's relatives. If the fun-house was somehow accurate and not just messing with his head, then that probably means bad things ahead. The fact that we know Audrey and Angelina are Weasleys in the future, and Fred does not, is somewhat telling. But then again, with the book in the depot listing everyone who is yet to come to Cliodna's Clock, then perhaps Cliodna had something to do with it...

*mysterious voodoo fingers*

Have you ever seen X-Men? Because I've always likened Tonks to Mystique, and while Mystique made the most of her unusual talents, Tonks mostly just used hers to have pink hair. -__- So I love being able to actually have her use those talents here.

Telling me that you feel like you're in the story rather than just reading it is the most wonderful thing in the world to hear. I have no idea where I would be without your amazing support. ♥ I am now consumed with feels.

D: Colin is so wee.

THANK YOU FOR BEING SO SPLENDID. Someday when we're all famous, we can race each other in our flying cars and then buy some shoes and bake cupcakes and the Spice Girls will sing the background track to the documentary made about us and our fabulousness.

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Review #13, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

9th August 2012:
It's just a fun--house. It's just Cliodna messing with my head. They can't really know these things.

^ Where do you come up with these things? Really, can you tell me what was your writing process for this chapter? It was so twisted and I didn't get it until you broke it down for us. I wanted to smack myself because I should have realized.

I'm really quite shocked at the ending because I was completely wrong through the entire thing. I don't know who is going to be the winner now but either way I'm not happy about it. One wins, but is heartbroken when they go back to earth because they can't interact with their family while the other vanishes forever (or so I assume).

I am interested though. Your banner has Salazar on it, right? I believe so. You have two founders on there I think. I feel like he/she are a bigger part of this story and their ending hasn't come yet. I feel like there's something that you've told us and yet haven't told us. There's a twist. I know it.

Author's Response: Oooh, my writing process for this chapter... Well, once I decided on the setting (I was very close to having the setting be Atlantis, but the design in my head would've been too close to the Capture the Flag chapter), I went and looked up all about fun houses and then took a few ideas and twisted them to be more magical. I wanted this to be creepy and surreal and for some sequences to be kind of nightmarish. I knew that everyone would need to end up in the Hall of Mirrors, but how they all got there happened organically as I was writing. And I wanted them to have to solve riddles to figure out how to get their wands back, but I'm not the best at writing riddles and it was tedious. They had to be tough enough that they wouldn't be obvious whenever readers first saw them, but clear enough so that they could make sense in hindsight.

It's a bit nerve-wracking, getting down to the end of this story. It's a situation where no one can really win. I don't think the 24 hour prize is worth the long months of grief that will inevitably come afterward.

Told you and haven't told you - that is a good way of putting it. There are bits of this story that will have clear conclusions and bits that are open-ended, and for now I will keep my mouth shut. XD

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #14, by TenthWeasley 

8th August 2012:
(Okay, so please forgive me, but the first thing I thought of when I read the title of this chapter was the old BBC John Cleese sitcom 'Fawlty Towers' and for some reason I imagined Basil Fawlty in the Devil's Duel and it sent me giggling, but I will go onto my review now because you probably are facepalming all over the place right about now. :3)

Oh my gosh... Fred and the hall of mirrors. Oh my gosh. That is one of the most horrific things I can ever imagine, and aargh, OH MY GOSH. I think that's one of the things we were talking about the other night -- there's a reason your brain, specifically your brain, could conjure up something like that. I'm always somehow bowled over by your sheer amount of creativity, especially in this story, because how do you think of things like that? That is just... my mind is blown. In the best, best way.

Look at you, writing all those riddles! ♥ And you say you're not good at it. There is pretty much nothing you can't do. I absolutely adore the idea for a fun-house chapter, because you were able to do so much with it. The whole thing had that sort of eerie quality of being something out of a nightmare, the sort of dream where you desperately want to wake up and find that you're stuck. (Side note, Colin and the gold reminded me of the Star Wars trash compactor, and yes, I am full of horrible allusions tonight).

OH, USING TONKS'S METAMORPHMAGUS SKILLS, THAT'S SUCH A STROKE OF BRILLIANCE. ♥ I'd completely -- oh, I am reeling. For some reason people never seem to employ that particular trait of hers unless it's to, like, give away her feelings (which always kinds of bugs me because if you can change your appearance /at will/ it's not going to flare up red of its own accord), but I absolutely adore how you employed it with the mirrors. I really do think that this chapter's one of your most inventive yet, and I'm just going to sit here and stew for a bit because I cannot invent such wonderful things of my own volition.

I think one of the most hard-hitting lines in this, though, is that bit about Colin never having Apparated before... gosh, he was so young when he died. :( And now he's a finalist and holy wow, I'm so scared that he'll die. BUT NO, FRED. Oh my gosh. I thought I'd be okay but now we're at the end and the results are so close and I don't want either of them to die. Vincent, why are you still aliveee. UGH THIS IS ALL JUST HITTING ME RIGHT NOW AND I DON'T KNOW HOW TO COPE, WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE FRED VS. COLIN. (Honestly, though, I'd be no better off if Tonks had won over Fred. Darn it, please stop stabbing my heart, it has feelings.)

Gahhh. And gahhh again. I always feel like I've run a marathon after reading your dueling chapters, because they are so action-packed and tense and I am just drained at the end, both with relief and with worry at the next duel. WHICH MEANS PLEASE POST NOW SO I CAN KNOW EVERYTHING AND NOT LIVE WITH THIS TENSION.

But we're too close to the end. ♥ Seriously, seriously fabulous job this week -- one of the most creative yet, I think! I can't wait for next Wednesday!!!

Author's Response: YOU CAUGHT ME, THIS WAS TOTALLY FAWLTY TOWERS. John Cleese was hiding in an elevator somewhere, asking me if he could come out. But of course I had to keep telling him no. I don't trust him not to give hints to the contenders.

I have a thing for mirrors, man. They are in everything. People inside of them, people walking through them, people using them for portals, people in different dimensions. I cannot think of a single long story I've written that doesn't have some weird preoccupation with mirrors. SO OF COURSE I NEED A HALL OF THEM. XD I think it would be mildly terrifying to see yourself reflected as an old person, like a truly accurate depiction. How does one get that out of their head. And it would be even worse if you /didn't/ see yourself as an old person, because that means you wouldn't ever be old...or...who knows. Mirror logic.

Okay, so, like, this might not make much sense, but I've been sort of trying to make these duels suit a variety of tastes. I think that people who like Slytherin-y strategy would like the Capture the Flag one, and people who like sporty, physical action would like the Quidbumps, and people who like things not being what they seem would like the ship duel, and people who are kinda Ravenclaw-ish might like this one, because of the riddles. They've all been fun in different ways to write, but as far as my own personal tastes goes, I like this one best because it doesn't always have to make sense. I'm a sucker for surrealism, for strange things just being there for the sake of being strange, with no explanations. I could do this with a fun-house.

Star Wars trash compactor say what.

OKAY SO YOU DON'T WATCH MANY MOVIES (except apparently Star Wars), but I wonder if you've seen X-Men? Because Tonks always reminded me of Mystique, and Mystique uses her abilities to her full advantage, whereas Tonks, in canon, mostly used hers to entertain people, it seems. -__- So I'm utilizing them because I think they're awesome skills, yo, and if one can do whatever they want with their face, one should not just pretend to be a duck.

AND THE FINAL RESULTS ARE SO CLOSE~ I can't remember many people guessing Fred/Colin at the end. Most people guessed Tonks would be there in some fashion, usually versus Lily or James. Maybe in the sequel it'll be Cedric vs Snape and I'll make your heart disintegrate. The setting will be an enormous bed of nails.

You are so nice to me and you say such lovely things I don't deserve, and I'm just endlessly thrilled whenever you post a positive review. Best encouragement ever. ♥

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Review #15, by Celeste who is now sad 

8th August 2012:

Urgh, so this is the result of the penultimate round, eh, Sarah? D: I'm so sad! I mean, obviously you've made it obvious that this was going to be pretty unpredictable all along. As soon as Lily got kicked out, so fell out the whole Lily/Tonks underlying conflict. Then out went Snape, so I crossed out Snape/James and out went James too! My guess on Colin/Fred both going after their brothers was right-ish, then?

Although I am incredibly sad that Tonks lost. All along, I thought she had the best reason to go back. I know Fred wants to see his family, but they're not as dependent on him as Teddy might be on Tonks. And she seemed to have the whole idea of being a renegade and the 'maverick at four' thing struck me as much - definitely thought she would win and try breaking the rules.

Although it was lovely that she helped Colin, but it was already after she lost, correct? She didn't stop and help Colin and thus lead to her own loss?

And something that's been bothering me for many a chapter: precisely who is Cliodna? And what was that creepy thing that scared Regulus a few chapters ago? I doubt you'll respond with any spoilers but CURIOUSITY URGH.

As always, I blather on and on about how amazing this story is and all that. :D Looking forward to your update!

Author's Response: HI CELESTE.

I know what you mean, Tonks deserved it the most. :( I share your feels. But I always intended for things to boil down this way, and I stuck to that.

Yep, she didn't decide to help Colin until after she saw Fred apparate. By then she had nothing to lose, and in her present frame of mind she made a decision to help Colin further himself in the races.

Haa. Remus asked himself precisely those same questions a few chapters back, wondering about Cliodna. She's a bit of an enigma. And that creepy thing was Barty Crouch! Barty's always up to evil shenanigans. He'd vaulted himself up onto the wall again.

Thank you, Celeste. :)

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