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Review #1, by TheHeirOfSlytherin 

11th February 2013:
Oh, so many things to say...

I'm really glad Hermione is the History of Magic teacher. Going back to what I said in the last review, kids definitely won't be so out of touch with their history now. I doubt either Harry or Hermione would ever allow it. I think the two of them and Susan will be great teachers and I'm happy Susan is back with us, even if it was only small; she quickly became a favorite, too. I loved the speech about Neville, he was always be a hero.

Dennis is a prefect! Yay. It's small, compared to what he did to help, but just as awesome. I bet he'll be an awesome prefect.

The conversation between Harry and Hermys was so sweet. I thought he would cry when he thought Al would set him free. And Harry calling him a part of the family brought a huge smile to my face. I just can't imagine not seeing Hermys as a part of the family after reading this.

And... I really hope Percy and Audrey are able to reconnect and be together again. :)

Such an amazing chapter.


Author's Response: This was my attempt to close up all the loose ends that I thought were left over at the end of the story. As you can see, there were a lot of them, 11,000 words worth.

Harry will make some very big changes at Hogwarts, although he'll be sure to keep the important things the same, I think. I loved being able to give both Hermione and Susan roles. Beyond the fact that they're both enormously qualified, they need some time, I think, to put things right after what happened in the Gaunt Shack.

Dennis deserved something good, I think. He definitely earned it.

In my mind, Harry came to understand elves better than just about anyone, Hermione included. He sees them as equals, just as she does, but he has also taken the time to understand what matters most to them and he doesn't allow his own conscience to try to decide what's best for them.

Percy and Audrey will be alright in the end. It will definitely take time, but they love one another and Audrey is just starting to understand what he's been through.

I'm really glad you liked it. It was a lot of fun to write! Thanks so much. One more to go...

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Review #2, by Pixileanin 

2nd December 2012:
On the second day of Christmas...

Pretzel sticks. Some people cry after an emotional story. I eat. Nom nom.

It was heartwarming to see Harry make peace with Ginny's memory at last. You gave him the closure he was so desperately searching for all this time, though you certainly made him go through a heck of a lot to get there.

"The elf was humming softly to himself, and Harry recognized the melody from a song that Kreacher used to mutter when he thought that nobody else could hear."

These are the details that I love that you have sprinkled throughout the story that truly made it an engaging read. We all try to keep the readers energetically engaged with the characters and you have managed to do so with not only the main characters, but the supporting cast as well. This was a monumental feat, given how many characters you juggled through this epic adventure. Every chapter, I came away with a solid sense of character. Every single one. And I was astounded every single time how you personalized every character's experiences in this tale.

I think your strongest section had to be Fleur's message to the younger generation. Though at times it felt odd, flipping back and forth to the younger students and their unsullied perspective on things, you made it work without seeming disjointed or abrupt. Having Fleur give them a post-war debriefing of sorts was a perfect way to have them connect more fully to the older generation.

The therapist session with Percy couldn't have been any more perfect. We got a good look at what it felt like to be possessed in the last chapter, and all through the story, the characters have been talking about the way that memories could be tampered with and replaced, (and we got to see Esme dealing with it a bit when she tried to navigate through the tampered memory, which was cool) but now you are showing us exactly what it did to Percy and how it can be overcome, even though he has a long road ahead of him. Audrey has played such a small part in this story, but her willingness to sit through the sessions with Percy is a testament to her character and tells us what we need to know about her.

Draco and Astoria had a charming resolution in their own, "Draco/Astoria in Dan's head canon" way (I would have used hyphens for all of that, but I'm saving the superfluous punctuation for the final chapter of Peony vs. the world). You showed us how much they appreciate each other and how they hold each other up through the tough times.

The way that you allowed The Longbottoms to react to Harry's news, even in their small, limited way was such a lovely touch and I loved the shout out to Lily and Snape in the Headmasterís office! We'd all like to think they had some sort of amicable resolution in the end. Neville's addition was perfect here.

As for Rose's future... Alright, I have to admit that I put down the pretzels and needed a tissue during Ron's heart-to-heart with Scorpius. I only feel better because I was legitimately able to use hyphens just now. It was a very touching scene. You picked a good moment to end on that thread. It was just enough to give us hope for her recovery without making a whole 'nother epic novel about it. But if the mood strikes you to dealve into a YA, angsty, nightmare-focused recovery story between Rose and Octavia and how Scorpius deals with all of that, I wouldn't mind reading it.

I love that Susan Bones has a place on the faculty, and Harry's speech was fabulous. Watch out, students, you have a real DADA teacher now!

What can I say after all that that hasn't already been said? Absolutely nothing.

Author's Response: OK, I've stared at this beautiful review for long enough, basking in the glow it emits from my unanswered reviews page. It's time to respond to it. ;)

From the very start of the story, Harry's inability to let go of his guilt and grief over Ginny's death has been near the center of the plot. From the moment I decided -- and it was very difficult -- that she wasn't going to be part of the story, my inner Harry has been struggling to come to terms with it. This was the best way I could think of to give him that closure.

I really tried my best to give every character at least a small chance to shine and be noticed. For some, like Luna, I really felt like I short-changed them. For others, like Xerxes the Seer, I probably wasted way more time than was warranted. In the end, I guess the balance was OK. I'm glad you liked it, at any rate.

I spent a lot of time writing and revising Fleur's section. I wanted her to say things that would help the youngest generation come to terms with what had happened in a sympathetic way, but without being patronizing and definitely without glamorizing war. I do think that they understand their grandparents a lot better after having gone through this, but they will always be touched by what they saw. It's both uplifting and sad, I think.

The things that I really wanted people to take away from Percy's session are that he suffered some very real consequences from Arabela's control over him, but that he's also committed to making things right with Audrey and the rest of his family. He was a hero in this story. Not in the overt way of some of the other characters, but he did the right thing with it mattered most.

Somebody was trying to convince me that between Marked, Detox and CoB that I constructed a sort of "Draco Trilogy". While I agree that the character progresses in an interesting way through the three stories, I'm not quite ready to go that far just yet. And the best thing about punctuation is that you can always make more. ;)

I argued with myself a lot over just how much of a reaction to allow Frank and Alice to Harry's terrible news. Part of me wanted to let them really, honestly mourn. And maybe they did, in their own way. But I felt like it would have been almost a disservice to what they sacrificed to keep Neville and Harry safe if I had suddenly, miraculously restored some measure of their sanity. In the end, the brief moment that Alice and Harry share will have to do.

Sorry to tax your tissue supply. I hope it helps if I tell you that in my mind, Rose does get better, at least mostly. There are some scars that will simply never heal, but with a lot of work and loving support from both families, she and Octavia learn how to deal with the horrible things they survived. Octavia goes on to become a brilliant young witch, and a Slytherin, much to her father's joy and her mother's disappointment. The hat did take a long time to think about it, though. ;)

Susan and Hermione have both joined the faculty, although in my mind Hermione doesn't stay on that long. She spends around ten years totally revamping the History of Magic curriculum and figuring out how to balance the good and bad parts of the history of relations between the magical and muggle worlds. But after a decade of teaching, the temptation to return to her first love of advancing the rights of non-human magical being is too strong. She leaves Hogwarts to start an advocacy organization, which Ron publicly supports while making faces when she's not looking. Susan, for her part, spends many years teaching students both the theoretical and practical aspects of magical self-defense, often by attacking them when they're not paying attention in class.

Thank you so much for being such a wonderful, enthusiastic, patient and supportive reader and for so many amazing reviews. One more to go...

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Review #3, by Mrs_H 

29th November 2012:
Excellent story -- thanks so much for sharing. You have a gift for plot, and the technical skills to turn your plot into a page-turning story. I'm looking forward to reading future stories -- here or from a bookstore where you can bring your own worlds to life.

Author's Response: Hi, there!

I'm really glad that you enjoyed it, and thank you for all of the kind words. It was a labor of love. I hope you enjoy my other stories and it would be a pleasure to hear from you again!

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #4, by shadowcat2 

14th August 2012:
One more chapter.
I really don't have much to say.
Best wishes,

Author's Response: Yes, you're almost there!

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #5, by Remus 

12th August 2012:
Alright! I grabbed my dinner, a cold Dr Pepper...let's get this going! Review 2/4!

I could definitely tell that this Harry is a totally different Harry than the one from the beginning of the story. He's more relaxed, serene with life, and has finally come to terms about Ginny's death. He felt...happy for some odd reason. Which is good!

When Hermys thought that Harry was going to free him I felt so bad for him! Why didn't Harry just take him to Hogwarts to help him out? Is he bound to that house just like Kreacher was?

Artie's anger took me by surprise all of the sudden, to be honest. But as the dialogue went on, I understood his anger and where he was coming from. Feur's explanation hit the nail on the head. Its true that she was badly hurt and now has a scar but she and those that she love are alive and well.

Awww! Percy decided to put work aside for his marriage! This makes me happy! Since this is the last chapter (before the epilogue) do Percy and Audrey fix their marriage? Does Percy make a full recovery or does he go on about his days with fake memories till the end of his life?

Draco and Astoria are a new pairing I like thanks to your story! Seriously! I've found myself reading a few and, in fact, I need to go back and finish reading Deeds story about the two of them. Anyway, Draco overall was a fantastic character in your story. He's still that snob we met but is more mature about life and well...everything. Including Ron and the rest of the Weasley family.

"He noticed that his dad looked rather grumpy, and quickly realized that his mum was visiting Snapeís portrait, chatting amiably with her childhood friend." --That was brilliant!

Hmm...expelling Hogwarts students. For some odd reason that didn't settle well with me...but then again, I don't know what Dumbledore would've done to Pansy (was it Pansy?) who suggested to give Harry up in HP7. They're still young and were raised according to their parents' believes. So its not their fault. At least, I don't see it that way...Its like a bully...while they're sometimes expelled, even they need help to sort out the why behind their behavior.

In the end, does Rose get better? Does she slowly come out of this state or stay like that? I've always been proud of JKR for not leaving the Weasleys untouched during the second war and I'm glad you did the same as well. In a way, I was hoping for a Weasley to die. Percy being the obvious choice but Rose was second. Her death would've been tragic but for some odd reason, Rose ending like Frank and Alice would've been more tragic in the end...I'm glad that Ron is being a good father-in-law to Scropius and that he's being understanding towards him and that he tolerates Draco just a bit more for Octavia's sake.

Ah...Portrait Snape being Snape...love it! And Portrait Dumbledore sure loves his sleep! Hahaha! However, where is Portrait Neville to greet Harry?

Susan is DADA teacher! I'm glad you didn't forget about her! She was my favorite "extra" in this story and I'm glad that you gave her a happy ending and a good position now that the DADA spot is no longer cursed!

Just so you know, I laughed on the the Professor Binns bit.

And Harry has finally come full circle here by becoming the Headmaster and giving his speech. Nothing much to say about that beside the fact that I like the idea of him being in charge of the first place he called home.

Alright, a question(s)! Why did Lady T do all of this? What was her motive? Was Herodonthus the real villain here as the puppet master?

Alright...let us now go to the Epilogue!


Author's Response: Awesome! There's nothing like a cold Dr. Pepper to get down to some serious reviewing. Or for any reason, actually. I love Dr. Pepper. That's the one thing I miss about living in the south. It's so much more common there.

Harry wakes up to a whole new reality, both for himself and the wizarding world at large. So many things have changed in the three months that the story covers. I'm not sure "happy" is the right term for what Harry feels. Maybe "optimistic". For the first time since Ginny died, he feels like he has a purpose other than just making it through each day.

I don't think Hermys is bound to the physical structure so much as he's bound to the family. I think Harry simply didn't think it sent a good message for the Headmaster of Hogwarts to have a personal house elf. And I'm certain that Hermys will be a much bigger help to Al and his family than to Harry.

Artie and all of his cousins are struggling a lot to make sense of what they've just lived through. To me, anger is a very natural response to feeling powerless and abused, which is what they've all just been through to some greater or lesser extent.

Percy obviously has a long, complicated healing process in front of him, but I think he takes an important first step in this chapter. Deciding that his therapy with his wife is more important than some Ministry meeting is a big deal for Percy. I think he turns out to be a very good Minister, in addition to a good husband, father, grandfather, etc.

Awesome! I'm really glad you how my version of Draco and Astoria turned out. I tried so hard to keep him very balanced between his good traits and his bad ones. I really hate stories that oversimplify him. And Astoria was a joy to develop into a well-rounded character.

I just didn't see how the students who gleefully pointed out the muggle-borns to the Blood Order attackers could possibly be allowed to stay. Even the Inquisitorial Squad was acting under Ministry sanction and never engaged in anything that could have arguably led to another student's death. And I do think the Ministry will take a very dim view of their actions. Not sure they'll all end up in Azkaban, but a few of them certainly might.

I think that Rose does get better, at least 90%, but it's a long, slow, difficult journey. She's not the only one in the family who's suffered a traumatic event, either. In my mind, Rose and Octavia build a very strong bond as they both confront the fears and nightmares that will plague them for some time. Together with Scorpius, they become a much tighter family.

OK, I'm definitely going to edit this and add a mention of Neville's portrait. To be honest, I totally forgot. He is there and his portrait is beginning to show the first signs of sentience.

I could not forget Susan! She was my favorite supporting character throughout the story. In my mind, she goes on to teach for many years, supplying Ron's Auror Department with a steady stream of talented new recruits. Also, she marries her longtime partner. I'll leave the precise details of that to your imagination. Or perhaps it needs a one-shot. ;)

Harry has indeed come full circle, which was one of the things I really wanted the story to end with. It's a good feeling.

Lady Tenabra wanted power and revenge. One thing that I didn't put anywhere in the story is the following: all of the things that Arabela told Percy about her family going into hiding and being killed by Death Eaters were true. She wanted to humiliate the pure bloods and destroy them, and she largely succeeded. But that wasn't enough for her. The temptation of power was too great.

One more to go. :'( I don't know how to feel. I'm happy, I'm sad, I'm relieved, I'm grateful... so many feelings. I'll just say thank you for now, but the big, gushing response is coming up in the next response...

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Review #6, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

9th August 2012:
A huge smile spread across the elf's face before he bowed his head deeply. Harry left the kitchen and walked back up the stairs to begin packing for his trip.

^ And so it is the end. I only have the epilogue to read and there's a part of me that doesn't want to read what happens next. I hope only good things but I feel like there were a few grey areas. Rose being a major one. Percy too. Will they ever fully recover?

I wonder though what else you would have liked to add to the story. Did you have any other plot ideas that you decided not to add in or any other 'deleted' scenes that we don't know about?

"The point, my dears, is that it is alright to be angry about what you 'ave lost, so long as you remember to be grateful for what you still 'ave and proud of what you 'ave gained."

^ I cried when i read this and pretty much everything else Fleur said because it really spoke to me. I feel like I sometimes take people and things (material objects, health, and other things) for granted sometimes and it's always a tragedy or something painful to put that in perspective. I know I'm not the only person like this. I wish it wasn't like this. I wish everyone appreciated what they have and who they have in their life everyday they are around but it's not like that. It's kind of wishful thinking.

"This is important, too." He took a deep breath and settled back into his chair, releasing Audreyís arm. "Now let me see what I can recall about the counselorís toupee."

^ I feel like he'll never recover from his 'injuries.'

He noticed that his dad looked rather grumpy, and quickly realized that his mum was visiting Snape's portrait, chatting amiably with her childhood friend.

^ Haha.

But then it was gone, and her focus once again drifted to the empty space above the beat-up potioneering magazine she held in her frail, bony fingers.

^ I was interested to see what you were going to do with Frank and Alice. I know you said you were tempted to have them react and I really like what you did there. In my honest opinion I think they have a strong connection to Neville (obviously) and if they had known him when they had their mind for a little bit longer I think they MIGHT (big might) have been able to have some type of communication with him.

Then again JK Rowling said that they never did get better. I thought the slight movement was good because it just shows the connection that's there. They were caring people, we know that, there had to be a slight flicker there.

On a side note, after I read that part I thought to myself: Does Dan read 'Run'? It's a wonderful story by Tojours Padfoot and I think you'd like it. She has a somewhat different interpretation for some of the characters you have written here. She does include a small snippet on Frank and Alice in the story too.

"Ss!" Ron did his best impression of searing flames while his fingers fluttered beside his head.

^ Heehee. Some people never change. Ron is thankfully one of those people. He will always be funny.

First, I'd like to introduce all of you to your new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, Susan Bones."

^ You didn't forget about Susie! Yay! I was surprised to see her there. I actually think you touched based on all the characters. I mean, I think I would have like another mention of that receptionist (welcome witch?) in St. Mungo's but that's only because I thought she was pretty hysterical. She had no other role in the story though. Oh and maybe some more information about the house elves and their part in the war from saving Susan, some more insight into them but I don't think that would have fit either.

I have to ask you though, did you always want the end to be like this? Did you think about killing Harry or maybe even Ron or some of the others?

Author's Response: Hmmnnn... what else would I liked to have added? I guess if I was going to keep on writing, I would have showed that Percy does manage to recover and make amends with Audrey and the rest of his family. Moreover, he turns out to be a great Minister who rights the ship at the Ministry and uses the opportunity of the disgracing of the pure blood families who joined the Blood Order to push through many more reforms that Hermione had been working on for many years. I would have showed that Rose and Octavia recovered from their respective experiences together, and their family bond with one another and Scorpius became incredibly strong as a result. I would have shown that Octavia entered Hogwarts, was sorted into Slytherin, and became one of the truly brilliant witches of her age, a credit to her grandmother's legacy. I would have shown that Dennis became Head Boy, much to the chagrin of Artie and Oliver Potter. I would have shown that Harry and Hermione discovered a way to send portkeys to other planets, so that when permanent human colonies were first established on the Moon and Mars in the early 2080's, magical people quickly joined the muggles there. So many ideas...

I toyed with several different characters who might have delivered Fleur's message to the youngest generation, but there were several things that sold me on her. For one, she has that Mediterranean bluntness about her. It's not that she's rude, or mean, she's just direct. Her particular injury was also the type that would have affected her in a pretty unique way, so it made a great example to help the kids put things in perspective. And another big reason, to be honest, was that I feel in love with Jami's characterization of her in Loving Through Tragedy.

Percy didn't totally recover in this chapter, but I like to think that he took the most important first step. He prioritized his own mental health and his relationship with his family above some dull meeting. For him, that was a big deal.

I was very, very tempted to do more with Frank and Alice. To have one of them cry out or shed a tear. But the more I thought about it, I just couldn't. They are how they're meant to be. To change that would have cheapened the enormous sacrifice they made so that Neville could live in a better world. I keep meaning to check out Run. I've heard so many good things about it.

Yes, Ron. He will never stop being goofy.

Of course I didn't forget about Susan! She was my favorite supporting character, hands down. Charlene... wow, that would have been difficult to work in. Not that I couldn't have done it, but this was already over 11,000 words. I can't think of anything in it that I would have sacrificed for extra Charlene.

I never considered killing Harry. I did consider killing another major character instead of Neville: perhaps Bill or maybe even Arthur or Molly. But I think I'm pretty happy with how it ended up.

One more to go! Thank you so much for all of your amazing reviews!

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Review #7, by CloakAuror9 

9th August 2012:
Hi Dan! *waves*

Here I am again! This is going to be a rather short review, just to warn you, because I need to go and sleep in like 30 minutes. :P

So first of all, I think this was a really good chapter like every other chapter in this story. It tied a lot of knots and explained a lot of things for me. Things that I would never even ask. The details in this chapter was just absolutely fantastic!

Just a bit of a typo you made. MMXLV = 2045, not 2065. You misplaced the X and L. Nothing big.

Hermys is an absolute elf. I gotta give it to him. My heart just melted when he thought that Harry was going to free him. The way I imagined the look on his face...it was just so cute. Can I keep him? Wait, no. Keep him. I'll just abuse him, make him clean my room and do my homeworks and all. Hermione will not be pleased.

I found Fleur's words very encouraging and heart-warming. I'll admit, I never really liked her, but I can't deny the fact that she went through the same war with Harry, Ron and Hermione. She ought to have her own scars about it, and do it all over again...I give all my respects to her -to all of them. To all of them who fought this war.

Draco and Astoria's love makes the end a little bit better for me. I loved Draco even before this story, now I just love him more. I can't thank you enough for not letting me wonder endlessly about what had really happened after the war with the both of them. If you didn't tell us anyway, I would've hunted you down for it any who. You just saved me time and energy. ;)

I was really looking forward to Percy's 'reunion' with his family, but I don't think I'll ever see that. And though I'm a bit sad, I'll just have to let it go. I think the way you 'ended' his story is good enough. I do feel for him, the war has taken it's toll on him and it will take quite some time to get back on track, I wish all the best for him.

For what might be the hundredth time in this story, I cried again. I couldn't help it. It was just simply heart-breaking to sit here and read about Harry telling the Longbottom's about their son's death. And the fact that they don't really take it in makes it even more heart-wrenching if anything. You know, I never really thought that
the Alice and Frank will outlive Neville, yet here we are. It feels weird, I'll give you that.

Oh Rose. *sigh* She too suffered so much -too much. Gosh, I just hope that the future holds a lot better stuff for her. I like to think that Octavia and her will walk the same path of healing, and maybe -just maybe- that will make help the both of them heal a little bit faster.

And finally, Harry's wise words. You couldn't have put it much better, Dan. The portraits were right, some things that concern the war are better left unsaid.

It feels so weird you know, I'm only a chapter away from the ending yet it doesn't still feel like the end to me, maybe it just hasn't hit home yet. Maybe I'll have to go through reading chapter 41 first, then I'll finally realise and accpet that CoB has ended.

For now though, I'm going to sleep! I'll review chapter 41 tomorrow (and no stalling this time!),
Izzy xx ♥

Author's Response: Hi, dear! Sorry to take so long to respond. I've been on vacation and the hotel had terrible wifi. But I'm back!

The whole point of this chapter was to tie up some of the loose ends, so I'm glad it did that for you. As I looked back at the end of the story, there were just so many questions that I felt compelled to try to answer, but I didn't want to write half a dozen "dangling" one-shots. This seemed like a cleaner way.

I really need to get in and fix that date, so thanks for pointing it out. My one small consolation is that I got it right in the text and wrong in the author's note, not the other way around.

Have you heard about my charity auction for non-canon characters? You're the second to inquire after Hermys. There could be a bidding war brewing here! Octavia is still going to go for more than anybody, though. ;)

I thought Fleur was a good character to have that conversation with the youngest generation because she is so blunt, in general. She was also wounded rather badly in the battle and she might wind up losing some of her beauty because of it. Honestly, I also rather feel in love with Jami's characterization of her in that one-shot.

I really fell in love with the idea of Draco and Astoria as this aristocratic couple who were "starting over" in a sense. Almost like some of the wealthy, old southern plantation families after the U.S. Civil War. I definitely didn't want to leave the fans of these two hanging.

Percy is working his way back one step at a time, I think. Audrey is still struggling to understand exactly what happened to her husband and I'm sure Molly and Lucy feel the same way about their father. It's going to take time and time is the one thing that I'm out of for CoB. They'll figure it out, eventually. And when they do, just imagine the dinner parties Audrey will get to attend as the Minister's wife! ;)

Frank and Alice's story always has been one of the most tragic in the entire HP series. To be forced to continue to live the horrible, broken existence that they do... nobody should have to live that way. But this is the sacrifice that they made so that Neville could live in a better world, and I felt like allowing them any more of a response than the one, small "moment" that Alice and Harry share would have cheapened that sacrifice somehow. I was definitely tempted...

I think the future definitely holds better things for Rose, Octavia and Scorpius. But the journey isn't going to be easy. I sort of glossed over it here, but Octavia is going to have her own nightmares to overcome. I like to think that the family recovers together, and they emerge much stronger because of their mutual struggle to heal.

Professor McGonagall is still full of wise counsel, isn't she? And she has a good point. The world is full of too many gigantic, over-wrought speeches that try to say everything at once. Besides, I really ran out of ideas for anything else for Harry to say. ;)

I hope you slept well, for the past two days! Thank you so much for all of your wonderful, encouraging and thoughtful reviews!

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Review #8, by Roots in Water 

8th August 2012:
It's Roots in Water here with your review!

Wow... You did an absolutely fantastic job here with your handling of everyone's emotions. I think I'll go through this chapter section by section, since you took it in so many directions.

To begin, I hadn't really thought about the implications of Harry becoming the Headmaster before but his having to move to Scotland, and Hogwarts, made sense. However, it was sad to see that he would have to leave Hermys behind- is Hermys tied to the house and that's why he couldn't come along with Harry to help at Hogwarts?

As well, I really liked how you had multiple sections from Harry's point of view. It helped to link everything together in a way they would not have been without- the other scenes seemed less random (even though I know they were well chosen). It also helped to give the chapter a forward sense of momentum.

I really loved the scene between Fleur and the younger cast of your story- you did a great job of writing the emotions of people who have just witnessed war. Of course they would be angry, and of course they would cope with it in different ways. Fleur's speech was really touching and wise. In however unfortunate a way they gained their new appreciation for life, they did gain it and it will make them more aware of what they do with their lives. As well, I really liked her comment about having more in common with Bill- it was a nice touch to lighten the mood.

I think that Percy's section was my favourite- it was great to see him finally able to start healing the rift with his family. It was nice to know that Percy did think that he had attended the sessions, even if it is also means that he was very much under the control of Arabela. As well, I really liked the ending of that section- his decision to delay the Ministry meeting really shows his desire to make up for his mistakes. Actions speak louder than words, after all.

I'd almost forgotten about Draco's money troubles from the beginning- it's a good thing you didn't! I really liked how Astoria lived up to her word about being able to help solve the problem and it's interesting that she will now take a job. I wonder if it will motivate Draco to choose a career... As well, even though I've probably mentioned it before, I really like how you portray their relationship. They're quieter in their love than some people, yes, but it's definitely there, and still going strong.

I found a small typo: where you had ""Mione found the place" you should use ' not ". :)

I really liked the scene with Harry and the Longbottoms- it was really touching and the way in which you had Alice almost - almost understand what had happened was very sad. I was a little puzzled, though, as to why you had Harry take Dennis along. I know that you said that he did it so that he could check on Dennis- but couldn't he have just done so from the office? It did seem, like Dennis said, like he was intruding- just a little bit- on a private moment.

As well, I'm glad that the relationship between Ron and Scorpius (and, I guess, Draco as well) has improved. In particular, I like how they've teamed up now to protect Rose - the line "these wards arenít exactly approved..." made me smile -and I also liked how Scorpius is finally coming to understand what it means to be a Weasley, with all the support and love and help that comes with the name.

Finally, I liked Harry's scenes at Hogwarts. It was amusing picturing Lily, James and Sirius in the same room as Severus for an extended period of time- as we saw in the scene, things are bound to happen. And I really liked how you ended the chapter- it was a nice reference back to the beginning of their journey, all those years ago when they were students.

All in all, I think that you did a great job here of capturing the loose threads and weaving them back into the story and I'm interested to see what you write in your epilogue- it seems to me as though you've covered just about everything that needs to be covered! Thanks once again for requesting!

Author's Response: So here goes my first experiment with road responding to a review on my phone. Wish me luck! I'm glad you liked the way I laid out the characters' emotions because there were a lot of them in this chapter. It was my last, best attempt to try to do justice to some of my favorite characters and their unresolved subplots.√ā¬†

I'm not sure that I think of Hermys as being tied to the physical structure, but he is tied to the family. I think Harry simply didn't see any need to have one more house elf at Hogwarts, especially one specifically bound to him. Al and his family could benefit a lot more from Hermys's help. I think weaving back and forth between Harry's PoV and the others did give a sense of time passing, so I'm glad you liked it.√ā¬†

I knew I needed something in this chapter to give everyone an idea of how the younger characters were coping. It is a horrible thing to inflict on young people, especially those who are a lot less prepared for it than Harry and his contemporaries were. Fleur seemed like a good choice to help them understand because she's very forthright -- that's the nice way to say "blunt", right? -- and she has also suffered some losses, personal and physical, in the last war and this one. I like to think these kids will wind up a lot better prepared than their parents to step up and keep the magical world safe.√ā¬†

I thought Percy's part was one of the most important, so I'm happy you liked it. Of all the characters who lived and aren't Rose, he probably suffered the most difficult injuries to overcome. His memories of several months of his life are in serious doubt, and he's just been made Minister of Magic. Plus, his relationship with Audrey is in ruins. But he's committed to fixing it all, and that's what I most wanted to show.√ā¬†

In my mind, I imagine Draco as not being especially well-suited to employment. After all, he spent his entire school career preparing to be one of the rulers of Voldemort's pure blood utopia. And he never held a job after school. So I think Astoria was the only member of the family able to find a job. I didn't go into it, but in my mind, she takes Hugo's old job in International Magical Cooperation after there's a shuffling of the ranks when Percy becomes Minister.√ā¬†

In my mind -- and I know it didn't come across as clearly in the story --- Harry was testing Dennis in a way. Trying to see whether he was ready to be a prefect. Trying to see whether he was recovered enough from the battle. For what it's worth, in my headcanon, Dennis becomes Head Boy in his final year, much to the chagrin of Artie and Oliver. I was *so tempted* to have Frank and Alice react more. To have them weep or say something. But I just don't think it would have been right.√ā¬†

The section with Ron and Scorpius featured some fairly heavy subject matter, so I wanted parts of it to be light-hearted. I wanted to imply that Rose will get better -- albeit not 100% -- but it's going to be a long, difficult struggle. One that she and Octavia go through together, because they both have a lot of healing to do.√ā¬†

Ha! I like to think that James and Sirius manage to prank Snape once or twice in portrait form over the years. But Lily definitely makes them pay for it!

Whew! I'm really glad you liked Harry's speech. I was really worried about that part. I struggled a lot to get him to sound right, and to hit the right tone.√ā¬†

Roots, we're almost at the end! You've been one of the best, most consistent, most supportive and most consistent reviewers I've had going way back to when I first discovered the forums. Thank you so much! One more to go...

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Review #9, by Jchrissy 

7th August 2012:
I think I'm avoiding reviewing this chapter. It's the last real one, ya know? And after this I only have one more left to be excited for. Which you have no excuse to not have up this current moment, mister ;)!

I'm taking Hermys. I feel like I deserve a souvenir after the emotional roller coaster you put me on, and I would like it if it was that little house elf, please :).

Of course part of me wants to know every detail. What happened directly after the cave, who'd they go to, who'd they tell.. how is the wizarding world handing this... but I know that this story could get to 45 chapters easily if you tried doing all that ;).

The most important loose ends are tied up, and in my mind Rose got completely better a week after this and went on a vacation in Paris to go shopping. I didn't catch this before with Ron's section, but I just realized about half their relatives aren't blood. Like all the wives of Scorpius's in-laws and stuff, I'm sure there's an easy way to disarm the spell, I just don't want to see Angelina or Harry get their flesh melted off ;)!

I don't think the welcome back speech could have been more perfect. I wanted to be there, listening to Harry. Maybe you should turn this into a movie so I can relive it a million more times?!

I'm so, so happy Astoria and Draco go their section. They deserved it. And they deserve each other - you've done a remarkable job at creating the perfect relationship between those two. Now that I think about it, they've actually been very prominent characters all the way through, and it's really cool.

Dennis is such a sweetie, that part could be one of my favorites throughout the entire story. But I've said that probably twenty times now, sooo.

Blah Dan. I just can't believe it's basically over ;(. This is such an absolutely amazing, incredible, addicting story. I am so excited but so sad for that day when you mark it 'complete.'

I can't believe what a perfect and wonderful story you've created, this was absolutely such a pleasure to find and get to lose myself in.

Blah - I have to go get ready for work. I've decided to stay in denial that it's almost over, btw.

Author's Response: Hello, darling!

I have to agree. The feeling is almost too strange for words, knowing that in a day or two I'll post chapter 41 and then mark this story "Complete". [gulp] I'd say there's a good chance that I'm procrastinating for the exact, same reason that you were avoiding this review. ;)

Everyone has their favorite character that they just want to take with them. I think I should have a charity auction. I'm guessing that you could get Hermys for a reasonable price, but the bidding for Octavia is going to be out of sight. We might have to pay to have Tennant hauled off to the dump when it's over, though. Maybe I should bundle him with Lady Tenabra? Throw in the Minister for free?

I do believe that Rose gets better, but it's not going to be a quick healing process. At the same time, Octavia is also going to need a lot of help to come to terms with all of the horrible things she's seen. I like to think that the two of them go through the process together and wind up with a very strong bond because of it.

I will entertain any and all reasonable offers for the movie rights to Conspiracy of Blood. You hear me, Hollywood? Call anytime! ;)

I couldn't have left Draco and Astoria hanging. They've become two of my favorite characters over the course of writing this, and I'm glad that you liked the way that they turned out. I didn't set out to redeem Draco, and I really hope that I didn't stray too far in that direction. Draco is still Draco. He still has the same biases and faults. But I think he's proven once and for all just how far he's willing to go to protect his family. And I do think that his assessment of Rose is going to be very different after learning what she went through to protect Octavia.

Dennis was such a fun "growing up" story to write. He goes from being a loud, pompous, ignorant boy to being the kind of guy who's willing to take responsibility for the safety of others, even when he has to put himself at risk. He turned into somebody who makes a difference.

Yes, it is basically over. I really should stop procrastinating and post the epilogue, but I think I'm going to let myself live in denial for one more day.

Thank you so much for all of your support, enthusiasm and fun conversation over the past few months. You've made the end of this journey a lot less depressing than it otherwise might have been. We will write *our* Draco/Astoria/Pansy story someday!

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Review #10, by Em 

4th August 2012:
Perfect. Absolutely wonderful =) Though I can't help but wonder about the absence of Neville's portrait in the headmaster's office... Has it just not appeared yet?

Also, small detail:

"A/N: The dates on Esme's tombstone translate to 26 February 1979 and 2 November 2065."

In the text -- II Novembre MMXLV = 2 Nov 2045. You have the X and L transposed. It should be MMLXV to be 2065.

Author's Response: Ugh. So the date is actually 2045. I messed up the author's note. I guess given my options, I would have rather messed that up than the body. :-/

You know, I completely forgot to mention Neville's portrait. I'll have to fix that. Just so you know, in my mind, he had started to move a bit, but not to talk yet.

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #11, by Lilly Luna 

4th August 2012:
I thought I was done crying over your story... guess not. Very well done indeed! I love how much detail you have put into each and every chapter. I didn't mind that it was so long. I think the whole thing was perfect. I am deeply saddened about there only being one chapter since I came on this site every single day hoping to see this one in the queue. It's honestly my favorite out of the many that I have read or reading now. It's beautifully done and it almost seems like Jo herself wrote it. Thank You for writing such a fantastic story!

Author's Response: This chapter was definitely a marathon, but looking back I still can't think of a single thing that I would take out of it. So many small story lines that needed some form of closure.

Thank you so much for being a faithful reader. I appreciate it greatly!

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