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Review #1, by SilverMoonFairy 

7th August 2016:
That... Is a devious plan. And odd that Clemence has panic attacks. Hmmm... Appy will not approve! I can't wait for that showdown!


Author's Response: It's been super fun following you read; can't wait to see what you think of the rest! ^__^ Thank you!

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Review #2, by spreaddapoo93 

9th December 2013:
Oh. My. Gawwrrr.

Ah!!! I see the evil plan! Gyah, I see disaster sweetly mingled with vengeful success in the horizon (question is, who comes out the victor?!) I NEED MOAAAWRRR!

Always love your invisibility cloak moments--where so much is happening around them, and you never fail to deliver the visual oompf of random students flitting by Albus and Clemence. You have mastered the art!!!

Gyah, can I just end this teeny review with absolute, brainwashed devotion and love to this fic? I love every slice of it!

Much love ♥♡

Author's Response: Mmm sweetly mingling disaster. Sounds like a good drink.

The cloak became a much more interesting prop than I thought! Explains how Albus gets around without notice, and now it lets the both of them do it. It's almost like viewing the school in third person and it's how imagine Clemence used to lurk through school, except she didn't need a cloak until she attracted Albus' attention...

Mmm slices of etc. made in the shape of Albus' head. I'll have a nose, you can have his ear.

♥ ♥

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Review #3, by patronus_charm 

9th September 2013:
School is beginning to eat up my time again, so if I donít reappear for ages itís because of that and not that I donít like the story :P

Lockhart has a son? Hmm, Iím really intrigued to meet him now! This chapter had so many other great moments such as Clemence hinting she fed the plants the newspaper and then the 5 foot rule, just these little moments really make it great. I dread to think what Albus bribed the Quidditch players with to do this. I mean, are they that suicidal they want to do it out of free will? After all, he is turning out to be a little on the evil side :P

I really loved Clemenceís little speech about not caring about anyone or thing. Yes, the subject of the speech was a little sad to think that she had so little feeling about anything but I felt as if I got a glimpse of the real Clemence. Sure, it might not be true, after all, she is a journalist who are prone to lying (well, in England they are :P) and she was just saying that to get out Albus off her case or to prove a point or whatever quite frankly, but it did show she had some insecurities and it would be interesting to see more of them.

Ahahahaha I seriously donít know whether Albus is going insane or heís just smoked something. I mean, can he really expect Clemence to rule them? I really want to know why heís got such a big vendetta against them. I can sense thereís something more (now I feel like Trelawney) and the suspense of waiting is just about killing me. I canít wait to see whether this plan works out or not. Another great chapter :D


Ooh forgot to mention but, Flitwick singing = pure genius!

Author's Response: I figured Lockhart might've had a cousin or someone else who carried the name :D wizarding world being as small as it is. Though memory loss wouldn't stop Lockhart from ah, being responsible for shimmying out a few sons.

Suicidal? Nah. Totally, utterly desperate? Describes just about everyone in Hogwarts, in some manner :P

I get Clemence's speech because it's a very easy sad reality to succumb to. Some people get depressed by thinking this way and others like Clemence use it like an excuse. It's good to keep a grain of this thought--because reality is sometimes sad--but too much of anything limits your worldview, and even Clemence is disgusted by her own extremes. These double-digit chapters are where a lot of Clemence's insecurities come to light--and there are so many. It's the fun part of playing with first person because at the same time, she's very good at denying them or twisting them into something positive, so I have to figure out a way to show them in the narrative.

Thank you again, Kiana ^__^

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Review #4, by AC_rules 

24th November 2012:

No but seriously I have no like real words to say on this front so I'm going to leave you a real short review whilst my food is cooking. But more words wouldn't probably help with the cause, because I just legit started baby talking to the oven.


Author's Response: Baaahaha ♥ And remember, if your oven talks back, that means you've got a gas leak.

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Review #5, by Elfo 

15th September 2012:
I whip my beard! That just made me pee! Hilarious! Once again, I love your writing style! AMAZING!

Author's Response: Bahaha, had to sneak that joke in 8D

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Review #6, by Aiedail 

4th September 2012:
Ahem. What I was going to say while S.Land was a dangerous place was that the first sentence of this reads really--Defoe to me, like old-fashioned and I like it a lot. O K.

And I have always felt a certain sympathy for Clemence, but this line is so full of--insight, and beautiful vulnerability, that it just totally won me over to her side: that I'm a single bag of bones, of finite volume and countable parts, and yet there are things that I don't know about myself, even after sixteen years. It's just--such a desperate, almost hopeless, miserable thought, but it's also quite a step in Clemence's development. In chapter one, I can't ever picture her being quite so honest with herself about herself, even though I really think she thinks she was. That is a mess of a sentence but you have seen worse out of me so there you are.

And I swear I was entirely confused for a full four or five seconds when Albus entered because I think we last talked about Potterpuff and I was thinking about him and the stories tried to collide and everything hurt but then I realized. And felt much better. And then there is Clemence's doodle of what I am very sure is Appy being crushed by a plant, or eaten. Good times.

I don't mean to brag, but I understand EVERYTHING about this line: That's the freaky bit about Quirkers; they haven't got qualms about anything. And I'm just cackling madly here in the living room and nobody understands me but i GET THIS SO IDC.

There is something about your writing that I'm noticing particularly in this chapter, which is your attention to physical detail. WHICH SOUNDS AWKWARD IN CONTEXT OF THIS FIC but like, the little things, like how Albus's mouth looks when he's trying to hide a smile, or smirk. It makes things really feel--despite everything--real. I appreciate it so much, too, as a rarely-seen commodity in fanfic. I don't want to see a crazy add-on complete-with-name internal voice at odds with main characters all the time! I want to see a crinkle and lift, a starched collar wet and sagging around wet hair at the neck. This is wonderful. I AM SINGING YOUR PRAISES AND NOT EVEN ABASHED.

OKAY also you verb things like I cannot ever remember having seen other people do. Which I also like. VERB ALL THE THINGS! ♥

NOOO-OOO-OOO I WHIP MY BEARD BACK AND FORTH I AM DEAD I AM ON THE GROUND CRYING I CAN'T. You write Clemence so well that I'm getting into her character and appreciating how different you seem to me as a person and how amazing it is that you can write such derision and sass unfailingly and THEN THERE IS A CRACK!FIC MOMENT AND I CAN'T. You did that on porpoise! ♥ ♥

Stubborn and awkward ARE OBVIOUSLY SMEXY HAVEN'T YOU READ ANY FIC IN THE LAST FIVE YEARS HUH? I am surprised that clumsy didn't make the remaining list though, it seems pretty important. Clumsy = weak and therefore someone who needs to be taken care of by a bloke. Ahem.

AHAHAH I HAD HALF-PREDICTED THIS. It seemed too much trouble to sabotage meetings and Albus is clever and a bit lazy and Clemence is clearly popular despite her anti-social tendencies PLUS she has excellent connections. NOW I AM REALLY EXCITED ABOUT WHERE THIS IS GOING PLOT-WISE, AS OPPOSED TO--UM--OTHERWISE, YOU KNOW.

Anyway. I am glad I've given this a proper read because this is a great chapter and JHFLAKJSDHLFAKSD ALSDJHFLAKJSDHFLKJHGLEIARUH ASLDKJFHLASDFHL AISDFH ALSDJF FLAIL FOREVER

you ship them. you must. it is the ultimate tool to crush the hearts of the Q.G.A. I am a little surprised that Clemence actually does want to help the girls out! I suppose that's a meta-moment, though, if I interpret anything about this fic correctly, and, oh yeah, I do ;) ♥



omg lily you quoted like the o n e line I like from this entire chapter (okay and the beard whipping because let's face it: beard whipping). The thing about Clemence (and oh god I could essay about this and I probably will, in tumblr blog form one day), is that she generalizes everything. In all of her asides, she talks about /other/ people because she is not /other/ people. They are 'girls' and 'boys' or other hypothetical constructs, as long as they are not /her/. And these past few chapters I've been like OKAY TIME TO WRITE ABOUT HER, because gurl has to face it. And there really isn't any other way to see her life as anything but bleak and small and unfulfilling, if she is to follow the rules that she's created for the world. This has been a big paragraph of rambling, so if you got through that extra cupcakes to you.

snort, everyone gets my potters confused AT LEAST ONCE and I still think they take vacations in each other's universes. I also think me, you, and julia give an inordinate amount of screentime to plants.

I... LILY I AM JUST USING ADVERBS AND SMIRKING??? omg I feel so undeserving of this because I am like lily what fic are you reading this is not my fic you are reading. I DEFFO MAKE UP WORDS ALL THE TIME, THOUGH TO BE SURE. I swear all of you can do this thing where you can describe physical things without describing them literally, and all I have is my plain-jane literal descriptions. HE IS SMILING NOW HE'S KIND OF NOT BUT IT'S LIKE LILTED TO THE SIDE AND THERE IS EVIL BUT ONLY A HINT OF IT?? That's literally what goes through my mind and then I end up with "He smirked."


HEHEHEHEHE YOU MEAN YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO LOOK FORWARD TO OTHER THAN SNOGGING IN INAPPROPRIATE PLACES? and I do ship them now, because you know what happens next chapter and I gave everyone feelings and omg lily, /I don't even know what's going on in my own fic halp/. THE WHOLE FIC IS A METAMOMENT L B R.

♥ oh god this review and review response does not highlight our sanity in any way

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Review #7, by MaryAnn 

3rd September 2012:
LOL loved the "I whip my beard back and forth, I whip my beard back and forth..." O.O she's replacing Appy?! Didn't see that coming, can't wait to see how it goes!

Author's Response: I imagine Flitwick would be quite the expert at his beard dance.

Thank you! I hope to update soon ^__^

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Review #8, by pen and paper 

29th August 2012:
From the review tag :)

First of all, I need to tell you that I didn't even have to read this chapter. I can just review it, because I love this story and must've read it a million times. I found this story when it only had six chapters and remember needing more, and checking it for updates at least three times a day.

I love Clemence. I love Al. You've characterized both so well. I love the banter and the snark, and the plot you've thought up for them. I love this whole entire story, and I can't wait for you to update.

Update soon.


Author's Response: Oooh, what are the chances? ^__^ I had no idea you read this! I'm updating it soon, actually. It's just been a busy week. But it's going to be a dooozy.

Thank you so much!

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Review #9, by Jess the Enthusiast 

24th August 2012:
I love this chapter! I was very interested to see the direction that you'd take this story in and I love it! Taking over Q.G.A. - that's absolutely brilliant! And the idea of Clemence as their leader is pretty hilarious, but an excellent idea.
Can't wait for the next chapter! 10/10 :D

Author's Response: Twists and turns at every final line, amirite? I'd spent so much time talking about the Q.G.A. that I couldn't wait to finally say that it actually has a place in the greater scheme of things, not just as a comic relief scapegoat, heh.

Thank you! ^__^

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Review #10, by Lexi Black 

23rd August 2012:
FUDGE! I'm actually loving this story :D Was so looking forward to the next chapter :)
I love the Dom, Albus and Rose you portray, it's brilliant. Like your going against the grain but yet still sticking with how everyone views them . in other words BLOODY BRILLIANT. Hope to see a new chappie soon :)

Author's Response: Eek, thanks! :3 I love writing them; they're so /dramatic/ and I get to go absolutely nuts. ♥ I'm writing!

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Review #11, by Ryebread 

22nd August 2012:
Wow. Clemence as the replacement? That is great. She DOES seem to enjoy Al ;)
I love this story. The banter between the two of them is so hilarious and has greatly extended my vocabulary :) It seems that Al should be in Slytherin, too, because he is just like Clemence. They're both manipulative and scheming. I love it. Please update soon! 10/10

Author's Response: Just when things couldn't get crazier~
Hee, I love dropping the occasional big fancy pretty word in, and sometimes I wonder if it's too obscure but then I think to myself WELL that's what context clues are for.

There isn't really anything that says Slytherins are manipulative and scheming - people seem they are not an *evil* house, and I've never been fond of JKR's one-sided treatment of them. They do tend toward the cunning. I like the idea of Slytherins just looking out for themselves first, which others can construe as selfish. But this is also why I don't believe Albus to be a Slytherin; he's motivated by other things, like "a greater good" (at least in his eyes), curiosity, etc.

Thank you for reviewing! :3

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Review #12, by Snapdragons 

22nd August 2012:
Here to flail all over all of your stories again, whe!

That seized me most: that I'm a single bag of bones, of finite volume and countable parts, and yet there are things that I don't know about myself, even after sixteen years. I love philosophical!Clemence. Clemence is human, see? ugh I loved that whole bit

That's the freaky bit about Quirkers; they haven't got qualms about anything. I feel as though this statement works for multiple fandoms... fangirls can be scary -hides-

"You know far less about this school than you think." Albus went there, oooh... ouch. ugh I love how you show Hogwarts with all these secrets and intrigue and everything. and I don't think I'm doing a very good job verbalizing things but it's too early in the day for coherency so.

"He's not plotting Q.G.A.'s fall. He's plotting its takeover." asdfjkl;qejkrw AH ALBUS OH MY GOD THAT ENDING

All right. Breathing now. I think that destroyed any hope of coherency I had left, oops. But it's so perfect and (Slytherin) cunning and yep now I'm even more excited to read more than before. So. -coughs- Good chapter. -nods-

Author's Response: eeek that is one of my favorite lines in a while. ♥ it was last minute inspiration that got it in.

I definitely do not have qualms in many situations :P THIS IS HOW I KNOW.

Albus casually enigma-ing up the whole school at once amirite. And then he casually drops plans for school domination ohoho~ where's the good boy now?

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Review #13, by shadowcat2 

18th August 2012:
Another mind blowing chapter. Albus's plan finally makes sense. I absolutely loved how Clemence needs to maintain a distance from Albus in order to concentrate. Albus's comment on five feet rule was amazing. We have more Albus and Clemence interactions with each passing chapter. Loved each and every bit of it. :D

Author's Response: Yush! Sometimes I feel bad for having a whole chapter being just a huge explanation, but I hoped to make it fun 8D And now that the tables have turned a bit, I love exploring their new dynamic~

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Review #14, by ohsayitaintsox3 

9th August 2012:
I just left a super long review for And Capers Ensue and I'm probably gonna leave a similar one for this story as well. Just a warning (:

I had read this story up until some chapter, but I reread it as well. And I honestly can't count the number of time that this story has left me completely flabbergasted. I promise, in a good way! I feel like I am being constantly surprised by each chapter and I just love it.

I could go on and on about your characters and the way you portray them. I have this love/hate thing with the way that Clemence is unraveling at the hand of Albus - love it because it shows that she might actually have a heart; hate it because I actually love when she's got her A game against Albus. Increases the sexual tension and whatnot. But anyways, the way she breaks down from this person that's so detached from it all to someone with emotions and weaknesses couldn't have been better written. I really love the blurbs at the beginning of each chapter. It's as if we're slowly starting to see the real pieces of her, what she hides away in order to fulfill the role as observant yet uninvolved gossip tabloid editor.

And Albus, oh dear heavens, Albus. You certainly gave him the Midas' touch of absolute sex appeal. And what makes this newfound attraction for him more profound is that I never saw it coming. I thought he would be exactly like Harry - against the limelight, introverted, awkward, but lovable. But no, the moment he started snogging Clemence in the changing room turned him into the typical idea of Sirius - sexy, smooth Casanova. And my jaw dropped. I swear. Not that I'm complaining. He continues to catch me off guard every time he just happens to get caught up in the moment with Clemence. I can never figure out if he does it just to mess with her, to express some unknown source of attraction for her, because he's a teenage boy, or a combination of the above. He's this calculating, complicated, frustrating puzzle and you've got me in love with him.

As for the story, I am so hooked. I never know what to expect and, I've got to admit, that's what I like most about it. By picking up on subtle clues, I can usually figure out what's most likely to happen next. But the only thing I've correctly predicted to expect was Pickett's feelings for Dom. It's frustrating, but in a way that just makes reading your story more "I did not see that happening, must read more!" esque.

Okay, I think I've rambled on enough. In summary, your writing is amazing. I can't wait for the next one!

Author's Response: Eeek, thank you so much for you review! Sorry it took so long to respond to this one.

I've always sort of hated the whole 'ice queen shielding herself from being hurt' trope, and with Clemence I've been able to play with so much of that characterization. Because to some extent, that is true, that being apathetic is Clemence's way of getting through life - but how different is it from gorging on chocolate ice cream or being in denial? That's how she is, and it's really the key - that she's proud of her so-called objectiveness and has no intention of changing herself. I love writing these new sides of her, because they've always been there, but never had to deal with them until now, and I also have to think about how she views herself, because she is very much an unreliable narrator. She struggles with some very basic emotions just because she doesn't understand them.

And heee, I get to go totally crazy with Albus, as you can see. I did actually intend for him to be like Harry all the way through, but for some reason, when I wrote chapter 6, he was just like NOPE I'VE GOT A DARK SIDE, LET ME SHOW IT TO YOU, and I... went with it. And it was the best decision ever. Funny thing is, he isn't a casanova at all, but he is exactly what Clemence finds attractive. Oh, the allure of mystery.

I surprise myself, to be honest! I've made up a lot of things as I went, but I kind of like the challenge of that too - to write something out of nowhere that *still* fits within the larger structure of the story somehow. Would it surprise you if I said that I didn't make up the QGA and their date until the chapters that I wrote about them in? Weirdly enough, those things have guided a lot of this fic's commentary, which now has gained a bit more direction since then thankfully xD

♥ thank you so much!

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Review #15, by Elizajane 

6th August 2012:
Ha! Oh Albus, how I love you. :)

Author's Response: Bwah, he's quite the charmer, no? Thanks for a review! ^__^

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Review #16, by Shannon Bananon 

5th August 2012:
I'm in love with your metaphors.
Also, Flitwick's taste in music is... interesting. :)

Author's Response: He's a fan of the dance 8D

Thank you for the review!

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Review #17, by TheHouseElf 

3rd August 2012:
Wow, Gina, you have surprised me once again ;) Clemence leading the Quirkers? Re-educating them? Clemence is unlike other OCs, she's willing to do whatever to get to where she wants to be, she's ruthless and I like that. Although, I can't see how she'll be able to stand being friendly towards the Quirkers and having the patience to change them. I can't wait to see how this plays out. Another great chapter, I loved it.

Author's Response: Bwaha, I think Albus is the more ruthless one in this example. He came up with the plan ;) Clemence is rather selectively ruthless, which is what that whole shindig on principles was about, because Al and Clem are have different ways of being ruthless. They have their own rules. But I think these future chapters will bring out a new shade of ruthlessness in both of them :)

I'm imagining that basically everything that can go wrong will very likely go wrong 8D SO. t'will be fun.

♥ thank you!

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Review #18, by littlemisssnape 

3rd August 2012:
Oh I love it! Albus/Clemence are such a great couple and I love their tension! I can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks! :) Glad you liked it!

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Review #19, by HarrietHopkirk 

2nd August 2012:
I had to stop reading this half-way through to go for a driving lesson, but then came back, and somehow managed to mix up this sexy smirky Albus and Potterpuff Albus and was ermahgerd-ing everywhere. Loved the chapter.

Author's Response: I totally thought you stopped your driving lesson midway through, whipped out a laptop and started reading for a minute, but then I regained my reading comprehension.


♥ loff youuu.

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Review #20, by Soraa 

31st July 2012:
I've just spent my whole evening reading your novel from chapers 1-14 and I honestly believe that it is one of the best fanfictions that i have read. From chapter 3 I chose to favorite it. I absoloutly love your writing style and your use of description, I also love how every character has a back story and I appreciate the content. I was wondering if you have any more shippings or novels that you ave writting that I could look at. It really was a pleasure to read and I can't wait for you to continue on from where you have left off, don't leave the update to long, I think I'm addicted hahaa.
Sora x

Author's Response: Ah, thank you so much! ^__^ I adore writing large casts, and etc. is quite fun because I get to be a little loose with my style and try a lot of different things. I have lots more stories on my authors page, and two novels. My very first novel Game is complete, also a romance, lots of bickering/snark. My main novel right now is And Capers Ensue, which is about 2/3s of the way through. It's stopped at a really good spot right now, and it's probably got my best writing out of my stories, though it is a polar opposite of etc. It's a feel-good story :D

Thank you for the review!

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Review #21, by Talia 

31st July 2012:
Adore how Slytherin Albus is! Wonder how she'll take that little bomb shell? Hope you keep up the amazing work :D

Author's Response: He knows people like him better when he's bad ;D

Thank you!

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Review #22, by Crescent Moon  

31st July 2012:
Oooh, I can't wait to see what Clemence is going to think of that. I loved this chapter. I really can't wait to see what's going to happen next, please update as soon as you can. :D

Author's Response: Thanks! I'll try ^__^

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Review #23, by lily_evans_ginny_weasley 

31st July 2012:
Albus is infuriating. Absolutely infuriating. I never know what that boy is up to. And Clemence has far more feelings than she would ever admit, and from my point of view, that's a massive flaw. I guess some people might not see it that way, but I think the ability to express your feelings is important. I think she sees life too objectively. Or maybe she just pretends she does. I think Clemence is infuriating too. But thank you so much for giving us more of an insight into her character this chapter. Her fears about amounting to nothing - I think everyone, especially people of this age, go through that a lot. And I'm glad she has some insecurities. And oh my goodness, Clemence has far more than her fair share of pride. But thank goodness for a flawed main character who in all honesty isn't very likeable, but who I kind of love anyway.

As for Albus's plan, well, it seems like it has the potential to be brilliant, but has a far larger potential to fail dismally and get them all in lots of drama with a whole bunch of Quirky Girls attacking them. And I feel as though Albus will get himself out of the drama yet again, and perhaps Clemence will be left with the scary Quirkers. But I really don't know how successfully their plan will work. My guess is not very. I'm also predicting Clemence resists the plan at first, and then eventually agrees to it due to some deep-down passion that she refuses to admit ;)

Thanks so much for this, and absolutely looking forward to more! Beautifully written, as always.

Author's Response: Bwaha, sometimes I wonder if anyone knows what they're doing in etc. Liars and hypocrites, the whole lot of them. I think that's definitely a huge flaw of Clemence's! I actually think a lot of characteristics that people like in Clemence aren't as great as they seem. They aren't really as black and white as flaw and not-flaw. Like her objectivity definite inhibits her from understanding people deeply on an emotional level, even if she understands people on an objective level. And she definitely knows less about herself than she believes, I think.

It's interesting to write about her insecurities, because she doesn't see them as insecurities. She always makes excuses for her bad/weak traits, generalizes it to other people - she never faces herself head-on. I don't know if these sorts of things are clear in my writing but they are what I think about!

Hee, drama llamas all around. Definitely lots of potential for everything, and oh the scarier will get scarier.

Thank you! ^__^

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Review #24, by anon 

31st July 2012:
I'll keep this short because what I wanted to say has already all been said by everyone below. I'll just add this though: after reading this chapter, I LITERALLY flailed and squealed for a minute in excitement and happiness and utter glee. Love the WHAM line at the end; great plot twist, I (and Clemence, probably) definitely didn't see that coming. Please update soon! This is a fantastic work of fanfiction and it literally makes my week when you update. Love all the characters. Love the plot. Love the sleek dialogue. Love the sexual tension. So well-written. ajsdksfda;klhjk gah ...

Update soon please!! :)

Author's Response: Ahh, I'm so glad you liked it ^__^ Bwaaa, it's an exciting turn of events because I feel like I just unlocked a whole bunch of possibilities. Anything, literally anything, can happen, and I'm cackling behind my keyboard a bit, because now I can finally decide the details of this shebang.

♥ thank you!

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Review #25, by Loony_Scorpy 

30th July 2012:
'I whip my beard back and forth, I whip my beard back and forth...'
^^best part, oh my god. and professor flitwick's office. genius.

ohmygod I love Al. he is so devious and sexy and ohmygod I need to go to sleep.

Author's Response: I thought of the beard thing, and I demanded it be put to use in a fic somewhere, and since no one I told heeded my call, I decided to step up to the plate 8D

♥ happy sleeping! though I'm sure that was awhile ago. But never hurts to wish for more happy sleep~

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