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Review #1, by Dark Whisper 

12th February 2013:
Ah, the excerpt... finding peace away from the world. I figured he would be the type to finally find it and enjoy it. The world can be cruel to the famous. ;( You write this very poetic-like. Very, very good.

And oh, a man's pride, hmm? It can get in the way, but I wouldn't have him any other way. He didn't need help... he'd rather not be able to breathe than to have her help him. So like him... perfect characterization.

I'm with Ron... those are just Hugo's school friends, right? ;)

And Krum arrested? And only will speak to her? Ooh... here we go! :)

sKrumptious... (and sure, you can use that anytime). XD

Dark Whisper

Author's Response: I'm not usually one for poetics, but I did want to differentiate the style of the story from the style of Rose's book. I'm really glad the contrast is noticeable. And hahaha! Yes, beware a man and his pride. You're so right; I think he'd have rather died than relinquish control to Rose at that moment.

I feel like I'm running out of ways to say thank you... but thank you AGAIN for another review!!

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Review #2, by CambAngst 

9th February 2013:
I'm back again! Like a bad cough, I just won't go away.

Before I start, I wanted to let you know that I was in the lovely state of New Jersey on Wednesday night, before I had to flee in order to get home before the blizzard hit. I had to rent a car and drive almost the entire length of the Garden State (from A.C. all the way up to 287). Forgive me if I say that it wasn't the world's most pleasant drive.

Now, on to the story. You continued to build on the prideful, fiercely independent Viktor Krum that we met in the prior chapter. He seems completely obsessed with being in control of his own life. I think Rose was correct to be somewhat frightened of him. The way that he rebuffs her attempt to help him was almost menacing. There's not much doubt that the guy has serious anger management issues. All in all, I'd say Rose made the right decision by simply walking away. If she's going to have any chance of working productively with him, he has to be willing to make himself at least a little open and vulnerable. Since we know that Rose does, in fact, wind up writing the book, the fact that she proves that she's willing to simply walk away from his childish behavior probably works to her advantage in the long run.

Yet it obviously bothers her. Whether or not she was correct to walk away from Krum, it seems that she feels at least a little bit bad about the fact that she left him injured on the pavement without so much as a look over her shoulder. Perhaps she was a little too determined to show Brooks and Heart that their idea wasn't going to work. Maybe that determination caused her to abandon her attempt to give Krum the help that he plainly needed a little too quickly. Something is definitely eating at her.

I really, really like your Hugo. Next Gen isn't my absolute favorite era, but when I read Hugo, I always kind of like him better if he's gay. I think maybe it's for the same reason that I generally like to see Rose with Scorpius Malfoy -- the fact that I'm sure Ron would find it upsetting. Aside from his sexuality, I like the idea of him being more magnetic than Rose, who comes off as not exactly solitary but also not much of a social butterfly. She and Al seem to be two of a kind: creatures of routine who don't embrace new friends and situations easily. The contrast between the two siblings works well.

The Weasley family home sounds like a charming place, very utilitarian but with some simple and homey aesthetic touches. It feels like Hermione to me.

Oh, goodness. It seems that Krum got himself in a bit more trouble than we realized. I remember wondering whether the fact that he was beating up a muggle would make matters more or less complicated. Apparently it was the former. I have a feeling that Rose's willingness to simply walk away from him when he was being an idiot has something to do with the fact that he now wants to speak with her. Krum is probably very used to dealing with people who tell him what they think he wants to hear or treat him extra badly because of his notoriety. Somebody like Rose, who simply can't be bothered to care who he is, would likely have a certain appeal to him.

Let's see, a few other little things I liked: I liked that you weren't afraid to work in a cell phone. I really have a thing for fics that take the HP world and evolve it past the "frozen in the past, quills and owls and oil lamps" world of the books. I like the fact that Ron keeps tools, yet doesn't really know what to do with them. I like the fact that Ron and Hermione still communicate best by arguing with one another. I like the fact that the Weasley house only has one bathroom. That reminds me of the Burrow.

I noticed two things that I think are typos:

-- "They eat while perched at the small iron table set beneath one of the many maple trees that grew along the property." - I think the tense is wrong here. Should be "They ate while..."

-- "It seemed Hugo had detected her waining interest in the subject of all things Billy..." - I think this should be "waning" not "waining".

Aside from that, lovely prose as always.

This story is really starting to get good. I'm really interested to hear what Krum has to say.

Author's Response: Hey, man -- no knocking the parkway. Between that and the turnpike, I've logged a lot of miles over the years. But okay, I'll grant you that it isn't the prettiest drive... or the safest. And beware the potholes!

The opening for this chapter was a tricky one for me. First and foremost, I wanted to avoid Rose giving the impression that she approved of that sort of behavior. I also wanted Krum to be unlikable enough to make Rose's eventual feelings for him require some measure of a journey on her part, but I also didn't want the reader to outright hate him. Hopefully the scene worked to fall somewhere in the middle of all that.

I'm so glad you liked Hugo! Imagining how Ron would handle his son's sexuality was definitely one of the reasons I made him gay. That and I also use it to show Rose that no relationships are easy. Like you said though, I think the more important trait is his ability to relate to people. His willingness to be open to new people and new experiences will return to help Rose down the road.

I'm so glad you weren't turned off by the cellphone bit. I wasn't sure if that was an eye-roll moment or not -- like iPods at Hogwarts or something. If people didn't like it, I was hoping they could blame it on this being next-gen, or the fact that Billy is American.

Thanks for another lovely review (and for spotting the typos!). I totally haven't forgotten about your story. It's next on my to-review list... and not just because you reviewed me first.

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Review #3, by ruby_slippers 

18th October 2012:
Not going to lie i was a little unsure at first as to if i'd like this story or not but im totally hooked now. I love your style of writing. Its sophisticated with out being boring - in fact its gripping :)

Author's Response: Thank you, ruby. I'm so glad you gave the story a try and are enjoying it!

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Review #4, by Jchrissy 

2nd September 2012:
Ah!! This was such a cliffy!! But really, you are doing such an amazing job weaving in so many believable emotions into this. Can you blame Rose for leaving him, he was acting completely out of hand.

I was really surprised to see Brooks there, but I loved the sense of urgency you filled that section with. As well as Hugo's reaction. And Hugo! I've never read him portrayed as gay before, and I have to say it's a nice change.

I liked the way that he was so open with Rose, and I really like family scenes you're showing us, it's so fun to see such different portrayals of them all.

And now! Why won't Krum talk to anyone but Rose? How is he possibly going to get out of this? i know what he's doing is wrong, but I still feel bad for him.

Wonderful chapter, darling! Your writing style is positively intoxicating! Your amount of detail twisted in with the constant moving forward of the plot, the way you keep the pace even but still make things feel so intense, it's amazing!

Can't wait to read the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you so, so much! You reviews never fail to make me feel all sorts of wonderful. I'm so glad you've liked the scenes with Rose's family. I haven't given her a lot of friends in this story because I do want there to be some parallels between her loneliness and Krum's, but she's not a hermit. And Hugo just felt like a great way to emphasize the "enjoy love and life" attitude Rose seems to be missing.

I'm so glad you said the pacing feels okay. I worry sometimes that I'm dragging it out but I really want the payoff of *finally* bringing Rose and Krum together.

Thank you again for another wonderful review!

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Review #5, by maskedmuggle 

7th August 2012:
Whoo! Another awesome chapter and another cliffhanger-y ending! :P I would have read this sooner, but exam weeks don't really let you have any fun.. I really enjoyed this yet again! Krum seems kinda.. bipolar in the way he's behaving to Rose, and definitely very perplexing. I'm not sure why Krum would act like that to Rose then get arrested and not even talk to his lawyer! (but want to talk to Rose?) Hehe, you always leave me wondering at the end of every chapter and going WHYY? Of course, I'm also really eager to see what happens with Krum's arrest at the Ministry and how Rose will respond to all this!

I think it's all moving on well, and it's interesting to hear about the three parts of the story, and I can't wait to see how their relationship will start to develop while Rose is writing the book! And it was also cool here to get a look at Hugo (and more insight into the family). I was surprised to find out about the slash, but for me, it's believable and even nice for such a change. It was also sweet to see such a good relationship between Rose and Hugo.

You know I enjoy reading this, so I'll be looking forward to the next chapter! Writing: you have the right balance between description/emotions/action/dialogue/moving the story along; everything just feels really right. Your writing is awesome and telling such an interesting and engaging story :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I'm so glad you're still enjoying the story. I'm having some trouble with this next chapter but it gives me a lot of motivation to read such encouraging words.

Bipolar is a good word to describe Krum. He'll keep Rose on her toes, so by default, do the same to the reader (at least I hope that's how it comes across!). The Hugo slash was a bit of a surprise for me too. It just came to me that way and seemed to feel right, especially thinking about Ron. I don't see him as prejudice at all but I don't imagine he'd take the news in stride.

Thank you again for continuing to read. I hope your exams went well!!

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Review #6, by Ardeith 

1st August 2012:
Nice chapter. Well done characterization of Hugo and his relationship with Rose.

I'm so curious to hear what Ron and Hermione will say about Rose working with Krum.

Author's Response: Thank you, Ardeith. Ron and Hermione will likely appear in short order. Thank you for taking the time to review!

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Review #7, by bostongurll33 

25th July 2012:
As always, this was incredibly descriptive and so easy to enjoy. I love diving into Rose's thoughts and seeing the updated Wizarding world through her eyes. She's so relatable and seems like someone I would truly want to befriend.

I'm really excited to hear Ron and Hermione's reaction to their daughter working with Krum--it should definitely be interesting. Please do keep up the good work, this story truly just gets better and better as it goes on! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm so glad you are enjoying it. I have to admit, I'm really excited to WRITE Ron and Hermione's reaction. I'm working on the next chapter this afternoon. I hope you continue to like the story. Thanks for the R&R.

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