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Review #1, by Tris  

19th November 2014:
When i first heard about the baby I thought it would be Scorpius' baby, but this plot twist was even better. I am really having fun reading this story, but I am not sure how I feel about your interpretation of scorpius. However it is interesting to read and I really enjoy how unique this is!

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Review #2, by Courtney Dark 

23rd February 2014:

Ugh, they are infuriating me so much! Don't they see that they are so much happier when not fighting? I really don't remember how their argument started anymore, who is in the right and who is in the wrong. All I know is they have both said some very horrible things that I bet they'll wish they could take back later - Molly was especially mean in this chapter!

Rose, on the other hand, had some very mature moments. I was surprised at how 'wise' she sounded when she talked to Dominique. Some good cousin-ly advice, right there!

Oooh, the conversation with Teddy with was intense! I don't blame Rose for getting so worked up...what Teddy did was just horrible, and how he was planning on forgetting about Dominique and playing happy families with Victoire...he is definitely not the person I thought he was.

This was such a dramatic chapter! I loved it!


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Review #3, by Europa27 

2nd September 2012:
i actually feel sorry for teddy... n of course victoire... but poor guy...all his friends were part of the family... you r giving unexpected twists n turns.. i like this new more mature rose with less whining about teddy you know... nice..

Author's Response: I've tried very hard to keep all the plot twists under wraps! When I was writing earlier scenes, they all seemed so obvious to me but if you weren't looking, you'd never know.

Thanks for the review :D

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Review #4, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

28th July 2012:
You're a terrible friend. You don't even care that we're not speaking and you clearly aren't prepared to make the effort to fix the mess that you made. If you're not going to try then neither should I

^ EW! I know Rose is being insane but honestly Molly is being really mean. I don't know if she's trying to cover up her real feelings, maybe she's hurt but that's not how you talk to your cousin. She's way too harsh about it. Rose can take care of herself just fine without her.

Maybe she doesn't like that. Maybe she doesn't want Rose to be an adult and do things for herself. Just because she's staying with Scorpius doesn't mean she doesn't have a grip on her life or reality.

"You disgust me," I said in horror. "You're going to let her do this by herself, aren't you? She has to live with what you did but you expect to just walk away and continue playing happy families with Victoire? You're worse than I thought."

^ Thank goodness someone said it. Rose is really stepping up to the plate today. Teddy repulses me too. I will never understand cheating. If you really loved someone you wouldn't go to another person. No matter about being drunk or anything like that.

I can't even comment on the Rose/Scorpius relationship anymore. There are only four chapters left and I still feel like there's so much more that can happen.

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Review #5, by Erised 

28th July 2012:
Well, some serious dramz went down here eh?! At least it's all out in the open now. Poor Victoire and Dom to be honest. Thank goodness you didn't do the stereotypical misogynistic view where the man gets cut all the slack. FEMINISM!

I'm also pleased that Rose finally saw him for what he was too, so that she can move on and make way for some more romance ;) oh and family dinners are gonna be the height of awks.


Author's Response: DRAMZ. Haha I know, I think I went a bit cray cray on the feminism. Never mind, he needs to pull his socks up.

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Review #6, by RavenclawGirl96 

25th July 2012:
**insert slow sad music** christ on a bike! that was dramatic! loving the story though :)

Author's Response: Thank you! christ on a bike is my new favourite phrase xD

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Review #7, by bomberchica 

24th July 2012:
So good. Can't wait for the next chapter! Even though it means it's closer to the end. I might cry! Also, Rose has grown up so much. Ahhh adulthood. Now if only Molly and Rose are friends again. I feel like it's going to have to be a forced thing though. They're both so stubborn!

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Review #8, by Jodiebaby 

22nd July 2012:
The only criticism that I have with this chapter is that you didn't add a little blurb about Rose's new agenda with the ministry. By "little blurb", I mean a sentence or two about how it's going. Since she's avoiding Molly, it would stand to reason that she would absorb herself into her work and other issues. Having that wouldn't take over the main focus of this chapter but reinforce the idea (written in the story as her being nice to Dominique) of Rose being independent, responsible, and truly caring for people other than herself.

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Review #9, by Aayenah 

22nd July 2012:
Great story! In all the other fanfictions i have read, you can pretty much guess if the pair will end up together ir not, so this is a good change! I think this is the longest review i've ever written!

Author's Response: That's what I'm hoping! I'll be honest with you - I was in a few minds about the ending before I just went ahead and wrote to see what sounded right for Rose. You'll see what I mean (I think) when you read the last couple of chapters.

Thank you so much for reviewing :)

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Review #10, by PenguinsWillReignSupreme 

21st July 2012:
Hm, I'm going to disagree with that other reviewer who may now be below me (or a couple below me) and say that I think Rose is no better than Molly. Her self-righteousness in this chapter kind of grated on me, especially given the way she's treated Scorpius through the story. She doesn't have much right to decide what makes a good person after the way she behaved towards him. I'm not entirely sure how Molly and Lorcan's relationship presents an issue with her character either...

Or maybe I'm biased ;)

However, I'm glad Teddy is unhappy. I don't think he deserves complete hating for what was basically a one-night stand. It's not like it's a recurring thing. Mind you, that's my general dislike of Teddy/Victoire coming through, I think :P




Author's Response: All right, grumpy guts :P We know you're waving the Molly fan flag. Rose has got very carried away with being the person on the 'right' side of the argument this time, or so she thinks. More than anything she's really really hurt and embarrassed, so she's just taking that out on everyone else to distract herself from it.

Yeah, Teddy's an idiot, but he's not exactly dealing with it well, so he can be hated for that :P

Um... Andreas? No. No no no.

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Review #11, by yellow petals 

21st July 2012:
Well, this chapter certainly was something. Quite frankly, it just could be the best so far. It definitely has the most action in it and treats Rose as a mature person. She is afraid how fast things are moving which is perfectly understandable but I find she is moving away from this "woe is me", "I'm helpless" etc. phase. I was a little bit annoyed when she decided to play a little grumpy child and not go to the Burrow, I mean she has to understand that the world is not against her and being in the same house as Molly does not necessarily mean they have to make up. She can do whatever she feels is right, she is free to be a grown up person - I think this is something she is not completely familiar with, like how she believes she is not in control of her life but why wouldn't she be? She can fight for what she believes in, like with Lockheart's books, she can stand for her principles and herself. On that note, I totally understand her position with Molly and think what she does is right. She was betrayed and on top of that repeatedly accused of being childish only because she has feelings! It seems to me that Molly needs her own growing up and soon too. It got me pondering how many other situiations she has treated with little to no responsibility, like that one with Lorcan and then also with Roxanne's party. In a way they are no good for one another, they stay stuck in the rut of immaturity. So probably this little spat and separation will do them good. This fall-out has to end sometime, though, but not before Molly admits to doing at least something wrong.
So thank you for the wonderful chapter and I hope this ridiculously long review doesn't bore you to death. Or else we wouldn't see the ending :( and that would be just too sad.

Author's Response: You've got Rose spot on, I think. She doesn't feel in control, at all, so this is new territory for her. She's prone to just moaning about stuff instead of making an effort to change it herself, and just waits for it to happen to her rather than making it happen. I hope you haven't found her too annoying, though, because I know that mentality gets old very fast.

The thing about spending time with people you've known all your life is that it's so easy to just slip back into your old ways. It's hard to change when a relationship like that just stays the same. You act in the same way you always did, get used to treating a person a certain way and even when you think you've matured, you just go back into how you used to be. Not only have Molly and Rose been friends all their life but they're also related, which I do think makes a slight difference. I know I act a lot more immaturely around my brother, just because we slip back into our old habits when we're around each other even if we have grown up in different ways.

Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #12, by fixed delusion 

21st July 2012:
oh thank god it didnt turn out the story where teddy and victoire will be together even after knocking up dom or he will be with dom just like that, and everything will be fairytail and there will be good justification of teddy's infidelity that vic is' too perfect'. thank you for that, teddy has to face the consequences.

Author's Response: Yeah, I agree that they wouldn't stay together. Can you imagine the trust issues they'd have? It just wouldn't work. Thanks so much for the review :)

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Review #13, by Anni 

21st July 2012:
This chapter was so depressing (but amazingly written as usual). Gosh, I really have no sympathy for Teddy, I can't believe he got Dom pregnant.
I feel horrible for Victoire :(
Anyway, awesome chapter, and don't think I've forgotten that Scorpius still has to show Roe what he looks like without hair gel!!! ;)
I can't believe this story is almost over, it's been amazing! You are truly an amazing author and I hope you continue writing for a long time, because you are extremely, extremely talented.
10/10 :D

Author's Response: Oh wow, what a sweet review! I hope it's not TOO depressing (because it's actually not going to get better in the next chapter either, haha) but I think in order to be realistic the mood definitely had to change :)

Scorpius will make a return, never fear! Thank you so much for the kind words and the lovely review.


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