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Review #1, by Silver Holly 

4th October 2014:
I love the way you have redeemed Percy in this chapter! Always such a prat but, ultimately, he's a decent,loving, and loyal Weasle! Desperate to do the right thing but clueless to what that is... I think it is right in character for him to have this moment of clarity at the last possible second and to reach deep within himself to find the strength to do what needed to be done even at the possible cost of his own life. Kudos to you for the way you have written this! It is authentic and touching without being at all maudlin or sentimental. I have really enjoyed reading this story!

Author's Response: Hi, there!

Percy was never meant to be a bad guy in this story. Hey's still sort of clueless and a little full of himself, but he comes through when it counts.

I'm really pleased that you liked the story! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #2, by peggy77 

26th November 2013:
So exciting! You are a very gifted writer! I envy you - I've always wished I could write, but it's just not in the cards for me.

Very glad it is for you though!

Author's Response: Hey, I never thought I could write anything like this either until I tried. Don't sell yourself short. If you have a story you want to tell, give it a shot!

Thanks for all of the nice things you've had to say. I really appreciate them all!

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Review #3, by TheHeirOfSlytherin 

11th February 2013:
I find it very awesome that it was Octavia who just essentially saved the day, standing in front of Harry and taking the curse. Brave, brave girl that that she is. She's still one of my favorites, it has just been reinforced.

Harry resigned! I said way back when that Harry would make a good teacher and I still believe that very much. Hogwarts has always been his home and he'll be amazing, the students won't be so out of touch with their history like at the beginning and they'll love him... Well, maybe not all of them, but I imagine the majority.

I just loved how you ended this chapter, with Ginny's words. It all went back to Ginny, with saving Octavia, she's awesome even when she's gone. And Harry deserves to have that smile.

Amazing chapter!


Author's Response: Ah, here we are at the end of the story proper. This has been so much fun for me!

Octavia is a very smart, very brave little girl. She heard what Harry was saying and realized that she was safe and that she needed to keep the others safe. So she offered herself as a target. I see big things in her future. Now I just need to go write them...

Yes, Harry is changing professions. He's taking his promise to Neville very seriously, but I think there's more to it than that. The quite life of a teacher definitely started to appeal to him much more by the time this story was at its end.

I really couldn't think of a better way to end it. Some things are eternal.

Ooh, only two more to go. Thanks again!

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Review #4, by Pixileanin 

28th November 2012:
On the first day of Christmas...

Hello there, fellow HPFF author! I am finally here for the rest of the story. Sorry it took so long to come back to it, but I now have my old computer back and can actually post a review, so let's get to it.

I loved the way that Percy came across at the start of this scene. That opening paragraph just grabbed my attention and held fast. I especially liked the "Percy Weasley was most keenly aware of the last point" segue that fully planted us into his POV. That was expertly done, particularly when you left us dangling in the middle of the fight scene, locked away with him in his own mind.

Hermione's impatience and her coexisting thoughts of clarity were an engaging shift. It let us know exactly what was at stake without letting us see it, heightening the anxiety of the characters involved, and I really liked that.

"Don't you ever die?"

"More often than I'd like."

I believe I was thinking that exact sentiment when Harry showed up again in the middle of the scene. And I really loved this:

"Something clicked inside Percy's mind - the mind inside of his mind-"

And also the point at which Percy is willing to sacrifice himself to get rid of Arabella. I think that ties in really well with Harry's self-sacrificing tendencies and what Ginny did for Octavia... but I think I'm getting ahead of myself here. Really, I don't know how you so cleanly balanced the narrative with the explanation of how Octavia was protected, why Arabella's magic stopped working, how Percy managed to break free from her control and why Harry was able to face her so darned calmly through it all, well, except for that last bit where Herodonthus was trying to grapple for control, but that small slip of control couldn't be helped, what with the evil incarnate spirit floating around the room looking for a new host and all. It was very fitting for Draco to have that last struggle with the vengeance monster and his granddaughter chide him into choosing to "be good". Coupled with your stunning clarity during the battle, I believe the three-way "group hug" pushes you into the category of "literary genius".

And lastly, I have to point out this:

"I said stop, Potter!"

Like that's gonna happen. Pfft!

You really did an excellent job of tying up those plot threads with this chapter. Sure, I still had questions after this, but it felt complete as a story and I would have been satisfied if it had ended right here. But of course there are a few more scenes that I am dying to read, and I know you included them in the next chapter. You are so very accommodating!

You have created a most astounding and brilliant chapter. (And by the way, I love the banner!)

Author's Response: Hi, dear!

So what is with me? I'm insanely pokey about responding to reviews lately. So with no further ado, here is the response that your lovely review deserves!

First off, I have missed you! Not meaning to rush you or anything, but you'll definitely want to pay attention to the author's note for the final chapter. ;)

I decided to do something sort of different with the opening to this chapter. I don't think I've had a character pondering something in that way, where you have a narrative voice that isn't introduced right away. I'm glad you found it attention-grabbing. It's definitely something that I'll use again.

I gave myself a good chuckle thinking about how Hermione would come around to the decision that she should ignore Harry's instructions and go into the cave herself. It's the truth, though. There's no earthly way that either Ron or Harry would have stood outside waiting for that long.

It's the end of the story. I had to give Harry some really hard core lines, because honestly he's been a bit of a cry-baby throughout most of the story.

Percy and Arabela realize at the same moment that something has been keeping her from really hurting Octavia all along. So he figures it out and he feels her figure it out at the same time. In stereo!

I wanted to go out of my way to make it clear that, at least for me, Percy is not a bad guy in this story. He's been mislead, mistreated, manipulated and made a fool of, but when it really comes down to it, he's there for his family. I really don't know how I balanced all of those things, either. Now that you lay it all out like that, there really was an awful lot going on in this chapter. Truthfully, it was one of the easier ones to write. I guess I just do better when I have a lot going on as opposed to when I have to try to fill space. I was really pleased to be able to incorporate Draco into the ending of this story as more than just an observer. His presence really was important in the end, and he made the right decisions for a change.

Yeah, Harry's not going to stop. Not for her or anyone else.

I really hope the next chapter and the epilogue tie up everything that you feel is hanging. Be sure to let me know if they don't. Because, hey, just because it says "Completed" doesn't mean I can't tweak things here and there. ;)

I really love the banner, too. Carnal Spiral is truly amazing.

Thank you so much for being such a dedicated, insightful, supportive and all-around wonderful reader and friend. It has meant a lot to me, and I look forward to continuing to read and write together for as long as we can both find the energy!

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Review #5, by shadowcat2 

14th August 2012:
Can't believe it's almost over. You have taken magic to a whole new level. Harry has finally found his peace. I guess that all he needed.

Author's Response: The peace that Harry finds in King's Cross was absolutely key to being able to defeat Arabela and Herodonthus in the cave.

I'm really glad you've enjoyed the story. Two more chapters to go...

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #6, by Remus 

12th August 2012:
Hey! Finally! We have internet and finally get to review the end of this! :D So lets consider this review 1/4!

I have a feeling that you've never been possessed before (and frankly neither have I) but the way that you wrote Percy's situation makes it very believable to think that that's how possession would feel like. This also reminded me of that episode of House were he treats a guys who is trapped in his own body and sees everything happening around him. Anyway! Lady T had to threaten his family! Ugh, poor guy! The decisions, the insecurity, for him alone to carry that sort of responsibility...and in the end he gave up! I think I would've done the same as him in the end, to be honest if I had been at Lady T's clutches for a time without even knowing. I would be afraid of her and what she could do to my family...

Ah Hermione being Hermione. Glad that despite her age, she's still as nervous and impatient with the boys. However, I like how her human side comes through when she wants to have the powers from the book. The temptation is still there despite Hermione wanting to use it for good. Its a very human reaction to reach out for whatever is strong enough and not think of the consequences when your family is in danger.

Back to Percy...I'm afraid of where this is going to go. I've had a feeling that you're going to kill him off...

I really, really liked how you handled the wands in this chapter. They have a mind of their own and we know that thanks to the 7th book when it saved Harry against Voldemort in the Seven Harrys chapter. The description you gave us really gave an insight of how they behave when in the wrong hands.

Ah, the power of Love works once again. You were hinting at it when Arabella was trying to posses Octavia but it never clicked until Ginny explained everything in the previous chapter.

Oh, I like how the Sword showed him the last two moments that it was used. Nice idea!

As I've stated earlier, I've never been a fan of Percy and stand firm on the fact that he should've died instead of Fred. However, I don't know how I would feel if Percy really dies here. Conflicted emotions, really!

Argh! You made me teary eyed again! The paragraph of Ron and Draco hugging their granddaughter is just too sweet in a weird way.

Woah, is Herodonthus speaking to Harry or are those his own thoughts?

Never mind, it has been answered!

"Octavia screwed up her face and fixed Arabela with a glare familiar to generations of Weasley men." Thanks for the chuckle! I needed it with this intense chapter!

Wow, Herodonthus the Imperious was defeated by a little girl...Love it!

"Draco pulled Octavia to his chest and Ron wrapped them both in a huge hug without even thinking about it." --Second chuckle in the chapter!

This was a great chapter! Full of action, that's for sure! A couple of chuckles and you managed to get me teary-eyed!

On to the next chapter!! :D

Author's Response: Yay for having Internet! It's the most debilitating feeling to be disconnected.

You are correct, I've never been possessed. ;) But I'm glad you liked the ideas that I came up with. I put a fair bit of thought into it, and decided that it really needed some physical details to mirror the psychological effects. I'm not sure that Percy gives up for a time so much as he's just overwhelmed. She knows him so well. Knows exactly how to prey on his weaknesses and insecurities.

Hermione has come such a long way in this story. She's been through so much and I don't think there was any way that she wasn't going to be there at the end. Believe me, I drafted a version of this where she stayed behind at the Burrow. It didn't sound anywhere close to right. And her pragmatic side, I think, can't help but think about how much easier things would have been if she's still been able to call on Herodonthus's dark power. But she's learned that lesson already.

Arabela simply can't make Harry's wand work against him, even with all of the book's dark power at her beck and call. Wandlore is such an interesting branch of canon. I feel like I could spend an entire novella just exploring it.

I have to admit, I'm a sucker for the whole "power of love" concept. It's one of the things that makes the story so easy to relate to. I'm really glad that the whole concept came together for you. And, you know, didn't sound corny. ;)

The sword was lots of fun to write. Having such a powerful magical object to play with is great as a writer.

I always like to throw a chuckle or two into the intense ones. The contrast adds to the intensity, I think.

Well, to be technical about it, Herodonthus was defeated by a witch that he helped to kill four years prior, and the gift that she gave to her great niece. But, yeah, the short version is that Octavia killed him. :)

I love giving Ron and Draco these goofy moments where they behave a certain way in spite of themselves.

Augh! You're so close to the end. I mean, this is the end in a sense, but you're almost to the absolute, final end! Crazy! Thanks for all of your awesome reviews and for being such a loyal, enthusiastic reader. I'll have much more to say to you by the time I finish my final response!

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Review #7, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

9th August 2012:
I've been having a hard week and reading this chapter just really made all tears come out. Of course it was more happy tears than anything. You didn't kill Octavia!

Her threats washed over his mind like icy water, paralyzing him with indecision. Did she really have the ability to kill Audrey and the kids? Would she use it? The smothering weight of her angry thoughts buried him again and he was alone in the dark silence of his own mind.

^ I would have been angry at Percy if he really didn't snap out of it. I understand what you were doing throughout the entire story. I think it was hard for some of us to really feel for Percy in the entire situation up until recently. He was pretty much her puppet through the entire thing and I wonder if he had any strength in him in the beginning, if his words and feelings were really said and if we ever got a clear image of him and his actions/thoughts until now.

I felt like I understood his character really well during this chapter. I understood his struggle and I felt for him and I think that's all he really needed.

Grandma is coming, Octavia, she thought to herself. Just hold on.

^ I cried a little at this part.

When you killed Ginny, when you used the Imperius Curse to make Edwin Stoops pull that trigger, she threw herself in front of Octavia. She sacrificed herself to save Octavia. To save her from you

^ And this is where I call you a genius and do a slow clap for you because this is what Harry Potter has been all about: love, sacrifice. I just realized the importance of Dumbledore in the last chapter and what he meant about love. I just realized what Ginny did mirrored Lily's sacrifice to save a child she loved.

You told me to give Ginny some credit because of her story and I need to give credit where credit is due. She really was an amazing woman.

Instead, he felt something warm and metallic. Its surface was textured, the smoothness of the metal interrupted by intricate patterns of some sort.


At least I was right about something.

"Don't kill her, Grandaddy, please. Good people don't kill other people. Please, Grandaddy, be good."

^ Cried again. More. Louder.

I have a serious question to ask you right now Dan. Alright? And I think after all these reviews it is time you have come clean.

You're not Dan. You're JK Rowling.

I knew it.

All along.

Thought you were sneaky. :D

Honestly, all jokes aside. I remember asking you a question on your meet the author page about letting your son's read Harry Potter and you said you would wait until their older so they could understand the true meaning of the books and what it's really teaching you. I know you wrote this for fun and to explore life after the series but I hope you let them read this too. Print it out, bind it in a nice book, perhaps make a dedication to them. You should be really proud of yourself for this novel.

Author's Response: Awww... I really don't know what to say to that. I am proud of CoB. Proud of the fact that I was able to write more than a quarter-million words. Proud of the fact that I think it turned out pretty well. But most of all, I feel really proud of the effect that it had on the readers. Whether it made them happy or sad or amused, I honestly got the feeling that people were able to connect with the characters and their situations. That was the best feeling of all.

I'm glad that Percy was ultimately redeemed in your mind. He went through a lot in this story, and he was present for many of its key moments. Only a true Gryffindor could have pulled the sword from the hat, and I felt that the loyalty that Percy eventually found for his family and his bravery in the face of Arabela's evil power made him truly a Gryffindor in the end.

I'm really glad that Ginny's sacrifice made sense to you in the end. Even since the very early drafts, it's been the "real" reason that Ginny's death meant so much, and I had toyed with dropping hints about it much earlier in the story. I think I'm happy with how it turned out, thought.

Yes, Percy finds the sword in the hat, and he's able to destroy the book. That's why Dumbledore's portrait reminded Harry to take the hat from Neville's office, and why Harry wanted the hat in Percy's hands. He wanted it as close to the book as possible.

Ah, sweet, little Octavia. She saves Draco from being possessed by Herodonthus and then she ultimately saves all of them from being killed by his dark power. Pretty amazing for a 7-year-old. Even though I think the events she's suffered through are going to cause her a few nightmares and take her some time to get over, she has a very special future in front of her.

Sadly, I am not JK Rowling. But your comments to that end have always meant a lot to me. All of your comments, actually! I have a couple more of your reviews to respond to and I think I'm being sort of pokey about it because I savor each one! So thank you and on to the next...

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Review #8, by CloakAuror9 

6th August 2012:
Hi Dan! :D :hides:

Okay, so finally get the time to review this super awesome chapter. I did mean to review it yesterday, but the Olympics...it was just so fun to watch...

I really liked this chapter, like I'm going to be honest, it's not my favourite. I think it's still awesome, but I don't think anything can ever beat Ginny's story. So yeah, I'm really looking forward to the epilogue though! :P

I'll admit, I was a bit confused at the start because I was expecting it to be Harry's point of view. I was all like "What? Why is he getting controlled?", then I realised that you wrote this in Percy's POV. I'm just so slow at times.

I must admit, Percy's POV was pretty awesome to read. I found it really fascinating on what he thought about being controlled and how hard he was trying to fight it. You go, Percy! I can only imagine how hard it must have been for him, to know that you're being controlled to do someone's dirty work and not be able to do anything about it. You were really creative with the way you described about Percy getting possessed, how did you manage? (Not that I'm doubting you or anything. Just curious.)

Oh, and the sword scene! Oh my gosh. That was really amazing. To see his little sister in the CoS definitely gave him that power he needed. It's one of those moments when you think everything is just going to go bad, then a tiny sliver of hope appears out of nowhere. That was just awesome.

You know after all this, I'm kind of really looking forward to reading about Percy's reunion with the Wotter clan. I would really love to see how they react to Percy coming back after all that has happened. All I can do is hope! :)

I love the way Ginny's love for Octavia made Arabela's curse rebound. Though still, even though Harry gave us the security that nothing that Arabela does will really hurt or kill Octavia, I couldn't help but bite my nails when Arabela cast the Cruciatus curse. That scared me to death.

I wonder how Octavia will feel after all of this? In a sense she's almost like Harry, only she won't have an evil villain chasing her for 7 years. But there will certainly be scars, physically and emotionally. Oh gosh. Poor Octavia. I'm just so happy that she's done suffering, she's just an innocent child caught in the middle of the war and she suffered so much from it. Gah.

And finally, I'm going to talk/ramble about Arabela's death. From what I recall, I said that I thought she deserved to die, in less or more words. Okay, so I'll admit...I might have been too biased and unfair about that. But I don't even think she deserves to live too. I don't want her to die or live. I'm neutral on this one, Dan. I'm kind of sad that she's dead though, it's been such a long journey and even though she's been evil the whole way through and most times I want to just slap some sense into her, she is still one of my favourite villains. She's creative in a way and smart, but towards the end she just lost it. She lost control over herself because she couldn't believe what Harry was telling her. She might have not been too scared of Death, but she doesn't really know when to accept defeat which is why she is evil. Okay, ramble over.

So yeah, two more chapters to go and goodbye CoB. I'll save my million thank yous for the very last chapter. But Dan, it's been an amazing journey! I'll definitely miss this story, but all things has to end.

Until next time,
Izzy xx

Author's Response: What on earth are you hiding from? You know it makes my day every time I see one of your reviews!

You know, that's OK. I like Ginny's chapter better, too. I think that one will always be hard to top. But I'm going to keep trying. ;)

Hmmnn... I thought I had set up Percy as the PoV adequately, but now that you bring it up, I'll go back and take another look. I'm glad you liked what I did with it. I really tried hard to imagine what it might be like to be controlled by another person. The blankets analogy seemed to work well, the idea being that his mind was being smothered by Arabela's.

The sword scene was an idea that came to me a while back, and one that I've been looking forward to writing even since. The sword is such a powerful magical object, and it has only grown more powerful over time. In this case, it's able to shield Percy from the influence of Arabela and Herodonthus and destroy the book. You will get at least some idea of how Percy is making amends in the next chapter.

Octavia is such a brave little girl, isn't she? And Harry obviously believed very strongly in the sacrifice that Ginny made to protect her. In the end, it saved them all. I definitely think that Octavia will need some help to make sense of all the things that have happened, just as Rose will need a lot of help to recover from her injuries. I like to think that the two of them will walk that path together.

I really thought a lot about what to do with Arabela. At one point, my plan was to have her live. Percy would help her find a way to reject Herodonthus's dark power and she would have been sent to Azkaban for her crimes. Somehow, redeeming her just didn't feel right. She has done terrible things, and it wasn't just because the book was influencing her. By the end of the story, she was so twisted and evil. The way that she dies, I think, was the best way to handle things.

So one more chapter is posted already and I'm putting the final touches on chapter 41, the epilogue, as we speak. I don't know when I'll actually post it. That's going to be a fairly emotional moment. I may give it a day or two, just to say goodbye. :'(

Thanks so much for being such an amazing, supportive reviewer! I appreciate it more than you'll ever know.

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Review #9, by Linaewen 

3rd August 2012:
Excellent chapter, as always. It had a great balance of drama, tension, wit, and even humor. (I have to say my favorite part was Octavia sticking out her tongue, followed closely by the reveal of Harry's survival through Hermione's eyes.) My only problem is - where is the rest? I've been eagerly awaiting the next installment since this chapter was first posted. The central conflicts were wrapped up very nicely in this chapter, but I'm left wondering about some of our other secondary characters :)

Author's Response: Hi!

Funny you should ask! Chapter 40 just validated. It addresses some of what I think are the major, unresolved questions left over from the story. I'm eager to see what you might think of it.

Thanks so much for taking a moment to review!

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Review #10, by Roots in Water 

29th July 2012:
It's Roots in Water here with your review!

(I had your review all typed out and then it was deleted... I'll try and rewrite everything again but I may miss a few things).

Wow- I really liked this chapter. In particular, I really liked how your wrote the beginning from the perspectives of people other than Harry- it added something to the battle to see it from the perspective of someone not quite so actively involved in it as well as showing the reactions of Harry's return to life in a way we wouldn't get to see if it was from Harry's perspective.

Even more, I really liked the fact that it was from Percy's perspective. It really allowed us to see why it was so hard for him to break free from Arabela's control and to see him as a hero in a way we wouldn't have been able to if we didn't see it from his perspective. However, I was a little puzzled by the sword's removal from the Hat- even though I had suspected that this would happn, I still wonder why it wasn't in the lake anymore. As well, I don't know if you're planning on including this in the epilogue or not, but I'd really like to see Percy's reunion with his family.

As well, I found the extent that Ginny's sacrificial protection played very interesting- I don't think that Harry's protection from his mother prevented Voldemort from hurting Harry. Furthermore, I liked that it prevented Arabela from killing her. Will Octavia become "The Girl-Who-Lived"? I think that Harry and the others will try and hide the specifics of what happened in the cave from as many people as possible, so as to prevent her from being placed overly much in the public eye.

And, as awful as this sounds, I was glad when the spell rebounded to kill Arabela. I was worried for a few moments after Harry realized that he couldn't kill her without becoming a vessel himself (not that I thought that any of them could actually kill her intentionally...), since it would mean that Arabela would be sentenced to Ministry justice and she would have the chance to escape. This way, her death is no one's fault but her own and everyone's conscience is satisfied.

As well, I liked Harry's transformation after he returned to life. He was definitely more confident and realized that Arabela couldn't hurt Octavia, even if only for the reason that Octavia was the only remaining possibility between her and death (or hurt, which she would also want to avoid). If Octavia died, or was hurt, then they would lose all reason to stop themselves from hurting Arabela. She could bluster, but that was pretty much all she could do.

All in all, I really liked this chapter. I think that it did a great job of concluding the main plotlines and I look forward to reading your epilogue (though at the same time I don't want this story to come to an end). As well, your action sequences were very well written and I liked your use of thoughts throughout the chapter to show the conflict in the characters. Thanks for requesting!

Author's Response: Hello, again! We're so close to the end! It makes me feel nostalgic and sad. I'm so glad to have been able to share the journey with readers like yourself.

I also liked Percy as the narrative voice for the first section. For one thing, it lets us view Harry from the third person, which I think makes him seem more heroic. Also, I think it helps the reader to appreciate Percy's struggles, as you say. In my mind, the sword was in the lake until it presented itself to a true Gryffindor in a moment of need. In this case, that was Percy. You will see Percy again in chapter 40.

Ginny's protection prevented Arabela from doing any serious harm to her. I was definitely a little more liberal with the definition of that than was the case with Harry and Voldemort, but Octavia is so much younger. I really didn't think it was at all appropriate or worthwhile to let Arabela use the Cruciatus Curse on her. I do think that the family will go to great lengths to make sure that Octavia doesn't become the type of cause celebre that Harry was. Since Lady Tenabra was not the sort of universally feared monster that Voldemort was, however, it should be a lot easier for them.

I really thought about a different ending where Arabela survived and was maybe redeemed in some very small way. It just wasn't nearly as satisfying. Whether the book was influencing her or not, she had done some truly ghastly things. It was hard to imagine anything that could have redeemed her from that.

Being able to make his peace with Ginny's death was so important for Harry. It did change him in a huge way. And the realization that Octavia was protected did make a huge difference in his approach. To keep Herodonthus from latching on to any of them and surviving, they couldn't be afraid or angry.

I'm glad that you liked the chapter. As you say, this one ties up the main plot conflicts. Two more to go, both of which help to round out the subplots and lay out a vision of what happens next.

Thank you so much for all of your wonderful, thoughtful reviews!

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Review #11, by Lilly Luna 

27th July 2012:
NO. I don't like the sound of only 2 more chapters. :(
This chapter was so incredible. I love the fact that Octavia jumped in front of the curse and saved them. I also like that Harry is fulfilling Neville's finale request. I love this story, I really do.

Author's Response: Sadly, it must come to an end. It's rather bittersweet, but in some ways I'm also looking forward to it. The story has come so far, and we've reached the point where I always intended for it to end.

Octavia is a very smart little girl, and she put her faith completely in Harry. In the end, it was the right decision.

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing and all of your kind words!

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Review #12, by Em 

25th July 2012:
Love it. Love it. LOVE IT.

The going ons inside Percy's head were perfect. Him getting the Sword of Gryffindor and magically being able to see its previous uses was a great touch.

I loved the reveal that Harry was still alive.

Octavia's reunion with three of her grandparents made me misty-eyed but I finally managed to get through a chapter without bawling like a baby ;-)

I love that Ron is going to be Head Auror now and Harry is going to be Headmaster at Hogwarts, but I still haven't forgiven you for killing Neville >_<

And of course, I'm very glad that Herodonthus is finally fully and truly gone, and that Arabela is no more. She really needed to die, seriously. Thank you for not sparing her =P

I was slightly confused about why Ginny's sacrifice would be protecting Octavia though. I thought that only applied when the instrument of murder was the Killing Curse, whereas in this case it was a combination of Imperio and gun. But then I thought that I don't quite remember if it was ever specified in the HP books that the blood protection ONLY applies when someone takes an Avada Kedavra for someone else, or if it's more general in the sense of applying to someone dying for someone else in any situation, regardless of how the murder is being carried out. And when I think of this more general scenario, the Octavia/Ginny situation is not confusing anymore, so I'm gonna go ahead and go with that =)

Once again, excellent chapter. I'm very much looking forward to the last two installments of this amazing story.

Author's Response: Hello, again!

I struggled a lot with exactly how to portray the events from Percy's perspective. Nobody really knows what it feels like to be possessed, so I used my imagination and tried to come up with something compelling and realistic. I'm glad you liked it.

I was so happy to finally write Octavia's reunion with her family. It's been a long time coming, and it was such a joyful moment.

So I chose to take a somewhat broader interpretation of how blood protection works, but I think it's defensible under what we know. As Dumbledore said, the key to Lily's protection of Harry was that she chose to die in order to protect him. Similarly, Ginny could have kept looking for her wand in a desperate bid to save herself. Instead, she chose to throw her body in front of Octavia, knowing that she would be killed. That is the very essence of the type of love that saved Harry from Voldemort. Since Arabela was using the Imperius Curse to control the killer, I believe the magic would have worked.

So close to the end! Thank you so much for taking the time to review!

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Review #13, by anonymous 

24th July 2012:
Man, this chapter was very nicely written, props to ya!!! I especially enjoyed the scene where Ron hugs Octavia and then Draco comes in the hug too, that was just so perfect, cheesy, cute, and something I totally imagine harry blackmailing those two with in the future! hehe... or maybe even Hermione? She does have a mischievous streak in her but that is just my imagination running wild like it did after reading the HP series. Once again, good job on creating a story where it took on elements of Jo's writing but at the same time opening it up to new pathways [stories that could be written based off of this one!]. It leaves us at a story that is finished/run its course/etc, but at the same time... one can just not help but think what could happen next? What possible adventures or troubles could the trio or the next generation get themselves into?

Can't wait for the epilogue to come out! =D

Yours truly,
the anonymous person

Author's Response: Hello, there anonymous person,

If I accomplished not one other thing in the course of 39 chapters and 240,000 words, I created a plausible scenario for Ron to hug Draco, so I guess that's something. ;)

I would be very interested and kind of flattered if somebody chose to use my story as the basis to write something else. Chapter 40 will be a series of short vignettes that answer some of what I think are the "leftover" questions from the story, then Chapter 41 will be an epilogue. Hopefully, they'll offer both some closure as well as opportunities for fans of the story to keep imagining.

Thanks so much for taking a moment to review!

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Review #14, by Jchrissy 

24th July 2012:
I get the first review! Woohoo :)!

Good morning! My phone hasnít been thrown out of the window, so thatís a good sign.

Oh my gosh. The Percy Arabela battle. The struggle for him to get free of her control and be out of the smothering darkness.. itís all so easy to feel and imagine and I finally feel bad for Percy :(.

Heís been trapped inside this muffled confused world and heís trying so hard to get away from her. I love the way his love for his family strengthens him until he can get closer and closer to being away from her, then itís the same thing to drag him back in when Arabela threatens to kill Audrey and the kids. Itís just enough for her to suck him back in. Octavia is going to have so much emotional healing, sheís so young but such a strong little girl. Baw ;(.

Arabelaís sense if wild fear when Harry doesnít react to her threats on Octavia, she reminds me of a caged animal who is no longer thinking clearly, she just wants to attack to get free.

The sword! Showing everything it had done, showing the what it had destroyed and who it had saved because of that. Oh my gosh that is such an amazing idea. I just want to hug you for having a huge creative wonderful brain. Seeing his baby sister in the Chamber of Secrets would be a pretty intense reminder of how strong she has been.. aww youíre making me miss Ginny again so much!

And Percy finally has the courage that weíve never seen before. Okay, I have completely forgiven him. In a family where everyone has nearly died, some have died, to do what was right Percy has always kind of just been in the background or on the other side. And here he is taking that last step to help save them... Iím so happy he could finally be a little bit of the hero.

Iím adopting Octavia. Thatís it. Sheís too precious and sweet and perfect and I want her. Please? The scene between her and Draco, her words are so simple and loving and the way she has her grandfather wrapped around her finger is amazing. She probably just saved his soul by not letting him Kill Lady T and become the next host for Herodonthus.

She could have lived, how could she not have realized what she was going to do? When she tried to Curcio Octavia and it bounced off, did she think this one could be any different? But is she actually dead or did she, like Harry, just kill the part of soul living inside her that wasnít her own? I think sheís probably actually dead, and has taken Herodonthus with her.

Every scene that involves Ron, Draco, and Octavia wants to make me melt into a happiness ball. I just canít believe the incredible dynamic youíve captured in these people.

Throughout this entire story there has been all the competing angles and levels of secrecy. Draco wanting to do things his way, which is obviously much darker than the other, Hermione losing so much of herself physically then mentally, then having to struggle to get that back and face so much pain down that road. Ron has been a constant, heís been amazing. When Harry was rocky, unpredictable, lost in his own depression, Ron was balancing him out and keeping them on track.

And of course they never would have gotten here without Esme (Esme ;( ) figuring out that missing piece of the altered memory puzzle and being able to see the real thing. But at least Harry finally got to say his piece to Ginny.

Astoria and Susan have both plays such strong roles in supporting them but still being one step ahead when necessary. Susan is probably the only reason some of the children (well, adult children) are still alive. If it wasnít for Astoria taking listening in hidden in Dracoís study him and Scorpius may have not walked away alive that night..

Okay I have to save some of my reflection/sadness/happiness for the last (two chapters, right?)

Amazing Amazing Amazing. ♥ ♥ ♥

Author's Response: Darling, you're making me blush! DO NOT keep that up for more than another few minutes. Definitely not more than a few hours! I insist that you cut it off by the end of the day!

It took quite a while for me to get to a point where I was happy with the concept of what was going on inside Percy's head during the fight. What does it feel like to be possessed? This was my interpretation, and I'm glad that you liked it. Like you, I thought that Percy deserved the chance to be a hero for once. Like everyone else, he's been through a lot and he'll have a long road back to "normal". More on this in the next chapter...

I don't know whether I can let you have Octavia. I might keep her for myself! I agree that she will have to do some healing, as well. She's been through a horrible experience for someone who's only 7. I see some quality time on a therapist's couch in her future.

I think Arabela was beyond all reason by the time she tried to kill Octavia. She was crazed and broken and being possessed by an ancient, dark spirit. And Herodonthus, like Voldemort, did not understand the power of blood magic and the protection it bestowed on Octavia. He believed that he was unstoppable. And he got stopped with extreme prejudice.

If I did nothing else in the entire story, I got Ron to hug Draco. So I have that going for me. ;)

I really had no idea how complex the story was going to become when I first started out. In fact, I think it's safe to say that only a few of my original ideas made it all the way to the end. The meeting between Harry and Ginny in King's Cross was one. The idea of Percy becoming Minister and Harry becoming Headmaster of Hogwarts was another. An awful lot of others make me look back and marvel at how stupid they sound now.

I really think I need to find ways to keep exploring and developing some of these characters after the story is over. *Small* ways! No more quarter-million word marathons...

Thank you so much for all of your long, detailed, amazing reviews!

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