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Review #1, by Moonyxluna 

10th August 2012:
Oh my god. This was hilarous.

Peeves was wonderful, and I loved that you actually wrote about him! He's such an underused humor potential and I think he was absolutly a riot here.

His advice was wonderful! And of course, The Bloody Baron took it!

Brilliant work! This was such a good laugh.


Author's Response: Everyone seems to forget about him, Deed's challenge really was a great opportunity to explore his character, and I'm glad you liked it so much! :)

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Review #2, by MagicalInk 

7th August 2012:
This is so not me at 3 am laughing like a bouncing lama.

But really, this was hilarious. There are such complex Bloody Baron/Grey Lady pieces lately that your take on them was really refreshing.

You are such a versatile author! I mean, angst that sends chills down your spine, and puns that make you giggle like a stereotypical inmature high schooler :)

I really loved you characterizations, Peeves! aaah he's usually very annoying, but I just loved him here. And the Bloody Baron, he's so old, just leave him.

I feel like such a slow John Watson, but it took me a while to realize just the importance of Percy running into Penelope naked. LOL. And I kept wondering what it might have been a naked Oliver running down the corridor. Percy/Oliver bromance anyone? Poor Minerva.

Anyway, I loved this, short and simple yet hilarious. I keep saying this, but I really love your one-shots.
- Val

Author's Response: I love Percy/Oliver bromance, I think it's a stellar idea!! If I didn't ship Oliver/Pen and Percy/Audrey, I would ship Percy/Oliver.

Speaking of their bromance, read Just Mates by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap, that story explains everything about them!

Anyway, I'm very glad you liked the story! It is pretty short though, you're right. :)

Thanks for such a wonderful review. :)

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Review #3, by shadowycorner 

31st July 2012:
I am favoriting this story because it was downright hilarious. I could just go on and quote the entire thing. The best ghost conversation EVER. Peeves' tactics for getting the girl are hysterical and the way the Baron responded to them was nothing short of amazing. You are so original in your ideas and I loved the humor and simplicity in this one.

One thing only, you're missing the "..." the dialogue marks when someone speaks in places. I could tell what was dialogue and what not, but this can be a real problem when you're writing a longer piece because the reader can't always tell whether the words had been said out loud or just in the head of the character as thoughts.

Other than that, this was really really great. :D

Author's Response: I know, I'm missing the quotes! It was late at night! I was tired! They're in the queue. :)

Anyway, I'm glad you liked it that much. :) And I'm glad you think I'm original. :)

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Review #4, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

27th July 2012:
Hello there Arielle! Here I am to review your challenge entry. How formal do I sound? Should I introduce myself? No...okay...! Just so you know the challenge hasn't ended yet but I'm waiting to see if anyone needs some extra time and what not but if they don't then the results will be posted the day after the challenge is over in a blog on the forums.

Let's get started reading your challenge entry, shall we?

It made for quite a bit of fun, and he always did laugh when McGonagall fainted.

But it also resulted with him being in hot water (pun intended) with the entire teaching staff, so now he was sitting by the astronomy tower.

^ Oh boy. Poor McGonagall. I love the pun! It's very Peeves I think. Itís a shame that no one ever really writes his character.

Because I have caused harm, thereby angering a fair maiden, so I wear this chains in remorse, to show her I am chained by my love for her and only she can free me,

A few things. One, I was kind of confused reading this because there are no quotation marks! Where are your quotations girl? Must not forget to put them in. :D Also, 'Great Hall' should be capitalized (mentioned in the beginning sentences).

Especially the girls of today, you've got to get with the program.

^ Oh Peeves, way to break it easy to him. Poor man has been dead for centuries. I suppose now is the time to be blunt.

They chase girls with various insects, added Peeves after hesitantly for minute.

Hm. You might want to read that sentence over. A bit confusing.

Astrology tower

^ You said it was the Astronomy Tower that he was in, in the beginning and now you called it the Astrology Tower. Stick with one name. :D

Chaos in the form of Bloody Baron pelting books at a rather furious Grey lady.

^ Oh dear.

I really enjoyed this! I wish it would have been longer though so we could have really seen more of their relationship and perhaps even see the Baron come back to Peeves for more advice once his first round didn't work.

The only thing I will say is make sure to add in those quotations because it was confusing to read at times.

Thanks so much for entering the challenge! Good luck!

Author's Response: You sound very formal Deeds, :) I almost did need an intro.

Edits are in the queue, I suppose in my defense that it was late and I forgot that I needed to edit it. Anyway, I'm glad you liked it and thanks for putting together such an awesome challenge!!

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Review #5, by KatnissMalfoy 

24th July 2012:
Grey Lady/Bloody Baron story. I've been waiting for one of these! This story was amazing. It actually made me laugh, which was quite an achievement, because I rarely laugh out loud when reading.
Excellent job! Just remember your quotation marks ;)

New Percy chapter soon.. don't know when yet. Thanks for the new one-shot, it just about made my night! Short and sweet and fainting McGonagall and naked Prefects and fancy talk and Peeves and immature ghouls and just I can't even because this was great.

Author's Response: I forgot quotations, wow, again?! I suppose it's to be expected. It was like one in the morning when I wrote this and put it into the queue, I'll go back and fix it later.

Anyway, I'm glad you found it funny. I honestly didn't so it's good to know someone did.

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Review #6, by I_trusted_Snape13 

23rd July 2012:
Hahahaha! I laughed all the way through this! I've never read a story about the ghosts! Good job! I loved!

Author's Response: Thanks for such a great review! :)

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