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Review #1, by Ugh,. 

29th June 2014:
Am I the only one who finds picking on the lonely and the feeble to be horrible things done by horrible people?

I hate Fred so much in this story. I know him and George were the only two people JKR dubbed as "cruel" (even Snape was "somewhat cruel" in her words), but this is just one step above torturing pets.

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Review #2, by StoryWebber 

10th April 2014:
Of course Regulus is as mischievous as Sirius, theyíre brothers after all!
I really like the portrayal of Regulus in this story!

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Review #3, by marauder5 

28th May 2013:
I liked to see Regulus acting a lot like a younger Sirius. Only in this story would he able to hang out with Fred, Cedric and Colin, but I definitely enjoyed it. What I did find hard to believe, however, was that Dumbledore and Grindewald lived together. Firstly, I don't think Dumbledore would want to: I think he's realized what a bad person Grindewald was, and that he simply manipulated him during their youth. It was because of him that Albus lost Ariana.. Hmm. Also, wouldn't Grindewald end up in the Grotta? He was described as the worst evil wizard, only behind Voldemort himself. Trying to rule over Muggles, etc... and no punishment?

Beisdes that, this chapter was great! I loved the end of it! :)

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Review #4, by shadowcat2 

2nd March 2013:
Regulus has friends now! I am so happy. :D

Author's Response: Regulus needs a little bromance. :D I was glad to give them a little bit of laughter before things started to get darker.

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Review #5, by Potterblotter 

7th February 2013:
Ahahaha! LOVE the scene in Dumbledore and Grindelwald's place. Had me in tears of laughter! Excellent.

Author's Response: Hehee XD Dumbledore and Grindelwald had totally different reactions to their unexpected guests; Dumbledore's all chill while Gellert just explodes. Can't blame him, though. Rolling down his hallway in cartwheels... lol

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #6, by x3CherryWatermelonx3 

26th January 2013:
Yet another amazing chapter! :)

Regulus is quite the scoundrel, isn't he? His character always intrigued me, and you've created a new perspective of him that I haven't seen before! You have since the first chapter, but I suppose it was this chapter that really got me even more curious about him!

Author's Response: Regulus as the mischievous trouble-maker made him one of my favorites to write. Everyone needs a Regulus in their life. XD Thank you for continuing to read and review; your praise is so encouraging and so wonderful to receive.

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Review #7, by Kathryn 

18th January 2013:
Hello :) I really love this story! Its just gripping and suspenseful and I can't step away from the screen, even though its nearly 2 in the morning! I'm rooting for the all the characters so much, except Crabbe. Bt its just amazing how complex this world you've created is and how mysterious. I can't wait to see what happens! Just a little error I noticed: When Regulus asks where Colin is, you say "Fred and Colin both pointed towards the beach". I think you mean Cedric ;)

Author's Response: Eeep, thank you! I don't blame you for not rooting for Crabbe. He is thoroughly unlikeable. Ack, typo! Thank you for catching that. :)

Thank you for reading and reviewing! I hope you continue to enjoy!

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Review #8, by justonemorefic 

2nd January 2013:
BROMANTIC ANTICS Haaa, Snape is like that old man that kids go yell on. He's shaking his lawn chair at him through that window.

-Colin sized him up. ďDunno about you, but I donít need a peace treaty. Iím plenty peaceable already.Ē He shook Fredís hand energetically. c:
-whereas Cedric was now useless and could do whatever useless lolol not even mincing words now.

ALBUS AND GELLERT!!! Also lulz, Gellert's got sass too, ďIf he hasnít got a sack-full of toys over one shoulder, Iím hexing his tongue to stick to the back of his head.Ē Dude, it's a duo of fabulous old men.


Hehehe they are all so silly ♥

Author's Response: BROMANCE. ♥

lolol Cedric is useless now. It's okay, Cedric, you can go die on the side of the road now because you're not important. YOU ARE DISPOSABLE NOW.

Sassy old men. ♥ And here's why I think Dumbledore is keeping to himself and not questioning CC. He wants to be deluded for a little while longer while catching up with Gellert.

Cedric with no pants was just to make Rachel lose her mind. I wonder how many times she reread that sentence.


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Review #9, by peppersweet 

7th September 2012:
brb dying I LOVE your regulus! He really is sirius' brother in this fic and I love it! Sorry, close to crying at his taunting of Snape.†

Snape's mother isn't on the clock? Now I'm torn between assuming she's in the grotto and suspecting - just a little bit - that she may have died in a duel or been taken out somehow on the clock. The latter is the theory I'm going with right now - I can tell something is wrong. There's a mystery afoot~

Regulus, mate...your jokes are awful...

Author's Response: AM I ALLOWED TO LOVE MY REGULUS, TOO, BECAUSE I DO. Everywhere in fic (this is an exaggeration because I have read like zero percent of Regulus fics), he is broody and dark and here he's just skipping around, doing whatever he wants, YOLO, etc. I wanted to bring out his more Sirius-y aspects. Just like Sirius, he's jumped onto the second chance train and as appreciating it to the max. LIVING IT UP IN CLIODNA'S CLOCK. lol not really, they are all ded. ~


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Review #10, by cazvalleygirl 

8th August 2012:
Hello and a very late Happy Birthday to you, I hope you had a fabulous day.

This chapter was so fun! I canít help but picture Regulus as Johnny Deppís Captain Jack Sparrow lol. He is a trickster who has a playful nature and a lot of wit but can be deceitful and calculating as we know from his life. All in all, I love him!

I love that you put such misfits together. Cedric and Reg! A Hufflepuff and Slytherin! It shouldnít work but it does, I hope this group of men bond and find comfort and friendship and more chaos with one another :)

Itís great that Gellert and Albus have found peace with one another, and the whole chimney scene was genius.

It didnít escape my notice that you probably had Reg taunt Snape about his Mother to allure us to the fact that she hasnít been seen so farÖInteresting lol!

And I know Iíve said it an estimated 100 billion times but this really is the most interesting, original fan fiction Iíve ever had the pleasure to come across.

Charlotte : ) x

Author's Response: Hello again, Charlotte! It seems that every time you're catching up, I go and post a new chapter. XD Today I get to post Round Four, woot woot!

Thank you for the happy birthday wishes. :)

CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW REGULUS. ♥ ♥ ♥ I doubt I'll ever be able to get rid of that image, now. I'm going to picture him staggering all over town with a pirate hat, making all sorts of ridiculous expressions while he shouts incoherently. Regulus is a vivacious character, witty but at times quite dim, and I LOVE writing him. His character brings about a sort of lightheartedness that is missing in other characters because of their differing circumstances. It was nice to write this chapter and break away from the angst/regret/sadness. It was fun for me to write and I wanted the odd group of boys to have a fun, carefree night together. I'm so pleased you liked it!

Snape's mother. :3 And the plot thickens!

You could say it 100 billion more times and I would squeal every single time. :) I really cannot express how much that means to me, and how encouraging it is. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing and just generally being awesome all the time. I feel so lucky to have such great readers.

- Sarah

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Review #11, by Ardeith 

24th July 2012:
First off...happy belated birthday! :-)

What a fun chapter! I loved the foursome's adventures and especially Regulus' various insults. I was worried that it would all end unhappily with Regulus falling into the Grotta...

And Dumbledore and Grindelwald -- so nice to see them together. :-) But wasn't Grindelwald a rather evil wizard? I'm still confused by who ends up in the Grotta and who doesn't? Though, again for Albus' sake, I'm glad he has Grindelwald. Hope they're enjoying the after life.

And Snape has realized his mother is missing...might he turn his energies into figuring out this mystery??

Author's Response: Thank you!

I'm glad you liked this chapter. :) Oh my, it would have been a downer indeed if Regulus had fallen into the Grotta. :O Talk about changing the tone of the chapter, having one of them fall in!

Grindelwald's a tricky one. I decided to put him in Cliodna's Clock because Gellert spent 53 years in Nurmengard from 1945 to 1998. I figure that 53 years is ample time for someone to repent their wrongdoings. And much like how Regulus did the right thing before his death and that's what spared him from the Grotta, Gellert did the same thing by refusing to give Voldemort information on the Elder Wand, even though he knew that doing so would mean his immediate death. So because he tried to prevent Voldemort from getting the wand, and because in DH Albus mentions that he heard Gellert had shown remorse in his later years in Nurmengard, I put him here. But mostly, I must admit, I put him here because of Dumbledore. :P

Snape's got a lot on his mind at the moment, so we'll see what he does about this. :3

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #12, by Jess the Enthusiast 

23rd July 2012:
Hey there! I hope you had a wonderful birthday!!! :D
So this chapter was all kinds of awesome! Regulus is absolutely wonderful in his cocky, obnoxious manner; he was so much fun to read! And I loved how he summoned this little group of misfits to wreck havoc together, haha. The scene at Dumbledore's house was priceless and I especially loved the way Colin was running all over the place like a chicken with his head off; words simply cannot express all of the feels I have for that boy. And your characterizations of Cedric and Fred are spot on, by the way.
So yeah, this chapter was a wonderful addition to your oh-so-gloriously-wonderful story and I'm so excited for the next chapter!!!


~Jess :D

Author's Response: Hi, Jess!! I had a magnificent birthday, thank you. :)

Bahaha, Colin running around like a chicken with its head cut off. I have many feels for him, as well - he's adorable. Aww, yay, you liked Cedric and Fred's characterizations! So wonderful to hear. lol, Regulus seemed to steal the show in this chapter.

Oh my goodness, your reviews. ♥ Don't ever stop being awesome.

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Review #13, by oneday_miracle 

23rd July 2012:
This story is really good! I am thoroughly enjoying it and I absolutely love Regulus in this chapter. He is hysterical! However, I would've thought that Peter would be the one to make it to the last round and lose to Tonks or James, so his soul would die. I am anxious to see how everything turns out! Keep going, and as I said, you're doing a fantastic job :)

Author's Response: Hi there! Thank you for reading and reviewing. :) Haha, I think that several others expected for Peter to lose in the end, as well. I try to throw curve balls at readers so that they won't know what to expect. Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying it. ^ ^

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Review #14, by Hogwarts27 

22nd July 2012:
Hi, I'm still following this story and thoroughly enjoying all of it. I loved the Snape chapter which was very well written, your action chapters are always great, and the transitional chapters fill in the extra details about the characters. This chapter was a fun read, and it's got me wondering where Snape's mother is. Maybe there's a reason you brought up her name and we'll find out her whereabouts later. A Snape/Eileen conversation would certainly be an interesting addition to the story if she's in the clock, that is.

Author's Response: Hi, there!! Thank you so much for this lovely review. I'm glad you liked the Snape chapter - I love seeing the world through his eyes. And I always fear that the transitional chapters will seem boring after the action ones, so it's a relief to hear that you like those, as well.

Snape's mother was brought up only to point out her absence, so keep that somewhere in your memory for later on in the story. ;)

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #15, by PhoenixPulse 

20th July 2012:
Hello there,

So this story has been one of the first stories I've favorited since being on this site, and I haven't left I review yet, so I suppose I'll go ahead and leave a review.

First thing is first, I LOVE your story so far. It's very original and different from a lot of stuff that I've seen on here. Your writing is superb, and I envy your style. Your plot is magnificent and honestly, you have me twisting fingers when the tournament comes around. (I was so happy that James got safe last chapter!)

And as for this chapter, I love your portrayal of Regulus. I always had a liking for Reggie because he wasn't spoken of very much in canon, so it was nice getting to see him for his character in this chapter. He's a lot like Sirius in this chapter than the Regulus I'm acustomed to picturing. (I usualy picture Regulus as a quiet mysterious boy, but not exactly dark) I was actually laughing when he was mocking poor Snape.

I'm sort of wondering where the Marauder Trio was when all this was happening. I could picture them toying with dear Snivellus too, and now thinking about it, I'm wondering why they haven't yet. Maybe they grew up some (I don't know), I haven't re-read the previous chapters so I've forgotten about how much they've grown up maturity wise. (I see James has grown up some though).

And Cedric, Fred, Collin, and Regulus. They're such an awkward grouping to me, but that's probably why I'm smiling. It's so awkward that it's brilliant and perfect! (if that makes sense?) You've got prefect and golden boy Cedric, prankster Fred who blew up toilet seats, sweet fanboy Collin who loves his camera, and post-death eater Regulus who died by inferi. I love it!

Anywho, forget about my ramblings, it was a great chapter and I ADORE your writing! I can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Hi, PhoenixPulse! Thank you for your review and for favoriting! :)

Oh my goodness, thank you for your kind words! That's so, so encouraging to hear that you like my style and the plot and that the tournament gets you nervous! That means I'm doing something right. ^ ^

In my mind, I picture Regulus to have been kind of dark and brooding and mysterious when he was alive and in school, and his dormant similarities to Sirius didn't start to shine until after his death, once he was safely away from Voldemort and the other Death Eaters and the influence of his parents. He's had a lot of time to develop those aspects of himself, to just be a teenager. I think that he remembers the way Sirius was at that age and is now mimicking that behavior because when Regulus was alive, Sirius's life might have seemed fun and easy to Regulus but Regulus was expected to behave differently. So that's my long-winded head canon of Regulus!

The original Marauders have grown up since the old days, and besides that I don't think Tonks or Lily would be super impressed to find out that their husbands were going around taunting Severus. This foursome of Regulus, Cedric, Colin, and Fred kind of replaced them, actually. Haa, they are a motley crew, aren't they? Very different from one another, but united by a young age and the desire to just have fun.

Thank you, once again, for reading and reviewing. I appreciate it greatly. :)

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Review #16, by Faith100z 

20th July 2012:
Ohh my goshhh, this was hilarious! My favourite chapter yet :) Regulus was perfectly mischievous, and I loved the part with the ladder and the grotta, could picture it perfectly! Great job! Happy Birthday!! :)

Author's Response: Oh my goodness, thank you! Everyone seemed to like Regulus. This makes me very happy because I had no idea how well this chapter would be received, since it doesn't really further the plot. So glad you liked it! And thank you for the happy birthday wishes. :)

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Review #17, by Lise 

19th July 2012:
Love love loved this chapter!! I love how you've portrayed Regulus, it's exactly how I imagined him (without the death eater and family troubles). Great job!! Oh, and happy birthday for tomorrow!!

Author's Response: Hi, Lise!
I rather love Regulus, as well, I must admit. It's nice to be able to write about someone who's carefree and not bogged down with woes and regrets and ties to earth. Those who don't have any friends/family on earth have much easier afterlives.

Thank you!

And thank you for reading and reviewing. :)

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Review #18, by TenthWeasley 

18th July 2012:
So, this was basically the absolute best chapter to use as a reward for doing what I was supposed to be doing all day. Iíve got most of my edits in (just working on formatting now!), did two slots of a review thread, and have responded to I think eleven reviews today (Iíve got thirty-three to go now thanks to the lovely Task Two folk, but thatís beside the point), and had just enough time to read and review this story before tonightís concert. And holy cow, this made me laugh so much!

Cedric immediately dove into the trees, not wanting to be caught at the scene of the crime -- Your Cedric throughout this entire thing had me rolling. And trufax, Iím giggling again even while typing this just because of how hilarious you are (secrets, please?). ♥ Heís a bit absurd here, but sometimes that is the best type of Cedric, and you give him so much credit in this story. I canít tell you how happy I am to be reading him. :)

I love the uncanny sort of foursome that developed between Regulus and Cedric and Fred and Colin, but I suppose Cliodnaís Clock has some slim pickings when it comes to hooligans (totally stole that word from Gellert), so what can you do? I adore your characterization of Regulus: Heís not some moody, brooding Slytherin boy, but heís a lot like his older brother, and not a lot of people choose to write him like that. AND HIS INSULTS TO SNAPE AND GELLERT. HOMG. You could see how proud he was of getting such a rile out of them and thatís [i]such[/i] a Black thing, as far as my headcanon goes, and I just have such immense appreciation for this chapter. You needed this chapter, I donít care what you think. My favorite line from that section:

Cedric and Fred scrambled over each other in their haste to hide, both of them suddenly plagued with memories of what exactly Severus Snape looked like whenever his wrath was aroused. -- I could picture this so well!! Itís such an accurate thing for both of them to do. I am in literal awe. This is such a fantastic chapter, I canít even.

Round of applause for the entire Cedric-shimmies-down-the-chimney charade, because that was the literal BEST. ♥ Hands-down my favorite part of this chapter, and all his actions (smacking the chimney wall sides in fear, yelling and dropping a brave front) were justÖ I canít even type right now, my eyes are watering from renewed tears of laughter. HOW DO YOU DO THIS. ♥ Dumbledore being all, ďChill, yo, have some lemon drops.Ē (Well, you know it was next out of his mouth.) And Regulus making up witticisms about liver spots and old age and I am just a heaping pile of giggles on the floor.

ďHow kind of you to drop in on us. You could have simply knocked, you know.Ē -- LULZ, DUMBLES. That is so him. So him. I think Iíve used that phrase probably three or four times now but I cannot get over this chapter. It played like a melodrama, everybody being silly and over-the-top and yet youíve got CANON characters here. Do you know how hard that is to do well?! You should be so proud of this. Not just this story, which in and of itself has garnered such a massively amazing reaction, but to be able to write about Snapeís angst over dead-Lily (doll eyes, nooo) and then mere chapters later have this. I just canít. I am oozing jealousy right now, just oozing it.

And finally, the last line I will quote at you:

Unsure of what else to do, Colin snapped a picture. -- YEAH HE DID. When in doubt, Colin, just click that shutter button. ♥ Your Colin is tops, as you might remember my saying in the flying carpet chapter, and thereís no getting around that fact.

I know I say this a lot. I know it. But this chapter really might have been my favorite thus far, and it is at least tied with Capture the Flag (cue swoons). I cannot even believe how freaking great this was, are you tired of hearing it yet? SO GREAT. I WANT TO READ IT OVER AGAIN AND IíVE ONLY FINISHED IT LIKE TEN MINUTES AGO. And there is nothing substantial in this review and you may roll your eyes however many times you like at it, particularly in the third sentence of this paragraph, but I do feel the strong need to convey to you just how fabulous this chapter is.

And this story.

And you.

Author's Response: GROAN. NOT YOU AGAIN.

The only thing that gets me through responding to you, I swear, is the knowledge that I leave you reviews equally hard to respond to. My cackling gives me energy to persevere, methinks.

Okay, so Cedric here is deffo a bit absurd. XD They're all a bit absurd in this chapter, I think - crack was bubbling just under the surface but I kept saying, "No, no, this is Run. This is a serious fic, tone it down." But fic does what fic wants, yo.

This entire chapter revolved around Cedric losing in the third round, and Regulus's keen feeling that Cedric would need a bit of a pick-me-up. Seeing as how Ced was in a foul mood already, being made to stuff himself down a chimney was probably not the way to go. Oh, Regulus. Your ideas are so foolproof. I LOVE REGULUS, CAN YOU TELL. And yayy, I'm so glad you love him, too.

"Chill, yo, have some lemon drops" LOLZ. Dumbledore's all 'whatevs'. And Gellert's all ERMEHGERD, PERPLE IN DER CHERMNEY.

lolololol forever at what you said about oozing jealousy because of writing chapters like this while also writing doll-eyes-Lily chappies because IT'S JUST BECAUSE I GET BORED. I try to make chapters different from each other because if they all have the same tone, then they start to run together in my mind and it feels monotone and blahh.

Baww Colin. He's adorbs. And I am not surprised that this one ties for your favorite chapter, in retrospect, because IT HEAVILY FEATURES CEDRIC, WINK WINK.


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Review #19, by WitnesstoitAll 

18th July 2012:

This was such a entertaining and fun chapter, and I'm so, so glad!! What an awkward little band the four boys made up... roving over the town making mischief. I adore you regulus... he's such a trickster, if (which he better -___-) Fred survives the races, I could see them becoming good friends. I adored when Regulus was taunting snape, and I'm curious as to what did happen to Eileen -- perhaps she died in the races? Or went to the Grotta.. Annnd DUMBLEDORE AND GELLERT. Gosh I hope the boys crashed some late-night date, I think it'd be lovely for them to have the relationship in death that they were never able to sustain in life due to personal differences. The vision of Gellert twirling around like a saucer is hilarious. And Cedric's so salty here! Loved it. What a bent out of shape little puff he is. I was nervous as Regulus climbed the wall to the grotta because, they are mortal there and can die!! And then that man that appears. I need to know who that is, just so you know. :P

I hope you have a very happy birthday!

Author's Response: HEY, ALMOST-TWIN. ♥ I always start out reviews/review responses with caps lock. I am eternally shouting at people.

Baww Regulus. I love, love, love Sirius and struggle with the idea of letting him grow up, so having Regulus there to fill the void softens that for me. So now I get to make Sirius evolve while Regulus gallivants around, wreaking havoc. Eileen! Tis a mystery~ In this story, Dumbles and Gellert totes live together. Dumbledore deserves a turn at old people romance, I think. Lool, Mel, every time I read your comment about Cedric I laugh. Salty and a 'bent out of shape little puff'. I am imagining Rachel's wounded pride here. SORRY RACHEL. Poor Ced, in a bad mood because he lost the tournament. Vincent is r00d.

That man is Barty. :3

Baww, thank you. ♥

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Review #20, by jellylegs2066 

18th July 2012:
Oh, this is a /perfect/ set of four. Planting a scheming Regulus into the mix was brilliant. He is just so obviously Sirius' brother in this, but in a Slytherin way-- not telling Cedric whose house it was, for example. The fact that it was Dumbledore's was PERFECT. He is so mellow about it, not even caring that "yeah, a bunch of teenagers tried to send one of themselves down my chimney. Whatever, cool". This then countered Grindelwald, who was so angry about it-- he really transformed the scene, since if it was just mellow Dumbledore I don't think it would have been quite as funny.
" Gellert yelled, transfiguring one of the logs into a hot poker and wielding it threateningly.

ďOh, now,Ē Dumbledore interrupted delicately, flicking open a newspaper. ďLetís not resort to violence.Ē"

Those lines perfectly highlights their conflicting personalities. I love the pairing; I don't read much Grindelwald/Dumbledore, but the two of them in this is perfect. They're complete opposites, but work together so well because of it, much in the same way that Remus and Tonks are different, and Hermione and Ron.

Spinning flying Grindelwald was the funniest thing I've read in a long time. I have the picture of it in my head and it is making me giggle just thinking about it. The fact that Colin got pictures is even better. It really contrasts with the more serious duel chapters and is what Cedric needs, after being chucked from the tournament through no real fault of his own. I love the variety in your chapters.

The ending, with Regulus running away screaming from the Grotta was the perfect ending. I was terrified you were going to have Regulus be killed in the Grotta, which would have totally transformed the mood of the chapter and been devestating (I /love/ Regulus) but thankfully you did not. Instead, you sticked with the funnier side of the chapter. Regulus running away from Barty? True Slytherin, clearly ;)

The fact that Regulus knew all of the people in the Grotta, and had once counted them as his friends really stood out for me. He could so easily have ended up in the Grotta with them, yet managed to change this around by defying Voldemort. Regulus is one of the bravest characters in HP, in my mind, and shows how one doesn't have to be a Gryffindor to be courageous. He might be a Slytherin, but he represents what Salazar originally intended to be a Slytherin, much like Severus. I find it interesting that the two Slytherins not concerned completely with blood purity (to the extent of Voldemort and the Death Eaters) end up in Cliodna's Clock with Salazar. They are the true Slytherins in HP, and they go against the bad stereotype.

I can't wait to read more,


Author's Response: Hello again, Jess!!

A lot of my chapters are pretty heavily structured - I've got everything mapped out in advance. This was one of the few ones that just did whatever it wanted to do. I wanted to give the boys some camaraderie, a break from the stresses in their lives. This /is/ the afterlife, after all, and it should be more relaxing, more fun! So it was Regulus to the rescue. Really, I'll do anything for an excuse to write Regulus. He's such a fun character for me to write. :P

Gellert/Dumbledore is something I've been meaning to slip in here for a while, hence the slash warning. And while this glimpse of them is far from romantic, I like the way they complement each other - Gellert's spitfire versus Dumbledore, who's cool as a cucumber. So glad you liked it! ^ ^

Oh my goodness, YES, SO MUCH IN AGREEMENT. ♥ Regulus is so, so brave. He sacrificed his life for a /horcrux/. Except for Harry, show me another Gryffindor who's willing to do that. It goes to show that Slytherins have got some bold characters, as well. Brave and ambitious and very, very smart. In the end, Regulus and Severus were two of the cleverest characters in the series.

Thank you for reading and for your lovely reviews. :)

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Review #21, by Elphaba and Boyfriends 

18th July 2012:
I love your interpretation of Regulus Black in this chapter! He reminds me a bit of Doctor Who on one of his most impish days.

And I may have said "Awww!" when it you revealed that Dumbledore and Grindelwald are together.

It definitely ends on a bit of an ominous note with that unidentified prisoner at the Grotta ...

Each chapter has kept me on tenterhooks, waiting to see what sinister plot is afoot. I suppose the fact that Snape's mother is not here may be another clue? She appeared to him as he died, if I recall correctly, so perhaps there are multiple paths that he could have taken??

Author's Response: Doctor Who! I will definitely take that as a compliment. :D

Dumbledore and Grindelwald deserved a little bit of love after a lifetime of not getting it right. ;)

Ooh, that was Barty! Bahaha, he just appeared out of nowhere right on time to embarrass poor Regulus.

I love your thoughts on Snape's mother! You're getting warmer. :3

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #22, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

18th July 2012:
which was undoubtedly inherited from myself, Eileen the Uncleaaan. I also wanted to let you know that you've got hair like a dead animal that rolled around in butter and then crawled on top of your head and died.

^ My new favorite character: Regulus Black. He was so hysterical! I loved his entire speech to Severus. I loved him and his jokes.

Oh! And Dumbledore! That was so funny. He was so calm about the whole thing while this old wizard is just being levitated and thrown about around him. Childs play I suppose.

I can't believe off all people it's Regulus Black that wanted to have a sort of guys night out. Causing too much trouble. That Regulus! I suppose he's stuck at such a young age and these are the youngest boys that have been around for quite some time he needs to have some fun with them.

They make for an interesting group. I'd love to read little one-shots of them causing trouble together. :D Just putting it out there!!

Author's Response: Thank you, once again, for your lovely batch of reviews. I have so much fun responding to them!

Regulus is always game for a little bit of mischief. I suppose that the afterlife can get boring, especially for those who don't ever enter the tournament, so Regulus looks for ways to entertain himself. It's easy to forget how young he really is, too, so I think Fred, Cedric, and Colin's company would appeal to him. Plus, he recognized Cedric's need to have fun after being eliminated, and was quick to oblige.

That's a tempting idea, actually! :P

Thank you for reading and reviewing, Deeds! You're amazing. ♥

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Review #23, by NaidatheRavenclaw 

18th July 2012:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I think it's today...? Maybe? :P *doesn't have time to check*

THis chapter was absolutely hilarious. Oh my gosh, I couldn't stop laughing from the time Cedric went down the chimney (and I got some very strange looks from my mum :P). I can't believe Dumbledore lives with Grindelwald. Aha. That's genius. Grindelwald has to be my new favorite character. He was /brilliant/ with all his threats and pulling down Cedric's trousers. That was awesome.

Regulus creeped me out a little bit :P I liked his banter with Fred, though. I could picture that first scene perfectly, with him throwing a rock through the window and then Fred chucking it right back. Only Fred ♥ It was nice to have a lighthearted chapter after all the darker stuff and you wrote this so well too.

Finally all caught up, yay! :D


Author's Response: You're caught up! Woo! And thank you for the happy birthday wishes. ^ ^

I felt so bad for Dumbledore after hearing that he was once in love with Grindelwald because, as far as we know, he never had a relationship with anyone else. So for me, even though Gellert wasn't a very good guy in his younger days, I wanted them to be together here for the sake of Albus. He deserves that companionship and happiness. :) Regulus is a little spitfire. :D Weirdo that he is, he's my favorite to write! Well, they're all my favorite to write, but he's such fun. I think that the lightheartedness was a much needed break from all the darker tones.

Thank you so, so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #24, by BoOkWoRm24 

18th July 2012:
Hi I'm back again :)

So I could go on about how hilarious it was when Regulus made Cedric prank Grindewald. I could start telling you about how I was ready to fall over and start rolling on the floor during that part. Or I could tell you how nervous you made me when they started going towards Grotta (seriously you nearly gave me a heart attack)

But I'm going to go off on why Snape's mother wasn't there. She was a witch so she should've been there right? Well I've decided that this adds to my conspiracy theory that I informed you of earlier. Cloinda's Clock is over crowded right? So maybe it passes over witches and wizards that won't be missed. Eileen was basically living like a muggle right? So if she never showed up people wouldn't notice, while if say Dumbledore didn't show the world would've come to an end.

Well if you haven't gotten it I am in love with this story (its probably not healthy) and I swear there is a huge conspiracy theory going on here!

Can't wait for next Wednesday


~House Cup 2012

Author's Response: Hey, bookworm!

Hahaha, I love seeing how closely you readers are paying attention to the details! You zeroed right in on the absence of Snape's mother even though it was tucked into a bunch of other stuff going on. I applaud you. XD I won't comment, but I will say that you are on the right track. ;)

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #25, by ValWitch21 

18th July 2012:
First of all, happy birthday! :)

I loved this chapter, I think it's my favourite so far - except maybe for chapter 20 which I found great as well. Typical of the four boys I guess, I can't imagine anyone else behaving like this, or them behaving in any other manner...

Can't wait for the next chapter, update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you!

I'm so happy you thought this chapter was your favorite! I was admittedly rather curious about its reception because I know that it doesn't do much to advance the plot. It was just a way of letting the boys let loose - particularly Cedric, who really needed that support from friends after being kicked out of the tournament.

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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