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Review #1, by caapotter 

30th June 2014:
Thank you for this chapter. Thank you. :') Caa xx

Author's Response: You're very welcome. Like I said in the author's note, it was as much a gift to myself as to anyone else.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #2, by peggy77 

26th November 2013:
I'm crying...that was so beautiful. Thank you.

Author's Response: Aww. I hate to make anyone cry, but I'm really glad that you liked it.


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Review #3, by TheHeirOfSlytherin 

11th February 2013:
Oh, Ginny! I'm so glad you found a way to put her in the story. And I think this was the perfect place; she is Harry's voice of reason, the person who can truly help him, and you just know she'll wait for him. Always. Gah, I love Harry/Ginny! Like with Ron/Hermione and Draco/Astoria, there's just no one else for them. Well, there could be someone, but it'll always be different. It's just not the same.

You wrote this amazingly well. Happy tears, at last! Harry is coming back and Ginny saved Octavia! Knowing that she didn't die for nothing might help Harry a little, I think.

I loved this chapter so much!


Author's Response: This is my single favorite chapter, bar none. As I said in the A/N, it took me a long time to write. Months, actually. I had to do it in bits and pieces because it was too emotional.

Harry is in a much better place at the end of this than he was at the beginning. That felt very good, to say the least.

I'm so glad you liked it. BTW, PM me if you figured out who the Trainman was! ;)

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #4, by Janner 

7th February 2013:
This is nothing less than a superb piece of writing. Congratulations.

Author's Response: Thanks for the kind words! I really appreciate it.

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Review #5, by Liz 

8th December 2012:
Good job!! It's a great chapter and really well done.

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #6, by shadowcat2 

14th August 2012:
if i remember correctly, Harry needed a cloak the first time he visited king cross station after voldemort killed him in the forest. I guess it was Trainman cloak then? Or was he referring to the Invisibility Cloak? That would make the trainman Harry's ancestor? I am getting confused. :p
Anyway, this chapter was amazing. . The love that you showed between Harry and Ginny was so powerful that I felt that as long Harry was alive Ginny was always present in this story. I wish Harry didn't have to much such a difficult choice. But this once again showed how much he actually cared about his loved ones.
The story is almost coming to an end. I think i am feeling a bit sad already. :(

Author's Response: Hi! The cloak that the Trainman refers to is Harry's invisibility cloak that he inherited from this father, one of the three Hallows. The Trainman is Death.

I'm glad that the chapter reintroduced Ginny into the story in a good way for you. You're right, her presence has loomed large, but this is her first explicit appearance.

Yes, you're very close to the end. :'( Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #7, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

9th August 2012:
Ginny smiled back at the white-haired old man. He looked exactly as she remembered him, wizened and kindly, with just a hint of a mischief twinkling in his eyes.

^ Hello old friend! I have to apologize for taking such a long time to read this. You see, before I got busy this chapter was stewing about, just waiting to be read. I didn't want to read it though. Jami said I would cry and Iím surprised that I didn't. I decided to finally suck it up today and read it because I can't believe that I see the word 'COMPLETED' in place of WIP now. How does it feel?

I remember reading this story for the first time. It seems so far away. I was supposed to be studying for an African history exam (which I didn't do well on, mind you) but I was hooked from the first chapter so I couldn't stop reading. Thinking back to it now I was pretty lost with the prologue so reading this now kind of makes the story come around full circle.

Truth moment? I kind of wish Harry would have died. For real though.

I'm such an awful person.

You write the perfect Dumbledore. Even though he has been gone for years it's like he hasn't changed. I suppose in reality he hasn't and since this is all in Harry's mind that we would be reading about a Dumbledore we have known and loved forever.

At first I didn't know how I felt reading about Ginny. She's not my favorite character but I could feel her love for him. I could feel everything she was feeling and I just wanted to hug her and feel the warmth that radiated off of her.

It's so sad to think that she's just sitting there waiting for him with Death (took me some time to figure out). While everyone else is going to a 'party' she sits and she waits. Thankfully everyday is a beautiful day for her. She deserves it.

"So my wand thinks that I want to die?"

^ That's interesting. When he first said he wanted to die awhile back I didn't think anything of it. I thought it was normal, you know?

People say it all the time. I was talking to my godfather the other day and he has had several strokes and heart attacks in his life. They were all really bad and just got worse as each one came along and he told me his daughter said, when he had his fifth stroke that she wanted to 'go with him.'

So he said to her, "Go with me? Where? Around the corner? Because that's the only place I'm going to go. Around the corner, to the store and maybe take a ride on the train."

It kind of shocked me because it never crossed my mind that she would say something like that.

So making the entire scene at the train station and using the trip as a metaphor really said something to me.

"No!" Ginny heard Harry yelp involuntarily as the first shot rang out.

^ I yelled when I read this part too.

"Not really. But I know of you, of course. You see, you still have my cloak." Then he nodded toward them and returned to his office.

^ I really didn't get it until I read this part and then I had to read the entire thing over. That was clever of you, extremely clever. I think that was one of the best parts youíve ever included in the story.

I'm sad to see this end. To see that it's over is bittersweet. At least I know there's somewhat of a happy ending.

Author's Response: Ah, Deeds! Hello, my friend. Sorry it has taken me ages to respond. I find that there's a peculiar, negative correlation between the quality of hotels and the quality of their wifi. I'm finally back in e-civilizaiton.

How does it feel? Strange. Sad. Relieved. Lots of competing emotions. It's been a long, strange trip...

I remember your marathon first reading session, as well! Made my week! This chapter is the continuation of the prologue, so I suppose it does all make more sense now. And I hope you didn't fail that exam. ;)

We'll have have to agree to disagree on Harry's death. It would have made the ending very different...

Whew! Dumbledore is so intimidating to write. You have no idea how many times I had to edit that chapter to get him to sound just right. OK, to be honest, he still doesn't sound just right to me. Close, though.

I'm a pretty hardcore Ginny/Harry shipper, so I guess that comes through strongly here. After all Harry's been through, I felt like he deserves a lot of unconditional love. Same for her. And from her perspective, only a day passes in King's Cross, although she spends the latter half of that day with full knowledge of what's happened. Oops, I just gave away a little bit of the prologue...

Again, I hope the plotline about Harry's wand trying to decide whether it should allow Arabela to kill him was reasonable. I think that it seems plausible enough if Harry was truly torn about whether to go on living. Sorry about your godfather. That's really sad, but I can understand him in a way.

The scene with Ginny's death wasn't fun to write, but it gets over a key plot point. Ginny sacrificed herself to save Octavia. She didn't have to. That turns out to be very important.

:) I'm glad you liked Death in his cameo. And I'm glad it didn't hit you right away. It was meant to be a little easter egg for the observant.

The end is very close at hand. Thank you so much for being such a wonderful, loyal, supportive and insightful reader!

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Review #8, by CloakAuror9 

29th July 2012:
Aw. That was amazing.

I don't know what I was expecting, but I seriously wasn't expecting this. Though, I kind of joked around on my previous review about Harry being at Kings Cross and all. But I didn't expect it to happen...whoa.

This chapter made me bawl, which isn't really a surprise. I think most, if not all, the readers had a tear or two by the end of the chapter. The chapter impacts you in this weird, mind-blowing way and you just can't help but be teary, or in my case full-on bawl.

I wanted to reach-out to Harry so badly when he was talking about how he suffered after Ginny died. Gah, my heart died in that scene so much. And how he wanted to die, oh Harry. God, I'm so overwhelmed by all of this. I'm having a really hard time processing the fact that Harry wanted to die so badly. Not that I don't see his point or anything, but I don't know...Maybe I wasn't just expecting that coming from him, but it all makes sense when I think about it. He's lost so many people and to lose Ginny...*sob*

It makes me so happy that Ginny is so calm at the very start. It's like she didn't have a care in the world as she watched people passed by her and board the train. Maybe its the fact that she knows that her death was worth while, that can give a lot of peace to someone. And then when Harry came, the way she listened to him and told him to live his life to the fullest. I mean wow, cue the start of the bawls right there.

Dumbledore was beautifully portrayed, speaking his words of wisdom to Harry Potter for what might be the last time. I think your portrayal of him was very interesting and canon.

The trainman, I didn't give him much attention until he talked about the cloak. Then I realised at the end of the chapter that he's Death. That was a really clever idea, Dan, making him the trainman. Everything just falls into place.

I enjoyed this chapter very very much, despite the tears. I have so many emotions right now, I don't even know how to feel. Sad and happy at the same time, I haven't felt like this since my Nan died two years ago. I'm sad that Harry had to leave Ginny, but at least he's got answered questions and I'm sure he left the station with a much lighter feeling.

Chapter 39, is only a click away too, but I won't read it. I just checked the chapter title and seeing the words 'End Game', I don't think I'm prepared for the end. Not just yet.

Thank you so much Dan,
Izzy xx

Author's Response: Hi!

So this scene is one of the few things that's been part of the story all the way back to the very earliest drafts, so I'm glad that you liked it. Harry was in desperate need of closure where Ginny's death was concerned. He just wasn't able to move on with his life. So this chapter is all about closure.

Ginny's death affected him so much more than he could explain to anybody else. With Ginny, he can talk about anything, and she'll understand. This is part of his problem. He lost not only his wife, but his best friend.

Ginny is calm at the start of the chapter because she doesn't recall what's happened to her. She really does believe that she's sitting in King's Cross, waiting for Harry to arrive so they can travel to Hogsmeade. It's my take on Dante's concept of purgatory, a place where the dead wait to move on until the major issues of their life are resolved. In Ginny's case, she waiting for Harry, because the two of them are meant to be together and she has died much too soon. That's what the Trainman means when he says that he's sorry she's running early.

Whew! You have no idea how glad I am that Dumbledore sounded right to you. He is *so* difficult and intimidating to write. I tweaked his dialog so many times before I was finally happy with it. You would not believe...

I'm really glad that you figured out who the Trainman is. On the one hand, I was worried that some readers might not figure it out. On the other hand, I wanted to keep it vague. It's meant to be a little "aha!" moment for readers when they realize who he is.

I think you really got the essential nature of what happens here. It is bittersweet. Harry doesn't want to leave Ginny again, but when he does, he is much more at peace with her death. He will never get over her, but at least he knows that her death served a purpose and that she will never stop loving him. For Harry, that's enough.

Just so you know, there are two more chapters after 39. Chapter 39 is the "final confrontation" between the heroes and the villains, but there were too many little plot threads that I needed to tie up somehow. So chapter 40 will be a series of short vignettes that address some of the major questions left over from the story while chapter 41 is the epilogue.

I feel weird and really flattered that you're thanking me, since I'm the one who should be thanking you. Your enthusiasm and support mean the world to me!

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Review #9, by Pixileanin 

24th July 2012:
I loved the appearance of the Trainman, and how he punched the tickets with "a pair of shiny, metal nippers". That was really cool! You've inserted a lot of symbolism into this scene, which I also loved, but I won't go 'round talking about all of it, or this whole review will be chapter quotes and we can't have that now.

I loved seeing snippets of other characters through Ginny's eyes as they came and went while she waited, especially Neville. That was when I knew her wait wasn't going to be much longer.

You had a moment of delay in the scene where everything hung around Ginny and Harry, and then the crash into reality took over. You wrote that moment so convincingly that I think I held my breath a little.

You really did a great job with this. Everything fell into place, it wasn't sappy or overdone, Harry's conscience was healed and he could move forward. And I loved the way you portrayed Ginny here. There were some honestly touching moments in this scene which made it a pleasure to read. Thanks for giving them the moment that Harry had been craving for four years.

And that little touch about the cloak and the Trainman was awesome!

Author's Response: Hi, there!

First off, I'm really glad that you figured out who the Trainman is. I was a little worried that I might have left it too vague, but at the same time I wanted to make it vague enough that maybe not everybody would get it at first. Just a nice, little, "aha, I know who he is!" moment for the reader.

Just to foreshadow a bit, Ginny will see many more people come and go before she finally leaves King's Cross.

Ooh! I am almost too happy for words that you read Ginny and Harry's moment of reunion the way that I intended. I wanted it to come across like the whole world just stops for a few seconds and nothing exists besides the two of them. If I could have thought of a way to do this -- and I could not -- *that* would have been the moment that Harry was forced to choose. At the same time, I'm not sure there's any chance that he would have chosen to go back. I'll have to file it away under "great ideas that I just couldn't pull off."

I'm so glad that you liked the scene. This has been part of the story since the very earliest plot outlines, and it felt so good -- albeit very emotional -- to finally be able to show this moment to my readers.

And, yes, I was very proud of myself about the Trainman. ;)

Thanks so much for all of your awesome reviews!

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Review #10, by Roots in Water 

20th July 2012:
It's Roots in Water here with your review.

Wow. Just wow. I think that you did an absolutely fabulous job with this chapter. Yes, it's shorter than your other chapters, but I think it works better this way. To include another scene would have lessened the impact of this one and that's definitely not something that you want to happen.

To begin, I really liked the detail you put into setting up the scene in the beginning. It's an interesting idea that King's Cross Station is the boarding station for all the dead (or maybe just the dead who lived in Britain?) because, although I've read other stories where the dead board boats/trains/other methods of transportation to finally reach the "land of the dead", it would mean that Harry's visit to the station in the seventh book was less of a personal choice than I thought... Or perhaps the station is chosen to be the destination because it's one of the few places all of the Wizards of Britain have a strong connection to and it's even closer to Harry because it's where he first met the Weasleys and Hermione, where he boarded the train that brought him to Hogwarts.

Anyway, I liked the idea that the station is where all the dead congregate. I found it intriguing that Ginny thought that she was supposed to take the train to Hogsmeade for a reunion of sorts - does everyone have that idea, that they are supposed to be meeting with people (if you've thought about this in detail)? It would definitely act as an encentive to get on the train and ensure that not everybody stayed on the platform. It also made me doubt for a few moments that she knew that she was dead, though she soon remembered how she truly got to the station. :) As well, I thought that the small mention of Neville was a great addition to the chapter. It added a feeling of conclusion to his story.

As well, I really liked your Trainman. I suspected from the beginning of the chapter that he was Death and the comment about the cloak just confirmed it. Also, his comment about her "arriving before her time" was very interesting. That comment, along with the flashback later in the chapter, made it seem as though Octavia and not Ginny was Lady Tenabra's target... Why was Octavia the target? I assume that the arrival of the Muggles was the reason why Lady Tenabra wasn't able to kill Octavia then... It's definitely intriguing considering the fact that Octavia's once again the primary target of Lady Tenabra.

Did Ginny's sacrifice over Octavia have some of the same effect as Lily's sacrifice over Harry? I can't remember for certain if we ever learned exactly why Lady Tenabra was having such difficulty gaining control of Octavia's mind - could Ginny's sacrifice be the cause of this? Of course, Octavia also has some of her parents' and grandparents' stubbornness in her, which probably helped as well.

As well, I loved the way you wrote Ginny and Harry's reunion and interaction in this chapter. You didn't go over the top with their display of love, which just made it seem all the more genuine. Though Harry made the right choice according to the story to go back to live once again, I never could have faulted him if he chose to stay with Ginny. The way they reassured each other and stayed strong for each other was very touching. And - on a slightly lighter note- I liked Ginny's use of the line "It's your party" - I recognized it from the books when Dumbledore said the same thing in the station.

Your theory about the wand is very interesting. It definitely makes sense but it's something I never would have thought of. Harry always did have a particularly strong bond with his wand and it's a unique idea that his wand would be loyal (and strong) enough to force all magic going through it to best serve its master. I can't wait to see the look on Lady Tenabra's face when Harry returns to life!

All in all, I really enjoyed this chapter. It answered a lot of questions but it also created a few others for me. I think that you did a great job with your description and your dialogue and Ginny's characterization was great! Thanks once again for requesting and I look forward to reading the next chapter!

Author's Response: Hello, again! Always a pleasure!

You're making me blush over here! I'm so pleased that you liked it. For me, this chapter and the next are probably the most important in the entire story. This one, in particular, I wrote in bits and pieces over a period of almost 3 months. It was pretty emotional for me, as you can probably imagine. I found it easier to write a bit, then put it down for a while.

I think King's Cross will always be a very significant place for both Ginny and Harry. It's where they first met. It's also where Harry truly left his muggle life behind and embarked on his journey into the magical world. And it's where he made the choice to return and face Tom Riddle one last time. It also represents transitions and choices. So overall, I couldn't imagine a better setting for this scene.

I'm so pleased that you figured out who the Trainman was. I was a little worried about that, but me beta reader came to my rescue, suggesting that it was better to leave it a little vague and let most people have that "aha!" moment, even at the risk of not everybody figuring it out. The Trainman's comment about Ginny arriving early was meant to reinforce the point that she *chose* to sacrifice herself in order to save Octavia.

Octavia was not Tenabra's specific target, but Ginny sacrifice did protect her. In my mind, the muggle man who bumped into Lady Tenabra and disrupted her plan to finish both of them off was more than just a coincidence. Blood protection can take many forms, some of which look more like providence than others.

The reunion between Ginny and Harry was obviously incredibly emotional, but I did try to keep it from being a full-on bawl-fest. I'm glad you liked that choice. I obviously borrowed a lot from the King's Cross scene in Deathly Hallows, just to try to tie it all together as much as I could.

The idea of the wand giving Harry his choice came to me about midway through writing the story, which is good because I actually didn't have a very good idea of how to tie things up. Overall, I think the theory holds together well. I even started a discussion about wandlore and loyalty to try and vet the idea.

You won't have to wait long to see Lady Tenabra's reaction. Hopefully chapter 39 will validate sometime in the next 2 days...

Thanks, as always, for such a long, detailed and thoughtful review!

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Review #11, by Em 

20th July 2012:
Once again, I'm in tears after finishing a chapter of this story and find myself unable to write a coherent review. I loved Harry and Ginny's interactions in this chapter, and I love that Ginny's going to be waiting for Harry right there, until Harry's time has finally come for real. Excellent as always =)

Author's Response: Sorry to make you cry. I promise I'll try to stop doing that!

I'm really glad you liked my version of Ginny and Harry's reunion, though. The poor guy has been through so much. He deserved their one, shining moment of pure happiness, even if the end was bittersweet.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #12, by Christina 

19th July 2012:
Here I am back with another (late) review! I have been dying to review, but have had no time this past week. So, anyway...

I love that you finally were able to incorporate Ginny somehow into the story, since Harry seemed to be missing her so terribly for so long. Her appearance even made me happier, because really, I have always liked her character. I thought the moments between them, when they first see each other again, were so sweet and added the special touch to their relationship. I felt like it gave him more of the closure, however sad it was, that he probably needed. I was also glad that, while I realize how much Harry loves Ginny and wants to remain with her, that he chose to go back to a place where people love him as well. This had probably been one of my favorite chapters, especially with the nice appearance of Dumbledore and his ever wise quality.

I know this story will soon be coming to its end, but I am still excited to see how it all plays out!

Author's Response: Hello, again! Nice to see you back!

The scene with Harry and Ginny has been part of the story since the very earliest plot outlines. As soon as I decided that Ginny wasn't going to be alive, I knew I wanted to give the two of them this moment together. Harry desperately needed the closure, as you say. For somebody like Harry, the "choice" of going back was mostly just a matter of being honest about who he really is. And the one-two combination of Ginny and Dumbledore were perfect for making him stop and realize that.

The end is coming very soon. Chapter 39 is in the validation queue and will hopefully be up by early next week.

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #13, by ANONYMOUS 

17th July 2012:
Awe, that was a very sweet way of bringing ginny in, I was really upset that she couldn't be a major presence in this story but this helps alleviate that feeling. The scene was so touching between the two and something that I think will really help Harry out. Please update soon, I can't wait to know what happens next =D

Author's Response: Hi, there.

All along, I wanted to write a story where I was able to wrap up all of the major plot arcs and conflicts, so Harry finally come to terms with Ginny's death was a very important one to resolve. This was the best way I could think of, so I'm very pleased that you liked it.

The next chapter is undergoing final review before I put it into the validation queue, so it will probably be up sometime next week.

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Review #14, by Remus 

17th July 2012:
Hey! So I read this at 1:20am this morning and I had a nice review...but somehow I hit the back key and it made the page go away. If that hadn't happen you would've woken up with an extra review! XD

Anyway! Hopefully I'll remember everything I wanted to say.

First off, you made me cry. Towards the end it became really difficult for me to read what was going on. You really know how to weave the right words to tug at the heart.

Ginny here was amazing. The peace she has with herself and her death is something we all wish we can achieve when our time comes. It's part of life and she seems to understand that. And to have died saving her flesh and blood is not something no one should regret. The imagery from this chapter really made me feel like I was sitting next to Ginny watching people come and go. When you mentioned Neville and how he's boarding the train to meet his grandmother or Hannah...you got me there! Also! Ginny chiding Harry for not living his life to the fullest was something I see that fiery red-head doing. She's happy where she is and I can see her wanting Harry to be happy as well while he still has the chance to enjoy his children and grandchildren.

I also like how there's no sense of time in King's Cross Station. It was a very nice detail. With the Trainman and the extra details you gave us, you managed to give KCS a new depth that I never would've imagined.

Also, for some odd reason, it didn't click in my head that the Trainman was Death. When he mentioned how Harry still had his cloak was when it dawned on me. Nicely done.

Thanks for showing us what really happened that night. The truth and not a manipulated memory!

Anyway! Harry's turn now! For him to have come face to face with his own emotions and to confess his desire to die to Ginny must've been hard. The numbness, the raw sorrow...it was all brilliantly well done. The explanation of how he ended up, once again, in King's Cross is a very smart one. For his wand to have given him the choice to stay alive and be with his family or to die and be with Ginny is not something anyone would've thought. I bet not even JKR would've thought of that!

Ah, Dumbledore. I give you kudos for managing to keep that manipulative man on character. Personally, he said things I could definitely see in the canon Dumbledore.

When Ginny and Harry parted ways...that was when everything became blurry thanks to the tears.

Amazing chapter, Dan. I'm sad to see the story coming to an end but *tips hat* it was a well worth journey to have taken with you.

Can't wait till the conclusion you have for this!


P.S. You've inspired me to take write my own post-Hogwarts fic. Thanks to you I bear a new love for them!

Author's Response: So picture this: Me. 15 minutes ago. I see an email on my phone. It's a notification from the forums that Perelandra has posted in her reviewing thread that there's one slot open. 'Oh, noes!" says me. I totally forgot to re-request now that Chapter 38 is up. I hope I can get back to my desk before somebody snags that spot. Silly me!

You're the second "regular" reviewer that I've managed to bring to tears so far. If I can get Deeds, that the trifecta. This chapter was the single most emotional thing I've ever written, bar none. I was not kidding or exaggerating when I said that it took me over three months to finish. I've always known how this scene was going to play out. But getting the words out was really, really hard.

I really wanted to portray Ginny as peaceful and content, at least until Harry arrived. The serenity of a beautiful day just seemed like the right way to frame the whole thing up. And the timelessness also seemed like the right choice. The passage of time is immaterial to her. She's simply there for as long as she needs to be there.

I'm so pleased that you figured out who the Trainman is. I was worried about it, but I wanted to leave it a bit vague at the same time. The most important things we figure out aren't usually the easiest.

Ginny's memory is the last piece of a puzzle that we've been assembling through Harry's eyes since Chapter 3. Now you know why Arabela isn't able to possess Octavia.

Whew! Out of everything in this chapter, the explanation involving his wand was the thing I was most worried about. To *me*, it made sense, but that obviously doesn't guarantee anything. I breathe a bigger sigh of relief with every review where nobody says, "Harry'swandsaywhat?"

Dumbledore is unbelievably hard to write. You have no idea how many times I went back and tweaked his dialog. I'm still not thrilled with it, but I'm glad you thought it was good. Dumbledore is like love and abstract art: you can't define what makes him 'right', you just know it when you see it.

I'm more or less done with my draft of Chapter 39. I need to re-read it a few more times, but I'll probably put it into the queue by the end of the week. Two more to go after that, but they're mostly clean-up type stuff.

Thank you so much for your enthusiastic, thorough, thoughtful, detailed and all-around awesome reviews! And I can't wait to see what you come up with in your journey into the post-Hogwarts era.

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Review #15, by Lilly Luna 

17th July 2012:
I can't deal with your story. I always seem to cry. You really are a great story teller! Beautifully done! I can not wait for the next one! This is by far the story I always hope to see in the queue when I come on here!

Author's Response: Aww! I hate to make anybody cry. I am really glad that you're enjoying the story, however. Sadly, it's drawing to a close. Three more chapters to go.

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #16, by Jchrissy 

16th July 2012:
Oh boy. You think Iíd have toughened up by now, donít you? Iím so happy this is my before bed read and not my morning coffee read. We are going to have to have a long, in depth discussion related to you making me cry. Itís going to involve many angry words and finger shaking on my part, and if you know whatís good for you -- youíll have chocolate and chai for me. Seriously though, Iím terrified of this story ending. It has been such an emotional roller coaster.

I like that Ginny seems very happy and content as she waits for Harry. She wouldnít go on without him, but sheís peaceful. It is a real mix of emotions when she sees Neville. Because now heís happy also, but weíve still lost him. In a way this kind o f solidifies that.

ĎHe said that he felt badly about the fact that she had arrived at the station so early-í
ahh that sentence has so much depth. He didnít want to take her life this early, he knows she was meant to live a long and happy life. He isnít the evil grim reaper that is shown in certain books and such. Heís just the one who has to be in control of death, and he really doesnít get joy out of taking a life too young.

Heís finally with her. He is finally holding the love of his life, and he knows if he doesnít leave her everything on earth can crumble. Heís risking so many lives, but he has also already given so much. He just wants to be with her. Iím reminded of the point when the portraits of the Potters, Dumbledore and Sirius were discussing Harryís idea to get away from this world. And Sirius said something along the lines of him not having to solve everything and being happy or something like that. The scene where Lily says sheís glad Sirius is so casual about her sons life in a sarcastic way. You with me? Anyway, Iím reminded of that. Of the fact that Harry deserves more than anyone just to be free and happy. But he canít, thereís still too much left to do. asdfadfdf. If I cry so much into my keyboard that I ruin it, I hold you completely responsible.

You write Dumbledore so well. I donít even want to talk about it because Iím that jealous of your ability to get inside his head and make his words seem vague, wise, mysterious, and important.

I canít believe you really showed us the memory.

Harry James Potter. You gave me everything I ever dreamed I could have and more. And if I had it all to do over again, I would never change a thing.Ē Seriously Dan? You have reached a new height of my emotions. Iím like crying uncontrollably right now. Iím telling Ben you made me cry this much and heís going to make you give me a life time supply of chai. LIFE TIME. I canít believe how many emotions you can capture and create. These are a mix of sad tears and happy tears... I think.

And for the second time in his life he has to lose her again. My heart hurts for Harry :(. But this time itís with a much lighter load. He as able to say things he never could, and he learned something new from the Memory. He knows she will be there, he knows sheís happy and content. This was a huge step to his mental recovery. Itís still a crushing one, though :(.

Okay my darling. I donít know what you are playing at, but if I cry anymore over this story you are going to be in for it. I am sure that as soon as Deeds gets to this chapter, sheíll cry too, so youíre going to have both of us crying. Way. To. Go.

But really, this has been moved to my favorite chapter. Donít smite me for threatening you. I bow to your writing God-ness.

Amazing and breath taking chapter. And I got the first review, woot!

Author's Response: Hello, darling! So happy to see you back for another review!

So sorry to make you cry. I really never start writing anything with that in mind. It just sort of happens. If it makes you feel any better, this was far and away the hardest chapter for me to write. So many strong emotions playing out over such a small number of words. I'm not exaggerating when I say that it took me over three months to write.

Ginny is blissfully unaware of what's happened until Harry arrives, which I felt was important. Nobody deserves to spend any part of eternity fretting and worrying. I wanted to convey the same thing for Neville.

I'm really glad that you figured out who the Trainman is. And he is not unsympathetic. That was one of the things I liked most about the story of the Three Brothers. When the third brother finally welcomes Death, their encounter is pleasant, as it should be.

Ha. You messed up a few of the details of the conversation among the portraits in Harry's study, but it's been a long time. Yes, the two scenes do share that connection. There was a part of me that wanted to include more people from Harry's past in this scene, but they just didn't fit. This scene was about Harry finally coming to grips with Ginny's death. Dumbledore was merely a guide. The scene was just for the two of them.

Dumbledore is *incredibly* hard to write. You have no idea how many times I tweaked his lines before I was done.

Again, I apologize for all of your tears, but I am thrilled that you were able to connect with Harry and Ginny to this extent. It's everything I hoped for when I started writing the story, and everything I've tried to build to since the prologue.

Once again, he does have to walk away from her. But this time is different, as you know. This time, there's nothing left unsaid. This time, he walks away knowing that she gave her life for a reason and she's waiting for him when the time comes. And for Harry, I think, that makes all the difference.

I think, and we shall see whether I'm right, that I'm done with bringing you to tears. It's hard to say. These scenes just pop into my head and then, as we all know, they must be written!

Thank you so much for all of your kind, enthusiastic, detailed, thoughtful and all-around amazing reviews! Three more to go... :-

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