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Review #1, by Alarte Ascendare 

30th October 2015:
Amazing! I'm so addicted to this.

Gotta run to the next one

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Review #2, by StoryWebber 

10th April 2014:
Oh my gods!
Thank you!
Thank you for saving James and Lily, Iím happy now!

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Review #3, by marauder5 

22nd May 2013:
Okay, so if there was ever a chapter of a story that was nothing but pure brilliance, then it must be this one! I could just shower you with beautiful adjectives of how much I LOVED this chapter! First of all, you have once again shown your amazing creativity with this Round of the races. I thought that the one with the Goblin's rebellion would be impossible to top, but you have proven me wrong - this is my favourite round so far, as well as my favourite chapter of this absolutely incredible story! The whole idea with mising Quidditch and Shuntbumps was brilliant, and very intriguing throughout the chapter! It was quite complicated, and yet you managed to write it with such a natural flow so that the reader still knows the score and keep up with all the different characters! Wow! I'm impressed :)

I like how Crabbe used his 'evil' side in this: like how he used the Imperius curse on James. James not wanting to hurt any of the boys, because he saw Harry in all of them, was also very affective and touching. And Fred, not being able to stand Tonks turning into his mother... the way you described how difficult it was for him to see and think about George, that just broke my heart! I can't believe you managed to weave that into such an action-filled chapter, but it worked really well.

So, once again I'm worried for Tonks' future. But I have to admit I was thrilled when she picked James as the loser, and also when she made Lily promise never to compete in the Duel again! They're both safe! However, the bad feeling I have about Tonks remains. I have to keep reading, I suppose. Congratulation on this fantastic chapter!

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Review #4, by Rainpixie 

16th April 2013:
I'm glad you mixed the game! It really have a feel for the different generations of the characters. A little something for everyone. I hope it comes down to tonks and crabbe. I mean why isn't Crabbe in gotta anyway? He died trying to kill harry! I was surprised that James and lily weren't a little less forgiving

Author's Response: Quidbumps was fun. ^ ^ I got to invent a little instead of sticking to one particular game. Ooh, rooting for it to come down to Tonks and Crabbe, eh? Good question about Crabbe! I suppose his redemption is that he never really had a chance to grow up and realize that what he was doing was wrong. It's one thing for a fully-grown adult to commit evil acts, but for a boy who's been surrounded by Death Eaters all his life and really doesn't have the intellectual capacity to know any better, he was more a product of his environment than anything else. If he'd grown up with another family, another House, I suspect he would have gone a much, much different way - and I think Cliodna knows this as well. But who knows! Her decisions about who goes where are murky at best.

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Review #5, by Shadowcat2 

2nd March 2013:
Shuntbumps is amazing. I was worried things might get messier. But i guess its alright. I am happy James is out. Am glad Lily realized how James felt all this time. I absolutely love your writing. I can't wait to find more about the Cliodna Tower.

Author's Response: Shuntbumps was a reprieve from the darker duels. It's the lightest of them by far. They needed something a little brighter, something with clearer goals. And Lily definitely needed to see through James's eyes; it's the way he's always felt when she was on the verge of winning or losing. To experience that anxiety, that risk, over and over, would be so damaging to the psyche I cannot even imagine.

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Review #6, by Lululuna 

25th February 2013:
I really enjoyed this chapter, I love how true to character the story is: with Tonks saving James and making Lily promise to never again enter in return, with Colin being so protective over the Snidget, and Fred protecting the image of his mother. The moment with Crabbe and his father is also a nice touch and gives him some depth. Must say though, that Cliodna's one shady lady!

Author's Response: It was important for me to treat them as individual characters instead of pawns throughout the duels. I didn't want to make them a bunch of bloodthirsty, do-whatever-it-takes people who lost all sight of themselves once they dove into the Pensieve. No matter how much they want to win, their hearts are still present. To hear that they remained believably in-character is a huge relief.

Cliodna's very shady, indeed. :3

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #7, by Potterblotter 

7th February 2013:
This was awesome. I loved this chapter! Now I can stop wringing my hands together in fear of James, but keep massaging my head in worry for Tonks... Great story.

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and reviewing! I'm glad you liked it. James is safe now (whew!) but things are getting closer to the end and Tonks is still in the game. D:


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Review #8, by x3CherryWatermelonx3 

26th January 2013:
I absolutely loved that idea! It was brilliant! :D

Can't wait for the next chapter! See you there! :)

Author's Response: Quidbumps was so much fun to write! I don't write anything sports-related very often, so it was exciting for me to try it here.

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Review #9, by justonemorefic 

2nd January 2013:
The rounds have been so full of twists and I predict wrong 1000 times before the end, I am already at the edge of my seat.

Ohohoho Quidbumps. I see many former Quidditch players in the mix~ Hah, in this game, I imagine someone cornering Colin in a corner as he gets on his broom and constantly just knocking him off to rack up points. I would so do that.

After Fred mentioned this: They all must have perished in the Duel by now., I remember that I've also wondered about where everyone else must go, because there's got to be more people who die than 1 each year, so I think all the other people... have moved ON ON! OUT OF THIS PURGATORY. Like, people here still have people to wait for. Sons and twins and a life they haven't lived.

My bets are on Fred and James being out this round. I think Colin is safe because he's considered 'easy to beat', and I'm thinking Cedric and Crabbe (because he's willing to play dirty) might win. Watch me be terrifically wrong.

Colin had miraculously coaxed his broom into a skyward-pointing position, achieving a Wronski Feint in the first (and would probably be the last) time in his life. CHEERING FOR HIM AAAH. please tell me everyone appreciates colin as much as julia and I do. AH DON'T HURT IT, I AM GETTING FEELS ALL OVER COLIN THINKING OF THE SNIDGET MY BOY YOU KNOW TO PUT QUIDDITCH EQUIPMENT FIRST C: YOU. DE. SERVED. THAT.

OH THANK GOD. OH THANK GOD TONKS PICKED JAMES. EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED and Lily running over c: and promising never to enter again.

phew. that was. phew. ♥

Author's Response: This is only the 17th review how am I going to do decades more of them. Decades is probs not an accurate term. THERE'S NO BACKSPACING NOW, I AM PREPARING MY DESCENT INTO MADNESS. This is what I get for stalling so long on review-answering. I really pity whoever I'm responding to thirty reviews from now. My words will probably make them cry.

You /would/ position yourself next to Colin and rack up the points. Luck shines upon him, though. ~triumph of good~

Fred and James being out this round while Cedric and Crabbe win - YOU ARE USUALLY HALF-RIGHT IN YOUR PREDICTIONS, DO YOU NOTICE THAT. Cedric and James were the ones who lost this round while Crabbe was one of the winners.

And thus ends Lily's long career of signing up for the Devil's Duel. She almost needed the permission to stop, and now she's got it. And now she can finally move on.

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Review #10, by peppersweet 

7th September 2012:
Wait, I read some other reviews for that last chapter and now i'm scratching my head over cliodna's clock too! oh yes there is definitely something sketchy about it. For some reason, I thought first of Colin's perfect camera and tried to couple it with the comment someone (or maybe it was you brrrm) made about the clock warping the entrants and trying to drive them to some sort of insanity. Colin was an underdog and a hard worker all his (short life) and now he has a perfect camera and is well into the races - I DON'T ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT I AM THINKING BUT I AM THINKING SOMETHING okay.

Oh a match! This is where we need the expertise of gina's bludger-whisperer Albus.†

I love how everyone's hovering there being all srs and Colin is zipping around like YIPEE ERM ERN A BRUM

Can I keep Colin. Please.

The match - ah! It was amazing! Where do you get your ideas from!?!.!.!,?.?..?! I wish I was a metamorphagus like Tonks so I could turn into you and write stories all day. That sounds creepy but it's meant to be a compliment I swear.

NOT CEDRIC! But, then again, I'm rooting for all of them, really. Except for crabbe. Crabbe can take a long walk off a short pier as far as I am concerned.

ER MAH GERD TONKS YOU ARE MY HERO! aww yisss! I'm so pleased she did that!†

Ah ah ah I have so many feels right now.

Author's Response: AND THE PLOT UNFOLDS~

I've been dropping mild, mild hints about the oddities of Cliodna's Clock here and there with increasing frequency. At first it looks like a fab place, but then, like, there are undercurrents that something is not totally right.

Bludger-whisperer-Albus totally inspired Colin in this chapter. Trufax. loool, yes, all of the contestants were ready to beat each other to death with their bats and here is Colin just zooming around backwards on his broom, LA TE DA. I want to live in whatever world Colin lives in.

If you were a metamorphmagus and turned into me, you would turn into a turtle because secretly that is what I am in real life. I use chopsticks to type on skype.

Srsly I need to stop responding to reviews, they are frying my brain.


Tonks is mah hero, too. ♥

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Review #11, by Beeezie 

4th September 2012:
So I intended to read 5-6 chapters of this because it was nominated for a category I'm judging for TGS. ... that kind of didn't happen. (Obviously, as I've worked my way up to chapter 20.)

I'm too busy to leave you a real review, but I will do my very best to leave you some halfway decent reviews on other chapters when I get a moment to breath. I just wanted to say that I felt a huge wave of relief go through me when Tonks eliminated James and made Lily promise she wouldn't enter again. I love, love, love James, and if he'd died I would have been so upset. :(

This is an amazing story. I absolutely love it.

Author's Response: Holy cow, you read a lot of this! I'm very flattered. :) Thank you so much for reading so much for the TGS category you're judging in. I love James, too, and I think that a lot of readers of this story would hate it even more if he died than if Lily had died. He's been so selfless in the afterlife, and he grounds her, and he's been the patient one who is willing to wait for Harry to come and see him rather than vice versa.

Thank you for reading and reviewing! I'm so happy that you enjoyed it.

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Review #12, by shadowycorner 

21st August 2012:
Thank godness James is out of the game. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! But oh my god what are you doing to me? Just when I thought these rounds can't get any better. I love how you always surprise me. Quidbumps? You're a mad genius. I was gaping at the screen, I looked like an idiot for the past minutes of reading this, i read it that fast. I just never knew who would fall and who would catch the snitch and oh my God. Just...I'm breathless.

But James is safe and I litterally gasped when Lily ran to him and embraced him. And Tonks's condition was interesting, too. Lily might finally be at peace, and with James! I wonder how he'll take to the result...perhaps he really wanted to see Harry and will be a little upset...? But at least he's safe.

Gah, I have to say you did a great job with shocking me about these contestants. i thought Snape would last longer, and Peter. I would never think Crabbe would get this far. I guess many people didn't. Still, though, he was lucky to be in a team with two people who were after each other's neck since the beginning. I guessed Colin would get this far since, again, few expected him for the other team, poor Cedric for not making it past the third round again! I hope Tonks wins. She better eliminate Fred to make him safe (he NEEEDS and MUST be reunited with George and he can wait, because he was with his family whereas Tonks had hardly any time with Teddy!). I think the ideal scenario would be for Tonks to face Crabbe and win, but I think that's way too easy, isn't it? Will you have us conflicted and have it Tonks against Colin, or Fred against Colin? Man, I want to cry just thinking about it. I really started to like Colin. I've never felt so close to his character than in this story.

I'm rambling again. How did I read six chapters in one go again? I need to sleep because I work and I'll leave the next five for the next round. I love this story. I really do. It's inspiring and heart-wrenching and exciting and poignant. The characters are vivid and alive, you're simply doing an extraordinary job here.


Author's Response: Hi, Liz! I'm so glad you liked the Quidbumps. ^ ^ This chapter was a pain to write because I originally planned to write about Quidditch, but as it turns out Snidgets were banned right when the sport had become popular, before this time period. So I looked at other types of broomstick sports and found Shuntbumps; in the end, as you can see, I decided to just combine the two and keep all of the stuff I wanted to include.

I think that just about everyone who read this was happy that James got eliminated. It would be so tragic for Harry to lose his father before he really got to know him, especially since James only entered to try to protect Lily.

You're right, Vincent's very lucky to be on a team where fellow teammates were preoccupied with other people from the start. He was a total non-issue at the beginning, it seemed, but now the numbers are narrowing down and he's doing fairly well. Eee yay, I'm pleased that you like Colin! I'm trying to flesh him out a bit, make him less annoying than he was in canon.

Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback. :)

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Review #13, by cazvalleygirl 

2nd August 2012:
Hello, me again!

Wow, what a fabulous chapter! For a person who has very little interest in sport (even the magic kind) I really, really enjoyed this particular memory.

And now, more than ever am I convinced that not all is as it seems in Cilodnaís Clock. Why didnít Fred recognise hardly anyone? I understand that many centuries have passed, but with only one death per yearÖsomething is just not adding upÖGlad to see Salazar was there though, in his giant chess piece house nursing his woundsÖI wonder if the founders know whatís going onÖ.you arenít got tell me are you lol : )

I really felt for every single player in this duel, even Crabbe. There was something so honest about his searching for his father; you reminded us that very deep down heís just a seventeen year old lad who is very alone.

Then there was poor Fred, his longing for those he loved was painfully obvious : (

And I loved the end; I love Tonks even more for what she done for Lily and JamesÖbut thatís blown my ďSev talks to Lily whilst James is in the racesĒ theory?

Iím sorry my reviews are not very detailed Iím just eager to get onto the next chapter and catch up, but you know the score, it was superb!

Author's Response: I must say that I have little interest in the sport, as well. I like that JKR included so much of it, because it helped make Harry more boyish and it rounded out their culture nicely to have a prominent magical sport, but during matches I didn't really care about much except for who caught the Snitch. Quidditch is difficult to write, too, which is why I combined it with Shuntbumps to basically invent my own game, because with regular Quidditch there is just too much going on to follow it properly! This scene was a challenge to write.

Yes, it's very odd that Fred didn't recognize anyone. :3 *makes spooky, mysterious noises* Haa, Salazar. He is a drama queen, just sitting in his little chess piece house, brooding away.

I do feel bad for Crabbe, because I can recognize that if he'd been raised in a different family, perhaps even a different school House, he might not have been the bully that he turned out to be. He doesn't have any friends in Cliodna's Clock. This is sort of his own fault, but still. I do pity him.

Pshh, your reviews are always lovely! Thank you for reading and reviewing. :)

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Review #14, by hogwartslivy 

28th July 2012:
I'm interested in the way that Lily and Tonks dont like each other :) its a great story lineee, looking forward to the rest of it!!!

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and reviewing! Tonks and Lily don't dislike each other as much as they are sort of...tense with each other. Lily was wary of Tonks because Tonks might end up winning against James in the end, and Tonks was wary of Lily because she could feel that tension on Lily's part. But since Tonks eliminated James from the tournament, James can no longer lose his soul and that alleviates some of the tension. :)

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Review #15, by jellylegs2066 

18th July 2012:
I love the idea of Quidbumps. I had no idea what to expect when I read the chapter title, but it's a brilliant idea for a one of the rounds.

The characters were all so canon here it was unbelievable. What with Colin whizzing around enjoying it but having no clue what he was doing and Vincent choosing the weakest victim, it was like they were written by JK Rowling. I went into this duel expecting James and Cedric to shine due to their skill in Quidditch-- the fact that they both went out was a real shock, and a testament to your writing skill that you did it in a believable way. It made me think of the earlier chapter where you stated that the people who went out of the third round traditionally went mad-- who would it be, Cedric or James? Both would be devestating.

I'm so glad James is out-- I was terrified he would go out, and thus never see Harry. The fact that Tonks was the one who put him out was brilliant. She does it not only because he is her strongest competitor in that team, but for Lily and Remus. It would be horrible for Remus, I think, to watch his wife kill his best friend in the final round, or vice versa. That outcome would have been horrifying because whatever happened, it would have devestated families and prevented one child from meeting one of his parents.

The fact that Tonks then turned this into banning Lily from entering again was great. Tonks is a lot like Lily, just at the start of Lily's path. She could easily turn into Lily, and possibly would have if she hadn't seen what it had done to Lily. She now is saving her, not only for Lily, but for Harry, who Tonks knows must desperately want to see his Mother.

One thing I noticed was that they couldn't recognise anyone in the crowd. Surely, if it was 700 hundred odd years ago, they wouldn't have lost /everyone/ in the crowd to the duel-- not all of them would have wanted to take part, for a start. Is there something else going on in Cliodna's Clock? The mystery seems to thickens.

10/10 for a great chapter.


Author's Response: Oh my goodness, you say such lovely, lovely things! Saying that the characters were so canon that they could've been written by JKR made my month, I can't even tell you. Thank you SO much!

You're absolutely right about Tonks; knocking James out takes away her top competition, but also spares Lily and Remus from the pain they would endure if they were to lose James.

Tonks could easily go down the same path as Lily, and I think it's a good thing that she witnessed the damage it's done to Lily, just like you said. Tonks will have to keep herself in check.

And the plot thickens again! Hee. :3 I can't comment, of course, but you're on the right track.

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #16, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

18th July 2012:
WOAH! That ending took me by surprise. I honestly don't know who's going to win. You keep throwing loop hole after loop hole at me. I was really surprised at Vincent actually! I didn't think he'd be able to do anything and he was the first one to shove them out of the way and get a point for himself.

How brutal. How Slytherin.

will be granted the unprecedented choice to select the losers for the opposite team.

^ That was a great twist to me! The ending was my favorite part though. I can't believe Lily didn't fight back and say anything. I wonder what James is going to say to that. I'm surprised that Tonks chose James but then I guess she wouldn't want to break them up, you know? James is also a fighter too but I think Tonks sees it as breaking up another married couple like her and Remus. I think, even though she didn't want to be the one pushed out of the game, that she would have accepted it just as graciously because losing Remus is something I don't think she can really handle.

She's where Lily was at when she first died, too deep in wanting to see her son, still loving her husband unconditionally BUT invested in herself more than anything to really think of the 'what if's' and the consequences. I don't think it'll hit her until she comes to the end that she could possibly lose and disappear forever.

Author's Response: Vincent had an advantage over the others in this round in that he has very little to lose and has no trouble hurting others. He's still stuck in that bully mindset, having grown up with Draco and Goyle, so being conniving is second nature.

I think Lily has been waiting to exhale, so to speak - waiting for someone to give her permission to stop entering the tournament. Right now she thinks it's her duty, and that she'll appear to be a negligent mother if she passes up the yearly opportunity to see her son. Now that weight is off her shoulders. She can truly begin to live again. Tonks not only took out her main competition but she also gave the Potters a gift of a fresh start.

You're also very right about the parallels between Lily and Tonks. I love how observant you are! You're the best kind of reader to have - you pick up on everything.

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #17, by NaidatheRavenclaw 

18th July 2012:

Your races are always so creative and this was no exception. Loveedd the combination of the two games and the action and all the creative ways of pushing people off brooms. So awesome. My heart was in my throat the entire time, and I sort of teared up a little when Colin caught the Snitch, partly because I was so proud of him and partly because it meant he couldn't be elimated. And THAT by the way, was a brilliant twist. Letting them choose was so nerve wracking. So so glad Crabbe won from his team though because he can still die and SO glad Cedric's out. I love him too much. Even though it's hurting my heart that both Fred and Colin are still in it. WHy :( Glad Tonks won too, and so happy she picked James. He needed to go. Though now it's all the newbies left (you totally did that on purpose, didn't you? :P) which is so heart wrenching because they /just/ DIED.

Ahh, Race chapters always leave me feeling slightly teary~eyed and weak but that's why I love them. I really hope Colin and Fred are eliminated next time.


Author's Response: Yay, so glad you liked this race! I'm trying to make them all very different from each other. This one is a bit more lighthearted than the others, I think, because there were fewer of them and they were all up in the air in the blue skies. It was very fun to write. :) Oh my goodness, SO pleased to hear that you liked Colin catching the Snidget - that was my favorite moment. I'm so proud of Colin and how far he's gotten. He really deserved that Snidget. lol you're glad that Crabbe won because this means he can still die - that made me laugh out loud. XD Thank you so much for reading and for the amazing review! Your reviews are always so lovely to read. :)

- Sarah

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Review #18, by Ardeith 

16th July 2012:
Of course there's a twist, there's always a twist! And of course, yours makes for a very good chapter indeed (because you're such a great writer! (: ). I like how you're able to make everyone stay very much in character (Vincent picking on Colin, Tonks metamorphing etc.) while writing an action chapter.

I'm so glad Cedric is safe from elimination! (But I don't want it to be Tonks or Fred!) And Ptolemy seemed surprised Tonks picked James, but it seems like the right choice -- she would definitely see him as her chief competition, not to mention the one she'd least want to eliminate in the final round.

And poor Fred! I'm sure Tonks doesn't realize what a mental number she did on him when she impersonated him/George. Most fanfic writers don't bring much depth to his character, I'm interested in what you're doing with him here.

I was hoping we would have some insight into the mystery of Cliodna's Clock by going into a memory of Cliodna's... Maybe we did, but I'm too think to notice it. Though it is rather strange that none of the spectators were recognizable... That was seven hundred years ago...with one eliminated every year...does that add up???

Can't wait for the next chapter!


Author's Response: I like making small tweaks to the rules for each Duel so that readers will hopefully not know what to expect. :D

Yep, James was definitely the most worrisome of her competition; picking him for elimination was not only a wise move because of the tournament and her odds of winning, but kind because she's making the chance of James losing the tournament zero. She took out the enemy that she would have the hardest time triumphing over in the end.

Poor Fred, indeed! Tonks has no idea what's she's done to him, so now he has this anger directed towards her and she has no clue.

There was a small bit of insight into the mystery of Cliodna's Clock here, and you guessed correctly about the spectators. They're all gone, which is saying something. ;)

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #19, by TenthWeasley 

14th July 2012:
SO FULL OF MIXED EMOTIONS IN THIS CHAPTER. On the one hand, thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou. ♥ ♥ ♥ It feels like this massive weight's been released off my shoulders, knowing that Cedric's not going to die, because quite frankly I was already anticipating how cruel you were going to be and I really didn't think I could handle two Cedric deaths -- three, if you count the canon one, which is painfully necessary. And so now he's safe and I can breathe a bit easier, but I was so hoping he'd win, too, because he really deserves to go back and watch over the people he loves (cough), and he won't get that chance this year. I wonder -- have I asked this before? Are you going to show the winner's going back and doing the ghost thing, or are you ending the Duel with the winner? You'll probably off and show the end bit, now I'm thinking about it, but this is a stream of consciousness review if ever there was one.

I think capture the flag was still my favorite duel of the lot so far, but man, can you write Quidditch/Quidbumps! I am legitimately so impressed, and I loved the combination of the two here -- that just worked so, so well, and it's original while drawing on two already-canon sports and I am just seething at this. Everything happened so clearly in my mind: The sucking-ground-whatever (genius) and Cedric's determined Seeker expression (one moment, having fangirl feelings) and their dialogue was just so natural up in the air like that and ughhh. ♥ 'Ugh' being used here in the best sense.

AND COLIN. ♥ You seriously write the best Colin. These two lines:

Colin was excited, zipping around them all in curlicues and trying not to make himself go upside down.

Colin cheered while waving one hand in a fist of triumph, his too-large helmet askew over one sparkling eye.

THOSE ARE JUST SO HIM. /SO/ HIM. He's adorably endearing and I really just want to hug him, and thank you for keeping Snape and Cedric safe but now I fear for wee Colin. But I can't ask too much of you; you have preserved my men and it is a bountiful gift. :3 And still... spare the poor boy. I am giving you lots of endearing and pleading looks right now.

THIS WAS SUCH A GOOD CHAPTER. Haa, every two weeks. You make me smile. :) ♥ Fantastic job, as always!!

Author's Response: Yep, Cedric won't be dying this year!

lol watch me write a one-shot of next year's Devil's Duel and kill him off in that one. :3

I am going to be vague here and not answer your question about whether or not I'll show the winner's 24 hours. ~ ~ ~

Capture the Flag is still my favorite so far as well. I think that Round Four is catching up to that and will be my favorite, but that's a matter of personal taste. I like the setting of Round Four. It might confuse other people and they will wonder why I chose something like that, but oh well. :P

COLIN IS ADORABLE, HE CAN'T EVEN HELP IT. Let me tell you, he is the hardest person to write. I want to make him a 16 year old boy and show the maturity that comes with that, but there's this innocence he just can't shake, so it's a fine line.

Every two weeks, lol. You had to have known I wouldn't be able to go through with that. I have a hard enough time just waiting one week. ♥

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Review #20, by Anni 

12th July 2012:
Oooh, I loved it! Quite a brutal game. But I'm glad Tonks wasn't eliminated (she's my favourite) and I am glad James was, because if he lost in the last round and vanished for good then Lily would be alone and THAT CAN'T HAPPEN.
...I think it's quite obvious that James/Lily is my ultimate OTP...hehe...
Anyway, amazing chapter, amazing story, amazing everything! I loved it!
Can't wait for the next chapter, great job!! :D

Author's Response: Yayy! So glad to hear it! :D I think that my favorite thing about Quidditch is the risk involved, and pairing that with a brutal game like Shuntbumps makes for a pretty cutthroat Duel setting, I think. Oooh, Tonks is your favorite? That's lovely to hear. I have such a fondness for her character. :) And I could never off James because I feel like now that Lily has agreed to not enter the tournament anymore, he can finally have his wife back, and /really/ have her again.

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #21, by pennyardelle 

11th July 2012:
Hey, sorry, I had a busy few weeks and missed the last few chapters, but they were great! I like the character development, and the last chapter was really interesting.

Anyway, as for this one, I felt very much like Lily when Tonks eliminated James. THANK GOD, because it would have been really heartbreaking if it had come down to Tonks and James like I had worried. Phew.

Interesting that Colin and Crabbe are both still in it, when I thought they'd be out pretty early. I do have a feeling that a little bit of discontent is brewing among the residents of Cliodna's Clock, and with each competitor left, I can see how their "deaths" would fuel that discontent. Well, maybe not Crabbe, but I'm sure you could convince me of it, if it came down to that. :P It would be particularly sad if Colin lost, I think.

Another very interesting setting, by the way! Can't wait to see what comes next. :D

Author's Response: Hi, Penny!

I have this separation of chapters in my mind when I distinguish them - there are the duel chapters, which is pretty much solid action, and then there's the quiet respite between them (three chapters between each round), revolving largely around character development. I have such a large cast of characters that I feel like I need these three interim chapters, so that I can show what their life is like, and I always hope it doesn't seem tedious to readers.

Several people were relieved that James was eliminated! He seems like such a genuinely good person that it would be a shame for him to perish, and I've been wanting all along for Tonks to be the one to spare his life. I'm using this as a way to try to heal some of the awkwardness/tension between Tonks and Remus and James, Sirius, and Lily. Because of Tonks's gift, and her mercy, Lily cannot possibly have room to resent her, and Tonks knows it. And this is two birds with one stone, because as far as Tonks is concerned, now she thinks she doesn't have to worry about competing against Lily in future Devil's Duels'.

Colin and Crabbe are still hanging on, I think, because they don't seem like threats. People are concentrating on everyone else but them, thereby letting the pair of them skate by under the radar. I think Colin is more bewildered than anyone that he's still in the duel.

Discontent, you say? I shall remain quiet on that subject. :3

So pleased you liked the setting! Quidditch (or Quidbumps, in this case) has always been a weak spot for me, so I rarely write the sport in much detail, and really wanted to challenge myself here and tackle that.

Thank you, as always, for reading and for your lovely reviews! :)

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Review #22, by Rumbleroar goes roar 

11th July 2012:
Such an exciting chapter! I am constantly blown away by your amazing ideas for different rounds! The Quidditch/Shuntbumps thing was amazing!
Aha! I knew Colin would be the one to get the Snidget :P And yey James! I am so glad he's safe! *squishes him* He kind of didn't really want to be there anyway. And I'm so glad Lily said "All right" to Tonks at the end there. Yes, Lily don't do it again :(
I think at this point I really want Tonks to win. I love her so much. I'm starting to think though that Fred and Tonks are going to be the ones left at the end, which would be really mean! :P
I really hope we're going to see more interaction with Tonks and Remus with Lily, James and Sirius too, away from the competition. Still feel like there's a few things left unsaid there. And Snape! We need for him to see poor Lily!
Ah so excited to see what happens next!

Author's Response: *gives a cheer* Yay! So glad you liked it! This round was a bit different from the previous two, being up in the air and having less room for clever mind-tricks and such.

You knew Colin would catch the Snidget? XD Baha, he does seem the type, doesn't he? I did that to emphasize Colin being wrong about something he said a while ago, about how he doesn't have the sort of luck that Orla has, and things don't just magically happen for him. But he's wrong, because they do. :)

I really, really wanted to knock James out because you're right, he didn't really want to be there. He only jumped in because Lily and Snape did, and it would be cruel for someone who wasn't 100% invested in winning the Duel to lose. Whoever loses must have an invested interest in the stakes. It's only fair.

Tonks is getting a lot of support at this point! I'm rooting for them all, really. XD Ahh, I must clarify that it can't be Fred and Tonks head to head in Round Five, however, because they originated on the same team. The last two people, the ones in Round Five, must be one member from Victus and one member from Mortuus. So no Colin vs. Crabbe or Fred vs. Tonks in Round five - that's actually Round Four.

There are definitely a lot of loose ends - but no worries, I promise that by the end of the story, I will have tied most of them in one way or another. ;)

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #23, by Celeste 

11th July 2012:

Lily is safe, Snape is safe, James is safe. I could hug you right now, Sarah! LOOK AT WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO ME. Also, Crabbe is a huge, huge, huge moron for not taking out Fred. If Fred was safe too, my life would be made. While I'd feel bad if Colin died, I'm still siding with Tonks.

As for Tonks v Fred, that would be most evil an outcome. Like I dunno if I want to read that just because we already lost both of those characters in DH and I don't particularly want to go through losing them again. But the new rage Fred seems to have against Tonks might indicate as much.

Also, Tonks is not just smart for taking out James, but also benevolent. I mean, he obviously poses the greater threat between him and Crabbe - his an Auror. Crabbe's mostly an idiot. But at least it's no longer any weird Remus/Lily tension where they're worrying about who to root for. And as far as I'm concerned, at least Lily got to see Harry a few times, even if James never did.

I'm wondering why Tonks elicited that promise from Lily. Probably because she's sick of Lily having entered and killed and won so many times. Now that we're done with this duel, I'm guessing you'll have like 2 chapters of life in Cliodna's Clock before you resume the duels. Eeep, I really want to know more about Cliodna and the founders of this place. But also, I'm curious to see the Founders pop back up and I also want to see Merope (as I mentioned way back). So glad you didn't turn this into some kind of a James/Lily/Snape thing as well.


Author's Response: CELESSSTE. ♥ I had a feeling you would be glad that I spared James. :3

Also, YES, CRABBE IS SO DUMB. I mean, Cedric is smart and I wouldn't want him as an opponent, either, but Fred's also pretty brilliant and Tonks is a friggin /Auror/. I think Crabbe saw Cedric as a worse threat because he'd seen him in action in the Triwizard Tournament, whereas he didn't know very much about Fred and Tonks.

Something I like about Tonks here is that she has a situation similar to Lily's, but her approach is completely different. Sparing James effectively kills two birds with one stone: James is no longer her competition and she doesn't have to worry about any of that tension between Remus, Lily, James, Sirius, and herself because they don't know who to root for, and it also means that Lily is in her debt. She's given Lily a new appreciation for life, I think. And now that Tonks made her promise that, Tonks can go on to enter future Devil's Duels if she so wishes and not have to worry about battling the grand champion again. Or (and this is more likely) maybe Tonks just wanted Lily to stop putting her life at risk, putting James through hell and making it less and less likely that she would ever be reunited with her son.

There are three chapters between duels. :D I can promise that you will see more about the Founders.

Thank you for reading and reviewing, Celeste!! You are awesome.

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Review #24, by Jess the Enthusiast 

11th July 2012:
THANK GOD JAMES IS SAFE!!! Except now, I'm more certain than ever that Tonks is a goner; I don't know why, this whole time I've been betting on Tonks or James being the one that loses in the final round. But enough about that, AMAZING CHAPTER! I'm always so excited for the rounds; I always can't wait to see what you've come up with next. And this round did not disappoint! It was funny how the Quidditch players - the people I thought were going to have an advantage - were not the ones that won. In fact, Tonks, possibly the most uncoordinated person both alive and dead, beat some of Hogwarts' finest players! I thought that was great, haha. And I'm not only glad that Tonks saved James, but that she saved Lily; you have no idea how much I've been worrying about her soul! Now I'm left to worry about Tonks, Fred, and Colin. And I'm crossing my fingers!
So wonderful chapter, as usual! I'm so excited for the next update!


~Jess :D

Author's Response: Hi, Jess! So glad you liked this chapter! I'm always excited to post Duel chapters; I feel like I advertised a lot of action with the summary and banner but ended up chucking quieter character-development chapters at you, so it's nice to present some action to make up for all of that.

I love that none of the Quidditch players won, because I didn't even really think about that after everything was said and done. Tonks, for all of her disadvantages in coordination, came out on top because of her other advantages, and Crabbe won because he can allow himself to be more ruthless than the others.

Tonks really, really did save Lily. I only hope that Lily comes to realize just how much Tonks did for her.

Thank you for reading and reviewing!!

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Review #25, by WitnesstoitAll 

11th July 2012:

I love the balance you've achieved with this fic... between the intense, edge of your seat action and the interim chapter full of the characters we love in their day to day lives. And as much as I love all the character development in the quiet chapters, I really do live for these action-packed ones. I am nervous from the very moment I click the link until the chapter is over, because I know how intense it will be, how one of the cast will die at the end, how clever and crafty and surprising each round has been so far.

And this round was no different. I LOVED the quidbumps game. It was like gladiatorial quidditch and the concept was so horrifying that it was thrilling. It was nice to see Fred and Cedric in their element, quidditch stars that they were. And James' reluctance to throw boys from their broomsticks. I was very moved thinking about it, because really, Fred is only months younger than he is. Colin was sort of sad and hilarious and entertaining all at the same time trying to control his broom. lolol. It was a great glimpse of Crabbe's character too, his drive to only attack those smaller and weaker than him. What a bully.

And sarah. Now I need to say something very, very serious. YOU NEARLY BROUGHT ME TO LEGITIMATE WET AND SALTY TEARS. YOU WOULD HAVE HAD TO CALL ME CROCODILE. That bit about Fred's bitterness at Tonks, for looking like george, for making him feel the grief that he had been compartamentalizing for so long was like a knife through my heart. creyyy. I think I am just too close to the weasley twins. Fred's death is the one that I have still not forgiven JKR for. I know that what everyone says is true, that in a family that big, that involved in the war it'd be unlikely for them all to come out unscathed ... but why fred? D: this line, I found especially moving:

George now walked in and out of Fredís dreams, trying to speak to him in blurred language Fred didnít always understand. I canít manage the shop without you. Ginnyís in danger. Ronís in danger.

Because I think of my george and where he is emotionally write now and lsdjfaowiejf omg. And then tonks looking like Molly as she plumets to the ground so that Fred is obliged to soften her fall -- I love tonks, I do, and I admire her for her tenacity and cunning and willingness to use her talents to her benefit, but crey. LEAVE POOR FRED'S HEART ALONE.

And then of course the ending... I'm sort of nonplussed by Cedric's dismissal except for the fact that now it's down to Tonks and Fred. AND THAT IS CRUEL. VERY CRUEL. And as for Tonks eliminating James for Lily's promis to never again enter the tournament, asldkfjaoweifjwe what a bamf move. And now it's just poor Colin and Crabbe. It may be terrible, but I have no idea which of them I'd rather see in the final round... if it's crabbe, then I wont' miss him if he's snuffed out... but if it's crabbe and he wins, I just couldn't stand that.

My poor heart. This story is going to kill me.

Author's Response: HI. ♥

The duels are my favorite chapters, I think, even though I always put them off the most. I will sit and plot them half to death but not begin writing them for ages, it's ridiculous. It feels like they're what stands out the most for readers, and the most important parts that everyone already sees coming, so it puts a bit of pressure on me to make them try to meet those expectations. Which I don't mind, honestly, because I tend to do better when under pressure.

Gladiatorial Quidditch! That is a perfect way of putting it. Omg, though, the reason why I made Quidbumps is because timelines in the history of Quidditch were giving me a HEADACHE. Like, Snidgets were banned before Quidditch even became really popular and had all of the rules grounded and such, and before there were many teams. But I wanted to use a Snidget, so there was much groaning. Then I wanted to write about Shuntbumps but it was too simple a concept and I wanted that Snidget. Thus, Quidbumps was born. :P

I FEEL SO BAD FOR FRED. I felt compelled to add that in there because some readers have been wondering why I never show Fred brooding over George. I honestly just can't stand to show Fred angsting like that, and I'm going to explain that in much more depth in a future chapter. But I feel like for all of Fred's strength, he would still have these issues even if he tried to downplay them. So I showed a glimpse of that here. SO SORREH YOU WERE UPSET, BUT ALSO HAPPY BECAUSE ~FEELS~. FEELS ARE GOOD.

Honest to goodness, I kept Cedric alive because I know that Rachel would murder me otherwise.

Fred vs. Tonks and Colin vs. Crabbe... *voodoo fingers*


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