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Review #1, by TheHeirOfSlytherin 

11th February 2013:
I figured it out - Ginny, Hermione, Rose, Esme, Neville, now Harry; you just want me to cry. ;)

It's working. War is just... Gah, it's bigger and stronger and scarier than either of Voldemort's wars. I just want to hide in a corner and hug these characters because I have no idea what's going to happen next and who's going die in the next chapters. But I still just love the mystery and the suspense.

I am so hoping that Harry is not dead. That it missed or he gets a choice again. And he chooses to come back. Will he see Ginny again??? *needs to read*

I've loved this chapter!


Author's Response: Ugh. I really, really don't mean to keep making you cry.

I think one of the big differences between this war and the one in Deathly Hallows is that the reader is constantly in the middle of the action. Since DH was mostly told through Harry's point of view, and he spent so much time running around, ticking off bits of Voldemort's soul, the reader wasn't constantly immersed in the fighting.

Remember waayyy back in the prologue, when Harry visits King's Cross? Well, he's about to go back.

I'm really glad you loved it. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #2, by shadowcat2 

14th August 2012:
Poor Scorpius. I really hope Rose gets well soon. I am really worried about Octavia too. Let's see what happens in the next chapter.

Author's Response: Rose will eventually get better, but it will be a long, difficult journey.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #3, by CloakAuror9 

29th July 2012:
What is this?! No, Dan! What the heck -You just can't leave us with a cliffhanger like that. Oh My Gosh. You know I was planning on reviewing the next chapter tomorrow, but you think I can wait that long? Hell no.

The whole 'stone, parchment, wand' twist was really nice. And the fact that harry knew exactly what Hermione was going too choose was a bit mind-blowing. (To me anyways.)

Hermione can be really almost as frustrating as Harry in a sense, can't she? I get the whole fight and all, but it just...ugh, frustrated me so much. But the kiss scene was just absolutely sweet! It remind me a lot of their first kiss in DHp2!

Speaking of kisses, Rose/Scorpius cameo-ish moment there! I nearly died, Dan. It was just so sweet and they weren't even kissing. Dan, you must write more stories that have romance in them. Fluff! I seriously think you'll do well in them.

And Astoria, man she gave me the chills. She's so cold and just scary, she reminds me a lot of my other aunty who is just like her. But yeah, I like the fact that you didn't make her the super-kind Astoria other authors portray her as. Not that I don't mind or anything, but I just...I don't know, its just a bit 'out there'.

Harry's revelation was a bit of a shocker to me, but I processed it all fine. I never thought Herodonthus would want to live again, but it all makes sense anyway. Plus, he's been playing such a big role in the story, I suppose he's got to have his share. :P

Arabela, I don't even know what the hell you're going to do with her. Give her a chance or kill her off? I think she needs to be killed, I mean the things she wants to do...even if she's given another chance in life, who says she won't do something like this again? I'm imagining three scenes in which she finally gets killed. 1) Draco's curse. 2) Percy shows some Gryffindor spirit and kills her with the sword. 3) She gets Avada Kedavra-ed or something. Meh. In all honesty, I don't really care, I just want her to die (I'm so mean).

At this point, I don't know whether Harry will die or not. Maybe he'll have that King Cross station moment again, and this time...he'll be with Ginny, not Dumbledore. I don't know. I also have a sick feeling that someone will get killed. Perhaps one of the trio, but whoever it is...I'm getting a towel ready each time before I read you story to wipe my tears up. :P

This is a bit of a short chapter, or maybe it's just me. Either way, the suspense was awesome. The cliffhanger wasn't though. But lucky for me, chapter 38 is just a click away! Muahahahha. I am so pumped to reading it. I should really end this review right now.

You're so awesome, it hurts,
Izzy xx

Author's Response: Hello, dear!

Apologies, but I have left you in a bit of a quandary, haven't I? Read on or be left wondering. Why am I such an evil guy? ^_^

I'm relieved that you liked stone, parchment, wand. I needed some way to keep Hermione outside of the cave for just a bit longer, but I *knew* that she wasn't going to stay willingly. Not after all she's been through. She is stubborn that way, although I think it makes some sense when you think about what's at stake here.

Whew! I was afraid that the section in the middle with Rose, Scorpius and Astoria was going to come off a lot more like what it really is: filler. Without it, the chapter was *so* short. So I thought I'd throw in just a peek at what was happening back at the Burrow and how the Malfoys are coping with not knowing where Draco and the others are.

Harry finally puts the last piece together. Arabela, while still pretty much an awful person, is also being manipulated and has been all along. The ancient, dark sorcerer inside the book wants to return to the mortal world. And he's found the perfect tool to do his work for him.

Well, you'll know very soon what becomes of Arabela. It's certainly tempting to let her live, since she is, in a certain way, also a victim here. But she's also done a lot of terrible, ghastly things. Hard to decide...

Wow. You have no idea how good your guess was. You'll know soon, though...

Thanks so much for reading and sharing all of your thoughts and reactions and ideas with me! I love seeing the story through your eyes. It's inspiring! -Dan

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Review #4, by Pixileanin 

23rd July 2012:
Why am I nervous about reading this chapter? Could it be because you might kill off yet another beloved character? Could it be because you have no qualms about ripping the hearts out of your characters and leaving them to bleed to death on the field of battle? No, No. That can't be it. YOU would never do anything like that...

Oh, of course you would. (Latent emotional reaction to your story is over now.) I'll shut up and read.

I'd really like to throttle Hermione. They're in a time-sensitive and potentially life-threatening position and she's arguing over who is going to stay behind and work on the spells. It makes sense in a way that she would have some pent up frustrations over what had recently happened to her, but she is obviously the one who has to stay behind. And what do the men do to convince her of it? Rock, paper, scissors?? Seriously. How do you come up with this stuff?? Funny AND unexpected!

I am continuously amazed by the appearance of your NextGen characterizations. They are simply a grand contrast to... everything else in the story, almost like you are trying to write two different stories in one. I think I've said it before, but the whole mood changes when they come on the scene. It's interesting how Scorpius is struggling with his feelings about his father here, and still craves the attention he never fully got from him. It's nice that you have him stil caring about his father's safety, even if it's roundabout and indirect.

I love how you put a twist on the end of this chapter, by having Harry toss the "ratty old thing" to Percy and giving him some fuel to possibly break through the hold that Arabella has on him.

And then whaaa...? Cliffhanger?? Seriously? You're going to MAKE me read the next chapter, aren't you?

Author's Response: Ha! I'm going to make you read *every* chapter, dear! Muahahahaha...

Like always, I'm pleased that the story evokes such an emotional reaction and somewhat frightened by what that reaction is. ;) I used to think it would be neat to meet a large group of my readers face-to-face. Now I think that you all might bring torches and pitchforks...

Hermione is more than a little stubborn here, but I think you also have to look at things from her point of view. She's been almost killed, paralyzed, possessed by the ancient spirit of a dark wizard and almost killed again, all to try to save Octavia. She's not really in the mood to stay behind... I'm glad you like the little game of "ro-sham-bo". It was the best thing I could think of to settle the dispute.

I struggle a bit with how to manage the Next Gen characters at times. Part of me would have loved to have them blossom into these amazing fighters who assume their rightful place beside their parents, but I don't that that would have been at all realistic. That's just not the life they've led. They're sheltered kids, somewhat by necessity due to the fame of their parents. Scorpius craves the "normal" family life that he saw with Al's family.

Arabela doesn't understand what Harry tossed to Percy or what he was trying to accomplish, which is good. Otherwise, she might have tried to stop him. ;)

So here we are again. Will she read the next chapter? What will she say? Tune in next time...

Thanks so much for all of your lovely, thoughtful reviews!

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Review #5, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

16th July 2012:
If Harry believed that the hat would work for him then it had to be true. Hopefully the sword would be enough to save them from the darkness that awaited.

^ Everything is starting to feel so final. I have mixed emotions right now. I don't want the story to end so I donít want to read on. That's why I've been putting off reading the chapters and yet I want the story to end because I want to know what happens. If I cry again, don't judge me.

because I'm a woman

^ Of all the times to use that line she leaves it for the last possible moment.

Stone, parchment, wand.

^ Haha!

She fixed him with a stare that made him feel rather small.

Why are you toying with me! I understand that we can't have everything lay out very quickly but as horrible as it sounds I don't want to hear about Scorpius and company! Haha! I honestly do like the portion though, it is a nice break from what's to come. I keep imagining his mother and I just see this woman there, not really paying attention to Scorpius, worried but more focused on Rose. It's like...Astoria is just there. It's hard to explain. I see this image that you see in movies a lot with the older woman by the mans beside, holding his hand and her head hung slightly and she's able to cast a glance to the person that comes into the room and she says something to them and her words...

They speak utter doom.

Harry smiled grimly to himself when he noticed that Draco was suddenly sticking much closer as they walked.

I love your characterization of Draco. I still see that small bit of cowardice in him. He actually takes the role of comic relief for me with his actions and his words.

NO! How could you stop there! Dan! You bully!

What!!! I'm trying to wrap my head around this. So, it's not going to work because essentially if she does the transfer then Arabela would be gone. Though, Arabela is already gone, isn't she? The person we met...was that the 'real' Arabela or just a woman that has become too consumed by the book that maybe that's not her personality at all.

I think Octavia will be saved but someone will have to die. I won't forget Hermione out there. I think she will pop in and help out in a major way, hopefully. I doubt she'd just stand out there, just like she said. I think what Harry just did, throwing the hat at Percy and telling him the truth is going to break the hold that Arabela has on him. Will it save Harry?


Or maybe since she's focused on him it'll give Percy the moment he needs, that one free second to kill her or do something because he does have the heart of a Gryffindor.

I can't wait for the next chapter! I'm so excited!

Author's Response: Hello, dear! Toy with your emotions? Leave you hanging? Who, me? I'd never do such a thing. ;)

The end is very near. Only four more chapters to go after this one, and two of those will be very short. I have really mixed feelings, myself. On the one hand, this has been such a big part of my life for the past year. It's going to be odd not waking up and thinking about where to take the plot next. I'll miss that. On the other hand, I won't miss the stress of trying to grind through the tough parts and especially the pressure I'm feeling right now not to mess anything up this close to the end.

Hermione has been on a real roller coaster ride in this story, hasn't she? Getting paralyzed while fighting off an attack on the Ministry. Dealing with old psychological scars. Dabbling in dark magic to heal herself. Throwing off the possession of an 800-year-old dark wizard trapped in a book. How is this sexist, Deeds? How? ;) Joking. I know what you mean. But I think the same rationale applies here. Not fully able to walk = not fully able to fight.

OK, so you caught me. The section with Scorpius, Al and Astoria was mostly filler. Without it, the chapter would have been around 3,000 words, which felt way to short for me. So my beta reader -- you know, the charming dear that everyone agreed with back when she said, 'Don't kill Neville!' -- suggested that I add something that explained what was happening with Scorpius back at the Burrow. After all, his wife is badly injured and his daughter is missing. Jami independently came up with the same idea. Who was I to argue with such overwhelming consensus?

Yes, Scorpius is definitely something of a man-child in this scene. All I really meant to convey by the way that Astoria ignores him is that she knows him well enough to know that he's spoiling for some sort of confrontation to take his mind off of his worries and she's not going to oblige him because she has plenty of worries of her own. I've really done my best to try to portray the Malfoys as a family. Stilted, dysfunctional and often at odds with one another, but a family nonetheless.

It's strange to me. I can slide Draco back and forth between being a "serious" character and acting as comic relief and it all feels fairly seamless. That's part of the reason why I like him.

So the duality of Arabela's situation is exactly what I'm struggling with as I try to decide how to end the story, by the way. Is she already too far gone? Is there even a tiny hope that she could be redeemed in some way? Honestly, I'd love to know your opinion, because I have to decide pretty soon.

I like all of your theories. One or more of them just might be correct. The hat... well, you'll find out what that's all about in Chapter 39...

Thanks so much for being such a great and enthusiastic reader, reviewer and friend. The closer I get to the end, the more it means to me.

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Review #6, by Lilly Luna 

12th July 2012:
Now that was just cruel... Ending it like that. Sigh. Love it none the less! Like always, i love the chapter!

Author's Response: Aww, I don't mean to be cruel, but I have to keep you coming back somehow. ;)

I'm glad you liked it, though.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #7, by Roots in Water 

11th July 2012:
It's Roots in Water here with your review!

Oh. My. Gosh! What a cliff hanger! And then with your author's note right after... Usually, at this point in a book, I would be hurriedly trying to reach the end so that I could find out what happens but, since the end has not yet been posted, I can't do that just yet.

If you couldn't tell from the previous paragraph, you did a fabulous job writing this chapter. It had a very fast pace, perfectly building the suspense for its dramatic conclusion.

As well, I absolutely adored the small section where you had them play the magical version of "Rock, Paper, Scissors" in order for Hermione to stay outside of the cave. From the way Ron immediately suggested it when they were having problems convincing her to stay outside, I thought that something was up - they wouldn't have left something like that up to chance. I liked how they included Draco to back them up - it was a moment of childishness in the midst of a very serious event. Furthermore, I liked your logic about Hermione's choice - it's too bad that her logical beliefs are what made her predictable and kept her from personally rescuing her family (at least to begin with).

Things certainly seem grave for Harry and crew but I have three theories about how they will be saved (for I do hope that they will all make it out of this alive). First of all, Hermione will come in and kill/capture Lady Tenabra, since I doubt that she will remain outside for the full ten minutes - I don't think that she can resist the idea that her loved ones are in danger and she can save them. Idea number two is that Percy will snap out of Lady Tenabra's control and either dive in front of the spell (which I'm not fond of - I do hope that he will make it out of this alive so that he can resolve his problems with his family) or do something else to stop the spell. Idea number three is that the lethal spell Draco cast on Lady Tenabra will prevent her from casting the spell with the necessary power. I just don't think that you would actually kill Harry... Not now.

As well, I really liked the scene you included about Scorpius. His love for Rose was very evident as well as his mother's strength. I'm glad that Astoria has such faith in Draco, though I can certainly understand why Scorpius was irritated at him for disappearing. It's in situations like these that you just wish that you could reveal the information you know about the other characters, that Draco had, in fact, gone off to save his family and not disappeared because he was afraid.

All in all, you're doing an absolutely brilliant job of bringing this story to a close and I can't wait to read the next chapter, especially after the tense moment you finished the chapter with here! Hopefully it won't take you too long to write it. Thanks once again for requesting!

Author's Response: Hello, again!

So I was planning on waiting a few more days before dropping Chapter 38 into the queue. I've been writing it in bits and pieces for a couple of months because the subject matter is... well, it's heavy. I couldn't write it all at once. Too hard. But now that you, Rosie and Jami are all caught up, I may just drop it into the queue tomorrow. I might actually finish this story before my one year "archives birthday" on July 26 after all.

This chapter was one of the shortest in the entire story, but I felt like the chapter before it and the next chapter both need to stand on their own, so it had to be short.

Poor Hermione. Sometimes, she's just a victim of her own intensely logical mind. Ron and Harry will definitely apologize if they ever get up the courage to admit what they did. ;)

You are right, but not for any of the three reasons that you guessed. They're all interesting possibilities, but the key lies in a choice that Arabela made just before she cast the killing curse. She was doomed to fail before the words even left her lips.

The scene with Scorpius wasn't part of the original draft of this chapter. It just felt way, way too short without it. When I was trying to decide what to do, Jami and my beta reader sophie both came up with the idea independently of one another, so that was more than good enough for me. Great minds, you know...

I'm so thrilled that I've been able to keep you coming back for so long and that you still find the story interesting. The end draws ever closer. Thank you so much for all of your amazing reviews...

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Review #8, by Remus 

11th July 2012:
Left my project halfway done just to so I could come finish this!

Draco joins the trio in a world-saving adventure. You have no idea how happy you've made me! I love how Harry is able to detect magic just like Dumbledore did. Nice touch.

The line where Scorpius thinks 'that using his fists must have been the Weasley side coming through.' had me laughing. Astoria here is my real hero. She's a very strong woman that knows when not to interfere with her husband's decisions. Also, she doesn't let her emotions rule her. She strikes me as a cold and calculating woman, which is just what Draco needs in a wife.

Poor Hermione, in a way Ron and Hermione tricked her into staying.

Yay! Ron attacks Arabella! I'm glad that it was him who decided to stop waiting around for the right moment to attack. Its his granddaughter who is in danger. Flesh of his flesh. I'm surprised that Draco didn't follow suite.

Eek! You killed Harry! Which I suppose it takes up back to the beginning of the story? Maybe? I'm hopeful here! Hahahaha! You could continue with just Ron and Draco. What a strange pair they would make.

Did you plan this all along? The book being the source of all evil, of the dark wizard wanting to come back to life and using Arabela...or did you come up with the idea on the spot? Either way, it was a great idea!

Ugh...now I'm caught up again! And I have to wait!

Sorry if the review is short but I'm at work and I've been putting off my rather big project long enough now. Ooops...!

Until next time! :D


Author's Response: Back to back! You're too nice to me, seriously! But don't stop, though. ;)

Well, I'm very glad that I could give you the Trio + Draco moment you've been wanting. It's an idea that I've had since a very early draft of the story and one of the things that pleased me the most about the last chapter was that I was able to set it up in a fairly realistic way.

Harry has become a very powerful wizard in many ways, including his ability to sense wards and magical protections. One theory I've seen in a number of fics that I really like is the idea that not everything Voldemort shared with Harry was lost when the horcrux was destroyed. While Harry can no longer speak to snakes, he was able to retain some of Voldemort's lesser abilities, since the Dark Lord "[marked] him as his equal". It's how I think of things, anyway.

Scorpius's scene wasn't part of the original draft of this chapter, but it was just way too short without something else. Overall, I was pleased with how it turned out. I wanted to give everyone an idea of what was going on back at the Burrow while the Trio + Draco went off to face Lady Tenabra in the cave. The moment between Astoria and Scorpius just sort of happened, I guess you'd say.

Ha. Hermione is just too logical for her own good. But really, think about it. How can paper hurt rock?

Ron has been at the end of his rope with Lady Tenabra for a long time, he's just had other, more pressing matters to deal with. Given his shot at her, he wasn't about to hold back.

I haven't killed Harry. At least not yet. You'll see what happens in Chapter 38, and I think you'll like it, based on your reaction to the last chapter.

Now that you and Roots and Jami and a few others are caught up, I'm starting to get itchy to get Chapter 38 in the queue. I really need to plow through the rest of Chapter 39 tonight.

Thanks, as always, for all of your awesome reviews!

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Review #9, by scottieclark 

11th July 2012:
Keep up the great work!

Author's Response: Hi, there!

So you have 1 posted review and your "archives birthday" is today. It would be the height of arrogance to believe that you created an account just to leave this review, but if you did, may I tell you that it makes me giddy with happiness?

Thanks so much for reading and taking a moment to review!

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Review #10, by Jchrissy 

9th July 2012:
Iím here, Iím here! Finally! Okay, letís play :D!

I love Ronís thoughts pertaining to Harryís state of mine. I think his thoughts are so true and make a lot of sense. Heís finally started to open up to his friends, but like Ron points out, that was one conversation after years of pain. We know from JKR that Harry hides things. How many times did he hide his scar hurting? He thinks itís best to protect the ones he loves by keeping certain darkness from them, and forget they love him so much that they do actually want to be apart of it all, and help him through it. Anyway, you have yet again really showed us the amazing man Ron turned out to be. His perceptive side and loyal friendship are both very true, and I am so happy at the amazing job you have done with keeping him from sidekick zone.

Dracoís line about them all being deluded. Oh my gosh. So one of my sister, Charli, is famous for saying, ďWhat? Are you delusional or something?Ē And for some reason Dracoís line really reminded me of that, so now he said it in the same snotty voice my sister would (only deeper) and it was great. I like the bit of comic relief you use him for, while still making him a detrimental part of this story. I wonder how he is handling witnessing the emotional scene of last chapter? That couldnít have been comfortable?

You and your beta did an amazing job bringing out more of Hermione. Really, Harry is so dead on with Hermioneís mind being too logical to pick parchment. The mix of drama, build up, anxiety, with those little bits of humor are quickly brining this to one of my favorite chapters. But I think Iíve said at least ten are my favorite.. soo.

Scorpiusís section: Brilliant. Perfect. Touching, painful, but amazing. I love the parts of his and Astoriaís relationship you showed us. I love his unwavering love for his wife, and that his emotions are so stretched. How could you not be on edge at a time like this? His daughter is missing, his wife is traumatized to say the least, and Astoria is there right when he needs her. Itís perfect.

Astoriaís reminder that he is still needed by his family is also an amazing addition. I think a person like Scorpius would need to be needed, so I really believe that went a long way in helping to define his character.

And now, we are back at the cave. Octavia. Sheís great. I want to hug her. She has the complete bluntness of a child, and is so much braver than most adults would be.

Harryís words about the book being a trap really seemed to affect Lady T temporarily. I almost thought she was seeing the sane side of things. Now Iím begining to wonder if it is all this book, and Arabela just happened to be the power hungry vessel it took over? Maybe she had a desire to control, but never would have acted on it until the book? She seems so cruel though, itís hard to image in her a real person and not a calculating, terrifying monster.

You gave us so much more information about this book, or at least reminded us what to look at. Iím so curious as to how you invented it? How you came up with the idea of it? I may have to take another trip over to your MTA.

And here we are again, with Harry dead. Roarrr. We both know you wouldnít actually kill Harry, so how will he survive? What changed? hmmm...

What is the hat going to do? Where does it come in? Does Harryís confession of Lady T being the actual one that killed Edwin Stoop bring him back to reality?

Ahh! So many questions, Dan! This was an amazing chapter that just made me want more, more, more! You, like always, have harnessed the skill of writing and truly made it your own. Amazing job, darling!!!

Author's Response: Yay! Yay! Let's play...

You're correct, Ron is very in tune with Harry's emotional state because, well, after the last chapter I think it's pretty apparent that he'd be gambling with everyone's lives if he wasn't. I'm really glad you like my attempts to pull Ron out of the Second Banana Zone.

Your sister sounds like she'd make a good Malfoy. ;)

When you know somebody for a long, long time, there are ups and downs. Ron and Harry are able to pin Hermione's approach to a simple children's game pretty easily. I'm sure she'll be mad at them if they ever tell her how.

Poor Scorpius. He's sort of a big, overgrown kid, and now he's at risk of losing two pseudo-parent-figures (Draco and Rose). He's stretched really thin, but he still knows what his responsibilities are. I'm glad you liked his dynamic with Astoria. I felt like I struggled just a bit with that one.

Interesting that you picked up on that, because I felt like it gave Lady Tenabra just a moment of pause, as well. Do you think maybe, just maybe, there's the tiniest bit of hope for her? ;)

You are always welcome at my MTA!

So, yes, Harry's dead again. Presumably, anyway...

There are lots of questions, but you're going to get your answers soon because I'm running out of chapters. Thanks for being such a wonderful, loyal, patient and enthusiastic reader. And thanks for not joining Alyssa and Izzy's Pitchfork Brigade!

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Review #11, by Em 

8th July 2012:
Oh Harry. You're on your way to reuniting with Ginny, if not permanently then at least for a little while.

I'm at the edge of my seat. Arabela needs to die, and it would be wonderful if Percy did the honors.

Excellent chapter, as always =)

Author's Response: Hello, again!

It does look grim for Harry at this point. That said, you might be onto something with this idea of him meeting up with Ginny. You'll have to wait for the next chapter!

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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