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Review #1, by MissMoneypenny 

26th December 2014:
hello! i've been completely entranced reading up to this point to the extent i didn't want to pause to leave a review, but i've come to a natural break now. excuse me if i'm - er - slightly incoherent. that tends to happens sometimes.
1. i TOTALLY called the james and bea thing, and was pretty chuffed when she admitted it to Drunk Scorpius (the best kind of scorpius, lbr.) i think they'd actually make a pretty good couple, to be honest.
2. i'm so thrilled bea's started "noticing things". i was beginning to lose hope for the poor love, really - despite james, her and scorpius were always kind of endgame, even with vixen mcsexylegs around. ja feel?
... sorry, i'm not really sure where that came from.
3. I'M SO GLAD THE LINE ABOUT BREAKING HOGWARTS MADE IT IN! distracted me from the sadness and Crying Bea, of all things. Crying Bea was nice though - expanded her character, although that's probably not the best way to put it.
4. all the characters have been so well-developed - fred, albus (sidenote: ALBUS. MY LOVE. MY LIGHT. i hope heís not broken). oh, and anjali, obviously; those characters that can do the whole impassive-not-show-emotion-smirk thing have always got on my nerves slightly, but anjaliís backstory is just so well developed you canít really argue with it. also, as long as bea and scorpius end up together, iím fine with her.
5. just in general, this is a really great. thereís so many quotes that have made me laugh out loud, so many wonderful characters, such amazing world building. anyway, i apologise for such a crummy review, but i just wanted let you know how much i love this story (and your writing in general!)
lucy xox

Author's Response: This is the fic where I love everyone and Hogwarts feels like home, so when readers love it, I feel like fangirling with them despite having, well, written it.

I love the way Bea and Scorpius's relationships work out. I remember having trouble showing why they're drawn to each other. But when I figured Bea crushed on James, I saw how similar Scorpius is, how much she values that one person believing in her, how she's fond of silliness. And Scorpius is ever in love with minds. Anjali has got smart and sexy down pat, but he isn't attracted as much as in awe of her, as he is a bit in awe of Bea.

Anjali is very much like Clemence (since I know you just read etc!). I love that she's callous but correct, petty but not ungenerous, and she'll bite you if you dare pity her. I'll admit my fondness for emotionally stunted girls, being one 8D


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Review #2, by Aiedail 

27th January 2013:

gina i am literally almost crying this is such a shipperly story help HALP i NEED TO LEARN HOW TO CONTROL MY FEELS

ok not to lower the obviously high-brow tone but biscuits are not the answer when they come out of a boy's sleeve



omg when she goes back the room my creys SCORPIUS'S BOOKS AIUERHIAUWHERIEWUHR

take a break from castling. wizards have the best logic i swear

bea's confronting DRACO OMG dear sir i love your son but i almost killed him and broke the castle figuring it out, love, bea chang

more Things !!! !! I am excite~

p.s. check your tumblr messages ahem

♥ ♥ ♥

Author's Response: SO MANY THINGS I have turned you into a naval base what have I done.

hey. hey now. be careful with the biscuit sass.

c: ~
I took a page from Julia's journal of downtrodden and flooded the dams with the world's largest sad puddle.

YOU READ IT TOO FAST BUT I ALREADY TOLD YOU THAT it's just Anjali twirling her mustache.

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Review #3, by forsakenphoenix 

12th January 2013:
Oh...Gina! WHY DID YOU DO THAT? I want to cry. Poor Bea and her invention. She worked so hard and they were so close. It seems like such a bitter disappointment.

I love Scorpius's enthusiasm at the beginning, trying to show off and all that. My favorite part of this chapter was Bea's sudden realization about Scorpius and every minute detail, like how close he's standing, his breath, etc. Just...gah, it's that moment when you realize there are feelings involved and then that person...everything they do is magnified, you know?

Ugh, one thing I love about your writing is how realistic it is and how beautifully written everything is. One thing I like with the whole realistic thing is when Bea asked Fred about getting a job in accounting. I don't know. Like I said in the last chapter, Bea is sort of growing up and I like that she's realizing more about what she needs to do to secure a future for herself.

Your realism also gives me such a fantastic images in my head when I read each word and I love that I can picture the story while I'm reading. It's something special, that's for sure.

Plus, while this chapter was sad, there was still your usual humor, which I loved. Statue of Secrecy, lolol. And the whole "breaking Hogwarts" thing.

I'm curious to see what's in the future for Bea and Scorpius and pretty much...everything. Where do they go from this?

Author's Response: I HAD TOOO. Rules of fiction and all that :'D

Bea in a crush is the most adorable thing ever. She slinks around beet-red and anguishing. Best part: she always likes really hot unattainable men, like James, Teddy, and Xavier.

I finally started looking more toward the future with this chapter, because that's what I wanted to steer Capers in by the end. Starts out all fun and derpy and then kind of serious and derpy. This chapter is meant to serve as a sort-of end of an arc, so what happens next is really all about 'what now?' since what brought them all together in the beginning is gone. They're growing up so fast ;-;

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Review #4, by spreaddapoo93 

19th December 2012:
Ah! What just happened?!

Brilliant! Poor Bea... To have your own invention stripped from you... It's understandable, given how detrimental it may be to the rest of the students, but still... Heart-wrenching moment...

Brilliant~ (Looks like they really broke Hogwarts after all, no?) This is the ultimate peak of destruction accompanying any kind of caper! Ah, such unrivalled intensity...

Author's Response: I HAD TO :C much sadness, but as the end of my story arcs go, the beginnings always bring about hope, as your LSHFLSNAJBA I think expressed xD

I wanted to break Hogwarts at some point (for no reason other than 'oh that sounds cool' which explains more plot points than I am comfortable with), and that actually became the inspiration behind the side-effect of her invention, which fuels quite a lot of the conflict to come!

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Review #5, by PhoenixPulse 

27th August 2012:
Oh, Poor Bea! I can't believe it! She was so close, but now all her efforts are being taken from her. I can understand Flitwick of course, but still! The poor girl, Malfoy, practically everyone went through hell and high water for the invention. They barely escaped death! Oh, I can't wait to read what's next. Pardon for this review being shorter, but I'm eager to read what's next, and, well, this chapter left me lost for words. Lovely writing as always!

Author's Response: Such a mood swingy few chapters ;A; I couldn't have made it /so/ easy for it to work, and I think this is exactly what would happen when you're a 16 year old inventor with a penchant for setting eyebrows ablaze - but there is another 11 chapters to follow, so there is hope yet! She is lucky to have such good friends ♥

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Review #6, by patroni 

20th August 2012:
Ooh, T.S. Eliot in the chapter title! Yay.

Author's Response: Oh? I didn't know! xD

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Review #7, by ohsayitaintsox3 

9th August 2012:
I've finally caught up on the chapters and I must say that the story has become nothing short of brilliant. I'm gonna end up summarizing my thoughts on past chapters here, so I'll try to keep it short haha.

The character development is amazing. I reread from the beginning so I wouldn't miss anything and I could see the change from the first chapter. Everyone started off quite simply (Bea a quirky inventor, Scorpius a ruthless business man, etc etc). But I think it shows the amount of thought that went into your writing as you revealed their layers, bit by bit (Bea with her father and wanting to truly make something of herself, Scorpius trying to prove himself to his father as genuinely competent enough to take over, I'm sure you know). You make your characters real and I'm sure it's what gets everyone hooked to your writing.

I love that there's always something that stands out in each chapter. If it's not some explosion/break-in/something illegal happening, the characters bring the chapter to life. It's a never ending source of entertainment with the witty banter, silly traits, or the ambiguous-but-not-really-but-actually-so relationships between characters. (Along with Bea/Scorpius, I'm personally rooting for Fred/Anjali. I haven't figured out why, it's just inherent.)

And in terms of this chapter, I died inside along with Bea. So many emotions! I don't know what else to say. It's unnerving how you can make me feel so excited for the success of her invention to the surprised that it actually generated a reaction then to the shock that they literally broke Hogwarts and finally heartbroken at the demise of it all. And within a good ten minutes, give or take.

Overall, wonderful job with this story. I don't know what else I can say to convey that sentiment. Keep up the awesome work and can't wait for the next chapter :D

Author's Response: AHH this review totally made me flail all over. I always want to know what people think when they read from the beginning, because I'm a terrible updater, and sometimes I wonder if people catch some details. I always fret about the character development too, because I just hope people read far enough to see the different shades of the characters. They start out as these somewhat defined archetypes -- inventor, point man, businessman, femme fatale, sidekick, etc -- partly to deceive the reader until they read further, and partly because they believe that's all they are too, at times. Breakfast Club moment right there xD

I write a lot of the chapters like episodes. Capers in general, I like to say, is paced like a TV series (k-drama, to be precise). So I try to have things happen in each chapter, and they're even relatively themed. I feel so bad when I have these mid-chapter mood whiplashes though :'D, I've been doing them a lot lately. I feel like I duped everyone into an emotional rollercoaster they didn't sign up for xD where did all the crack go??

♥ eek, thank you so so much! this review's totally pushing my muse forward (currently being suffocated by homework)

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Review #8, by LittleRiddle 

3rd August 2012:
Fantasticalness of an epic degree. Write write write! I cant wait to read more!

Author's Response: Eee, I'm glad you enjoyed it! :3 I'm writing right now!

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Review #9, by anonymous ;) 

31st July 2012:
Great story! And by the way, is the girl on chapter image Victoria Song from f(x)?

Author's Response: Thanks! :) She is! And she is in most CIs. On occasion I use side-pictures of girls who look similar enough, like Juniel.

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Review #10, by Aderyn 

30th July 2012:
Hi Gina!

I'm here from the TGS review exchange, though I totally should have reviewed this chapter earlier...anyways.

I just reread this chapter, so that I could remember a few things from when I first read it, and what struck me was how cinematic it all was. I know you've said before that you see the story as if it were a TV show (or something) but again, that really came through. And what an ending to the second act this was. It definitely had a "season finale" sort of feel--one where you *can't wait* those few months to find out the aftermath. Luckily, this isn't a TV show, for that reason, but you get the point...

It seems like Bea has a little crush. "Those fanciful thoughts were crawling over the wall again. Ever since she started noticing things she couldn't stop noticing things." I definitely know the feeling she's talking about, where you didn't pay much attention to a guy before, and then suddenly, you seem to see them everywhere, all the time, because you suddenly started paying attention and as Bea said, noticing things. You've done a good job introducing a potential romance because at first, I really wasn't sure if I was just imagining things. But when Bea thought of how Scorpius reminded her of James, that was definitely more solid evidence (because Bea isn't exactly denying her little crush on James, even if she is denying something about Scorpius).

Even with all the drama, you definitely got in some very funny one liners. "Statue of Secrecy" made me smile, as did "inflammable" partially because I remember a Chemistry teacher once having that discussion with my class. It does seem rather counter-intuitive...or at least counter grammatical rules...

Of course, all the action really began when the prototype when rogue... That was quite the dramatic way for things to go wrong. And as Bea realizes, things could have been a lot worse. She finally did a lot of real damage, despite all her careful preparations. I honestly feel bad for her. It's not that she just lost all that hard work, but she was so close. And she didn't just make a mistake, she almost created a disaster. I'm glad that Flitwick wasn't too harsh and seemed to understand. Maybe it's because he's a Ravenclaw, but he seemed to see that losing the invention was probably the worst punishment Bea could have gotten. depressing stuff :(

In the last part, I didn't realize that it was Anjali talking until the very end. Perhaps I should have known by her description of Draco--it sounded like she knew him well--but I was so caught up in Bea's perspective and all that had happened that I didn't notice right away. Still, that scene made for quite the ominous ending to this chapter. Anjali is quite the schemer. She just lies waiting, knowing that she'll be ready to step up when someone else fails.

So, hopefully you've gathered this from my review, but this was a phenomenal chapter. I'm completely happy with how everything has turned out so far, and rereading this chapter makes me anxious to read more. If this is just the beginning, I can't imagine what's coming next!


p.s. (I feel bad that I can only review the latest installment. I think I've already reviewed 17 & 18. But I'm pretty sure that there are a few chapters before that that I've read but not reviewed. So I will try to leave a review on a few of those as well!)

Author's Response: Bwah, but I love all your reviews ^__^

I think Capers is definitely getting more cinematic as it goes on, because all the action scenes are piling up now. It's so hard to juggle everything I want *___* Guh, I'm trying to update as fast as I can but the writing is just molasses-speed sometimes :c

Hee, I remember when you were convinced there would end up being no romance because I had pushed the point too much, but erm surprise! HERE IT IS. I really wanted it to emphasize the relationships in Capers rather than the romance, because it's really my only cast where everyone has such heart and things at stake, and everyone cares so much about one another.

Alas such hard word gone ;A; I was wondering if it was too much of a wham bam, but it was what I intended all along. There is a lot more about sacrifice and hard work in Capers than I first planned, but I really like the running theme! I like to think that Flitwick hugely fosters creativity, and I think he sympathizes with the idea that to be creative, one has to push boundaries, and there are - as Scorpius has said - so few willing to risk that.

Hee I hope it wasn't confusing. I wanted a bit of the reveal, because Anj's scene really doesn't fit into this chapter, but neither would it fit into the next one.

♥ thank you so so much ^__^

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Review #11, by MazK 

18th July 2012:
That was AMAZING! Omg, haha, I've never read about an attempt to break Hogwarts, and the fact that you were able to portray in such a smooth way is perfectly fantastic! I cannot wait till the next chapter, and I'm dying to know what Anjali has to say to Malfoy, and omg this was superb as always, well done, and update soon! Xxx

Author's Response: Bahaha, it wasn't as much of an attempt as an accident. I'm sure they'd rather /not/ die.

Thank you so much! ^__^

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Review #12, by Snapdragons 

18th July 2012:

Erm. This is once again a late-ish review, but I'm lazy and have a research paper to write this summer so I'm just using that as an excuse for everything and yep now we're moving on to the STORY!

Scorpius and Bea remain super cute and I'm pretty sure that's a ship I see in the not-so-distance mhmm -nods- Shipper goggles are at the ready!

Also, let's be real, the real function of a fan is to talk into and have your voice be funny. Everyone does it. Everyone knows it's true. That's just how it works. (reason infinity why Potterpuff is my favorite person in the whole world)

IT WORKED and I literally felt like screaming HOLY MOLY that was exciting.

Until it sort of set on fire. That was a bit of a downer.

(thankfully the mood was lightening by Scorpius' flammable pants, so)

Your action scenes are always so great - I could really see everything and bwuh /it was exciting/. I don't even know what to say about the rest of it except that e so many feels.

(Also, the "I think we broke Hogwarts" line. YES! I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS LINE EVER SINCE I FIRST SAW THE BANNER. ngl it was one of the reasons why I first clicked on it (other than the fact that I love everything you right, obv) and so yeah that was also exciting when I saw it)

(I got really excited during this chapter in general if you hadn't noticed)

'those students who broke a thousand years of magic' Not to single anyone out or anything, but...

Tesla ♥ I seriously am so glad you came up with your wizard Tesla headcanon because it's honestly the best thing ever and totally would make sense. ♥

heartbreaking ending. :( bwuh. Bea taking responsibility is good, though. But still. tears.

END OF PART TWOo. -flails-

loved loved loved this chapter and so I grant you the glorious gift of my mumbly jumbly review but it's not my fault if it's hard to understand, it's yours for writing an exciting chapter. So.

lovely job, as always

Author's Response: ♥ I have so much to gush over while I write the next chapter :3 Which is like, taking ages. I have three websites to build this summer, I know your pain with time ;-; why is summer not like summer at all.

The only downside to the voice-machine/fan is that your eyes get reaaally dry staring into it. That is less fun.

MOOD WHIPLASH. The fire was fun, too, but that is probably because I like fire -cough-. The collapsing castle is a bit of a downer, yes.

IT IS THE ONE TAGLINE THAT SURVIVED EVERY BANNER VERSION. It actually had no place in the original plot line, so early on, I planned a scene like this one into the story *just* so I could write that line in eventually, and it gave me an idea for the best direction of plot evar.

Tesla bb ;-; I had feels for him in The Prestige. If there were ever a real-life wizard.

I lofff you ♥ I just want to shove you next chapter already because it is like an explosion of cute and cliffhanger~~~ UNTIL THEN.

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Review #13, by The Snitch 

18th July 2012:
I love your writing and your characters! I miss the craziness of Bea, is she getting more "normal"? You're by far the best author!

Author's Response: Thank you! :) I wanted to show a bit of her serious side these few chapters for some stuff I'm leading up to, and to counter Scorp-o's seriousness, but next chapter's going to have one huge silly scene that I can't wait to post :D

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Review #14, by married to black 

13th July 2012:
YES YES YES FINALLY! After staying up a few nights and squinting in the dark at my mom's iPhone screen, I have finally finished all the chapters and caught up with it. And I am so so so happy because this story is good, I want to read the latest chapter as fast I can. No more having to sift through other chapters to get to it, yay!

Anyways. Your story. The reason I have been stealing, erm I mean sneaking, my mother's phone for the past few days. This brilliant, awesome story of yours. This story is simply... brilliant and awesome. No really, I am so in love with it! I cannot get over the wonderful plot and happenings. Not to mention, the pace to which you wrote this story. You obviously had a lot planned and I love how you wove it all together and didn't rush to mush it all so soon and after one another. You evenly spread it out and for that, you are amazing. It made me even more curious to know what would happen next. I was left at the edge of my seat every.single.time. Honestly, I just can't get over the epicness of it all. And your writing style, AH. Can I please just be as good as you? Your writing style is so perfect. Your descriptions are off-the-charts. The way you just...write is amazing. I really don't know how else to say how brilliant you are. You have simply left me speechless - that and there really isn't anything I can think of that brings justice to your writing and the wonderfulness of it. I am so enthralled by your story and I couldn't be anymore hooked. I assure you, I am just that obsessed with this.

I ADORE YOUR CHARACTERS. At first, Bea annoyed me some, especially with the way she acted with Scorpius. But but but, SHE CHANGED. She has become less self-focused and is now all caring about the others. I think it is the intervention that really did it. Either way, I can't get over how cute she is. For the longest time, I read her name as "bee-ah" instead of "bee" and I have no clue why. I guess my mind forgot her name is a shortened version of a first name. But once her full name popped up again in the chapters, I smacked myself on the forehead and was all "OH IT IS PRONOUNCED AS BEE NOT BEE-AH." I was quite embarrassed lol. And Scorp. Oh that Scorp. I love him so. He is so cocky but also very determined and I find that a very attractive quality. Also, Albus? Fred? Rose? Lucy? THE WHOLE CLAN? I love them to bits. They all have their own distinctive personalities and I just can't get enough of each and every one of them. I love how Albus changed some. He is definitely growing to become my favorite character. He is such a cute guy! I adore him. I am so curious as to what Anjali has him up to. Knowing Albus, it probably isn't that bad or he would have felt guilty... Then again, knowing Albus, he could just be naive. Heh.

I am so excited for the next chapter! Ah, here comes the pain of waiting. Oh joy. Well hopefully I won't die out of curiosity. Keep up the AMAZING work! :)


This is the only WIP of mine that I planned from the beginning, and even though it totally went its own way many many times, it's stuck to the plan its own way too, weirdly enough. And I've had the recent benefit of rewriting quite a lot of it, so I'm glad you got to read the updated version ^__^ Ah, thank you so so much! I totally don't deserve all that praise.

I wanted Bea to be kind of annoying, in a vaguely endearing way, kind of like how I wanted Anjali to be scheming, but in a sympathetic way. I get readers who love and hate her, and it's so interesting to watch these changes over time. The whole cast is full of darlings ♥

Thank you so so much! ^__^ your review totally made my day!

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Review #15, by Ardeith 

10th July 2012:
I don't think I've reviewed before, but wanted you to know I'm really enjoying your story. And this chapter ! with its highs and lows was one of the best. Your OC's are some of the best I've ever read in fan fic.

Love to see Bea recognizing her feelings for Scorpius. I'm sure she'll be inventing again soon. :-)


Author's Response: Eee, I love hearing from readers! Thank you! :D It really means a lot ♥

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Review #16, by heartofmagic 

10th July 2012:
just wanted to say that i absolutely love this! i think your characterisation is so original, and i love that it's not really predictable.
can't wait to see the next chapter, update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you! :3 The characters have made it quite easy on me; they practically write themselves.

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Review #17, by meadowlarks_cries 

10th July 2012:
It has been far too long since I've left a review for this story, so now is as good a time as ever to drop by! Oh lordy, I am going to miss this story and the incredible characters you've created for us when this is over. They never fail to bring a smile to my face, even when the chapter is as saddening as this one was! .
I cannot wait for you to update this, I know it will be amazing! Best of luck :)

Author's Response: There is still quite a ways to go, thankfully (or perhaps not for the impatient xD), and most of my next gen plunnies are of the same universe, so if I ever actually write them, there will be cameos galore, so I feel like in my head, the Capers cast will never end, only grow! 8D

♥ thank you so much!

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Review #18, by luna_lovely 

9th July 2012:
I'm going to cry. Why did you do this to me, what did Bea do to deserve this?

Author's Response: Baww, it'll probably be the saddest in the whole story if that's any consolation :0 But don't worry, a chapter of fluff is ahead! And perhaps, cliffhangers 8D

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Review #19, by awkwardhugs 

9th July 2012:
And Bea crying? Ah. No :(
I really liked finding out the background of Bea's dad, it was so sad but just soo kdjfhgkdkjf, you know?
I almost died at all scorp/bea flirting and just everything. I love them so so so much.
I cannot put it into words. gah.
This is probably my favorite fanfic right now, even though I just started reading today, I love it, love it, love iiit. :D
I'm dying to see what happens next!
Keep up the fantastic work!


I love writing bits about Bea's family. They aren't really important, but they do shape her in a lot of little ways, even without her knowing it.

Eee, I'm glad you like it! You started reading at a very tense time 8D
This is my favorite story of mine, and it's always so squeeful to hear it's the favorite story of someone else too.

♥ thank you so much!

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Review #20, by Shreenidhi 

9th July 2012:
I love this story. and my favorite is Albus..he is such a nice person. Its good that you actually have a plot. Yay! Okay I am not a person who can actually analyse a story and review, so I can only encourage, so go justonemorefic! Update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks! :D Albus is a darling ♥

I'll try to update soon!

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Review #21, by lenlen 

8th July 2012:
Love it!

I like Bea so much

Author's Response: Thank you! :)

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Review #22, by rbrammer 

7th July 2012:
Poor Bea! I mean, she almost killed everyone, but still! All of her time spent on that prototype, and it gets confiscated. She's a genius, but you know what they say; 'the difference between madness and genius is measured only by success', or something like that.
I don't trust Anjali. I think she's up to no good, and I don't want her to get back together with Scorpius. She's too... Slytherin-y. Not as in the actual traits of Slytherin house, but Death-Eatery Slytherin. Maybe that's going a little too far, but she seems to care only for herself, and I know that can be called a trait of Slytherin House, but I think Scorpius cares. Or maybe that's just wishful thinking; i'm not sure. I just don't trust Anjali with whatever she's cooked up.
Another wonderful chapter! keep it up, darling. (:

Author's Response: Hee, I giggled at first, because I could totally see that as an excuse she would have used to use: she *only* nearly killed everyone. And hah! Scorpius says somewhere in the second chapter that 'brilliance and insanity are close cousins' 8D Indeed, indeed.

Anjali is definitely a Slytherin through and through. I like to think she cares a lot about her family, and that a lot of what she does is for them, though the reader doesn't get to see too much of that, unfortunately. Sometimes, the villain is just the other side. Other times, on the other hand...

Thank you so much! ^__^

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Review #23, by Rumbleroar goes roar 

6th July 2012:
Ah such a brilliant chapter! But so sad :(

Author's Response: ;A; quite the saddest chapter. But I'm glad you liked it! ♥

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Review #24, by just jennifer 

6th July 2012:
WHAT??? you can't just end it like that!!! what happens to Beatrice and her invention? Scorpius? even Xavier? I'm so curious! Loved this chapter anyways and can't wait for the next chapter :) update soon please

Author's Response: OH BUT I DID! Bahaha, even Xavier? He'll keep on going making sly remarks in the background, I'd imagine.

♥ thank you!

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Review #25, by Crescent Moon  

5th July 2012:
Loved this chapter!!
She was so close!! And I loved that the tag line finally came in :D
I can't wait to see what's going to happen next, please update as soon as you can.

Author's Response: She waaas. I had to do all that bulidup to *that*.

Thank you!

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