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Review #1, by Libbypotter 

20th March 2017:
Poor Scorp. I love the friendship between him and Al. Wouldn't we all want a friend like that

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Review #2, by The Basilisk 

17th December 2015:
It isss rare for me to review one chapter right after the other but thisss, thisss ssstory demands it. I am absssolutely in love with how you have crafted the charactersss. I know from the sssumary that there is more thingsss to come than what hasss happened thusss far but honessstly, I am hooked with what you have written already. If thisss was just a regular ssstory without the coming added sssussspenssse of the quarantine I would ssstill be enjoying thisss ssstory.

Author's Response: I have the Basilisk's attention. This might be dangerous.

The kids were quite fun to write in all their teenaged silliness. I do sometimes wonder if there'd be mileage in an AU of 'Ignite, except if the illness didn't happen,' which wouldn't be really an AU at all, just a more regular Next Gen drama.

But I digress and you are hungry and I am very grateful for your kind, snakey words!

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Review #3, by TreacleTart 

20th September 2015:
Hello again!

Back for chapter 2!

Wow! I don't know this Miranda girl well at all, but can I just tell you how much I dislike her already. Whatever she did to Scorpius sounds pretty awful. It's a shame that he doesn't feel like sticking up for himself and correcting the lie. It must be miserable walking around having everyone think your worthless.

I really enjoyed the whole interaction with Warwick and Scorpius. I liked that Warwick didn't just plant the dungbombs the first chance he got, but instead waited and planned the best moment to do it. He sort of reminds me a bit of Colin Creevey in a way.

I wonder what Albus was upset about in the beginning in the common room. Everything so far suggests that he doesn't really get upset or lash out in frustration, but he was clearly frustrated with Scorpius. That seems unusual and then for him to deflect the questions instead of giving Scorpius a proper answer.

Rose came off as a bit of a git here. Obviously, she's listening to what her boyfriend tells her, but it's really a shame that she doesn't realize he's a humongous git. Anyway, the way she laid into Scorpius like that was a bit below the belt. If she could stop being so blinded by hate for a few minutes she might actually realize what's going on. When she said that about Miranda, I was a little surprised that Albus didn't say something. I know he's sworn to secrecy, but I think it probably really bothered him not being able to correct his cousin.

This was another good chapter! The dynamic between all of your characters is excellent and I'm really enjoying how this is progressing.

Good work! I'll be back for the next chapter soon!


Author's Response: Hullo!

Miranda has been a brat, absolutely, and she's good enough at it - and he's been hurt enough by it - that he doesn't want to get into a public slugging match of he said/she said.

Tim's pretty eager to please, but he's a canny kid. He knows how to do it right. Also, he's a Slytherin (so cunning, but harder to plant dungbombs on a Hufflepuff!).

I never really picked up on that thread of cranky Al in this chapter. I originally intended a bit of a subplot of how Al wanted to focus hard on his NEWTs and do well but Scorpius kept horsing around and that created a tension between them - the sort of 'do you remain friends as you get older?' thing - but then Plot Happened and there was no room for that thread.

Rose doesn't know what she's doing; she's been lied to and she's not psychic. BUT she's being a bull in a china shop, and she does know, deep down, that Hector is Flawed. And she has a serious bee in her bonnet about Scorpius. So she's ignorant, but kind of wilfully ignorant because it's inconvenient for her to think about it.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #4, by HeyMrsPotter 

13th September 2015:
Me again :)

I'm really intrigued as to what the story behind Scorpius and Miranda's split it. By not telling us straight away, you've got me really interested in the story already. It's obviously something really bad...And the fact that Rose is using that as a way to insult him, oh dear! I wonder why he won't tell the truth about them.

omg, I laughed so hard at this line- I know that would be a dark, dark deed indeed, but I am not responsible for the existence of Hector Flynn. Youíll have to take that up with his mother

Another great chapter!


Author's Response: I am cheap with the Scorpius/Miranda hookup - I mean, the story explains a lot about them, and a lot about people's preconceptions etc. In many ways, the reader starts out knowing about as much as Rose. There are secrets, and lies people tell each other, and uncovering the layers is a lot of the story.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #5, by EmmaGM 

1st February 2015:
Great chapter. You made me curious about what happened between Scorpius and his ex-girlfriend. You write very well. I really liked these first two chapters and I'm looking forward to see where you took this story.

Author's Response: Yeah, the plot thickens on Scorpius' history! We'll delve in the mysteries over the course of the story. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #6, by Roisin 

25th October 2014:
OK, getting it together to actually go and review all these chapters (I'm actually at Ch24 right now).

Something I've noticed across all chapters, is that you are especially talented at STARTING and ENDING them. You are excellent at opening chapters with an action or piece of dialog, and in the rare event it begins with a summary, it's always just masterful. And then every ending *forces* me to click 'next.'

Your Scorpius is such an amazing character. So charming, dimensional, vulnerable, witty, and immature. The interplay between him and Albus/Rose is just a joy to read. And when you focalize through him, the voice is always hilarious. Even in third person, you really make his POV obvious through all the wit and turns of phrase.

I blame this chapter for my reading-and-not-reviewing spree - /because I really wanted to know what actually happened between Scorpius and Miranda/. Now that I JUST found out the full details - oh the gut wrench of this scene. In retrospect, it says even more about Scorpius' character than I fully understood on the first reading. I really love how you set up the complexities of your characters so early, and how they get drawn out over the course of the narrative.

Also, considering what a tight, action packed, intriguing plot develops later, I really commend you that these earlier/more mundane chapters inspire so much interest. You manage the ambitious Big Plot so well, but then never reduce or ignore the relatively pettier issues.

Basically, this TOTALLY lives up to the hype!

Author's Response: Haha, not sorry if you're swept up. I know it can be a balancing act to stop and give thoughtful reviews when you want to gobble up a story (funnily enough, having the struggle with Year Five!).

In media res is my go-to chapter start. Dialogue or action make life much easier than just starting with someone walking up to someone else. The summaries are usually necessary if time really HAS moved on, and those I work at a lot more. Pleased you like the chapter ENDINGS, though, I find those a whole lot harder.

Scorpius walked into my head fully-formed and demanded he be the protagonist of Ignite. We might have got a more traditional hero otherwise, but nope, he decided to be... him. I can take no responsibility.

I usually struggle with dumping a reader years into character dynamics and relationships; my writer's brain tries to start at the beginning. So I'm glad you've enjoyed how Ignite unpeels the histories of all the characters, because I was very pleased with how it came off in the end! I guess it helped that characters like Rose had no idea of the truth about Scorpius/Miranda, and characters like Albus had no idea of the reason for Rose's problems with him. Rather than the audience knowing nothing as all the characters know all.

I enjoy big, epic stories mostly because I love how they push characters around. So I do try to remember the more drama aspects, because without those, why would we care about the people living through these epic adventures?

Thank you, a whole bunch, for this review.

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Review #7, by Siriuslover177 

19th June 2014:
I wanna know what really happened! Hiw could Scorp just let all these horrible rumors go around without wanting to tell the truth? I mean, if he really was the victum, people should know that.

I am impressed with the second year. We did a spell thrid years learn? Nicee. I am glad that he got him. I reall do not like this guy. Maybe him and Miranda can get together. Perfect couple!

I like how you didnt have them both make the team both as first years. That is a lot more realistic, and not totally perfect like some fics are.

Really nice chapter.


Author's Response: The secret is, well, one that shall be revealed in due course. Scorpius just wants a quiet life, for now, and for it to all go away. He cares more about that than what people think of him.

Nah, there was no way he and Al would make the team as first years. Harry wasn't just good, but he was lucky to be able to show his talents at a time of need.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #8, by bomberchica 

16th August 2012:
Ooohhh. Dang. Scorpius is hurt. And he has feelings :) I like Rose in this chapter. For as smart as she's supposed to be, it's fun to see her miss the little clues when they use Quidditch terms. Another great chapter, and story is officially added to my favorites.

Author's Response: He does, Scorpius DOES have feelings and DOES have things in his head other than smugness, girls, and hijinks. I'm glad Rose comes across well, I'm aware she's pretty unsympathetic in the earlier chapters, which some people LIKE - and yes, her great intellect will sometimes miss clues, if it's something she thinks is beneath her or simply if she's too busy caught up in a huff.

Very glad you're enjoying it. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #9, by water_lily43175 

3rd July 2012:
Hello, big sexy Al. HAPPY DAYS.

Scorp is hilarious with his procrastination. He's only not playing guitar because he'd get told off, love it.

Angry Al. Oh dear. Don't anger someone that big, Scorp!

I actually LOVE Serena, haha. She reminds me of Ariane and Melanie in a way...

Hmm. Intrigued with Scorp's side of things. Aha, he's so melodramatic, bless him.

CONFRONTATION. Love. Really intrigued now as to what's gone on with poor Scorpy now. And I love how Al can calm him down so easily. Such a beautiful bromance! Scorp is an utter babe too. Like, how he cares so much about Al. NAWWW.

Poor Scorp. Things aren't good for him right now, are they? MORE PLEASE.

Author's Response: Yes, utterly gratuitous fanservice with this chapter pic! I think Scorpius and the guitar is in danger of becoming something that Almost Happens and then Never Does, and will build up all of this anticipation of him with the guitar. I should get that over and done with so it doesn't become a Thing. ;)

Selena is not cut from dissimilar cloth to Ariane and Melanie, I must confess, though we should be seeing a lot more of her in Things to Come! She's oodles of fun to write, though

Scorpius IS utterly melodramatic, and Al really... isn't. Poor guy, wanting a calm and quiet life - he really chose the worse person to have a bromance with, though, if that was his goal! But he does (usually) do a good job of calming Scorpius and making sure he doesn't do anything too silly.


Thanks for the review!

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