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Reading Reviews for Run, Chapter 18: Evidence
16 Reviews Found

Review #1, by StoryWebber 

10th April 2014:
The Adriatic Sea!
Thatís somewhere near Rome, isnít it?
Anyway, canít wait to

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Review #2, by Shadowcat2 

2nd March 2013:
Wow.wow.wow. Omg,they can't be alive? But they're dead. This confusing. OMG

Author's Response: Eeep! Nope they're not alive. Well, they sort of are. They're alive in death. Which is indeed confusing. XD But there's definitely something afoot! :3

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Review #3, by x3CherryWatermelonx3 

26th January 2013:
Another wonderful chapter! I wonder how things are going to play out with Colin... Suppose I'll just have to read and find out! :)

Author's Response: I suppose so. ;) But of course at this time you've already read the whole thing, so I suppose you know exactly how things with Colin play out. :P

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Review #4, by justonemorefic 

2nd January 2013:
I just want Colin and Orla to skip forever and take photos and nothing hurts sarah you're going to kill him aren't you. BUT I NEED HIM TO BE THERE WHEN POTTERPUFF SHOWS UP AND THEY CAN HAVE MAGICAL ADVENTURES. The only trouble was birds. Not very smart creatures, birds. Theyíll run right into you even if theyíve got miles and miles of clear sky to choose from. lolololol.

I can sing 'A Whole New World' to this entire thing. Colin and Orla are genderbender Aladdin/Jasmine right, right? And it was gorgeousss. I am supremely jealous and oooh I totally forgot about them being trapped on the island. Now I'm all curious again HE HAS TO DIE DIE TO FIND OUT. FOR ALL OF US. WITH ORLA.






"He has to die die to find out. For all of us." lool Gina encouraging him to die so that you can see what happens.


Polar bear omg yes. And a bunch of underground stations and a van with dead hippies in it and a cabin in the middle of nowhere with some dude named Jake and a big steering wheel under the island that controls time. Actually the steering wheel is a real steering wheel and the island is actually a ship. It just sails around the stormy afterlife seas, occasionally visiting the Adriatic Sea.

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Review #5, by peppersweet 

7th September 2012:
'Colin pressed the shutter release button again. The handheld machine made a whirring noise, followed by a small photograph dispensing from a horizontal slot. The camera Dumbledore gave him wasnít like his Muggle one back home, whose film heíd had to develop in a special potion to make the subjects move around by magic. This camera was always one click away from an instant picture. The film never ran out. No potion was required. Everything was already magical because the camera itself was magical.' - I WOULD GIVE THE WORLD TO OWN A CAMERA LIKE THIS. sob. Imagine, tho. no more one hour processing. no more expensive film. just the photos. surely MY DREAM.

Okay where was I. Late - I'm terribly late, and I need to catch up before the Skype embargo on Run discussion ends and I /need to know what happens/. Plus I've missed this fic. It's one of those very rare fics that actually grips me and engages me all the way through - it's just so, so fab. FAB U LOUS.

Colin and Orla with the magic carpet - I can show you the world shining shimmering splendour -

Those two are my favourites. I thought long and hard about it, and...well...nobody beats Colin. so I'm really pleased you wrote in Orla so he has a friend :3 I feel for this boy, I really do!

Colin and Remus fighting alongside one another - what are you on about, I'm not crying, just an eyelash in my eye, I swear, just a bit of grit...

Seriously, though. It's useless to hope for anything because this story is long finished, but I hope we see some interaction between Remus and Colin before the close of it.

Also - jsyk - the flying carpet scene is appallingly fantastic. Sheer brilliance.

I am terrified that Orla is going to chance that fly out into the sea again...

Brill chapter. On to the next one!

Author's Response: JULIA I SUCK SO MUCH. APOLOGIES. Since Gina is marathoning Run I am watching my unresponded reviews pile up, and now must get around to stop being a deadbeat.

I took so much inspiration from you with Colin and his camera, from your writing and just you in general. So you can claim full credit for his likability.

Loool Orla and Colin being Aladdin and Jasmine on the flying carpet - GINA COMPARED SALAZAR TO JAFAR TODAY SO MY LIFE IS COMPLETE. I HAVE WRITTEN DISNEY.

Now they're going to come looking for me to yell about copyright infringement.

Colin and Remus. :( :( :(

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Review #6, by shadowycorner 

21st August 2012:
Colin and Orla are so great. This chapter made me smile, and a litlle sad, but it mostly made me smile, I guess. I'm glad Colin got to have an adventure like he dreamed about. Orla is such a lovely OC. And another thing, it was wonderful how you've written Colin's thoughts about Remus, of how they fought together and so on. That was very nice.

Author's Response: I love Colin and Orla together, I must admit. It's so sad that they're kids who can't grow up, but at least they have each other. Colin really does need an adventure to take his mind off of other things. Orla's canon, by the way! If you ever want to see a glimpse of her, she gets sorted in Goblet of Fire. ;) But she's basically an OC because I made up everything except for her name.

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #7, by cazvalleygirl 

31st July 2012:
Iím not even going to mention my terribly late reviewÖagain! But Britain has been sunny and Iím considerably more tanned, enough said ;) But now the Olympics have kicked off and everyoneís inside anyway, good job because the rains back lol!

Anyway, thatís enough of my ramblings and profuse apologies and onto this chapter.

I actually liked Colin! Thatís a first for me lol. But thereís something so sweet and innocent about him in this chapter I couldnít help it. His relationship with Orla is so charming and Iím glad he has someone. And she is so full of lifeÖor afterlife in this case lol. Whereas Colin is a worrier sheís a free spirit and adventurous. I guess sheís a breath of fresh air for Colin, away from the pressures of the duel.

And what is going on with the Adriatic Sea? I donít trust Cliodna, and I havenít since her first appearance at the races.

Anyway Iím off to read so more x

Author's Response: You're not late, you're right on time! XD It'll never be too late to read this story because it's not going anywhere. It'll always be here when you get the time!

Bahaha, I was wondering how the Olympics would fare in outdoor situations since London's famous for its rain.

Colin's a hard character to sell! In canon he was so annoying but it all came from such an innocent place, and I'm trying to transition him here into a young man instead of that boy who constantly shoved his camera up everyone's noses. He pairs well with Orla, I think, who forces him into adventures. It would be depressing to watch Colin try to handle the duel without her there in the background to distract him when he needs it.

The Adriatic Sea. :3 No comment!

XD Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #8, by jellylegs2066 

18th July 2012:
Colin and Orla are such a sweet pairing. I ship Corla now. Or Orlin? Orco? Coor? I don't know what to call it, but I definitely ship it.

Orla is a fantastic character, and I love that you didn't just make up a name-- she's a canon character, but one who you can mould into your own character that perfectly complements Colin. She's the go-getter in the pairing, who is allowing him to enjoy the after life, even though he's fighting in a tournament that could end in him losing his soul, and though he knows his brother won't live past 35. She's got this sarcastic edge to her that is great next to his innocence. His personality is interesting, since he's lived through a war and thus you expect him to be battle-hardened, yet at the same time he's still innocent little Colin who doted after Harry. I love that you've portrayed him as this, as it adds a real edge to his personality. The fact that he still calls Moody Professor highlights this, since it shows him not truly moving past his school days; it makes me think of Harry, who called Moody Professor first time he saw him in OoTP, despite the fact that he hadn't actually ever taught him. Harry stops doing this once he joins the fight with Moody and ends up losing his childhood; Colin still hangs onto this childhood innocence. It complements nicely with him talking about Professor Lupin, and how he stopped thinking of him as a Professor when he fought against him; how he doesn't want everything to go back to normal. On the one hand, he's a fighter, yet he's still a schoolboy. I love this characterisation of him.

Ooh, the end is very interesting. The conspiracy concerning Cliodna's Clock thickens! I really can't wait to find out what exactly is going on in the Afterlife.

Another brilliant chapter.


Author's Response: You recognized Orla! Yay! Colin is one of the only ones in the tournament who has a real life outside of the Devil's Duel, and that's completely because of Orla. She continuously pushes him into new things, introduces new ideas. I think it's really good for him. I think you made a very good point about Colin and his perceptions of professors. He's starting to see Remus as a man and not just a professor, but since he doesn't have those same experiences with Moody, he still sees Moody as a professor even though he technically never was a professor. I'm so happy you like Colin's characterization. He's surprisingly more complex than I thought he would be!

The conspiracy thickens, indeed. :3

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #9, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

18th July 2012:
I am very curious about the Adriatic Sea. Methinks you are trying to hint at something but I seem to be very slow today.

"We're going to fall off, we're going to fall off, we're going to fall off," he chanted in a mantra. "Please, oh please don't let me fall onto Mr. Slytherin's house. My body will never see the light of day again."

^ Haha. I loved Colin in this. I'm really glad he got an entire chapter dedicated to him. I really enjoyed Orla though, I think she outshined him a bit in some of the sections.

She was hysterical and brought out a nice adventerous side of Colin, even though he was afraid for most of the trip. She reminded me of Luna a bit, kind of here and there with her comments, not realizing what she said would effect how he felt on the carpet ride. She was a bit quirky too and I think it contrasted well with Colin and his slight up tightness.

It's because of him that I can fight at all, Colin could remember himself thinking at the time, his mind consumed with the sea of faces all around him, ignited with spells and light and the cold stench of death.

^ What was really beautiful to me for this chapter was what he thought about Remus. I teared up a little bit because Colin is so young. He really shouldn't have been fighting in the battle and it's such a tragedy that he was and that he had to die. His thoughts on Remus were so truthful and innocent because really, if Remus hadn't taught them those spells what would he have known to do? Lockhart was useless, Severus was...well Severus, Umbridge was a horrible woman. Moody wasn't really Moody. Remus was really the only sound Professor any of them could have had at the time.

That's a lot to take in actually because sometimes I forget 'Professor Moody' wasn't actually Moody. Whenever anyone talks about Moody they talk about him turning Draco into a bouncing ferret.

But that really wasn't Moody. Wonder if he would have done that anyway. It's also interesting that because he didn't technically teach, he could have essentially came back once he was healthy and back to his strong self (because he was locked up for so long) to teach at Hogwarts for the next year since he technically didn't teach at all.

Huh. How very interesting!

Author's Response: The Adriatic Sea is indeed a hint, but no worries. It's designed to be annoyingly vague. :D

I was glad to be able to write an entire chapter about Colin - most of the others have had more spotlight than him, and I really wanted to show more of Orla. She kind of stole the show, didn't she? :P You're not the first to say that she reminded you of Luna - I sort of crafted her after Luna. I think Colin needs some of that intuitive-yet-oblivious sort of person in his life.

You're so right about all of Colin's past professors. The only one who really taught them anything genuine was Lupin. You know, I've often wondered why Moody didn't teach in OotP, since he'd never gotten around to doing so. My guess is that he had to have been persuaded to take on the job in the first place, and the year locked up soured him to the idea. Plus, the Ministry wanted eyes in Hogwarts in OotP, so Umbridge would've come hell or high water.

Thank you for reading and reviewing. :)

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Review #10, by Jess the Enthusiast 

11th July 2012:
Amazing chapter, as usual! I know I say this all the time, but I love the way you describe scenery; it's extremely vivid and picturesque - I can imagine everything perfectly! And that carpet ride was not only awesome, but adorable; I'll admit that part of me was hoping/waiting for Colin and Orla to burst into song, haha. They're really adorable by the way; I totally ship them. Although that bit at the end made me nervous; if they had gone farther like Orla wanted, they would have been suckked into the Grotta, right? That was the impression I got, and, yeah, that would have been really bad. Something tells me that if you enter the Grotta by accident, no one is going on a rescue mission to bring you back.
So anywho, amazing chapter! I have two more chapters to read and review so I'll see(?) you soon!


~Jess :D

Author's Response: Aww, thank you, Jess. :) I'm kind of OCD about imagery, actually. I get it in my head that if I don't outline every little detail of what something looks like, the readers will imagine something else and for some reason that bugs me. I want everyone to see exactly what I see in my head. COLIN AND ORLA BUSTING OUT IN SONG, LOL. That would've been fitting. I think that if they'd continued to fly out over the ocean into that wind thing, they might've got sucked up into a place entirely different from anything they know here, including the Grotta. It's hard to tell what might've happened to them.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #11, by WitnesstoitAll 

4th July 2012:
Omg, sarah, this was such a great chapter.

Orla is such a fantastic character! Such a perfect companion for Colin -- her brazen disregard for practicality or safety or propriety really compliments Colin's cautiousness. I was very curious at the start of this chapter as to where what was going on, but I immersed in your discription, I found myself not really caring. I could have flown on that carpet around the town forever and been completely satisfied. It was gorgeous writing!

The bit about the shell, I was so reminded of Luna in her sort of off beat assurity, it made my heart really happy. I often have wondered how the two of them would have gotten along had Colin survived. Annnd I may be reading far too much into this, but I am very curious aboout the adriatic sea. Omg. So many possibilities swirling in my mind.

And finally, because it made me very nearly cry: In those fleeting, terrifying minutes, their relationship subtly shifted from student and teacher to comrades, to loyal men servicing their school. Naivety and innocence were shredded, liquefying their differences. Mr. Lupin was not so very old in that light, and Colin not so very young, and both were battling to the death for a cause they strongly believed in. For Hogwarts.

Itís because of him that I can fight at all, Colin could remember himself thinking at the time, his mind consumed with the sea of faces all around him, ignited with spells and light and the cold stench of death.


and with that, I end this review and send you all my love and feels.


Author's Response: MOLOSSO I LOVE YOU, JUST SAYIN'. ♥

Your support for this story is so, so encouraging. I just want to invite you and Ben and Stella over for tea and crumpets and maybe karaoke, and then we can go to Aldi's and rollerskate on their super slick floors.

YAY YOU LIKE ORLA. And everything you said about her, gah, Mel, you just took all of my teensy hopes at something I wanted to accomplish and told me I did it right, and it's so rewarding to hear, and yayy. She's as spirited as Colin, but a lot bolder, and she's slowly yanking him out of his comfort zone.

Baww, I think Luna would have been good friends with Colin. Colin's such a bright, happy person, and Luna would like that, I think.

Go ahead and read into that as much as you want. :3

lol I have so many mustaches in review responses lately, it seems.


♥ I see your love and feels and I raise you a hug and a bunch of balloons like the ones from Up.

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Review #12, by BoOkWoRm24 

3rd July 2012:

So in the begginning I was all about the duel. I was concerned abou who you were going to kill and I'll have you know the entire thing was stressing me out quite a bit :)

But now you have taken this story to a whole new level of genious. I'm not concerned about the duel because I'm convinced there is something after Colinda's Clock. Something about it is too perfect, and I swear there is something off. Where are the muggles?!

Anywho I have a theory and I'm going to share it now. I think that you have put them on some hidden island in the Adriatic sea. The type of island that you would see in Percy Jackson in the Sea of Monsters, or more probably in the Odyssey. Colinda is some kind of sydistic warden who finds joy out of keeping all of the wizards and witchs in this sort of prison. CONSPIRACY THEORY!

Anywho I can't wait for you to add more chapters because I need to know what happens next. WHAT IS WITH COLINDA'S CLOCK?!

Ok so I'm going to forcibly stop myself now but believe me I could go on because this story is so amazingly genious and I just love it.

So update soon, and when I say soon I mean like really soon because I don't know how long I can stand to wait :p


p.s. I thought you should know that I now ship Orla/Colin and its going to crush me if you kill off one of them (namely Colin) and seperate them :)

Author's Response: EEE, FLAIL XD

This story has really started to divert from the original focus on the Devil's Duel. The Devil's Duel is the running plot, what you see above the surface, but below there is something else going on, something some people have started to notice while others have not.

Where are the muggles, indeed. ;)

I LOVE YOUR THEORY. I can't comment on it, of course, but I like the direction your brain is going.

I'm so, so thrilled that you like this story so much and that you're still reading it. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and review - and I just posted a new chapter, since it's Wednesday. I hope you like it! And keep a sharp eye out for more very small details that show that life may not be what it seems.


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Review #13, by Ardeith 

3rd July 2012:
I hope you realize how great a writer you are and how absolutely wonderful this story is! Your beautiful descriptions of your world and the magic in it. I've never ridden a flying carpet, but I bet this chapter describes exactly how it feels.

From now on, I'm going to pick out my favorite lines for you:

"It felt like sitting on something smoother than water, lighter than air."


"Orla had that sort of luck, where the world kind of spun just for her sometimes." (I wish I were one of those people. I'm definitely not, but I know just what you mean.)

And oooh! What does the shell from the Adriatic Sea mean? I can't tell which I'm more absorbed by -- the Duel itself or the big mystery of Cliodna's Clock! I guess it depends on the chapter. :-)

Author's Response: Hi, Ardeith! Eee, I always look forward to hearing from you. Your reviews are so lovely. :)

I think that if I lived in the magical world, flying carpets would be my favorite method of transportation. Apparition sounds like it would make you want to barf, Floo powder is so dizzying, and broomsticks would be fun but you'd think the rider would get a bit stiff after a while. XD Carpets have some nice legroom. You could take a nap on one, just zooming around...

Thank you for showing me specific lines you liked! That's always so rewarding to hear, and I'm pleased you liked that. I'm not that sort of lucky person like Orla, either, but every now and then I come across someone with that special something, whatever that may be. Orla's one of a kind.

I love writing the duels and the mystery of Cliodna's Clock in equal measures, so it's great to hear that you like both facets of the plot!

Thank you for reading and reviewing. :)

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Review #14, by NaidatheRavenclaw 

3rd July 2012:
I DIDN'T ABANDON THIS STORY, I PROMISE. Life just got in the way but I just mass~read the last 15 chapters in 2 hours and I'm now an emotional wreck :P I decided to leave you a giant review here instead of short ones on every chapter (mostly because I couldn't bring myself to stop reading and write a review :S)

Your descriptions throughout this have been my favorite part. The way you describe things is so detailed that I can picture everything perfectly. The amount of imagination you have is really incredible. You've thought about every little detail, and I absolutely love that about it.

BUT THE RACES ARE KILLING ME. Both those chapters were so full of action and suspense and "WHY MUST YOU DO THIS TO ME" moments xD I was really happy when Lily was thrown out in the first round because I was scared to think about who she might kill if she went to round 5. I love Lily's character in general, actually. You've completely twisted a kind loving mother into someone a bit more sinister, but still somehow doing it all out of love. Dumbledore was right about her, though. All the trips back to earth have affected her way too much. Anyways, I have to admit that I was pretty indifferent about Scrimgeour (though I didn't want him to lose because I don't want anyone to lose!) so that only served to make me scared of Peter. And then the second round was probably my favorite chapter so far. It was so confusing and yet so perfect with the way they were switching flags and hiding them and transfiguring them and all that. And I felt SO SO bad for Fred. Poor thing :'( I was really happy to see the back of Pettigrew, to be honest, because even though it might mean that a better person will lose their soul, Peter was too sinister and conniving. Ugh, I hate Peter :P I'm very glad that he's out. And I was happy to see Snape go as well (though I'm still hoping that Colin will get out before round 5 because I don't want him to kill anyone and I don't want him to lose his soul) simply because I think James will be more clear headed this way. Though now I have no idea who I want to make it to round 5. Earlier, I was hoping it'd be like a Scrimgeour-Crabbe final because I don't particularly care about any of them, but now Crabbe is the only easy pick. Ugh. I don't want any of the other characters to have to kill him though! I suppose I want Tonks to make it because she's an auror and has seen that sort of thing...and she and Fred have the most to see back at home, I think (though Colin has a bit as well, he's just too young and innocent to be subjected to round 5) so yeah, I'm going to root for Tonks. But maybe Dumbledore was right, and they don't just disappear. I'd be so much happier if that was the case. Maybe there's an even better afterlife for the afterlife where everyone that Lily killed is thanking her xD

Ack, so much to talk about! Your story is wonderfully detailed and there are so many subplots and I want to talk about all of them xD So the Grotta. That place looked absolutely horrible. Ugh, that chapter was so creepy and sinister, especially with Bella and Barty laughing their heads off. It's no wonder they go insane. I feel like a lot of them don't quite deserve that, y'know. At least not for that long. I don't know how any of the guards can stand the place *shudders* It's odd, that they're allowed to watch the Duels. The Duels themselves are a bit strange for the afterlife, and I'm wondering if we'll get more insight into them before the story's over.

Okay, and then this chapter! WHAT DID COLIN AND ORLA FIND? I'm thinking it was a way back to earth, especially with that last sentence. It makes things that much more interesting, though. So much suspense! And now I'm all caught up and so so excited (and scared) to read the rest of this.


Author's Response: Oh holy wow, this review! Naida, you are amazing!

First off, so pleased to hear that you like Lily in spite of her numerous flaws. She's been so affected by the duels that she's almost lost. Dumbledore's right; she can't really handle the prize of 24 hours. It does nothing to help her. She cannot heal if she keeps going back over and over.

Just about everyone was indifferent about Scrimgeour, and I can't hardly blame you because I'm not a huge fan of him myself. I was recently rereading Deathly Hallows and I love how feisty Harry gets, talking smack to the minister; and then I get a little saddened because Rufus never gave Harry's whereabouts away in the end, even while being tortured. And Peter, erghh, he is totes conniving. I'm not sorry to see the back of him, either. It's very good for James that Snape is gone, I agree; he was so sidetracked by Severus's presence in the first two rounds that we haven't been able to see what his natural performance would've been like otherwise. But then again, if it weren't for Snape's presence, James might've allowed himself to be an easy target early on, and might not have made it this far.

The Grotta was like pausing the story and switching lenses to a place not entirely relevant, just to show what happens to the worst of the worst. It's such a hollow, eerie place where death is in everything and in everyone; I wouldn't wish it on many people.

The Duels are indeed not quite right.


Thank you SO MUCH for mass reading and leaving this ginormous, wonderful review! I appreciate it greatly. :)

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Review #15, by TenthWeasley 

30th June 2012:
This is exactly the kind of magic you excel at. I know you've said before (without sounding vain in bringing it up now) that I've got canon magic, but this is something totally different. It's hard to describe, but it's just /there/ and that's something that I think makes all of your stories just so worthy of reading. And don't roll your eyes at me. :3 I just know that you love writing what you do, and you put so much of yourself into all your stories, whether you realize it or not.

Your descriptions. What can I say that I haven't said before? You really do create art with words, and it's such an enviable talent. It's not something that can be learned; you can write, but it doesn't make you good at it, and you're innately, out-of-the-box gifted. Even just the bit about Floo powder staining your hands green -- I'd never have thought about that, but you can get into a story like no one else I've ever met. It just seems so natural for you to include your story's colors and and scenery and that makes it easier for me to get into the plot, too. SO JELLY ~

Still totally shipping Colin/Orla, if you were curious. And for some reason I've totally got the Andrew Garfield/Emma Stone (as a brunette, somehow) vibe from them, and maybe it's because you used &droo on the banner. But I adore it! He's a bit shy and reserved, and she's pulling him out of his comfort zone to experience a world he wouldn't see otherwise so it can be captured in the lens of a camera. Flying carpet? Totally genius -- never read about one in fic before! (IT'S GEORGE MICHAEL AND MAEBY, IT SO IS. BRB DYING.)

This was one of my favorite chapters, description-wise. (See? I have to categorize them now, hatechoo.) And it was well worth the wait in reading it, although I'm still mad I had to wait. And this story is just as lovely as the other chapters have been and you should be so, so proud of this. You really should.

Author's Response: OH HAY DERE.

Just sitting here watching the trunchbull make bruce bongtrotter eat an entire chocolate cake, whilst responding to reviews, WHY ARE YOURS ALWAYS SO HARD TO RESPOND TO~ Yayy you liked the floo powder bits. You know, I've been wondering lately what would happen if someone floo'd into a fireplace at the same time another person also floo'd into that fireplace - and this applies to apparition, too - but, like, if they floo'd or apparated into EXACTLY the same space, would they fuse together into one person with like two heads, or what, because that has cray potential.

Brunette Emma Stone and &droo, baww. ♥ Colin's a reserved, yet jumpy, easily excitable sort of person, and Orla's very forcefully pulling him out of his comfort zone. I COULDN'T WAIT TO WRITE ABOUT A FLYING CARPET, NGL. George Michael and Maeby, omg lulz forever.


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Review #16, by Rumbleroar goes roar 

30th June 2012:
Ah! I just re-read The Goblet and Fire and was so excited to see that Orla is cannon! I really love her character - she is so much fun!
I really enjoyed the chapter :)

Author's Response: Yep, she's canon! There are very few OC's in this story. I like writing Orla - she's a plucky one. I think she'll be a good influence over Colin. :)

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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