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Review #1, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

7th March 2015:
I'm thoroughly embarrassed by my last few reviews for this story. Looks like using my phone in the cold and reviewing was not a good idea. They don't make too much sense!

Anyway, what is up with Bink? Is he back with Meta? Or did he get a Quidditch offer with Meta? What's with this Meta business? We haven't heard from her for ages. Of course she's going to pop up in the end.

Maybe it's a good thing! Maybe she can help James get a deal.

How sweet was it when James wrote that letter? She's the talent. Gosh, even though he's an immature boy he has a heart of gold. I think you can see that throughout the entire story. I think that's what makes James such a likable character and brings me back for each chapter. I'm always rooting for him no matter what.

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Review #2, by Jaime88367 

21st September 2013:
The letter was a perfect idea! I loved it!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm proud of James for that.

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Review #3, by kgrl 

29th December 2012:
Aw! That's so cute!

Author's Response: Thank you :) James is such a ham.

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Review #4, by Didi_Sartat 

9th October 2012:
She refused to give me an eye patch too. - cutness


letter - tears

Author's Response: Hahaha! That "With Power" part was probably one of my favorite parts. I think I had way too much coffee when I was writing it because I was laughing like a crazy person the whole time. Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #5, by roxyroxtheworld 

29th September 2012:
loved this chapter!!! but wow james can really over due things sometimes :) lol it was funny to read though : ) anyway i still don't know whats up with james and why he doesn't just let avery be his girlfriend cuz they both obviously want it : ) anyway love this story!!!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!

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Review #6, by adluvshp 

21st July 2012:
Awesome chapter as always! I am really looking forward to the next one!



Author's Response: Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy the rest of the story!

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Review #7, by noneedtocallmesirprofessor 

19th July 2012:
ahhh! whats going to happen next? i can't wait for james & avery to stop being so stupid and get together! they're meant to be...duhh, anyways love this story, one of my favorites on all hpff! keep updatingg please!

Author's Response: Stuff is getting REAL. Haha! Thanks so much for the review! So happy you're enjoying it so far :) Can't wait to see what you think of the last few chapters!!

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Review #8, by VickyAlice139 

19th July 2012:
I'm really enjoying this story. Avery is such an interesting character, shes brave, funny, strong, James needs to wake up and see whats right infront of his eyes... again.
Eagerly awaiting the next update.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you're enjoying it so far. I really enjoy the relationship James and Avery have. It's so different, yet so comfortingly familiar. Thanks!

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Review #9, by Prongs Rides 

18th July 2012:
A few days ago, I planned to start reading the story and get through a few chapters ... and instead I spent most of the next eight hours reading the whole thing. Not good for my productivity - but it was just too good to stop reading! I'm sorry that I'm only leaving one review, but I didn't have the willpower to pause and type at the end of each chapter.

I love James and Avery. They are both so real and so likeable. They have flaws and do things that make me want to smack them upside the head, but at the same time I really, really want things to work out for them. That's a really hard line to walk, and you've done it so well.

I'm also an enormous fan of Bink and Albus. I vote for more Albus in the sequel.

My one regret is that I read chs. 1-51 before the whole story is done, because now I can't stop myself from obsessively checking if there's a new chapter up. It would have saved me so much time if I could have just waited a few months and read the whole thing in one go! :)

Author's Response: Whoops! I hate / love when that happens. It has happened to me more than I care to admit. But I'm so glad I was able to help you procrastinate :) Sorry if it was anything important!

Thank you so much for your kind words. James and Avery have this very special bond that I really love to write. It's something that is so familiar, yet so different from anyone else I've witnessed.

I really hope I can squeeze more Albus into the sequel. With more characters being added it's going to be difficult to get the other secondaries big parts. So we'll see what happens.

haha, I really hope you enjoy the rest of the story and the sequel! It's going to be a wild ride :)

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Review #10, by Alessiaaa2645 

6th July 2012:
Oh my god please update quickly! I love this story so much :) thank god Javery sorted it out! I also can't wait for the sequel, yay :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I really hope you enjoy the rest! I have a LOT of ideas.

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Review #11, by Jaded94 

6th July 2012:
Okay the letter was the perfect end to this chapter. I'm excited for the next chapter as this chapter built a lot of tension and anticipation for the final match.
I swear if the thing Bink isn't telling James is about Avery I may just cry! Update soon I need to know what happens next haha

Author's Response: Ah, thank you! That wasn't originally planned, but James just kind of takes over sometimes. I love it when he does that. Thank you so much for the review! I hope you enjoy the end of the story as well as the sequel!

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Review #12, by MrProngs 

5th July 2012:
"James, are you drunk?"


Haha greatest line ever lol. Sorry for the short review, but I've got work this morning. I'll leave a longer one for the next chapter.


Author's Response: That is seriously one of my favorite lines in the entire story. Had me giggling so hard when I wrote it. Not even okay. Thanks for the review!

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Review #13, by starrunner555 

4th July 2012:
aw. how sweet! great chapter! please update soon!!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I hope you like the rest of the story & its sequel!

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Review #14, by ilikecookies 

3rd July 2012:
Bloody hell why must u stop writing?! Agh. please update! I'm begging on me knees!! just kidding- I'm on my bed. anyhow, PLEASE UPDATE. :( I will b sad if u don't, and u don't want sad readers do u :O
lol, thanks for reading,

Author's Response: Well, if you're on your bed I'm definitely not updating.


Just kidding! But if you want to pay me to write fanficiton. haha just kidding! Except not. Thanks for the review!

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Review #15, by Derex 

2nd July 2012:
I've waited till the end of this story(so far) to review, it's gonna be a doozy!
I love this story, it's got practically everything in it; comedy, drama, comedy, action, more comedy! I probably spent half the time reading this, laughing till I cried, an cryin till I laughed again! Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: I'm so happy you liked it! Seriously, that means a lot to me. I hope you enjoy the rest of the story and I'm looking forward to what you think :) thank you SO much for the review!

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Review #16, by MagicallyClumsie 

2nd July 2012:
Lily's is a badass.

Power-drunk James is amusing

Bink's up to something(I think that he and Rose know.)


Lily's a badass. (Yes I had to say that twice)

Author's Response: I love power-drunk James. It makes me laugh so hard. Thank you so much!

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Review #17, by ilovegeorgeweasly101 

1st July 2012:
“James, are you drunk?” Amy asked.


“I was sick before the match.” She crossed her arms.

My eyes widened. “Sick?” I said. “You better head down to the kitchens and stick your head in the freezer because if you don’t have the sniffles by this time tomorrow we were going to have some serious words exchanged.”

“You cannot possibly want me to get sick before exams.”

“Want?” I said. “No, Lizzy, dearest. This is a Gryffindor requirement.”

She shot me a look. “You’re lying.”


Elizabeth yelped, walking away and giving me a skeptical look over her shoulder.

Things were going well. It was only a couple days until the match. Everyone was following my regulations. Since Lawson was still in and out of the hospital wing with complications from his backfired spell, he hadn’t offed any of my players. Scorpius Malfoy already had his first detention, which I heard from a few people consisted of scrubbing the dungeons with his own toothbrush.

Okay, they didn’t say a toothbrush.

I embellish

Freddie then tried to keep the Quaffle the one time he put it through a hoop, so Avery punched him in the arm. He tried to file an assault claim, so Lily punched him.

I tried to focus as hard as I could on just winning the Final. It was now all I had left. The reports started to trickle in about scouts being at the match, but I immediately tossed the paper away and started studying.

Okay, I started looking at the pages and trying to figure out why certain letters were shaped differently than others. Can you blame me? Honestly.

Other than Quidditch, the most I had to think about was exams.

And Avery.

my favorite quotes. YOu are one of the best writers on this sight and though my life has interfered with leaving faithful reviews, this is one of my top five and IM SO GLAD THERE IS A SEQUEL. Javery and their quidditch career better be in it.

And Gryffindor better win.



Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much! I love it when you leave reviews. They're so amazing adn really make my day! Thank you for picking out favorite quotes! They made me laugh :) You're the best!

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Review #18, by HPsmartone32 

1st July 2012:
djakl;hgfladj james and avery. they better get together. i will be so upset with life if they dont. but no pressure.
this story is amazing. i can't wait for an update. you're a fantastic writer. please never stop.

Author's Response: Haha. I love your phrases.

Thank you so much! I hope you like the rest! AND THE SEQUEL!

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Review #19, by ScarletRoses 

1st July 2012:
jaslkfdjdklfjdsklfjda eff! I kept thinking you were going to have Avery come in and say they snogged before the Hufflepuff game. Would've been freaking perfect! I'm super excited for the sequel, but not super excited to see BTQC end. When one door closes, another opens, right?

Author's Response: It would have been hilarious, wouldn't it? So funny. You're right, thouhg. Another opens. DTTT to be exact. I hope you like the end and the sequel! The things I'm already cooking up are insane. Thanks!

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Review #20, by CharliesRose 

1st July 2012:
I honestly love this story (and think you should update more), it makes me laugh and all that and it's really teenagery (even though thats not a word). Anyways continue writing just as well for the next however many chapters.

Author's Response: I will totally update more! If you would just pay me to write. I dont even need that much. Just enough to pay my bills. Let's agree to what... $15k a year? Does that sound good to you? I'll be awaiting your response :) Haha, thank you so much for the review! I hope you enjoy the rest!

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Review #21, by Kira 

1st July 2012:
Thank Merlin above that there is going to be a sequel for this story. I love, love, love a good, solid ending, but the idea of saying goodbye to these people (not even characters, I said people) forever would be heartbreaking. I don't know if that makes me a teeny bit pathetic, but I don't care. I'm just so glad more of this particular story is coming, and another one is coming as well. I wish I could favorite it now, but apparently it's impossible to pre-favorite stories. What can you do? I decided to, once more, not write a letter to James, as he wouldn't listen to me, and I'd mess with his “I'm a boy which equals no emotions” cool-guy attitude. I don't take it hard though, boys never listen. It's a sickness. I loved the letter at the end; that was my favorite part. It was so sweet and touching, and I got a little, tiny bit choked up. Well, maybe it was just a sniff, but I am not a crier, so that really is something.

I went to a concert with some friends today. (If the big neon sign in your head that says “I don't care” is flashing, no worries.) I do have a point. I am the friend who always likes to be on time, and likes to plan for every possible disaster. It's probably a bit Twitwards of me, but hey, other than that I have a sparkling personality. But, my friends and I were hanging at my apartment, and I was all ready to go, and totally on everyone's case about getting out the door. Do you really need to be painting your toes right now? Seriously, more hairspray? Let's go!!! So, I pulled out my computer, frustrated and trying to pass the time. I did an email check, a Facebook check, and then headed over to HPFF to check up on my stories and my favorites. And...there it was. A new chapter! I squealed a little bit, and started to read. The point is, my friends were all ready then, and I told them that I needed fifteen more minutes. It was hilarious. They gave me a super hard time, which I deserved, but they're lovely all the same. The point is, I throw everything aside to read this story. I hope that came across throughout the ramble. I'll say it again; I throw everything aside to read this story. And, we made it to the concert no problem.

I am running out of creative ways of telling you that I love this story. I can't really say it enough. It's my favorite ever on this site, for sure. I feel like it's really made a profound impact on my life. It's encouraged me to explore writing in first person myself, and incorporating more of my own voice instead of just creating someone completely new. I've laughed so hard, I've felt so much. I wait anxiously for the next chapter, as always. I hope your summer is going just fabulously. Psssh, rating? Like I need to say it. I will put this wink face though. ;)

Author's Response: Oh, Kira. I always just love your reviews so much. I'd actually like to snuggle one, but I find text oddly pointy when it comes to snuggling.

See, I think that's a big reason I wanted a sequel. I thought about it and I knew this story wasn't done. James wasn't finished. This story was the end of one part, but there was still another. I had to keep going. I think I made the correct decision.

I'm really proud of James. At the beginning of this story, he never would have written a letter like that. Not when it had no impact on his own career.

(Don't worry, I plan everything and I'm never late for anything ever)

It's really amazing of you to do that to read a chapter of my story. It's kind of strange to imagine since it's easy to distance yourself, you know? You're somewhere unknown. Someone I don't know. And yet you put aside things to read a chapter of a fun story I write. Every once in a while I realize things like that happen and it makes me really overwhelmed and happy. Im glad you made it to the concert. I would have felt bad :)

I am completely honored to have helped with your writing. I used to be so skeptical of first person, but now I can't write in any other. I am truly grateful I have such amazing readers. Thank you so much for all of your support and I hope you enjoy the rest of BTQC, as well as its sequel. Thank you!

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Review #22, by lily_evans_ginny_weasley 

30th June 2012:
Hmmm, maybe they will lose? That's my prediction, which is really depressing. Actually, they have worked so hard. Surely they have to win. I'll cry if they lose. I am conflicted. :P

Argh Javery needs to be a thing again soon because all their cute little friendship moments are too nice not to turn into something, and I'm dying over here while they are just being kind of friends again.

Lovely lovely chapter. The letter James wrote was beautiful and lovely and he is such a nice boy. What would he and Avery do without one another?

So looking forward to the next one, and I hope they win! I still don't know what to predict :S

Author's Response: I really hope you enjoy the game! It was a LOT of fun to write!

Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #23, by luna_lovely 

30th June 2012:
NAWWSIIES Jamie's being a sweetypie!

Author's Response: I love James and his sweetiepieness. That's a word.

It is.


Thank you!

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Review #24, by Shindig 

30th June 2012:
Oh. My. Holy. Bejeezus.
James is hilarious.
I should be mad at you right now because I hit my head, but falling off the bed laughing made it worth it. He's just so ridiculous! His lucky posters were the funniest thing. And how he was completely serious about all of it, and that he thought it was genius. And it was, I suppose.
The badass paloma thing was cool. I dont know why, but she's sort of grown up now and is EPIC.
Another thing I found great was the javery tension. It was well balanced.
ALSO, I just realised, if their relationship ends up not happening in this and the sequel, I swear I'll send a review while blubbing all over the computer. Be afraid.
James was so sweet at the end. The letter thing was so selfless and thoughtful and ADORABLE. I was just thinking, why don't people I know do stuff like this? Gah. I basically died. And then I felt like crying because of the cuteness. Don't ask me why, it's probably some random mothering hormones that just came out of the blue. I just wanted to give him a big hug and call him a cutie pie (I'm now imagining James- in a pie. Ah, the things my brain does) and be all mothering and stuff. Yeah.
Awesome chapter!
Shindig :D
P.S. You're probably at eight now!

Author's Response: I love James. He's just ridiculous.

And please don't be mad. Next time strap yourself into your chair.

Im really proud of James. He's grown so much throughout the story. At the beginning of the story he never would have written a letter like that to help someone moreso than himself. I''m proud.

Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #25, by Manga_girl 

30th June 2012:
Great chapter! Some how I have a feeling that Gryffindor will lose but James and Avery will get back together. Just a hunch! I love this story so much though, and I'm so glad that you're doing a sequel.

Emma x

Author's Response: Thanks so much! i really hope you enjoy the rest of the story!

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