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Review #1, by nott theodore 

2nd April 2017:
CTF Jailbreak Review

Okay, I don't know if you realise what you're doing here, but I think we need to have a talk about this. Because you've written Sirius in this story in a way that's making me love him even more, and not only is that not particularly helpful (on account of him being a fictional character and everything) but also is kind of heartbreaking when I think about what happened to him after he left school. *sobs*

Millie is very easy to relate to in this chapter, partly because I may or may not have felt the same at some points and had people try and coax me out of a bad mood. Her responses to Lily made me laugh, because there's something so childish about them, but also I completely understand her not wanting to go out and celebrate. Especially after the day she's had, being reminded of her parents and everything that's happened - I guess she even feels kind of guilty to be celebrating and having a good time without them.

But Sirius was so adorable here. I love the fact that he tries so hard to understand what's going on with her and to make her feel better because he genuinely cares about her, and doesn't want her to sit moping in her room all night. And even though she has a crush on him, she's not letting herself believe half of the things that he's saying to her, which isn't necessarily helping advance his cause. Poor Sirius.

You write the chemistry so well between them here - and though I kind of wanted them to kiss, especially when he was zipping up her dress, I think it's even better that they didn't. I know you said this was a filler chapter, but I think there's actually a load of character development here and we got to see Sirius really putting in an effort to make Millie feel better. I'm looking forward to seeing more of them at the ball!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Sirius is a dream boat, in my opinion. He deserves nothing less. Plus the anticipated heartbreak adds future angst. Bonus!

Feeling down and being forced to socialise is something I think we can all relate to, no matter how introverted or extroverted we are. I'm pleased that you find Millie relatable in that sense.

Oh, yes. It must be SO DIFFICULT being Sirius Black :P

Anticipation is everything in these chapters. Thanks for reading and reviewing :)

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Review #2, by crimson quill 

2nd April 2017:

So you said this is a filler chapter but I totally disagree. I think it had a loads of action in it. This was a really nice chapter for just millie/Sirius action so I'm happy to getting more build up. Its too easy to rush getting the couple together so early and generally rushing it. In real life relationships are rarely easy so the way you're writing their relationship really does work on some many levels. The build up seriously makes me care so much more.

I thought the moment when he was doing her dress up was so perfect honestly. It was so intimate but it wasn't over the top. You manage to show the significant of this moment by making it both natural but awkward. It was so lovely and I'm like ' Omg, kiss!' But the same time I really want it to when Millie is feeling better because of how emotional she is currently feeling.

I'm enjoying that they aren't a couple yet but there is so much chemistry between the main pair. Chemistry is very important in this story and you write them with buckets full!


Author's Response: This is a filler chapter to me because it's sandwiched between chapter where there's actual plot happening :P You're correct in saying that there is a lot of character development, which is what "filler chapter" means, I think. Considering the chapter number, this relationship has been a LONG time coming! I'm pleased you're enjoying the build.

Those little scenes are some of my favourite things to write. It's amazing what gestures can be the most intimate and meaningful.

Yes, indeed! Chemistry is everything in this story! Thanks for the wonderful review :)

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Review #3, by EnigmaticEyes16 

17th August 2014:
I almost thought they were gonna start making out again... but Sirius was super cute and nice and understanding in this. And it's good that Millie got to cry her feelings out a bit, I think she's been holding that in for far too long. Anyway, great chapter, and I am on to read the next one!


Author's Response: I think in the first draft of this chapter, they did, but it didn't fit, especially with what I wanted with Sirius' characterisation. I think it's much sweeter this way, and shows that he can be mature and empathetic when he wants to be. And this is such an important moment for Millie, which really has nothing to do with Sirius at all except that he's there for her. Thanks for reading :)

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Review #4, by ginnys twin 

29th March 2013:
Gush, gush , gush. WHEN MORE SNUFFLES * screams angrily at her iPod* man, is it just me or is every female reading this siriusly wishing that sirius was real and craving a snog from him right about now?

Author's Response: Everyone always wants more of adorable Sirius, and I'm like, I just gave you about five chapters of nothing else! He's very popular, which is good, because I love writing him like that! I love that you want to snog him, because I want to snog him a little bit, too.

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Review #5, by Avid 

27th June 2012:
Excited to get into the muck of the ball where sh*t gets real! :]

Author's Response: Not only does it get real, it gets good!
(...I hope)

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Review #6, by Tazzi 

26th June 2012:
So in my head I was chanting "KISS KISS KISS KISS!" XD
I can't wait for the next chapter. I'm sure shit is about to go down! :D
Amazing as always and keep up the good work. :)

Author's Response: Aww!

And of course shit's about to go down! When have you ever heard of an uneventful ball?

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Review #7, by lovinmoony 

24th June 2012:
i am dying!!! wen r day gonna kiss de tension is killing me

Author's Response: The tension - it sometimes kills us all...

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Review #8, by Samantha Kuenneke 

24th June 2012:
Really awesome, can't wait for the next chapter, if and when there is one.


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Review #9, by hpfanno1 

24th June 2012:
really it was awesome! pads is such darling!
millie's character development is going great! i feel like i almost know her now and i can mostly predict her reactions...
and you fly for that! :)
you, sly devil, you!
torturing us with a filler when were starving for the ball like a man starving for food!
but it's ok, i understand!
you need to get up hanging before you give the treat..
just-- update soon, ok?

Author's Response: I SHALL UPDATE SOON!

And it's good one of us can predict her reactions...

And well, I do enjoy the torture fillers create...

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Review #10, by Sam 

24th June 2012:
Cute...er for sure! lol :D You really do a great job of painting the scene! You include all of the details necessary to guide my vision, but you still let me imagine the finer points. Great job! Can hardly wait to read the next chapter! The ball! Ah!

Author's Response: Cuter? CUTER? *insert squeals*

... Can't express how happy I am to read that review...

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Review #11, by archer_of_the_wolves 

23rd June 2012:
*insert Sirius-related gushing* Oh dear Merlin, I think you've finally killed me with the Sirius overload...and they aren't even down at the ball yet! Sigh, such a cute, lovey-dovey chapter. Can't wait for the next one, as always!

P.S. To make up for frightening you about how "long" it had been since a chapter update, I'd just like to say I love how quick you are and you update much faster than the other stories I have bookmarked...while still spewing out great material! :)

Author's Response: Merlin, who doesn't love a bit of Sirius-related gushing? And there's no such thing as Sirius overload... he's one good thing you can never have too much of!

And I'm glad you enjoyed the lovey-dovey-ness. I love writing them!

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23rd June 2012:
They are so blooming cute xxx I love them so much. This is my favourite story, definatley :) PLEASE UPDATE SOON! x

Author's Response: I reckon Sirius is the only cute one - Millie's got her heads too far in the clouds to notice anything at all.


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Review #13, by Bluestreakspirit 

23rd June 2012:
Oooh, filler torture. And I thought Sirius was about to get his snog, too! :( Well, he was very sweet. Millie is just stupid. I hope they figure it all out soon! Do you have any idea how many chapters you have left? Thanks.

Author's Response: I LOVE FILLER TORTURE! *cue evil laughter*
On a brighter note, I thought Sirius was gonna snog her too, but then he doesn't... but he might soon!

And as far as remaining chapters go... I'm actually terrible at this, but I'd hazard a guess and say we're probably about halfway, or perhaps a little over? I dunno really...

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